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US And Gulf States Impose New Sanctions On Iran

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US And Gulf States Impose New Sanctions On Iran

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On October 30th, the US Treasury announced new sanctions on Iran, designating a network of corporations, banks, and individuals supporting IRGC and Hezbollah.

“The TFTC’s action coincides with my trip to the Middle East, where I am meeting with my counterparts across the region to bolster the fight against terrorist financing,” said Secretary of the Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin.  “TFTC was created under the leadership of President Trump on May 21, 2017 during his historic trip to Saudi Arabia.  It is a bold effort to expand and strengthen the cooperation amongst seven countries — Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States — to counter the financing of terrorism. The TFTC coordinates disruptive actions, shares financial intelligence information, and builds member state capacity to target activities posing national security threats to TFTC members.”

“The TFTC’s coordinated disruption of the financial networks used by the Iranian regime to fund terrorism is a powerful demonstration of Gulf unity.  This action demonstrates the unified position of the Gulf nations and the United States that Iran will not be allowed to escalate its malign activity in the region,” said Secretary Mnuchin.  “We are proud to join forces with our TFTC partners to expose and condemn the Iranian regime’s gross and repeated violations of international norms, from attacking critical oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia to fomenting strife in neighboring countries through regional proxies such as Hizballah.  This coordinated action is a concrete step towards denying the Iranian regime the ability to undermine the stability of the region.”

These sanctions aren’t only coming from the US, but are a joint effort from Washington and Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The sanctions are targeting 25 corporations, which were under financial sanctions imposed by the US to begin with.

“The president couldn’t be more clear that we are executing a maximum pressure campaign on Iran,” Mnuchin told Reuters in an interview in Riyadh. “This is about stopping a bad actor.”

On October 31st, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also announced sanctions targeting Iran’s nuclear program.

Pompeo further established that Iran’s construction sector is under direct control of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and thus materials that it receives and which may be used in connection with the nuclear, military, or ballistic missile programs of Iran and their sale may be sanctionable.

At the same time, Reuters reported that the United States planned to allow Russian, Chinese and European companies to continue work at Iranian nuclear facilities to make it harder for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.

The Trump administration would let the work go forward by issuing waivers to sanctions that bar non-US firms from dealing with the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI).

There’s no official confirmation and the source is unnamed, but a China National Nuclear Corp spokesman said by email that it was “starting to cooperate with the Iranian side under guidance from Beijing on seeking a positive solution to the Iran nuclear problem.” No other details were provided.

So far, since May 2018’s US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), numerous sanctions have been imposed on Iran.

In August 2018, the Trump administration sanctioned:

  • the purchase or acquisition of US-dollar bank notes by Iran
  • Iran’s trade in gold and precious metals
  • transactions using the Iranian rial
  • transactions with Iran in graphite, aluminum, steel, coal, and industrial software
  • transactions related to the issuance of Iranian sovereign debt
  • sale to Iran of cars and car parts
  • imports to the US of Iranian luxury goods such as carpets and caviar
  • sale to Iran of commercial passenger aircraft.

In November 2018, the following sanctions followed:

  • Iran’s oil exports and energy sector
  • financial institutions conducting transactions with the Central Bank of Iran,
  • port operators, shipping and ship-building sectors
  • provision of insurance and financial messaging services to Iran.

In May 2019, the US sanctioned Iran’s metal sector and revoked its sanction waivers that allowed Russia, China and European countries to conduct nuclear cooperation with the Islamic Republic.

So far, more than 900 individuals, entities, vessels and aircraft are sanctioned in relation to Iran. That includes 50 Iranian banks and their subsidiaries, 200 persons and vessels in Iran’s shipping and energy sectors, as well as Iran’s national airline and more than 65 of its aircraft.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was designated as a terror organization.

The US squeeze on Iran’s economy has caused a kind of financial crisis. The Iranian rial lost more than 60% of its value against the dollar in 2018, while inflation is predicted to reach 40% by the end of 2019. The economy, which shrank by 3.9% in 2018, and it could plummet by another 6% in 2019, the International Monetary Fund said.

Iranian oil exports fell from 2.5 million barrels per day to 1 million bpd in 2019.

Thus, the US’ maximum pressure campaign appears to be working in the economic field, so far, at least in the short term, despite Iran’s claims that the sanctions are having little to no effect on its people. At the same time, the US failed to achieve its main goal – to shape the foreign policy and military course of Iran.


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Jacob Wohl

Good. Iran needs to be sanctioned until it stops funding Shia terrorist organizations in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen and stops threatening Israel’s security


And of Israel’s assistance to people like AQ and IS? You are a real treat man.

Tom Luongo

What in the hell are you doing posting on Southfront’s comment section? I tought you made money for a living? How the might y have become irrelevant.


