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US Angrily Threatens To Close US Embassy In Baghdad After Near Daily Attacks

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Following near daily attacks centered in and around Baghdad’s Green Zone where the sprawling US embassy is located as well as other multiple American and other international institutions, Washington has put the Iraqi government on notice over the breakdown in security, saying it could shutter the US embassy altogether.

The State Department is livid after repeat rocket and mortar attacks on the embassy, and has blamed a failure of Iraq’s security forces and of Iraq’s leaders to respond appropriately, also amid the intensified proxy war with Iran:

In a new escalation, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called Iraqi President Barham Saleh last week to deliver an ultimatum, Iraqi and foreign officials told AFP.

Unless Iraq’s government puts an end to the rockets raining down on US military and diplomatic sites, Washington would shutter its embassy and recall its troops, the sources said.

US Angrily Threatens To Close US Embassy In Baghdad After Near Daily Attacks
Protests near the US Embassy in 2019, via AP.

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New PM didn’t help much, it seems like


nah too aligned with cia and the washington dc corrupt crowd.


Are you Armenian? What is really happening in your country ? We need some insight.


thats the point, the alignment is not visible much these days

Jens Holm

A´nd of course the 28 million Iraqians has no responsability to handle their country better???

I so they should accept being redevelloped as and effective and well educated state or least made into some smaller countriies, which mulisms are able to handle in Emirat-Dictator mode.

Most people in Iraq deserve what they get unless they change a lot in their minds and find the existing good paragraps in the Khoran which someone has eroded away.

It seemes ISIS only has the worst parts too:)

Jens Holm

Only their promises was first class:(

carlo cozzarin

Thank you, Lord
Make the murderous thieves go
The Iraqi people will not miss them
The Brothers Peoples of Iraq and Iran have to unite to drive out the invader, Iraq has to call for international condemnation and multimillion-dollar compensation for the genocide perpetrated against its people, for the invasion produced using lies as excuses and the systematic theft of its natural resources, cultural assets, for the born and rise of terrorism and the destruction of their infrastructure
Go now, you scoundrel criminals
Go to invade saudi medieval troglodytes, where human rights are violated

S Melanson

You have encapsulated well why if the US Carry out their threat to leave – the loss will devastate the Iraqi people but people only appreciate what they had once it is lost. But I am sure the Iraqi people will somehow manage…

Like rebuilding shattered infrastructure that mysteriously never got fixed
Hoping to elect a president as caring and compassionate of the Iraqi people as the US installed elected president of Occupied Iraq have always been with their wise motto – it is self evident that what is best for the US is best for Iraq.

Jens Holm

I partly agree. he income will rapidly will go and stil wont be shared by all loving there for any devellopment.

Maybee they will make jobs restauring the Saddam palaces.

Jens Holm

The Leaders of Iraq already has got those money byt they not even share them with their own kind of shiits.

Iranians are very corrupt as well.

Making the Wahabits in S-A worse is a relative. I dont see them as worse but more like even mpre strange.

There is no theft. All is driven and paid by normal market prices, which is visible minut for minut at the internet. So theft is an illusion.

Where money can be saved would be, that the Iraqians took over more parts of the production in all levels, but they cant, because they dont educate people for it.

Its the same for most parts of a lot of the oil and fuel production. The educated ones working hard are the ones mainly getting paid.

So a kind of take over should be a possibility if fokus not was sitting on Your hands in selfmade stupidity and lazyness only able to become dead heroes by killing each other.

Well here USA is a partner but certainly not the only and biggest one. The main thing is how You treat each other very bad and insist.

AM Hants

Fingers crossed they do close the bassy. Might get peace in Iraq, when US clears out.


It’s a threat in veil.
First the corrupt Iraqi politicians won’t receive their paychecks, so it made them really nervous (Just take a look at Barham Salih). Second, it’s a sign of the renewal of attack by American forces and a re-emerged ISIS on Iraq.

Not having a US embassy is the best thing that can bless a nation, but I’m afraid it’s not that easy. They never close it willingly.

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly the replacement seemes even worse to me. Maybee I need glasses.

