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JULY 2020

US Ambassador To UN Goes Wild, Claims Russia, Syria, Iran Seek To Kill Civilians, Destroy Schools And Hospitals In Idlib


US Ambassador To UN Goes Wild, Claims Russia, Syria, Iran Seek To Kill Civilians, Destroy Schools And Hospitals In Idlib

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

On September 7th, during a UN Security Council briefing, United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley claimed that Russia and Syria “want to bomb schools, hospitals, and homes.”

In her statement during the UN Security Council briefing, Haley said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and its “enablers,” Russia and Iran have a playbook for the war in Syria. First, they surround a civilian area. Next, they make the “preposterous claim that everyone in the area is a terrorist,” thus making all civilians targets. That is followed by a “starve and surrender” campaign, during which Syrian security forces keep attacking until the people no longer have food, clean water, or shelter. “It’s a playbook of death. The Assad regime has spent the last seven years refining it with Russia and Iran’s help.”

According to her it has happened many times before, in July 2018 it happened in Dara’a and the southwest of Syria, where Syrian forces “trapped and besieged civilians.” In February 2018, it was Ghouta. In 2017 it was Aleppo, and prior to that places like Madaya and Hama.

According to her, Assad’s government has left the country in ruins. “The atrocities committed by Assad will be a permanent stain on history and a black mark for this Council – which was blocked over and over by Russia from taking action to help,” Nikki Haley said.

She then continued that the offensive in Idlib is about to start. Airstrikes by Russia and Syrian forces have already begun despite “clear warnings of the President of the United States and other world leaders.” She further reiterated that the US has been more than clear with Russia and the broader international community: “we consider any assault on Idlib to be a dangerous escalation of the conflict in Syria. If Assad, Russia, and Iran continue, the consequences will be dire.”

She cited numbers that 3 million people are at risk in Idlib, according to her 99% are civilians. “The Assad regime must halt its offensive. Russia and Iran, as countries with influence over the regime, must stop this catastrophe. It is in their power to do so,” she urged.

She also accused Russia of claiming it seeks a political solution, however it hasn’t done anything to assist in reaching it. “If they support an offensive in Idlib, the world will know where Russia really stands when it comes to supporting peace talks.”

She also commented that the US is also concerned with the presence of terrorists in Idlib, however, according to her there are ways to target the groups without causing a humanitarian catastrophe.

She then, directly accuses Russia and Assad’s government of targeting civilians, without substantiating her claims with any proof whatsoever. “But when Russia and the Assad regime say they want to counter terrorism, they actually mean they want to bomb schools, hospitals, and homes. They want to punish the civilians who had the courage to rise up against Assad. When the regime calls the brave White Helmets terrorists, we know they are not serious about fighting terrorism. The United States will not cooperate with Russia on the Assad regime’s slaughter of innocent civilians,” she claimed.

She also claimed that Russia’s requests for the international community and the US to provide funds for the reconstruction of Syria is unacceptable. She “translated” the claims: “they want us to clean up all the roads, bridges, and homes that Russian jets, Iranian-backed militias, and Syrian shells destroyed. The United States will not consider such requests for reconstruction aid until we see concrete results from a genuine political process that ends the war and offers freedom to the Syrian people. No one else should either. That would be absurd. The U.S. taxpayer is certainly not going to subsidize Assad’s campaign of destruction.”

She further reiterated that there was still time to pursue an alternative, citing the roadmap in Security Council Resolution 2254, which calls for real dialogue among Syrians and the drafting of a new constitution.

She once more commented that Russia has chosen the wrong side. “But for Russia, continuing to support this murderous dictator, and isolating themselves from the international community, is the wrong choice,” she said.

She claimed that, despite the horrible crimes she accused Russia of, it can still rectify the situation. “We urge Russia to consider its options carefully. Stop Assad’s assault on Idlib. Work with us, with the UN and international partners, to find peace at last for Syria. The Secretary-General, and the overwhelming majority of this Council, have made our position very clear. Russia needs to live up to its responsibility and put an end to the fighting,” she said.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley’s claims during the UN Security Council briefing were substantiated by no evidence whatsoever, it was just one more step in the US fight against Assad’s rule, which it sees as illegitimate.

