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US Army Chief Of Staff: Russian Nuclear Capabilities Are Existential Threat To US

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US Army Chief Of Staff: Russian Nuclear Capabilities Are Existential Threat To US


US officials, military officers and mainstream media are developing their efforts to paint Russia as the arch-enemy of the US.

Russia remains the only country in the world that has the nuclear capabilities to destroy the US and therefore it presents the existential treat tothe US, US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said in congressional testimony on April 2.

“Because of Russian nuclear capabilities they are the only country on Earth that is capable to destroy the United States,” he stressed during a meeting of the US House of Representatives Armed Services Committee.

He continued by saying that Russia “remains the only current existential threat to the United States.”

Milley added that Moscow would try to undermine NATO as an alliance and would work to challenge the US in all regions around the world, including the Arctic.

He stressed that Moscow is seeking to return the great power status, which it has  lost after the collapse of the USSR.


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The US cannot get near the Arctic without icebreakers, of which Russia operates near 50.

More pie in the sky bravado within the safe confines of DC.


good anything that threatens moronistan and the corrupt and criminally insane junta in washington dc is of value and if russia sits on enough nukes to blow washington and the criminally insane junta to kingdom come, so much the better. and if the russian nukes are triple faster than the retarded nukes from moronistan, even better.


USA knows it cannot keep up with the technological sophistication and quantity of Russian nuclear weapons, so they compensate by building tons of trillion dollar stealth planes… which aren’t invisible and loaded with problems lol. It makes the Military companies extremely rich, and all politicians have stocks in those companies, so in the end the company, politicians make millions from weapon sales to the Pentagon. US economy runs off war and weapons manufacturing. Story of america


“He stressed that Moscow is seeking to return the great power status” from the US Army Chief Of Staff in the above article.

Perhaps he hasn’t been paying too much attention lately. The US’s great power status is clearly waning around the world. Perhaps it’s not Moscow that seeks great power, but that the US is loosing power due to it’s own actions so other nations seem to be rising. Sounds to me like Mark can only see in others what he does himself and thus cannot see the forest for the trees that others might not have the same motivations or goals he does.


Who extend NATO, who build missile defense, who withdraw from all non proliferation agreements, who work wrelentsy to topple independent regimes. WTF do you expect your opponents will do in this case you idiot ? I cant belive whole Pentagon was not able to predict a counter reaction.

Promitheas Apollonious

they have predicted it what they did not expect is that behind russia is also china and the rest of SCO & BRIC countries and not only, siding either openly or not so with russia.


During the 43rd Munich security conference in 2007 Putin even spelled it out to the US.

Tommy Jensen

In this emergency situation. The only thing there is to do is doubling up the budget…………….LOL.

Eva Braun

US Nuclear Capabilities are existential threat to the world !


I think you will find that it is the staggering amounts of chemical and biological weapons the US possesses that is the major threat.
You could make an argument that using nukes to destroy American chemical and germ weapons could save the human race, and most other creatures on earth.

You can call me Al

Dear US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, you may be surprised; I doubt Russia is the only one now..

Promitheas Apollonious

Shhhhhhhh they have yet to brief him on china. Dont spoil it now.

Harry Smith

Wow! To name existential threat your biggest debt holder and biggest trade partner is real existential threat. So be quiet, both of you! ROFL!comment image

Raptar Driver

So uh maybe time to talk and stop the provocations?

Promitheas Apollonious

i dont think any one really want to talk to them or trust anything, this whores will say. They chosen for the sake of humanity, to destroy them financially rather than extinct them, unless they make the first move, is just taking too much time.


Yes it is, and it was…and will be for as long as US Imperialism exist.


It shows you the lack of intelligence within the US Government, when they think Russia is their major threat.
Because American culture is based on violence and weapons, they simply cannot see the economic elephant about to sit on them and crush them.

Eskandar Black

This is fantastic news. One of my greatest fears is that the leadership in the US does not take Russia seriously, and may overstep and leading to a confrontation that could escalate to mutual extinction. There is a real problem with 80-90s educated analysts who lived through the fall of the soviet union and were raised and college educated on the idea that Russia was never a serious adversary. Many of the same officers, agents were in the training portions of their career while Russia lived its embarrassing 90s with Boris the pink at the head of a crumbling relic of a soviet state. The same people were arrogant in the early 2000s and failed to educate themselves on Putin’s shrewd moves, improvements to the military, technological advancements. Obama was faced with a totally different Russia, which only Romney assessed correctly in 2012, as the largest existential threat to the United States. Even now, there is vast ignorance in the intelligence community. The only real knowledge about Russia is vodka and hot women. The people staffing the younger levels of the intelligence agencies are idiot millennials who were educated by ignorant politically correct leftists that mostly told glorious tales of the good old days. There is a real gap in leadership, and a serious potential for a catastrophe.


Good to hear that US acknowledges that MAD still applies.
The real risk to the world was a US believing its own narrative but it looks that reality is finally prevailing.


They have Always been a treat, nothing new.

Ray Joseph Cormier

It appears to me this World is descending on this Path of Destruction and the US is provoking it.


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