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JUNE 2023

US Attempts To Instigate Syria-style “Civil War” In Venezuela

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US Attempts To Instigate Syria-style "Civil War" In Venezuela

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The US may be potentially instigating a Syria-style “Civil War” in Venezuela, judging by recent US rhetoric, conduct as well as the media campaign.

The propaganda campaign in MSM is quite apparent and is designed to demonize the legal Venezuelan government and its supporters. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his government have repeatedly strongly condemned the efforts by the Washington establishment to smear and undermine the institutions in Venezuela.

There are plenty of examples, such as Venezuelans dying in hospitals or of hunger, even prior to the on-going blackout that on March 13th entered its 6th day.

Also, the recently debunked story that the Venezuelan military, loyal to Maduro burned a US humanitarian aid truck. Something that Venezuelan government sources and local teleSUR maintained as soon as the initial reports of the incident surfaced. It was also uncovered that the truck was filled with wire and nails, materials to build barricades.

Even when the story was proven false, it was downplayed by MSM journalists, who still shifted the blame on the Maduro government and disregarded the importance of a false accusation and attempt to smear the legitimate government further.

Most recently, Twitter blocked official Maduro government accounts on Twitter, restricting them from posting:

The narrative is also fueled by reports that the Venezuelan police’s special action forces – FAES are, under Maduro’s orders targeting opposition supporters and killing them. There are on-going reports of journalists being arrested, and unlike what Saudi Arabia does, these people are mostly deported, since predominantly reports are of US journalists being detained and sent back home.

Maduro, on his Twitter, also continues posting pictures of Venezuelans celebrating festivals and being given humanitarian aid and medication, purchased from Russia, Cuba and China. The MSM refused to report on these claims, but it instead perpetuates reports that claim people are suffering.

Western media also falsely reported that the Venezuelan state oil company, the PDVSA had its accounts frozen by Russia’s Gazprombank. This was also completely denied and condemned as fake news by both Russia and  Venezuela.

This was used to forward the narrative that under threat of US sanctions on Venezuelan officials and the PDVSA itself, even supporters of the Maduro government in the face of Russia are abandoning the “wrong” side.

In addition to that, the Trump administration is actively attempting to dissuade other states and companies to do any business with the PDVSA while the Maduro government is in power.

On March 12th, the US Treasury Department sanctioned Russian Evrofinance Mosnarbank for supporting the PDVSA.

The US also recently admitted that it is “arguing, cajoling, urging” other countries and namely India to stop its dealings with Venezuela.

Inside the country, the US-Proclaimed President Juan Guaido, with the opposition-controlled National Assembly voted to block all crude oil sales to Cuba, which is another supporter of the Maduro government.

The US military, as per US Army General Robert Scales, is already operating in the region of Venezuela.

This, in addition to reports that a squad of Venezuelan army deserters was prepared to forcefully open the way for US military aid through the borders shows that military intervention and military provocations are not only on the table, but it is a very real possibility. The forceful entry of the US humanitarian aid was reportedly denied by Colombia, which was worried that it would cause too big of a scandal if there was bloodshed during a “peaceful demonstration,” during the February 23rd rival concerts on both sides of the border.

In addition, the MSM is fueling speculations that a “civil war” is becoming possible in Venezuela. These reports and questions began as soon as the US recognized Juan Guaido as Interim Venezuelan President on January 23rd and began its focused regime change efforts.

The Telegraph on March 12th cited Venezuelan retired colonel Jose Machillanda warned that Venezuela is heading towards a civil war and that “Maduro’s thugs” would surely “come for” him for sharing this information.

Some experts say that the US is trying to repeat a “Syria scenario” in Venezuela, There is alreadyt an opposition fighting against the “bloody regime”. This opposition is strongly backed by the US and is doing all what is possible to fuel the ongoing crisis further.

The US does not recognize the legitimacy of the Maduro government, similarly to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government. In the Venezuelan crisis, however, the US went a step further – they even recognized Juan Guaido as the legitimate president, who has been called a “US-puppet” by Nicolas Maduro, other Venezuelan ministers, as well as officials from Cuba and other states.