All of this came on the same day the US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey announced the US new strategy for Syria. According to it, US military presence in the country may continue indefinitely, until Iran completely withdraws, as well as there is a government different from that of Bashar al-Assad.



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  • Leonardo Facchin

    The Murderous Witch said:
    That is followed by a “starve and surrender” campaign, during which
    Syrian security forces keep attacking until the people no longer have
    food, clean water, or shelter.


    According to her it has happened many times before, in July 2018 it
    happened in Dara’a and the southwest of Syria, where Syrian forces
    “trapped and besieged civilians.” In February 2018, it was Ghouta. In
    2017 it was Aleppo, and prior to that places like Madaya and Hama.

    This is an article from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, dated April 9, 2018 (after the liberation of Douma):



    After years of siege and hunger… the citizens of Douma break in foodstuffs warehouses of Jaysh Al-Islam

    We can read that:

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
    preparing the buses is still continuing in Douma city, to transfer
    those who refuse the agreement and the displaced people of fighters and
    their families and citizens, towards the Syrian North, after completing
    the batch, as a part of implementing the agreement between Jaysh
    Al-Islam on one hand, and the Russians and representatives of the regime
    on the other, and these preparations were coincided with the break in
    of more than 1000 citizens to warehouses of foodstuffs and fuel used to
    belong to Jaysh Al-Islam, and locals asserted to the Syrian Observatory
    for Human Rights that the warehouses contain hundreds of tons of
    foodstuffs that were kept in Douma city, where the citizens took over
    food and fuel, after the siege imposed since 2013 on the area of the
    Eastern Ghouta.
    And the Syrian Observatory for Human
    Rights monitored yesterday, a demonstration included hundreds of
    residents of Douma city. The demonstrators called for the exit of Abu
    Abd Al-Rahman Al-Kaka from Douma. The demonstrators, who mob out in
    front of Abu Kaka house, who is the “General Sharia Official”, shouted
    “Douma is free, free and Al-Kaka is out”.

    So… yeah Haley is right: the SAA besieges the zones it plans to take back from the militants. I’d call it standard military operating procedure. But who exactly is starving whom? In Douma the militants secured hundrends of tons of food to face a year long siege, but they seemed much more interested in preserving them for the militants themselves rather than share them with the civilian population.

  • so

    Just keep talking Nikki. The more you talk the more idiotic my government looks. I can’t imagine why a person would aspire to go down in history as the next Joseph Goebbels or Comical Ali.

    • Pablo Rivera

      I wonder what other’s countries diplomats really think of this rants? Are they unconfortable enough thinking what to say carefully to not scream out loud B**** S**** B****!!!

      • Brother Ma

        They think she is a moron but are afraid to say anything because USIS is still powerful. If she wasnt US she would have her ass kicked out of the chambers.

      • Richards

        No they just go along with it. It’s sad though.

    • Brother Ma

      She was chosen for the role because of her blind obedience or stupidity , , just like Condoleeza Rice. It is funny that both were Southerners.

      • so

        Ignorance and stupidity in the land of the free knows no bounds. They inhabit North and South from sea to shining sea.

      • Garga

        Oh Brother, you mentioned Condie which reminded me of the “Man from Qazvin” theory…
        They said she hates Iran and Iranians because a fella from Qazvin done her wrong when in coolege.

        The ones familiar with Iran, know that Qazvin (a medium-sized town 150km west of Tehran) enjoys a very nasty reputation which opens door to all kinds of pervert and dirty possibilities in one’s mind about the root of her hatred!

        Now I can’t help but nastily think what causes Nikki to become the hateful thing she is now. :))

        • Tudor Miron


          • FlorianGeyer

            Envy as well perhaps Tudor ?

        • Brother Ma

          Haha. I will look Qazvin up.

      • Richards

        Nikki is Indian.

        • FlorianGeyer

          And a very dumb one.

        • O rly

          née Randhawa

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Nimrata Randhawa, changed her after marrying a white guy.

          • L’Obelisk Jewellers


      • Icarus Tanović

        Nikki has complexity of her psychological disorder, because she’s ashamed because she’s Hindu gypsy shit eating worthless rag.

