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JUNE 2021

U.S. Announces New Sanctions Against Russia Over Its Alleged Involvement In Skripal Case

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U.S. Announces New Sanctions Against Russia Over Its Alleged Involvement In Skripal Case


On August 8th, US State Department announced new sanctions against Russia over its alleged involvement into the Skripal Case.

“Following the use of a “Novichok” nerve agent in an attempt to assassinate UK citizen Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal, the United States, on August 6, 2018, determined under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act of 1991 (CBW Act) that the Government of the Russian Federation has used chemical or biological weapons in violation of international law or has used lethal chemical or biological weapons against its own nationals. Following a 15-day Congressional notification period, these sanctions will take effect upon publication of a notice in the Federal Register, expected on or around August 22, 2018,” said the statement posted on the US State Department’s website on August 8th.

On the same day, State Department speaker Heather Nauert, announced that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed off on a determination that Russia violated international law by poisoning the Skripals in March.

The UK government welcomed the decision, as confirmed by the statement of a spokesman for the Foreign Office. “The UK welcomes this further action by our US allies. The strong international response to the use of a chemical weapon on the streets of Salisbury sends an unequivocal message to Russia that its provocative, reckless behavior will not go unchallenged,” were his words.

The sanctions are structured in two tranches, laid out in a 1991 law, the Chemical and Biological Weapons and Warfare Elimination Act. An initial, immediate round limits exports and financing but may have limited impact, because it largely overlaps with other restrictions already in place, such as on selling arms to Russia. The biggest impact from the initial sanctions is expected to come from a ban on granting licenses to export sensitive national security goods to Russia, which in the past have included items like electronic devices and components, along with test and calibration equipment for avionics. Before the sanctions, such exports were allowed on a case-by-case basis. These new sanctions may lead to a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in future exports to Russia.

The second tranche of the sanctions come into effect three months later, unless Russia provides “reliable assurances that it will not in the future engage in any such activities” and agrees on “on-site inspections” by the UN. These sanctions may include downgrading diplomatic relations, suspending the state airline Aeroflot’s ability to fly to the United States and cutting off nearly all exports and imports.

In response the Russian Embassy in the US issued a statement referring to the measures as “draconian” and based on “far-fetched accusations,” further pointing out that its numerous calls for facts or evidence have gone unanswered.

Dimitry Polyansiy, Moscow’s permanent representative to the UN called the sanctions a “theater of absurd.” Saying that there is “Only one rule: blame everything on Russia, no matter how absurd and fake it is.”

On March 4th, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found unconscious on a bench near Maltings Shopping Center in Salisbury. It was discovered that they suffered the effects of the Novichok nerve agent. London still that the Novichok-class toxin had been developed in Russia. on June 30, two other people were found unconscious in the UK city of Amesbury, near Salisbury. According to UK officials, both Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley were exposed to the same nerve agent that the Skripals had come into contact with. The UK rushed to accuse Russia of being involved failing to furnish any evidence. Russia has been adamant in denying that it played any role in either poisoning.

On March 14th, after the Skripal poisoning, Theresa May announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats from the country. She justified her decision by saying it was “highly likely” the mysterious poisoning had been carried out by Russia, in part because the substance used to poison the pair had been identified as Novichok, a military-grade nerve agent developed in the Soviet Union.

Also, in March, following the move by the UK, the Trump administration ordered 60 Russian diplomats – all of whom were accused of being spies – to leave the US and closed down the Russian consulate in Seattle in response to the Skripal case.

Various EU countries, Ukraine and other countries have expelled Russian diplomats. The EU expelled 35 Russian diplomats. The Ukraine – 13. Other countries expelled 15, whereas NATO expelled 7.

The decision to impose the sanctions may reinforce Trump’s claim that his administration has been tough on Moscow in practice. Despite special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian election meddling, which Trump has called a “witch hunt.” However, Donald Trump still had to be pushed by Congress to unleash the sanctions after going more than a month past the statutory deadline he was given.  The government had two months after a formal congressional request in March for Trump to determine whether Russia had violated international law. At the end of July Trump was called out by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif, as reported by NBC news.

Russia has also threatened with counter-sanctions ever since the threat of new sanctions was presented. It has, however, also expelled foreign diplomats – 60 from the US, 73 from the UK, 33 from various EU countries. They further expelled 13 diplomats from the Ukraine and 10 in total from Moldova, Norway, Canada and Austria.

