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US And Israel Surprised That Russia Doesn’t Jump On Iran-Blame Bandwagon After Trilateral Meeting


US And Israel Surprised That Russia Doesn't Jump On Iran-Blame Bandwagon After Trilateral Meeting

Left to right: Meir Ben-Shabbat, John Bolton, Benjamin Netanyahu and Nikolai Patrushev. Click to see full-size image

On June 25th, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, US National Security Adviser John Bolton and Israeli National Security Council chief Meir Ben-Shabbat met in trilateral talks on the Middle East situation.

Presumably, the meeting was supposed to be focused on Syria, but Iran was also a very central point of discussion.

Patrushev said that Israel’s security should be ensured, while taking into account the interests of regional states.

We understand Israel’s concerns and we want the existing threats to be eliminated so that Israel’s security be ensured, and this is very important for us,” Patrushev said. “At the same time, we should remember that other regional states also have their national interests,” he noted. “If we do not see, know and take them into account, I doubt that we will be able to achieve a particular result.”

Russia is opposed to Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and Patrushev hinted at that opposition in his remarks.

“There should be a peaceful, prosperous and sovereign Syria,” he said.

He further said that Russia was combating terrorism in Syria together with Iran.

“We have a mutual possibility to influence each other and we have an opportunity to listen to each other,” he stated.

Patrushev called for reducing Iranian-Israeli tensions and preventing Syria from becoming an “arena of geopolitical confrontation.”

“They noted the importance of progressively reducing tensions in Iran-Israel relations by implementing reciprocal steps. They stressed that Syria should not become an arena of geopolitical confrontation,” said Patrushev.

He further said that rather than raising tensions, Israel and the US should assist Russia in Syria to eradicate the remaining terrorist.

“(We) stated the need to unite efforts to destroy all terrorists remaining in Syria. They called for immediate suppression of the access of terrorists to chemical warfare agents and their precursors, as well as to prevent chemical provocations,” Patrushev said.

Finally, Patrushev commented on two other recent events involving Iran and the US – the downing of the RQ-4 Global Hawk drone, which Iran said was above its territory and the attacks on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman that the US blamed on Iran.

Regarding the tanker attacks, he said that the evidence presented by the US was unprofessional and of poor quality.

“What we are portrayed is completely poor-quality information; we need to conduct an objective investigation and not appoint someone guilty, but really understand what happened,” he said.

According to Patrushev, “the materials that were provided do not allow making any decisions.”

In relation to the downed drone, Parushev said that the drone had been over Iranian territory.

“I have information from the Russian Ministry of Defense, this drone was in Iranian airspace,” Patrushev said.

In terms of the actual situation in Syria, Patrushev said that he called on the US to lift sanctions from companies that were attempting to assist in the restoration of the country.

“They stressed the feasibility of providing international assistance to the restoration of the Syrian national economy, including the withdrawal restrictions and unilateral sanctions from economic operators who work or are interested in working in the Syrian sector,” said Patrushev.

On the side of the US, National Security Adviser John Bolton called the discussions “productive.”

He told reporters that Iran “should not mistake restraint as a sign of weakness.” Iran must halt its pursuit of nuclear weapons and “all options are on the table” until it does.

“They should give up their pursuit of deliverable nuclear weapons. They should make that strategic step, they have not done it yet,” Bolton said.

Prior to the meeting, Bolton said, “US President Donald Trump has held the door open for real negotiations, to completely and verifiably eliminate Iran’s nuclear weapons program, it’s pursuit of ballistic missile delivery systems, its support of international terrorism and its other maligning behavior worldwide.”

In addition to him attending the meeting, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US envoy on Iran Brian Hook – were also in the region to discuss Iran with Arab leaders. “As we speak, US diplomats are surging across the Middle East seeking a path to peace,” Bolton said. “

In response Iran’s silence is deafening,” he added.”Iran’s provocations, which also include threats to and acts upon American personnel and assets in the Middle East, are the external manifestations of the essential threat Iran poses, namely its continued pursuit of deliverable nuclear weapons,” Bolton said.

“There is simply no evidence that Iran has made the strategic decision to renounce nuclear weapons and open realistic discussion to demonstrate that decision,” he added.