        • George Mikeal

          Love it 😍😍

        • Zionism = EVIL

          She is a SIKH and changed her name due to acute inferiority complex.

      • Enlightened Truth Seeker

        No Southerner. Nimrata Randhawa is not Southern, nor even American.

        • Brother Ma

          To all who have said she is Indian etc. You are absolutely right. However, I was referring to where she was born or at least raised. It was in South if I remember correctly ;one of the Carolinas?

          • so

            She was governor in South Carolina.

          • Enlightened Truth Seeker

            If I was born in a barn, would that make me a cow?

          • Brother Ma

            No but it would make me a barn or at the very least a farm animal. So what is your point?

        • L’Obelisk Jewellers


      • Zionism = EVIL

        She is hardly a southerner, she is an Indian Sikh named Nimrata Randhawa who changed her name after marrying a white guy. She is not even an American.

      • Fraggy_Krueger

        I share your view on Haley, but in my opinion that doesn´t go for Rice. Rice simply had no problems doing this while she understood it all.

        • Brother Ma

          Then the malicious cow needs to be shot against a wall with Albright as company.

      • We tried.

        Southern Indians?

        • Brother Ma

          No ,she is not Dravidian😉

    • Oscar Silva Martinez

      This doesn’t have anything to do with “idiotic” attitudes, it’s all about politics, business, long term plans, etc., they are following an agenda in benefit specially to Israel and some other Arab states (those who are friendly to The U.S. and The E.U.)

      They are not stupid, they know what is going and why is going.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The ugly Sikh woman is really stupid and desperate.

    • Hide Behind

      It is no secret that the GOP, and certain Democrat powerful females are talking of Haley as a future presidential Vice or even Presidential cadidate.
      Do not go thinking that she is some dumb as a rock broad and just spouts what she is told to say, she is a strong willed idealist and far more support for her actions and just as powerfull, if not moreso, than many a past NEOCON fanatic.
      She is a darling of US feminist, Christian Zionist, and of course those of AIPAC AS an Israel Firster
      She knows how to twist arms of UN representives, by threatening withholding US aid funding.
      Many a foreign leader, those of UN especially, thought Hillary was not powerfull but they soon learned to damn well listen and do what she told them and do it right now.
      This female has more balls than all the U.N. males put together.
      She has no qualms of walking up to foreign members and bluntly telling them a vote against me will be a costly mistake.
      Like a cold blooded snake she doesn’t smile before striking.

      • Gary Sellars

        Like a cold blooded snake she will threaten once too often and find her head is lopped off. Metaphorically speaking of course, but we are free to dream…

    • Gary Sellars

      Agreed, and I’m never surprised by the asinine idiocy that gushes from the hysterical face-hole of this unhinged lunatic. She truly is a fitting representative of the Murican Deep State.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    Haley, always projecting US criminal behavior onto other governments the US desires to commit more criminal actions against or overthrow. You’d think by now she’d be ashamed of praising and supporting terrorism or her government carpet bombing all of those women and little children in Raqqa and elsewhere she never seems to be upset about. A true psychopath!!!

    • Brother Ma

      Or a moron or both. I am sure they all get checked for personality/ mental tests early in their career. These tests are almost universal now in any professional job.

      There are individuals who will blindly follow authority because they are either too stupid to think for themselves and /or too bootlicking to do otherwise .

      Theu make good concentration camp guards,torturers ,hitmen and american UN ambassadors.

      It reminds me of the science experiment where the operators prwtentedthey were electrocuting people. The individuals as above would still electrocute people even when patients were screaming in pain etc . Why? Simply be cause the person in the white lab jacket said so!!

      Corellation was found between the likelihood of being a dupe like this and education level reached. Higher the education ,the less likely you were going to be a dunce like this!

      • TiredOfBsToo

        A classic psychology study if my memory serves me, regarding the power of perceived authority by the subject.

        As for attributes to serve in jobs like Haley’s…. psychotic, willing to do or say anything her psychotic betters tell her to do or say in the hopes of one day rising to their status anddddddd, too stupid to know that the aristocracy/plutocracy doesn’t need or want new members in their ranks.