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The U.S. is Sanctioning the whole World… this will only Accelerate the Fall of the Dollar…What has been the Effect of Previous Sanctions? The World will start to realise that Bailing out on the Toiletpaper-Money is becoming a bare Necessity…When that means leaving the Empire behind to Die, You just have to grit your teeth and Roll the Dice….Russia & China already expected all those things… The Time has arrived to Ditch your U.S. Treasuries China…the Final Blow….Strong & Powerfull Countermeasures are the Right Answer… Bring’m down… Muammar Gaddafi & Saddam Hussein were Killed & their Countries Destroyed for trying to leave the Dollar…What is the U.S. going to do about Russia & China? …..NOTHING….


USA was sanctioning half of the world during cold war, the Soviets prediction was the Dollar will fail very soon, guess who failed?


The Cold War was a Hoax


“native americans” is a hoax



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* Acopsel — Tlacopsel, Lacopsel
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* Akokisa — Horcoquisa, Orcoquizas
* Aleut — Unangax, Unangan
* Alibamu — Alabama
* Alsea
* Alutiiq — Sugpiag, Pacific Yupik
* Amahami — Awaxawi
* Androscoggin — Arosaguntacook, Ameriscoggin
* Anishinaabeg — Chippewa, Anihšināpē, Saulteaux
* Apalachee
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* Chimakum– Aqokúlo (endangered)
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* Katkoc
* Kaw — Kansas, Kanza
* Kawaiisu — Nuwa
* Kennebec — Kinipekw
* Keresan
* Keyauwee — Keawe (extinct. Merged with Saponi/ Catawba. May be same as Moneton?)
* Kichai — Kitsai, Keechi, K’itaish (endangered)
* Kiowa — Gaigwu, Cáuigù, Kútjàu, Kwu-da, Tep-da
* Kitanemuk (endangered)
* Kittitas
* Klickitat — Qwû’lh-hwai-pûm, Awi-adshi, Máhane, Wahnookt
* Koa’aga’itoka
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* Koroa (extinct. merged with Tunica)
* Koyukon
* Ktunaxa — Kootenai, Flathead (Not associated with Choctaw Flatheads, just also practiced head binding)
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* Manahoac — Mahock, Meipontsky?
* Mandan
* Manso (extinct)
* Mascouten — Miami Du’Lac, Gen D’Feu, Maumee (?), Wea (?) (extinct? Wea are not.)
* Mattole — Bear River, Tul’bush, Ni’ekeni
* Mayaca (extinct)
* Mayaimi (extinct)
* Mayeye — Macheye, Maiece, Malleye, Maye, Maghay (extinct. Merged with Coos)
* Meherrin
* Menominee — Mackinac
* Mescalero
* Miami — myaamiaki, Kickapoo, Twigtwee
* Missouria (May have migrated from Canada)
* Miwok — Miwuk
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* Mocoso — Mocoço (extinct)
* Moctobi (extinct. merged with Biloxi)
* Modoc
* Mohave — ‘Aha Makhav
* Mohawk — Kaneng’hega
* Molala — Molale, Molele
* Moneton (extinct. May be same as Keyauwee?)
* Mono — Nyyhmy
* Moosonee — Moose Cree, Monsonis (Migrated from Canada)
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* Multnomah — Chinook
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* Pedee (extinct)
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* Petun — Tobacco Nation, Wenro, Tionontati, Kentatentonga (extinct. merged with Huron)
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* Sinkine — Sinkyone
* Sissipahaw — Haw (extinct. Merged with Catawba)
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* Snohomish — Snokomish (extinct)
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* Stillaguamish — Stoluckwamish
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* Suma — Zuma, Jano, Jocome (extinct)
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* Syilx — Okanagan
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* Tataviam — Alliklik (endangered)
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* Thawikila — Hathawekela, Fort Ancient
* Tigua — Ysleta del Sur
* Tillamook — Nehalem
* Timbisha — Panamint (endangered)
* Timpanogos — Ute
* Tioux (extinct. merged with Tunica)
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* Tocobaga (extinct)
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* Tockwogh — Trokwae (extinct. merged with Susquehannock)
* Tolowa — Talawa Dini’
* Tongva — Gabrieleño, Fernandeño, Tobikhar
* Tonkawa — Ticanwatic
* Tsetsaut — Wetaŀ, Jits’aawit (extinct)
* Tsikip — Appalousa, Opelousa
* Tsitsistas
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* Tututni
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* ▪ Umatilla
* Umpqua
* Utina — Agua Dulce (extinct)
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* Wadatika — Harney Valley Paiute
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* Walpapi– Huipui
* Wampanoag — Massasoit
* Wanapum
* Wappo (endangered/ extinct)
* Washoe
* Wateree — Guatari (extinct. Merged with Catawba)
* Whilkut (endangered/ extinct)
* Wichita
* Willapa — Kwalhioqua
* Wi:pukba — Verde Valley Yavapai
* Wintu — Northern Wintun
* Winyaw — Weenee, Wineaw, Yenyohol? (extinct. merged with Catawba)
* Wiyot — Wee-’at, Weyet
* Woccon (extinct. Merged with Waccamaw)
Y Edit
* ▪ Yakama
* Yamosopo Tuviwarai
* Yana — Yahi (extinct)
* Yaqui — Yoeme
* Yatasi — Yáttasih
* Yavbe’ — Northwest Yavapai
* Yazoo (extinct. merged with Tunica)
* Yojuane
* Yokuts — Mariposa
* Yufera (extinct)
* Yuki (extinct)
* Yupighyt
* Yup’ik
* Yurok — Olekwo’l
* Yustaga (extinct)
Z Edit
* ▪ Zuni — A:shiwi
* ‘extinct’ indicates the tribe no longer exists.
* ‘endangered’ indicates the tribe has less than 100 members still living.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The US was built on stolen lands and the sweat of slaves. How does that feel???