“In just a few days – perhaps by the weekend – Iran has threatened to exceed the key limits possessed by the inadequate 2015 nuclear deal, exposing once again the fatal deficiencies of that failed agreement,” Bolton said.

Bolton told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was also present at the meeting, that the meeting “is a tribute to your leadership and a recognition of the central role that Israel does and must play in securing international peace and security.”

He added that, “through your strong relationships with both [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin and President Trump, there is a substantially greater prospect for coordination of our perspective policies in order to achieve a secure and lasting peace in the region.”

During his press conference, following the meeting, Bolton disputed Patrushev’s positive view of Iranian troops in Syria, saying he did not believe this was the true stance of Russia and that Moscow also hopes to see Tehran’s forces and proxies leave Syria.

“The Russians have said repeatedly that they would like to see Iranian forces leave,” he said.

On the side of Israel, Israeli media represented the situation as the US and Israel being on the one side, and Russia choosing Iran’s side.

Opening the Jerusalem meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke of “hundreds” of operations against Iran’s military presence in Syria and threatened to continue hostile activity near the northern borders of the country.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said he “deeply values the strong relations that Israel has with both leaders and both countries,” adding that “Our friendship with Russia has gotten stronger than ever these past few years.”

“I believe there’s wider basis for cooperation between the three of us. This summit represents a real opportunity to help advance stability in our region, and particularly in Syria,” he said. “We’d like to see a peaceful, stable and secure Syria,” Netanyahu added, calling for the removal of all “foreign forces that arrived in Syria after 2011.”

It will “be good for Russia, good for the U.S., good for Israel and, may I add, good for Syria,” he argued.

Israeli National Security Council Chairman Meir Ben-Shabbat was present at the meeting as only a figurehead, since Netanyahu basically took everything out of his hands.

Showing how much “the leader of the only democracy in the Middle East,” believes his aides and lets them be autonomous.

The entire meeting can be summarized as such:

The US and Israel had their own agenda, which they were entirely vested in following, they likely expected Russia to be on Iran’s side, but not as much.

The summarizing statement for the entire event came from Patrushev:

“In the context of the statements made by our partners with regard to a major regional power, namely Iran, I would like to say the following: Iran has always been and remains our ally and partner, with which we are consistently developing relations both on bilateral basis and within multilateral formats.

“This is why we believe that it is inadmissible to describe Iran as the major threat to the regional security and, moreover, to put it on par with the Islamic State or any other terrorist organization,” he declared.




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  • Hasbara Hunter


    GLOBAL TERRORISTS since 1776
    In the Devil they Trust….

    • FlorianGeyer

      Yes, the US today is indeed mimicking the terrorism of all US conquests since 1776 , and the frightening reality today is that US thievery and mindless violence have not changed since 1776.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        I already knew for Decades…. but it is a Good thing that it became Clearly Visible these days….

        • occupybacon

          It’s the Commies rhetoric even before the born of the Sovietistan(1917) but you can’t read that’s why you see it more clear on a poor Russian outlet that hasn’t anything new to say about the rich USA, since being poor and hating the rich doesn’t help with the imagination, apparently

          Also proudly showing that you are stupid helps with the integration and maybe attracting some sympathy and approval from other stupid peeps.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            HAHAHAHAHAHA! Bring on your Hidden Magic Weapons….I know the situation of the U.S. Army & its Vassals is in a deplorable state….comparable to the Ol’ Soviet Army….the Infrastructure of the States is Gone…You are Bankrupt…. the Yangeese-Petro-Dollar will be crushed and Illegal Occupation & Masonic Beachhead ISISraHell is gonna Fall….Mark my words

          • occupybacon

            “Mark my words” I marked your … dots since they exceed your words

          • Hasbara Hunter

            I have seen many different Perspectives & Visions in here… I’m always just giving my interpretation on things…think boy…anything is possible….

          • occupybacon

            Is Wednesday the internet cafe opened for sanatorium patients?

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Fuck Off Fucking Hasbararat… your Brainless Bullshit is not appreciated

          • Concrete Mike

            Dont let the riches of the few fool you. USA people are poor.

            They will get poorer and poorer, as we are in Canada!

          • occupybacon

            Comparing to whom?

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Fuck Off Sabbatean Khazarian Mossad Pig… Want a Little War Israeli Motherfucker? Send my regards to Hell Aviv Kosher-Cockroach

          • occupybacon

            We have enough refrigerated foreskins to send to starving Russians, your cuisine can include meat from now.

