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US Army Prepares To Equip Unit With Hypersonic Capability

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Following conflicts over trade, technology, and capital markets, rising political tensions between the US and China will continue under the Biden administration.

For instance, the US Army is expected to equip its first unit with hypersonic equipment this fall. The Pentagon is far behind in the hypersonic races with China and Russia.

A hypersonic unit within the Army will begin training with all the equipment it needs to launch these new weapons, according to Lt. Gen. L. Neil Thurgood, director of the Army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office, who spoke with Defense News.

Thurgood said the equipment will be delivered to the unit by September.

“By the end of this fiscal year, which is in September, all of the equipment that the unit needs plus training will be delivered to the unit,” he said. 

The unit will be supplied with a vast number of launchers, trucks, trailers, computer systems, and other pieces of equipment to begin training in early 2022.

US Army Prepares To Equip Unit With Hypersonic Capability

Thurgood declined to tell Defense News which unit will receive the equipment. He said the live round is the only piece of equipment that won’t be delivered this fall. It was noted that the weapon itself will be delivered in 2023.

Thurgood did not comment on the type of hypersonic weapon the unit will be receiving. However, we noted last March, the US Department of Defense (DoD) successfully launched a common hypersonic glide body (C-HGB) missile from the Pacific Missile Range Facility, Kauai, Hawaii.

The DoD has been allocating more funds to hypersonic programs for upcoming military budgets as it must desperately catch up with China and Russia.

Senator James Inhofe, a senior Republican from oil-producing Oklahoma and Senate Armed Services Chairman, told Defense News in 2019 that DoD’s hypersonic testing labs were inadequate. He said, “dilapidated testing infrastructure is holding us back from catching up to our enemies. Just look at hypersonic weapons: Beijing is parading around dozens of its newest weapons, and we have yet to build one.”

The US is in a hypersonic race with major global superpowers and is clearly behind the curve. 


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Lone Ranger

Looks a bit dated…


Doesn’t really look like the correct shape for hypersonic.


Its just to milk more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ from the poor dumb bastards who are the tax payers.


this is a missile with a hypersonic glide warhead but not a hypersonic missile


this missile doesnt make any sense its only a show


a hypersonic warhead is hard to intercept to begin with and when the missile isnt hypersonic than whats the point its much less advanced than the missiles used in russian s500 for that matter


the usa is beneath iran right now when it believes that this will be its ace than its decline is rapid and iran could do this same in a mobile solid fuel platform actually the same thing with containers is what iran does and its not needed to use glide body because of plasma technological advance which hides the warhead from radar and the whole missile body also is nearly undetectable

johnny rotten

The umpteenth semantic scam of Americans, but anyone who knows a little about the subject knows equally well that when we talk about hypersonic we do not refer mainly to speed, the main technical problem is the vehicle’s communication capacity and therefore the possibility of autonomous driving, building a ballistic trajectory missile that runs at more than Mach 5 is an old thing that many are capable of, building it with the possibility of changing direction and autonomous choice of the target is another story, apparently all American efforts are unsuccessful, while Russia has already started sharing the first versions with China and North Korea and in the meantime is already at least in the third hypersonic generation, and the winner is…. again Russia!!!

Hasbara Hunter

Hypersonic Speeds start at Mach 5….Russian Hypersonic Missiles go all the way up to Mach 27…….


Tommy Jensen

As said, we have casted doubt about Russia constant bragging and howling in an amateurish way about being an equal partner to USA.
I would take it with a grain of salt, and remember we have many more sophisticated weapons than all other countries together;
the Facebook weapon, the Corona weapon, the lgbt weapon, women in power weapon, the gmo weapon, the bitcoin weapon and many other weapons most people cant understand because they are too Intelligent.

Hasbara Hunter

You forgot R2-D2….


That’s what happens when all your money goes to putting food in negro & Israeli bottoms


Did they finish rendering the first computer generated image from the simulation?
Then give the grunts some shiny brand new toys to play with the newly discovered weapon system.
Wooden guns anyone?


Yea, the Germans had some wooden machine guns (cut up broom handles) deployed on top of Leopard tanks, since they lacked the real ones because of budgetary cuts.


How many billions of dollars cost these silly Power Point presentation… pictures?


americans claim that they dont copy things but its possibly another copy of a copy and not much useful for them at the end


It is not truly a hypersonic weapon using scram jet technology, the warhead of the missile in question is a glide vehicle. Pershing missile deployed over 3 decades ago in Europe had a warhead as a glide vehicle.


The press releases and media spin meant to drum up financial and political support always make it seem as though this time they have their shit together but once the hammer meets the anvil and the contract’s signed expect it to be 2X over budget and 3X behind seclude before they decide enough is enough and cancel the project. Railgun, Ford Class carrier, LCS, F-35, Sgt York, Comanche helicopter, Crusader artillery … it just goes on and on.

Tommy Jensen

Plus we have also all our secret weapons classified professional. Space roemer laser and super duper weapons.

cechas vodobenikov

hypersonic glide lubed dildos for modern transgender US military
low intelligence incompetent US soldiers have crashed hundreds of their poorly designed warplanes in past 20 years. miraculous that these drug addled incompetents can prevent BLM antifa from occupying decayed plywood empire

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