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JUNE 2023

US Army Establishes 1st Permanent Garrison On NATO’s Eastern Flank

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US Army Establishes 1st Permanent Garrison On NATO's Eastern Flank

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Originally published on The Libertarian Institute

The US Army has officially opened its first permanent military garrison on NATO’s “eastern flank” in a ceremony on Tuesday. 

Stretching from the Baltics to the Black Sea, the eastern portion of the North Atlantic bloc is made up of eight nations – all former members of the USSR or Warsaw Pact. The US Army’s V Corps will now have a lasting presence at Camp Kosciuszko in Poland.

The V Corps’ commanding general, Lt. Gen. John Kolasheski, explained the garrison showed that Washington is deepening its military commitments in Eastern Europe. “The relationship of the US and Poland serves as an example of the deepening ties throughout the alliance,” he said, adding “today’s activation ceremony is a tangible reminder of the growth in our relationship.”

As the Soviet Union crumbled in the early 1990s, Western leaders repeatedly assured Moscow that NATO would not expand into former USSR states or establish bases in Eastern Europe. However, since the George H.W. Bush administration offered those guarantees, all subsequent US presidents have violated the pledge and pushed NATO’s military footprint closer to Russia’s borders.

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak described the garrison as “historic,” saying that Warsaw has been “striving for this for years – for this word ‘permanent’ – and it has now become fact.” He continued, “this is a historic moment, a sign that the United States is committed to Poland and NATO, and that we are united in the face of Russian aggression.”

Meanwhile, Prince William visited the Rzeszow military base in Poland and personally thanked the British soldiers stationed there:



The Pentagon currently has two officers stationed at Camp Kosciuszko and 200 additional troops at the base on a rotational basis. As Washington had already kept about 10,000 troops in Poland previously, an analyst at the Polish Institute of International Affairs, Artur Kacprzyk, argued the significance of the new garrison “is primarily symbolic.”

Poland has been a key hub for Western arms shipments to Ukraine given its location. While Camp Kosciuszko is not located near the border, an American diplomat explained the garrison was created to confront Russia. In a statement shared on Twitter, US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski said the decision to open a long-term base proves that “the United States is committed to Poland and the NATO alliance, and that we are united in the face of Russian aggression,” using verbiage nearly identical to Warsaw’s defense chief.


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Ivan Freely

Time for Russia (and China if they have any balls) to station their own garrisons in Latin America.

infected puta

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What is that pretentious baldie cuck is doing in Pooland? Did he bring his whore with him?

jens holm

No need to show Your low level again. Everybody knows. Some even has died laughing.

Edgar Zetar

The post-man civilization are protecting their future Technocracy Age controlled by the machine they created decades ago where all naive civil kids would be forced to convert into trans men, trans woman but make no mistake this is a lower level parallel compartment western world at the ground, where they still select mans who are clever and strong to not be seduced by the mistakes to create their soldiers in the army the guardians of this new post-man civilization…

Edgar Zetar

If EU was trully independent they should have a Military Pact between them and not become a lower level Army controlled by the AngloSaxons. The Masters of the Universe wanted Russia resources land commodities and people to perform social experiments on them while enslaving all of them has they already slaved third world countries controlling Goverments where people doesnt care… Hope EU people realize they would be cannonfodder and pawns at the service of the Masters of the Universe to create the New Age of Technocracy, the laberynth will be created and controlled by IA and mens would be rat labs… Hope they will wake up from the Dream of the Western Civilization where all diseases came into life killing all real and natural live from hundred of thousands of years in the process.

Last edited 2 months ago by Edgar Zetar
jens holm

This is very old news. The build up at the new nato border is now a better fact.

As usual the Russians prefare Nato is some few almost soldiers in GB armed witj bows and arrows.


No more a divided Europe and Russia is not Europe.

According to Darwin the next generation of russians will be born without ears. And who are the Russians. Well its the few private owners and the spendables

Peter Jennings

This garrison and others like it around the world, almost 900 at the latest count, will be around for as long as the dollar is the reserve currnency. It’s the only way that these outposts can be maintained. Of course, once the dollar is no longer the reserve currency of the world……?


It must be a prerequisite that the Royals must be kept dumbed down. The Queen did not ever visit Israel. Rothschild’s deal with Britain was that they would arrange for the US to come into WWI, near the end of it and slaughter the Germans, instead of us having a peace deal, IF the British government would create a Nation State of Israel. BANKERS wars.


First in line for a nuke strike and they know it.

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