          • Hasbara Hunter
          • occupybacon

            Damn those look delicious, do you have more?

          • AM Hants

            They don’t accept GM, toxic, meat or veg, come to that, in Russia.

          • occupybacon

            Don’t worry we make a nice discount for you.

          • AM Hants

            Still not GM free, so who would want a discount on toxins?

          • occupybacon

            Poor Russians

          • AM Hants

            GM free diet, free health care, free education, including University level and a Government that is investing in the infrastructure of the nation. Together with being in control of their natural resources.

            Yep, poor Russia:))

          • occupybacon

            And… that is why the average Russian lives 8 years less than the average American and Russia is the 2nd place at suicide rates in the whole fucking world :))

            Why I didn’t thought to move there by now? doh

          • AM Hants

            Guess you missed the part of the average Russian is living an average 10 years longer, since President Putin first came to power. Whilst over in the West, our life expectancy is decreasing.

            Suicide rates – interesting to see the rise, over in the West, when compared to over in Russia. Not forgetting the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Ukraine, thanks to post ‘Maidan’. Now who funded and organised that regime change and why do they want a repeat in Georgia?

          • AM Hants

            Riddle me this, how does the US make it into space? Whether by using Russian rocket engines or hitching a lift of a Russia taxi, to the ISS?

            Riddle me this, why does the US spend $717 billion on defence, with nothing in the 21st century, either arriving on time, in working order or on budget? When the other nuclear triad nation, with active hypersonic weapons, only spends $47 billion on defence?

            Riddle me this, why does it cost the average American $64,814, each, to service US debt? When it only costs the average Russian Citizen $1,390, to service their debt?

            San Francisco 2019



            Moscow 2018


          • occupybacon

            Yeah show me two photos from a San Francisco ghetto with garbage and one from the Red Square, the most iconic place of Russia. Again, when you think other people are so stupid, actually you are the stupid one.

          • AM Hants

            The only reason I am bothering with helping you get your monthly bonus, is to let others decide who is the most stupid. You or me.

            San Francisco, seriously sad what a slum it looks, considering the US is meant to be so civilised. Just not when it comes to the people.

            Red Square, is not the most iconic place of Russia. There are so many contenders, including over in St Petersberg. However, look at the comparison between Moscow and San Francisco, starting with cleanliness and street cleaners.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Trump has been useful in this regard.
          He is hardly a polished speaker :)

      • AM Hants
        • FlorianGeyer

          Your list of US value’s on a tour of the world is a stark reminder that US Democracy Tourists are a hazard to health, AM.

          • AM Hants

            Love it ‘US Democracy Tourists’ – always demanded, where regime change is needed, together with so many Soros funded NGOs, thrown in. Just to warm the waters, beforehand.

      • RichardD

        “Two abridged accounts of Chaim Salomon’s life are posted below.

        Reading between the lines, clearly he was the conduit for the Illuminati Jewish funds that financed the American Revolution.

        All major revolutions (English, American, French and Russian) were engineered by these bankers using as instrument Freemasonry, a satanic cult based on the Jewish Cabala.

        Revolution was designed to sweep away the old order based on God, and bring in a satanic world government where evil is good, sick is healthy and falsehood is truth. Replacing God with Satan is the true meaning of “revolution,” and the NWO.

        These bankers created the US to advance this goal. This explains why the majority of founders, Presidents and Congressmen were (and are) Freemasons; and why Masonic symbolism is everywhere.”

        – Jewish Banker Funded American Revolution –


  • Jason De Larue Samuel

    The major threat of the world is israhell

  • Jason De Larue Samuel

    Israhell son of bitch usa

  • the Russians are extremely noble people. i was afraid for a second that they’d throw the Iranians under the bus in this trilateral summit with those two vermin. but no, the Russians have so much dignity and loyalty. they stood by their allies in the region Syria and Iran, thank God for that! the occultic demons of Bolton and netanyahu must be smarting in anger right now. the status quo remains the same

  • Jason De Larue Samuel

    Military & Homeland Security Companies, Lobbyists, And Lawmakers All Profit From War
    With trillions of tax dollars flowing to companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and even IBM, among others, companies that invest heavily in weapons, cyber security systems, and other technologies that are widely used in times of war would stand to lose a lot — if not everything — if all of a sudden, the United States chose to become a nation that stands for peace and free market principles.