Next probatly will be Iran shiits killing the Bagdad shiits and the killings of otrhers as excuse will escalate.

Free man

“Next probatly will be Iran shiits killing the Bagdad shiits” – Why next, the Mullah regime is already doing this with the help of the “resistance” :

Jens Holm

I agree, but it I predict it will escalate.


keep on dreaming useless idiot Americans will leave in BBB with a zipper destination Arlington

Jens Holm

I feel fine about that.

Jens Holm

What a joke.

Tommy Jensen

The gigantic bassy is coordination central for a majority of afghan opium. A lot of black money are going through here. Thats why its a serious threat for Iraq.
Its a moral challenge we all face from time to time. Will you take the bloodmoney or stay poor.

AM Hants

Auto correct turned my embassy into a bassy. Should really proof read, prior to sending haha.

Interesting with regards Opioid Central, wonder where they will relocate it?


absolutely as the yanks said in the early pioneer days a good indian is a dead indian well this expression is now valid in 3/4 of this planet were those US scavengers are active the American is in BBB with a zipper


indeed a good American is a dead one in a BBB with a zipper final destination Arlington amen


what more can the iraqi people ask for – see the back of the yankee-twats as the door closes behind them.

Jens Holm

They could ask and demand for plans for the future. I and we see none.

And we do have that kind of people here. Some of them want the noisy and dirty cars away from the streets but they dont see the lack in transportation.

Maing Iraqis as one united mob is far out too. The reasons for USA and us comming back for the thir´d time was and are, the people in Iraq are not united at all.

Here we even has to add the many refugees, which mainly NEVER will even try to return.

So I again ask why muslims in Iraq as well prefare to resettle among sekular Christians and infidels here 1000s of kilometer away.

…And are they included in Your happyness and understanding. I would love about half of them in free wellfare should love to rejoin their own one in their own country.


S Melanson

Threaten to close embassy they say. I believe that is the intent of the attacks and the failure to maintain security is I am sure despite the most strenuous efforts to protect the unwanted occupation forces in the embassy compound that looks more like a sprawling military base.

But the immense size is truly for diplomatic efforts to house the embassies of several nations… U.S.A., Republic of Pentagonia, United Intelligence Agencies of Alphabet Soup and of course, most beloved of all, the Republic of Blackwater… or whatever it’s new name is.

If they leave they will be greatly missed…

Jens Holm

Things like that are both ways. Very much seemes to be as throwing money in the sea or for campfires.

Those should have been invested in windpower, solar elctrirt and better more effective ways to make electricity for cooling and warming.

After Iran even has thrown ballistics on danish military teachers and other kinds of help even asked for by Bagdad, they did not protect us, as they promised.

Before that I felt nothing good or bad for Iran. I do now.

Assad must stay

Good close it and leave completely


Great, hopefully they’ll leave entirely.

After 2 days of quinine supplement treatment twice a day in conjunction with zinc and vitamins C and D3. My respiratory condition is normal for the first time in 6 months since before the scamdemic hit in February where I’m at. With no sneezing or mucus issues.

I did 45 windmills, 45 pushups and 60 13 pound, 26 pound together, dumbbell cleans and presses. Which I started on a daily basis a month ago. As an arthritis counter measure, and for specops conditioning.

Fog of War

Yes, they’ll ” close ” the embassy but the green zone and other bases will just continue to hum along. This is just ” showboat ” posturing for the US domestic audience.


Kill more Amer invaders pls. :)

Jens Holm

Iraq almost is a Iranian colony. We should not help them anymore by Nato.

And again. Nato andthe USA conflict is not Ours. We would help the none ISIS and thats it – but this to my oppinion is far out.

Let those shiits run themself. They are more shit then shiits.


Americans take your gear and get lost go back to your own nation in shambles where people are starving in the street and criminals rule the county’s how can you guy’s be so naieve not to see how your nation is abusing you and using as canon meat

Hos Ng

Go home artifact and gold thieves, you are the wordls terrorists and psychopaths. You will have to pay for your deeds sooner or later.

Hos Ng

One day the propagandists like jens will be tried for being accomplices to crimes against humanity

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