Guaido, with the US’ blessing, also continues to call for defections from the Venezuelan army, with promises of payments, as well as amnesty for those who accept the offer. It is somewhat ineffective, despite claims of hundreds of army officers and soldiers defecting, according to the Venezuelan government and mostly Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez some deserters are being dealt with and the numbers are as not as high as the ones claimed by media and opposition.

In another attempt to show the Maduro government as inadequate is the possible scenario in which the US actually did attack the infrastructure in the country, causing the on-going blackouts.

US Attempts To Instigate Syria-style "Civil War" In Venezuela

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This was strongly reinforced by US Senator Marco Rubio’s tweets just minutes after the blackouts happened with information as to where exactly it happened.

Even Energy Minister Luis Motta Domínguez announced the blackouts and what allegedly caused it later than Rubio’s tweets.

Regardless, Marco Rubio still used every chance to condemned the Maduro government, even claiming that a “German Dam,” that doesn’t exist in the country had a separate incident, which caused further blackouts.

It turned out that German Dam was a journalist who covered the blackouts.

US Attempts To Instigate Syria-style "Civil War" In Venezuela

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Rubio’s conduct is showing, though, that the Trump administration is grasping at straws to find any faults and criticism towards the Maduro government.

On March 12th, Venezuelan Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez announced that both electricity and water supply is being restored throughout the territory, while also accusing the opposition of orchestrating them, with the assistance of the US.

Meanwhile, Juan Guaido, who is under investigation for inciting violence and disregarded a prohibition by the Supreme Court not to leave the country is also being investigated for sabotage of the National Power Grid.

Venezuela’s Chief Prosecutor Tarek Saab said that he has asked the Supreme Court to open an investigation Juan Guaido for alleged involvement in “sabotage” of the country’s electrical system. Guaido has not been arrested, more than likely because the US warned of a response if it were to happen and the Maduro government is wary of giving “reasons” for a military intervention.

On March 11th, as the last preparations for a possible “civil war scenario” the US State Department withdrew all remaining Diplomatic personnel from Venezuela.

In addition to that Robert Palladino, the State Department’s deputy spokesman, urged US citizens to “strongly consider” leaving Venezuela. We’re pursuing all possible options to secure travel options for U.S. citizens.”

US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams claimed that the decision was due to the blackout and the water shortage, despite both utilities being almost completely restored on March 13th.

Regardless, the US looks to mount diplomatic pressure on the Maduro government, despite of its draft resolution to the UNSC being blocked by Russia, China and South Africa.

According to MSM reports, 50 countries recognize Juan Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela, and regardless of US efforts these countries seem to always remain at the number 50. In interviews, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denied that the number is that high and claimed it was simply a result of media following a given narrative to demonize his government, while presenting the opposition in a good light.

Since the blackout, Maduro also sharpened his rhetoric, claiming that “the time for active resistance” had arrived. He accused the National Assembly of treason and called on pro-government militias to take actions against “traitors.” If this really happens, iIt is more than likely that this, too, will be used a justification for a possible US intervention in the country.


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The last successful instigation of civil war was in Syria. Their attempts in Ukraine, Iran, Turkey… failed. They have even backed off from NK. Barking dogs nowadays, nothing else. I see they don’t dare bite.

Joe Kerr

Correction: “Let’s be very clear. The military is involved. We have had a Special Forces group in Colombia for almost 60 years fighting against the terrorist groups in Colombia” Major Gen. Scales said. “But they are purely on the periphery. They are helping facilitate the delivery of aid. They are training the Colombian army. They are keeping watch electronically over the border with Venezuela.”

i.e. The U.S. military hasn’t got the balls/stomach to fight INSIDE Venezuela.


Dumb shits like Scales don’t even realize what he just said. 60 years?…and there are still terrorists? and you’re still ‘training’ the Colombian army? Yes, US SF are still there as well as the terrorists. Hmm…

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Venezuela is another Jew Project.


Rubio shows the IQ of the typical US neocon. His childish reply trying to explain his error is seen for what it is…total BS. The scary thing? How many people in the US support this mental midget? Enough said there.

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