    For one, these companies have a heavy lobbying presence, ensuring that lawmakers sympathetic to their plight are elected every two years. When the possibility of a new conflict appears on the horizon, these companies are the first to lobby heavily for action.

    But this dynamic isn’t a secret. We all know that the crony capitalist system that thrives in Washington, D.C., is the very bread and butter of politics in America. After all, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the nation in his farewell address in 1961 that “an immense military establishment and a large arms industry” were becoming the great powers behind U.S. politics, and that if we weren’t weary of this influence, we would risk living in a perpetual state of war.

    Still, we allowed it to take over. And there isn’t one industry powerful enough to counter this destructive authority.

    With the support of an army of well-established and connected millionaire lobbyists, the war machine operating in Washington is so powerful that anything can be turned into an existential threat.

  • RichardD

    It wouldn’t take much to deploy Russian, Indian and Chinese armies into northern Iran to push back a genocidal Israeli American invasion against humanity. And unlike the Korean war. There isn’t going to be any partition.

  • Concrete Mike

    Poor russians diplomats, i dont know how they dont lose their shit toss the table aside punch bolton in the face and leave.

    Its like talking to a fucking wall, a wall that is already full.of conclusions before .

    The arrogance is mind boggling!

    • Alex

      America is in denial, it’s like psychiatrist talking to mental patient.

      • Concrete Mike

        Almost like that yes.

    • Rob

      Putin has sent the Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev to see the future plans of Bolton and Netanyahu.

      I think Russia should avoid US and Isrsel both. If Putin wish to disintegrate Russia further like Gorbachove did it then Putin should keep contects with US and Israel.

      • Concrete Mike

        Putin declared in 2016 that america is non agreement capable.

        There is a russian word just for that apparently.

        Anyways, dont let these talks fool you, Russia knows USA and chums are trying to kill Russia and her friends.
        Ita better to still talk to them though. Always talk to each other never stop.

        Once the talking stops we should be worried.

  • Tommy Jensen

    In order for US and Israel to make peace, me and Bolton are calling for the removal of all “foreign forces that arrived in Syria after 2011”.
    That means Iran, Hezbollah, Russia and Turkey must leave Syria immediately, if ME should have a chance for freedom and democracy. Leben und leben lassen!
    IF Iran, Hezbollah, Russia, Turkey don’t leave, THEY are the cause of war, terror and tensions in ME.
    Its that easy man!

    • occupybacon

      Russia should accept if the foreign forces be replaced with UN peace keepers in which also Russia and China to take part.

      • JustPassingThrough


  • RichardD

    The enormity of US and Israeli Zionist lies is stupefying. They live in a dysfunctional 1984 world of criminal insanity. And are the primary problem facing humanity.

  • Free man

    It is naïve to think that the Russians are telling the media what they have agreed with the Americans and the Israelis in a closed room.
    It is clear to everyone what was agreed upon.

    • HardHawk

      not to me care to tell me?

      • Free man

        How to get the Iranian forces out of Syria and what the US and Israel would give Russia in exchange for this.

        • HardHawk

          Russia can not influence Iran to abandon is strategic interest in Syria and not do they want to and I am sure they make this very clear not only in this meeting but for several years. I also dont think any thing the west and Israel has to offer can convince russians to sell out their allies.

          I am sure you have no idea of russian mentality and way of thinking and you confuse them with americans and english, that are like whores changing their price according to the size. Also you have missed all the dots of what is happening globally the last 20 years and whose opposing globalization.

          • Free man

            My babushka will not agree with you.

          • Concrete Mike

            You dont agree with many of us.
            Its normal we dont like projectionnist bullshit. Which is what your.comment was.

            What you said is not true but your planting a seed, watering it.

            Then later on quote this projection as truth saying duh its been a fact for years, when its just a lie loop you created.

            Nice try. Not today!

          • Free man

            It’s okay you don’t agree with me.
            But why write so much B.S.

          • Concrete Mike

            Well im trying to get a job at the new york times.

            So im practising my BS here, watching pros like you BS eloquently day in day out.