So you support an Iranian regime that cuts off peoples hands?torture people spread terrorism thank good Israel knows how to deal with these clowns

not content with messing in Syria Iran is causing problems in Iraq

huge demonstrations about Iranian malign activities and corrupt ways,plus the widespread belief they are behind the deaths of hundreds of Iraqi demonstrators due to sniper fire are going to blow up very sone

Of course this’ll all be blamed on American influences, sorry but this whole nasty repressive regime has hit the buffers,like Syria and Venezuela they all belong to another age

they’ve got absolutely nothing to offer the world in the 21st century they should all just go like the old Soviet system before they start a war which totally destroys them


Funny you are talking about cutting of hands, since your American regime is the biggest ally of Saudi-Arabia and Qatar, the Al-Qaeda and ISIS-Godfathers. The US regime and their willfull lapdogs caused a million deaths only in Iraq due to an illegal occupation and the facilitating of Al QAeda in Libya, Syria and elsewhere.. the US regime is the biggest maffia-state in the world..

Jacob Wohl

Who says I’m irrelevant? I’m very relevant and will soon be debating lots of liberal celebrities


Toms a useful idiot! you only need to look at the site’s his ‘work’ appears in!

Lots of Red – Brown fascist and deeply anti Semitic so called alt news sites, all of them pushing for some sort of post liberal nirvana, a nirvana only if you like living in a world of fascism and murdering totalitarian scum like those who are currently running Iran!

He should get on his hands and knees on his front lawn, in front of the flag and thank god he lives in the USA and not Syria,Venezuela,Iran or that bent mafia shit hole, Putin’s Russia!

There’s a whole bunch of folks who need to wake up and smell the coffee, instead of gulping down lashings of pro Kremlin Kool aid propaganda BS


Funny, since its a fact that Israeli hospital treated Al-Queda and Daesh terrorist as well as armed them. So fuck off terrorist propagandist.


Absolutely smash this evil Iranian regime, i don’t understand why supposedly intelligent people would want to support it

These people in Iran,Russia,China,Syria and Venezuela offer absolutely nothing, although they’re held up as some sort of new global civilisation….well they’re not,so I’d suggest people wake up and stop gulping down the Putin multi polar kool aid, we’re talking about authoritarian repressive regime’s here not some sort of love in


The real repressive regime is in Washington you goy.


I take it you’re employed by Iranian intelligence services, because vif you’re not you must be mentally ill


That coming from a goy Americunt, the American regime is responsible for the millions that died in Iraq, Syria. Libya, Yemen and so on.. and you are drinking the US repressive regime Kool-Aid..


I see Pompeo is still a fat pig


indeed a fat repulsive pig!!


Yeah, the ISISraeli bitches rides again, and every day that passes shows the entire world the true face of the insane wankikes, their obsesion and downright evil is exposed, and Trump the King of ISISrael is of course their main man, yeah, this, and the rat vassal pack should be noticed.

Fascinating isnt it, whines aboit Islamic fundamentalists while the have cooperating with the Al-CIAeda and their Wahabi happy head chopping friends of Trumo for decades, and on top of it lies about the idiotic propaganda stunt about Al-baggeddady or something like that, and even so called rightwinged alt sites are drooling happy in their straight jackeds about killing this eh…. leader, yeah, while the rest of us knows He was just an asset, but hey, intellegence isnt the wankikes strongest side.
Again, some background, video.

The problem is, nobody wants to be honest, everything, the share lunacy, the crimes against humanity, nations after nations, is due to one thing, the insane corrupt UssA, and on top of it, debating with wankikes is useless since they blame some nations problems on eh…. socialism, while they never admit anything about sactions, like Iraq, 500 000 children, half a f…. million, not one f…. MSM bothers to talk about that but whines about 6 Gazzilion gasses, yeah, and I dont even trust anyone any more, people, we have to burn down every one of them before they burn us down.
Evil ave never been more obvious, and nothing happens, this f…. is run by Jews, when in the world will we take that serious, are you so coward, hides when the facts is right infront of you, denies the truth, we have this, and this comes from the Tribe, and they own the remedies, the MSM and Banks.
You should be ashamed for been so spineless.
They have been, fighting humanity for over 270 years, started over 250 wars, and somehow nobody have the god dammed balls to fight back, yeah, I watch nothing but an sea of pussys, bitches.



problem with escobar is that he often is wrong in his far-fetched ideas however much sense they make at the time of publishing – you might say their shelf-life is often shorter than what would be required.


Escobar is a daft left wing dingbat from Brazil

I remember all the daft blather he used to come out with about BRICS he’s gone a bit quite now that Brazil has its own version of Trump

He, along with so many retarded anti western halfwits are so desperate for victory against the empire that they allow their own propaganda and over emotional nonsense to actually understand whats happening


I saw that the morons had a 25m$ bounty on al baghdadi’s head. question is why there is no similar bounty on fatso’s head, lets say 10m$ put up by some peace-loving middle eastern sheik or some afghani taliban. and there are a few more whose lives could take a turn for the worse if there was a bounty on their heads. definitely something to consider for the middle eastern peace-loving sheik or some such personality.


isn’t he dead already – ought to be!

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