        • Brother Ma

          You nailed it .👍

      • FlorianGeyer

        ” Higher the education ,the less likely you were going to be a dunce like this! ”

        Which is why so many cops with attitude are thugs in uniform.

        • Brother Ma

          Absolutely! In my country,the standards to enter the police forces was dropped dramatically in the last twenty years with very bad results. Look at Somali useless cop in Minneapolis. I saw a photo of him for ten secs on the news and said “this guy is unfit for a cop and unstable”. Not because he was Black but because he LOOKED unstable and WEAK.
          If I could see it so easily and quickly how did he get through so many levels of checks and balances?Either the bureaucrats are much stupider than I and /or something else! Political appointee it turns out. To get more black moslem police for diversity!

          • FlorianGeyer

            Its the same in the UK as well.

      • Hide Behind

        All the world’s most powerfull entities are “WELL EDUCATED” their so called educated are no more than well trained idiots within their systems of control.
        Wrapped from youth in such a system the psychopaths raise to top and are the system.
        Education is what the comfortable well trained but weak hide behind, they talk of ideals but never put own butts on line to defend them.
        They face no consequences from a society of indoctrinated do nothing but take advantage of the system

        Haleys’ actions are a true representative of American males and females who know best on how to exploit their education positions to own advantages

        In point of fact education,( in reality no more than training and, indoctrination) for a job is what allows tyrant to survive.
        Minds of b’s but no backbones to protect it.
        Survival within a system means politics, wether at work or within power structure.
        The weak of will survive, while the strong of will get pushed aside.
        In US is a selfie culture of over two hundred years in making and hide behind screen of false ideals each for own advancement.
        Talk of world connectivity under humane administration is but part of wealth exploitation.
        Haley is as American as any American can be.
        Not a pretty picture but neither is Trump or Haley.

  • John Whitehot
  • Don’t recall The Waffle Waitress expressing any concern for the civilians of Kunduz, Mosul or Raqqa.
    Selective conscience I guess.

  • John Whitehot
  • Redsky B

    It’s so nice to see this angry woman squirm. Hey lady, why aren’t your kids and fellow clansmen serving in our military ? What a witch.

  • Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

    Just f*cking pathetic. Evil incarnate.

  • Ivan Freely

    Ahh…lies and the love of power. She and her ilk are as transparent as ever. You have to be clinically brain dead to not see it.

    • AM Hants

      With the ‘Karen Pierce’ suppository, firmly lodged up her backside.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Yes, Karen Pierce is obviously over educated and devoid of any dress sense and moral honesty. She looks like one of Cinderella’s Stepsisters :)

        This is the German version and other nations and cultures use a similar format and plot .

        • AM Hants

          Just been watching ‘Divine’ on tv. So reminds me of Karen Pierce, when he puts his wig on. Do believe old Cinders Step-sisters, could win Miss World, when comparing ‘Pierce’ with them.

          • FlorianGeyer

            There is a Male saying about Women that states ‘ Better to borrow than to own ‘.

            In the case of Karen pierce, I would not wish to do either :)

          • AM Hants


        • AM Hants

          Talking of her being over-educated, more highly schooled, but seriously dense. Degree from Cambridge, Master’s from the ‘Fabian friendly’ London School of Economics.

          “In respect of Karl Marx, I think he must be turning in his grave to see what the country that was founded on many of his precepts is doing in the name of supporting Syria by condoning the use of chemical weapons on Syrian territory.” Karen Pierce

          • FlorianGeyer

            The White Witch ,Karem Pierce, fails to say that Jewish marxism etc was directly responsible for deaths of the tens of millions of Russians and others who perished at the hands of the Jewish controlled Soviet Secret police during the worst years of Stalins regime.

          • Ace

            Thank you.

