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US And NATO Are Aghast At Upcoming Night In Kabul (Videos)

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US And NATO Are Aghast At Upcoming Night In Kabul (Videos)

USAF helicopter evacuating US embassy in Kabul

The entire Afghanistan, including its capital, is now under the Taliban’s control. The U.S. and NATO 20 years-long mission ended with a catastrophe. Today, Washington and its allies were forced to rashly evacuate their personnel, in fact to flee.

The vast majority of allied Afghans are left in the lurch face to face with an inevitable vendetta. The drastic developments on August 15 proved that the Americans were not able to ensure the necessary conditions for the planned evacuation of their personnel, citizens and allies. The Americans also proved that they were unable to negotiate or ensure the implementation of agreements by the Taliban.

The Taliban should not enter the city today, but they entered. The Taliban should not capture the Presidential Palace, but they captured. The Taliban should not shell the Kabul airport, but they did. The Taliban should not start a crackdown in Kabul, but they did.

US And NATO Are Aghast At Upcoming Night In Kabul (Videos)

Illustrative image

We recall to our readers that one of the largest CIA overseas centers was located in Afghanistan where about a thousand of CIA members were employed, in addition to the staff of the diplomatic mission and employees of other bodies. One of the largest special service operating networks was deployed in Kabul. Thousands of Afghans collaborated with the Americans. They provided US intelligence with different kinds of information, contributed to various operations. Even more Afghan citizens were involved in open cooperation with NATO, being employed as translators, drivers, secretaries etc. Today, their bosses left them.

Now a small part of them is in the crowd at the Kabul airport. A video from the airport clearly demonstrates that the number of those who want to fly from Afghanistan is much bigger than the number of places on board.

At the same time, there are pretentious videos of European top officials with their luggage flying away on half-empty aircraft.

New US and NATO troops arrive at the airport, engulfed in chaos.

Apparently, there is a belief that the agreements on the deployment of US and NATO military personnel at the main points of control over the evacuation routes to the airport will be preserved.

No matter what the U.S. officials promised, Washington is simply unable to ensure safety even for the U.S. citizens, and  thousands of people will be left in the lurch.

No matter what the Taliban officials promised, loudly declaring that there will be no repressions, a bloodbath will take place in the country soon. Moreover, the crowd at the airport is an easy target for any potential strike of the Taliban.

US And NATO Are Aghast At Upcoming Night In Kabul (Videos)

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The first assassinations did not take long to wait. In Kabul, the Taliban shot the first three “marauders”. No details have been provided yet.

It is still difficult to realize the full scale of the disaster in Afghanistan. In recent history, there have been no precedents for a major capital to surrender in less than one day without a fight. In Afghanistan, this day may lead to a “night of the long knives” in the country.


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Ma Laoshi

Should’ve run faster then you dogs.

pablo argudo

ahora hay que continuar con yemen, irak, etc. el nuevo orden mundial


Lol. Pass the popcorn.


"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.

Finally, a NATO puppet regime collapses. Time to celebrate. This is a big win to humanity and to the decolonization movement.

"Israel" is a NATO terrorist settler colony

Who is “we”? I didn’t invade Afghanistan.


Yep USA is a loser. Taliban is a Winner and you are a Weener


We all see the real LOSER here Jens – it’s you.

Peppe il Sicario

Jens was referring to LOOSER in the sense that his butt hole is so loose from all those penile injections he receives daily from all his Americunt and Limey cunt friends.


“In Afghanistan, this day may lead to a “night of the long knives” in the country.”

The author of this article does not seem to be aware that the Night Of The Long Knives was when Hitler eliminated his own party rivals and settled a couple of old scores (Gustav von Kahr and Kurt von Schleicher). Well over 90% of those murdered, like Ernst Röhm, were Hitler’s fellow Nazis. Unless the author envisages a blood purge inside the Taliban, with Mullah Baradar bumping off Mullah Akhundzada and Suhail Shaheen, whatever happens will not be a Night Of The Long Knives.

Basically this article is what you get if you’re a middlebrow passing yourself off as intellectual.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

To be fair, due to its general infamy, and media over usage of term, Knight of Long Knives is now very much thrown around in western media as a generic term for any vengeful bloodbath. It is also heavily used metaphorically in reportage of western politics, regarding any political party’s internal mutiny or leadership conflict (ie, political infighting minus the real world historical violence).


Traitors get what is coming to them. Did anyone in the West cry over the fate of those who worked for the Vichy Regime in France during WW2? Nope, so why whine about the fate of Afghan compradors and quislings? They will get their righteous rewards…


oh yea, simply by being a woman and leaving your house in the morning and going to school or to work makes you a traitor to allah and therefore you deserve raping and murdering– no winners here


You drinking the MSM KoolAid man. traitors collaborated with the Occupation forces and invader. Traitors must die as example to other would be traitors.




Next is Syria . Let’s see how fast Yankees will run away from Syria . .then will see where Kurdish stupid ypg and PKK will run


You are right, next is Syria. First day after the Russians are gone, Assad is history ^^


Keep dreaming Shlomo…
People love Assad he is the legitim Leader of Syria.
And Russia didn’t invade, they were asked in to help fight ciaisis and mossadisis…
The two countries have a defense agreement for 20 years.
Better luck next time…


Next stop D.C…

Jenny Holm

How dare you. I am the real Jenny Holm.

giorgio guido novi

ambassade french very arrogant lgbt vaccined!

Alberto Bohon.

Ahmad Shah Massoud’s son, Ahmad Massoud calls for the fight against the Taliban from the Panshir region of Afghanistan, I hope their futile resistance will be failed and destroyed. let the Taliban’s enemies fall to the ground all of them.

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