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US Amphibious Ready Group Led By USS Kearsarge Deploys Near Syria: WSJ

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US Amphibious Ready Group Led By USS Kearsarge Deploys Near Syria: WSJ

USS Kearsarge (LHD-3)

A naval group headed by the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge is headed to Syria, according to a report by the WSJ.

The anonymous defense officials cited by the outlet claimed that “scores of ground troops are headed toward Syria to help move troops out, and a group of naval vessels headed by the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge is headed to the region to back up troops at the vulnerable moment they are leaving the country.”

Most notably, “with their arrival, there now are more troops in the vicinity than before President Trump said in December that the US would be leaving Syria, having defeated Islamic State.”

According to the report, the US is still moving ahead with its plans to withdraw from Syria. However, a US-Turkey rift may delay the pullout.

“White House national security adviser John Bolton said this week that the U.S. wouldn’t leave Syria until Turkey promised not to target the U.S.’s Kurdish partners, provoking a furor during his visit to Ankara and throwing the withdrawal plan into turmoil.”

Initially, US officials claimed that preparations were being made to withdraw all US troops from Syria in a matter of weeks. Trump entrusted the fight against the few remaining ISIS pockets to Turkey, as agreed in a phone call between him and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on December 14th.

“Now, Mr. Trump’s administration is characterizing the timeline as open-ended-a move designed to give U.S. officials time to work out an agreement with Turkey and the U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters in Syria, whom Mr. Erdogan views as terrorists who pose a threat to Turkey.”

The withdrawal appears to now have become condition-based and not really as prompt and immediate as initially suggested.

On January 10th, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rebuffed suggestions of a change in the U.S. withdrawal plans, saying there was “No contradiction whatsoever” in the administration’s Syria strategy.

Furthermore, reports claimed that White House National Security Adviser John Bolton provided Turkey with a list of demands, most important to guarantee the security of the Kurdish militias in northeastern Syria.

According to the WSJ, the Turkish leader called Bolton’s demands a “serious mistake”. He stressed that Turkey will not compromise on the Syrian Kurds.

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Moursal Admaj

Neomaster Bolton want to trick trump plan and provok turkey to lunch preemptive attack so that it would be to stay in syria.


I did like what Erdogan had to say about Bolton, calling him a “soft coup”.

John Whitehot

ziojihadists always try to prevent their ragheads morale to get even lower than it is.

the withdrawal of the remaining US troops would mean the uncontrovertible death of any hope that the aggression of Syria, which the msm call “revolution”, has not been defeated, and the only clear winner of the civil war is Syria itself; while Israel conduces fake strikes with photoshopped BDA pics, Bolton speaks a million words to give zio-media the chance of making the interpretation that suits them most and Saudia even isn’t talking anymore.

The war was already over at the start of 2016, everybody knew it – everything these criminals and bankster-licking liars have done is to prolong the suffering of innocents.

I hope the weight on their consciences will one day become unbearable.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

It could mean several things:
1: Its SOP to move in troops to cover another units retreat/redeployment

2: Its a show of force towards Russia, Iran, Syria

3: Israel is planning something, that needs a big boy protection to prevent certain disaster

4: White Helmets activity ( And we know what that means, and funny how that politicians just had to remind the world of what happens in Douma)

Manuel Flores Escobar

Could mean that Israel wasted 9 cruise missile ( 2.250.000 US dollar) to damage a warehouse which cost repair expense around 25.000 US dollar!…while Pantsir system are training with the purpose that the enemy need 10 cruise missile and 10 aircraft on flight for just one hit.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Do we know it was cruisemissiles they used and not just ASMs?

Manuel Flores Escobar

they use delilah cruise missile..thats why IAF was flying low..to avoid S-200 and be able to launch missile with low altitude fly!

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Thanks for the info


Must be just a show of force. Coalition trash in NE Syria can get support from across the Iraqi border if they really needed it.

Tommy Jensen

As a military man you dont hit.
US transport ready group is there to offload more troops. “Withdraw of troops” means regrouping.
If a “chemical attack by Assad” happens, they are further on the spot for action.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Withdraw troops and regrouping is NOT the same, its two different manouvers.
1: Withdrawing is a manouver describing a unit when it is leaving an area, often rearwards towards own old lines.

2: Regrouping is a manouver when units or individuals have been seperated and needs to combine forces; hence the word “Re-grouping”

It does not make any sense for the US to invade western Syria, we have the Russian forces there.

It makes more sense if they are there to pressure Turkey or to give a fake sense of coop to its proxies.


More like an act of aggression. Russia having drills off Syrian coast; coincidence? US not pulling out but preparing for an invasion on Syria and only pretending to leave.


nah a country that can’t even pay its employees without a fresh printing of readies can hardly engage in a war but it does like to flex its muscles but to no avail . hehehe


Like i said before when a superpower is claiming that withdraws it means its getting reinforcements…same thing did Russia 1 year ago.


hey russia gear up the best you have and sink it and then finish off israel . can’t miss

Willing Conscience (The Truths

There won’t be any room for them around the coast of Syria, the Russian ships that are already there conducting drills are in the way, the US will just have to wait their turn. They’ll know when it’s their turn to move in after the Russian ships have launched all their Kalibr cruise missiles into Idlib, then it’ll be safe enough to move in too.

S Melanson

There is no contradiction in US strategy. This is actually true if there is no strategy to contradict, or there are more than one strategy in the works due to the US being a house divided and it is the strategies that contradict each other so when crap happens, it is consistent with the strategy, well one of them I would say.

The amphibious unit is not there to cover and I smell an odor of duplicity to hide true intentions. Shocking… not at all. Let’s see what new drama gets stirred up…


Perhaps they are there to evacuate their ISIS or other American terror armies?

Jim Prendergast

Thus is Pentagon click-bait. Are they going to amphibiously assault some S-400 batteries? This is a floating hotel for retired al-Qaeda and ISILCIA agents.

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