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US Announced Eurasia as its Key Threat

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US Announced Eurasia as its Key ThreatWashington named in its new National Military Strategy four nations threatening no others as major US security threats: Russia, China, Iran and North Korea . All that powers don’t refer to the sphere of the US influence. China has become the biggest economy. Russia has restored its military forces, economy and standard of living for people since the USSR collapsed. Iran plays a key role in the region and does not want to be a vassal of the West like Saudi Arabia. North Korea wants to protect its sovereignty from the US “humanitarian interventions” as well.

All these Powers are key opponents for the US hegemony. Talking about Crimea the US forgets that Kosovo got its independence even without any referendum. The UN Court, the US and most of the European countries recognized independence of Kosovo. Crimeans held the referendum and more than 90 percent voted “for” its independence from Ukraine and “for” joining to Russia. Looks like double standards, doesn’t it?

Analyzing National Military Strategy of the US we see the obvious tendency for blaming those powers that represent threat for the US hegemony in the world. Who gave the right to American politicians to consider their country and people as the most developed and exclusive nation? Who gave the right to the US to have military bases all over the world and overthrow governments in states? NATO continues to spread its military infrastructure to Russia’s border using East European countries. What should Russia do? Should it put the infrastructure to Cuba?

While american politicians pursue their dream to become an exclusive nation and the only one super power, we will see confrontation that oblige independent countries from the US influence such as Russia, China, Iran to protect its interests. Only mutual respect and political dialogue can build a real peace in the world. If the US does not stop spreading their “democracy” worldwide we will see soon a huge conflict that can turn into a new global catastrophe.

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