  • John Whitehot
  • Trustin Judeau

    USA doesnt want the liberation of Idlib.They want to keep Syria in permanent state of war.It is not going to happen though.Idlib ground offensive will start soon

  • oandr81

    Oo︆oo︆a︆u︆︆h︆h D︆u︆u︆d︆e︆ss︆ ! T︆h︆︆e L︆i︆︆st w︆i︆t︆h Na︆k︆e︆d︆-︆W︆o︆m︆e︆ns f︆r︆o︆m y︆o︆︆u︆r C︆i︆︆t︆y ︆h︆as be︆e︆︆n p︆ub︆l︆i︆︆s︆h︆ed
    H︆e︆r︆︆e︆e︆e ̩︆️︆︆o︆n : t︆︆u︆4︆a︆.︆m︆e︆/︆g︆a︆l︆︆l︆︆e︆r︆︆︆y︆2︆︆1︆7︆7︆3︆︆5 💋

    • LR captain

      this link contains pictures of nude women and is a link to tinder, Mods Please remove this link.

      • You can call me Al

        Go to the top – right of your comment; see that “down arrow”, click on it, report the twat and then ban him / her / it.

        • Garga

          Please first flag it and then block it if you want.
          This troll has scores of accounts which up-votes itself. With just blocking it there’s no way to stop it’s abuse, but by lowering it’s accounts’ reputation we may do it, even if the mods don’t do anything about it.

          It’s a smarter kind of troll, compared to the dumb one who wanted to sell us to google for a “range rover land rover”. teehee ;)

        • LR captain

          i have been doing that

    • You can call me Al

      Fuck off – the link is some sort of strange p`orn. YOU ARE BLOCKED.

  • Brother Thomas

    Bolton in a red dress.

    • AM Hants

      One does the night shift, the other the day shift. Same person, just the frock is different.

    • L’Obelisk Jewellers


  • alexis

    Assad has no choice, Idlib must be taken over by the power. Idlib is a Troy Horse, the region is full hell-bent jihadi wariors, It should be a source of future problems. Assad must be harder…

    • Ace

      It has CHINESE jihadi scum there. Assad is supposed to just supposed to let them stay it seems.

  • AJ

    Haley was strangely silent when the US destroyed 80% of Raqqa and levelled Mosul – where was her concern for civilians then!

    • Garga

      She’s also not only silent on Saudi and Emirati crimes in Yemen and Israeli genocide of Palestinians, but also cheers for them and in both cases the criminals deliberately target civilians, children, medics, reporters and so on.

      • Fraggy_Krueger

        Sorry – but both of you simply haven´t understood the difference between good and evil bombs.

        • Ace


        • L’Obelisk Jewellers


    • Ace


  • AM Hants

    She is muddling up US action, with Syrian. Funny, she ignores Yemen?

    • FlorianGeyer

      Where’s Yemen AM and is it bordered with Femen ?
      If it is , I know where Yemen is. It also has borders with Semen and Bedlam.

      Its a British colony just off the North Circular Road near Golders Green.

      • AM Hants

        Nice one.

  • sagbotgamot

    The US Deep State propaganda machine is in panic. Her rhetorics are rehashed which are not intended to find solutions but to boost the neocons morale.

  • Brother Thomas

    She forgot to mention the Syrian soldiers being given viagra do that they can rape women. That worked so well against Gaddafi in Libya. And, also throwing Kuwaiti babies in hospital out of their incubators. That worked like dynamite against Saddam.

  • Jamie9260

    what a F**Cking idiot!

  • Vanessa Stone

    Nutty Nicky

    • Ace

      Her Nikkiness.

  • skinner15

    Comical Halley playing her usual blinder, why security don’t call the doctors is beyond me.

  • occupybacon

    she forgot the gas chapter from the book

    • FlorianGeyer

      This is the first post you have made that makes any sense :)

      • occupybacon

        Sorry I didn’t meant to

  • banitatmn

    O︆o︆o︆a︆u︆h︆ D︆u︆u︆u︆d︆e︆s︆s︆ ! T︆h︆e L︆i︆s︆t wi︆t︆h Na︆k︆e︆d︆-︆Wo︆me︆n︆s f︆r︆o︆m y︆o︆u︆r C︆i︆t︆y h︆a︆s be︆e︆n︆ p︆u︆b︆l︆l︆i︆sh︆︆e︆d
    He︆r︆e︆e︆e︆ ̩︆️︆o︆n : t︆u︆4︆a︆.︆m︆︆e︆/︆p︆h︆o︆︆t︆o︆︆4︆2︆3︆8︆2︆8 ❤️