leon mc pilibin

The same zionist scumbags were on both sides,it was all a clever zionist scam,as usual.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

It is now the turn of the US EVIL EMPIRE to collapse. US is sanctioning China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, India, EU etc.
What will happen when the US sanctions its own arse? It will explode. Stand clear!


Well said Merijn.

The continuous attack on Russia is seen by most in the world as the alternative ‘reality ‘ of a Disney cartoon. All cults attempt to control their subjects with an ‘official narrative’ , the various religions ,past and present, being pertinent examples of the power of these cults.

The majority of the populations of the USA,UK are essentially split into two opposing camps that are manipulated by a unified sect of High Priests and both of these camps refuse to accept that their ‘tents’ are being blown away by the maelstrom of debt and corruption enjoyed by the High Priests of greed and usury.



This is the REAL American Debt
$210,000,000,000,000 ( $210 Trillion)

That is only $654,205 per person in the United States…good reason to throw away your Passport….you are basically Born Bankrupt in the States..


Total Debt European Union is only 12,500,000,000,000


The sooner the US collapses and has a vicious civil war the better.
The worlds nations would also laugh :)

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

100% true and verified, the end of the zionists and all these bastards cant come soon enough


I see where the US is still using the UK false flag Skripal kidnapping to try and bring down Russia’s economy. We all know there’s not a trace of truth in the Skripal evidence free issue and that it’s strictly political, but it doesn’t stop them from doing things like targeting Aeroflot with their sanctions. We also know that if anyone violates Uncle Yosemite Sam’s sanctions that they will be targeted as a response. What could Russia do to keep EU vassals from also targeting the Russian airline hmmmmmmm……. Here’s a thought to counter EU trepidation regarding airlines…. Russia could state that they will forbid overflight of EU traffic over Russian lands.

I recently heard the US media bimbo telling the media that Russia needs to respect Georgia’s sovereignty, even as the US currently is violating Syria and Yemen’s sovereignty. You have to wonder if theses spokespeople are really that stupid to not understand the realities or whether they’re just in it for the paycheck and an attempt to move up the kiss a*s ladder.

All of that sanctioning is a last gasp attempt to halt the demise of the reserve currency. Ironic that it’s the very thing hastening it. It’s also ironic that the demise of the currency will also return control of the government back to the American people and away from that of Empire building. At that time, I also expect that Israel and Saudi Arabia will receive the karma they so richly deserve.


Their Wild-West Sanctioning only Exposes the U.S. True Face more and thus will Backfire… this is the Game that is Played….Action-Reaction…Jiu-Jitsu… using the Attacker’s Actions…and the Arrogant American Government is Foolish enough to Stumble and Fall in Every Trap…


…… and the nonsense rolls onward.

leon mc pilibin

The Rothschild private, federal reserve counterfeit dollar is collapsing,so expect war or something big to trf to prevent this happening..All wars are Banksters wars.

Promitheas Apollonious

maybe that what hillary was thinking pressing the reset button. Only a global war can eliminate all debt and reset history. In which tracks is any body’s guess.


Nice joke. Now sanction world has become so much popular that nobody care. It seems to me like thieves and robbers say that I will sanction that whom because they do not let us to rob their homes.

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