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JUNE 2021

Resistance To Occupation? US- And Turkish-Backed Forces Suffer Casualties In Northeastern Syria

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Resistance To Occupation? US- And Turkish-Backed Forces Suffer Casualties In Northeastern Syria


Several members of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and Turkish-backed militant groups were killed or injured in a series of attacks by unknown gunmen in the Syrian provinces of Homs and Raqqa.

According to Syrian state media, gunmen riding a motorcycle shelled a position of Turkish-backed forces in the vicinity of al-Zibakiya village in the northern part of Raqqa province. At least one Turkish-backed militant was reportedly killed.

In a separate development at least one SDF member was killed by unknown persons near the farms’ roundabout in Raqqa city, and another one was injured in an attack on the road between Darnaj and al-Tayyana towns in eastern Deir Ezzor.

Pro-SDF sources often blame attacks on their forces in northeastern Syria on ISIS and Turkish proxies, while Turkey prefers to blame the SDF, the Kuridsh People’s Protection Units (YPG; the main group in the SDF) and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK; linked with the YPG).

On the other hand, the attention of Syrian state media to these attacks may indicate that Damascus would like to paint them as a kind of local resistance to the occupation forces.


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Jens Holm

But there is some small resistance against SDFs by the enclaves of Assads as well as local non kurds dont like their children now has a modrn schoolprogram. Many there also has less thn little even for the dayli meal.

Its also a fact, that in theory a Turkish ISIS still exist. I would say they as Turks easy can cross the Turkish lines.

So its not a no no but a maybee.

Hars to believe the Johadists a capable to do something like that outside their own occupation areas.


good and before long the obese retards will be on their way back to the disunited states of A and a life in poverty and neglect and plenty of drugs and lengthy prison terms and the friggin kurds will be back as tenants in the borderland, hopefully paying for selling out to the white house/pentagon idiots and most of all to the jews in palestine (soon to be made homeless and destitute).


I love to read these news. I want more unknown gunmen stories.

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