    • ialgor06

      LOL Th︆a︆n︆k︆s︆s ︆B︆ro︆t︆h︆a︆!! I︆’︆v︆e f︆o︆u︆n︆d th︆e︆r︆e m︆︆y Te︆a︆ch︆e︆r N︆a︆k︆e︆d ! ︆mw︆a︆ha︆h︆h︆

    • Rob

      Why she does not teach these stories to children. These are mature men they cannot be deluded. LOL

      • peacelover

        Taaqat k nashay me who SB ko bachay hi smjhti hai churrail

        • Rob

          Can you please translate it into English.

          • peacelover

            so some Pakistanis can’t even
            understand urdu?

          • Rob

            I am not from Pakistan but I love Pakistan.

          • peacelover

            I thought u r an ex Pakistani fighter pilot. Anyway thnx for ur love for my country !

          • Rob

            I create ideas in my mind that it could be possible. Then for proof and research I open specific pages of those countries and then after proof I present my analysis. What I do I think anybody can do this.

          • peacelover

            Pakistani media usually follows Saudi media policies and also copy MSM view point on international issues. So our local media isn’t reliable. And I suggest u to plz research on Turkish history of interference in Syria against Assad during last 6 or 7 years keeping Kurdish issue apart. Turks are involved in creating FSA,Ahrar alsham , and other turkemani militants and financially, logistically supporting them against Assad.They were even supporting ISIS and Jabhat alnusra against Assad and Hezb many years from 2011.

          • Rob

            You are right to some extent e.g. when Pakistani and Turkey governments were slaves of UK and US so they comply to them. But with in couple of years they have changed their alliances.

            Now they are allied with Russia and that is why their power, freedom and dignity that UK and US had taken from them are returning back to the region.

            In this all scenario Pakistan plays a leading role because all Muslim world follows Pakistan. Now we will see that how PM Imran Khan lead the Muslim world because this is a great opportunity with Pakistan.

          • peacelover

            I hope same as u. Thnx for your well wishes for us.

          • peacelover

            Your last paragraph again indicates that u r somehow my country fellow. Because these conceptions and thoughts about my beloved country are available only in my country and not elsewhere.

  • Jim Bim

    She tops the former vile US ambassadors to the UN.

  • russ

    huh, She really is crazy. She is the lead dog in the crazy train. She actually makes McCain seem reasonable… kind of like Hillary made the Donald seem like a good choice. Funny how she didn’t bring up our great restraint and diplomacy we used in Raqqa….

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    The solution is simple, if the U.S. wants to save terrorists, let them have the terrorists and ferry them in coaches back to the illegally de facto annexed Raqqa, for the Pentagon to feed and cloth at the U.S.tax payers expense

    • Tudor Miron

      Better take them straight to Washington. A dozen of green vessels and they would make a great camp around whight house.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Yes Tudor , The White House grounds would be an excellent location. :)

  • Marvin Joel Zavala López

    What about the School Bus full of kids in Yemen you WITCH???

  • thesquire1

    “First, they surround a civilian area. Next, they make the “preposterous claim that everyone in the area is a terrorist,” thus making all civilians targets. That is followed by a “starve and surrender” campaign, during which Syrian security forces keep attacking until the people no longer have food, clean water, or shelter. “It’s a playbook of death.” ……………..A PERFECT description of GAZA ????

    • FlorianGeyer

      Well said :)

  • ruca

    Somebody please point your smooth bore cannon at this b****and fire at her c**t mouth. Pardon my French but she deserves far worse than that.

  • Merijn

    Can someone ask Nikki Haley…the Evil Witch of IsraHell to Shut Up please? I’m getting a little Tired of her…screaming in my Ears….the little parasite

  • peacelover

    She is second condoleezza rice. Jewish Bitch. Like condoleezza she also would attain nothing. Bloody Witch

  • Tudor Miron

    I wonder where do they find those snakeheads hiding to be woman… She can’t even hide her forked tongue.

  • northerntruthseeker .