            Im learning though.
            Im lucky I dont have to follow a script like you though.

          • Free man

            Do you doubt my creative thinking? (-;

          • Concrete Mike

            Yes, Ive told you often, i dont have to follow a script, what do you think that means??

          • Hasbara Hunter

            You are a Hasbararat & Disinfo-Agent…
            You are not a Free Man you belong to the Mossad

          • Hasbara Hunter

            You are a Hasbararat & Disinfo-Agent…
            You are not a Free Man you belong to the Mossad..

          • Free man

            You got me confused, I am Hasbararat Agent or Mossad Agent?
            Why do you repeat yourself so many times?

          • Hasbara Hunter

            To make sure you get the message…there are always swarms of Hasbararats in here when ISISraHell is mentioned

          • Free man

            And I thought you were just promoting a shampoo.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            See…I’m always right with cocksuckers like you….

          • Free man

            The shampoo hunter.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            You are a Hasbararat & Disinfo-Agent…
            You are not a Free Man you belong to the Mossad…I know you…

          • goingbrokes

            There is an inability to read diplomatic language. Of course Russia wants Iran to leave Syria!!! Only they are not saying when! The meaning is that Iran should leave Syria when they are not needed any longer because Syria is at a point when she can defend herself quite adequately and the territorial integrity has been restored. Anyone hoping for Iran to stay beyond that point is silly.

          • HardHawk

            it is not up to Russia to say who goes and who stays in Syria and Iran and Syria been true friends and allies before Russia come to save the day, because her national interest demanded it and not because of love for the Syrians. It may be inability for you to read diplomatic language due to not enough info input to you, not for me and my group it is our job to know everything that effect our international business and we are very good at it. the profits we make out of this mess prove the truth in my words and we side with none so it is easier to see black and white and not based on well wishing.

            The main reason Russia went into Syria despite what they say is the need to have a naval port and airports that cover Mediterranean, due to the huge amounts of gas and oil found there, in an effort to stay in the game and not lose the european market. Also part of the reason of her new found love for Turkey and her support to her, in her drive to disrupt the countries who got the contracts to extract the gas.

            Try and keep up with the events that are happening and not focus only on a village in syria and understand what is going down and why and by whom.

        • JustPassingThrough

          and what do you think the exchange was

          ahhh miami and tel aviv or what?

        • Hasbara Hunter

          You are a Hasbararat & Disinfo-Agent

        • RichardD

          Then why did the Russians say the exact opposite?

  • jm74

    It must be galling for the Russian playing this stupid game knowing full well that you are conversing with the enemy. Quite obvious why israel and the US called the meeting; they are frightened and know they are loosing and don’t wish to pay the price for all the misdeeds they have done.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      But they will….they will pay….
      Time…Time…Time is on our side…

      • occupybacon

        Also the Martians will bring back Elvis any day now… any day now. Just you wait.

        • Hasbara Hunter

          Do not try to Blame the Martians…. it was THE ELITE ALL ALONG! Don’t try to fool me boy…

          • occupybacon

            Is that a shampoo that you promote?

          • Hasbara Hunter

            You do not like me Poking my Finger in the Sore spot right boy?

          • he can’t fool all of us, no way!

        • JustPassingThrough

          he’s in the white house

          • occupybacon

            How dares you to make fun of my beloved president?

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Satanyahu is your President….which makes you a Devilworshipper….

  • Rhodium 10

    While IRGC&Hezbollah&Iraqi PMU be deployed in Syria…terrorist will have no chance…as one thing is to fight vs conscript soldiers…another thing is to fight vs well armed, motivate and trained Shia militia!..we have seen the same scenario in Irak!..therefore Israel and USA want these militia away from Syria under pretex that they threat Israel!…

  • Jim Prendergast

    Bolton lies with every breath.

  • newshole

    Lavrov isn’t a Zionist stooge.

  • John Whitehot

    “that Moscow also hopes to see Tehran’s forces and proxies leave Syria.”

    Bolton must be hearing things.

    “Tehran forces and proxies” are in Syria at the request of the legitimate government, to help fighting against a foreign aggression aimed at destroying the country. Take the wahabist rabble out of the country, restore peace and there will be no more need of “Iran-related” forces in the area.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    can US and israhell just be defeated already and iran russia syria iraq etc just win already? im tired of waiting