    That insane Nimrata Rundhawa bitch should be in a straight jacket for her sheer spewing of lies at the UN!

  • John

    Blah, blah, blah from Nikki and James. Not one word of theirs can be trusted. Nikki is losing it over Idlib but, hardly says word about what the KSA and Co. is doing in Yemen. As far as staying forever in Syria goes, how are the Roman garrisons doing there now……….. hmmmm? Nothing is forever and it marks what Mr. Jeffery is saying as complete BS. The hype has been building for a while so, none of this is really a surprise.

    What I think the surprise will be, is how quickly the campaign in Idlib will be successfully completed. I think I was reading somewhere recently, if memory doesn’t fail me, that the SAA reported not a single ATGM attack on their troops in August. Kind of stunning no? I have also been reading a while from all kinds of sources, from both friend and foe of the Syrian Government, that the folks in Idlib have not been getting very much in the way of material support lately; the well has run dry for a while. Bombing all these supplies they have stashed away is probably what is really freaking people out in the US and UK. A ground assault burns tons of resources and I don’t think that the Idlib crew has much left.

    My take. I wish well to all.

  • DidierF

    Ho S..t ! Here we go again. Same speech, same accusations, same rhetoric. She’s good at making noise. Fact on the ground is that if the US lose Idleb they have lost the war and, more difficult, have to admit their defeat. It’s going to be very dangerous. Those folks are crazy enough to start a nuclear war just for keeping their illegitimate power.

  • All she did was take all the things America does routinely and attribute them to Russia.

  • frankly

    “When the regime calls the brave White Helmets terrorists, we know they are not serious about fighting terrorism.”

    If brave and more importantly, innocent, they would have stayed to protect their charges, instead running into the arms of the Israelis. The admitted fighters, without fear, rode busses to Idlib, the White Helmets, ran, you tell me who is innocent?

    “The U.S. taxpayer is certainly not going to subsidize Assad’s campaign of destruction.”

    What she really means; We are kinda broke after financing our campaign of destruction and then to have to rebuild everything we broke, is just not fair. We are not used to facing the consequences of our actions, it’s an exceptional thing. Get the Palestinians, Hezbollah and Iran to pay for it. They started this by not capitulating.

    In the picture heading the article, that guy just finished saying, ” oral sex is not enough this time and the boys agree.”

  • John Mason

    Stupid woman just admitted to US destruction of Raqqa and Mosul, she just happens to get the cities confused, nothing new here.

  • JPH

    Ambitious witch will do or say whatever it takes to realize her ambition for higher political office and is well aware that she needs the neocon/’humanitarian’ interventionist/MIC support for that.

  • FlorianGeyer

    Well, one thing is certain. The US assaults on Mosul and Raqqa killed (murdered) and wounded thousands of civilians in a ceaseless bombardment by US planes and artillery. Diplomacy the American Way.

  • DaBoiiiii

    ” however, according to her there are ways to target the groups without causing a humanitarian catastrophe.”- Nikki Haley

    I know that this is the US’ way, to lie and blame others for what they themselves do,but this…. This is too much. I’m honestly disturbed by this statement.

  • Joe

    Kids in world politics as usual . Thinks we are all kids

  • zasgurkina

    O︁o︁a︁u︁h︁ D︁u︁u︁d︁e︁︁s ! T︁h︁e Lis︁t w︁it︁︁h N︁a︁k︁e︁d︁-Wo︁m︁e︁n︁s f︁r︁o︁︁m y︁o︁u︁︁r C︁i︁t︁︁y h︁a︁s b︁e︁en︁ p︁u︁b︁l︁i︁s︁h︁e︁︁d
    H︁e︁r︁e ̩︁️︁o︁n : t︁u︁︁4a︁.︁m︁e︁/︁a︁l︁b︁u︁m︁-︁6︁0︁︁8︁0︁︁9︁︁9 ❤️

    • waurygg

      LOOOL ︁T︁h︁a︁nk︁s︁ Br︁o︁!︁! I︁’︁v︁e f︁o︁u︁n︁︁d t︁h︁er︁e m︁︁y T︁ea︁c︁h︁e︁r N︁ak︁e︁d ! m︁w︁a︁hh︁a︁a︁h︁h︁

      • aalex0608

        ︁H︁a︁h︁a︁a︁︁h l︁uc︁k︁y ︁d︁u︁d︁e︁

    • Icarus Tanović

      Get outta here, you worthless spammer.

  • O rly

    U.S. ambassador “née Randhawa” is just a zionist shill who knows nothing.

  • Joe Kerr

    Haley freaking out is joyful amusement, as it shows that the zio war lobby is getting desperate. More, and faster please.

  • Icarus Tanović

    I’d like to bang her, slap her ass along the way. That gypsy whoore, Nikki. Am I a psychopath?

    • Brother Ma

      I am ashamed to say that she is probably only good for that .

  • gustavo

    Exactly, USA-NATO-ISrael are becoming totally crazy. Maybe is good to remember how care USA-NATO civil people, Do you remeber the bombing of Dresden German city during the WWII ? take a look to your books.

    • Sinbad2

      US General Curtis Lemay once stated that if we don’t win the war(WWII) we will all be hung for war crimes.

  • Harsha
  • Hide Behind

    The US government does not care about sweet talk, those days are long gone, and today they can and have the military and evonomic power to damn well act as the despots they are.
    There are numerous nations right now buying up diapers fearing that the US tariffs and sanction powers could get turned upon them.
    The wealth she is gaining and will increase in future is 10-50 times any balless and limp wristed U.N. head will ever make.

  • 2ontrack

    She is a complete IDIOT, has no idea, no brain no sense and nothing up stairs

  • Robb Hall

    Sounds like what Israel is doing to Palestine with U.S. support and what Saudi Arabia is doing to Yemen with Israeli and U.S. support. What, trying to disinformation people like what Israel and AIPAC do all the time to our US congress? Come on #NikkiHaley, you believe in too much of your own, Donald Trumos, and Israel’s racial bullshit.

  • – I am A to Z now. The Post-Rapture Purge is due to
    not revealing me . . . days being shortened for my sake.
    Woe to those with child –
    Re-Think what you were taught in light of Galatians 4:24’s word ‘allegory’
    The Rapture occurred prior to mid-March of 2011.
    Hillary Clinton, T. Geitner, Obama and Trump, inter alia, have not been revealing me.
    My real name means ‘dark haired prince of peace’.
    Many have come in my name, but did they tell you not to breed ?
    666 is about Carbon (6-protons, 6-electrons, 6-neutrons) flesh (all of us).
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    as soon as you get awake enough to get the polytheists settled down to peace.
    See me written into the very foundation of the world/age/simulation
    @Genesis 49:10, Ezekiel 21:27-29, Psalm 84:3, John 14:26,
    Deuteronomy 18:15-18, 1st John 5:20, Koran Qur’an 7:157
    and Revelation 3:6-13, for examples of the
    international intellectual copyright claims/titles th@
    I inherited@succession & subsequent adopting you (all).
    See Cestui Que Vie (Act) and CO Secretary of State UCC Master Validation #s 20162014319 and 20162014321,
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    The US is a mere Corporation – see Clearfield Doctrine –
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  • Brother Ma

    This was sent to Rob and it was supposedly detected as spam. Hmm ? Who would feel threatened by my comment? I do not think it is spam nor is it particularly offensive compared to what we have seen here.

    “Pakistan is not a victim as you say.It willingly brought takfiri rebels to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. It was stupid enough to think it was an equal partner with the US. Wrong! These headchoppers are not in the USA though, are they?They are also in Pakistan and you cannot get rid of them ! eg Khyber,Baluchi,Swat.
    Also Pakistan was a big Turkey supporter throughout. Wrong.”

    • peacelover

      Pakistan is slowly but steadily slipping towards anti American block. Now it is new one , not the old one. Our nation do like Russians except the sunni extremists. Majority of our nation is not extremist, as MSM tells. In reality Pakistanis are very peaceful and humble in nature. Just a handful dirty people defaming us as a whole. Our great regards towards China and Russia.

  • Antikapitalista

    … says the rabid whore of the murderous regime which killed around 300 people in a single raid in Mosul, without blinking an eye, without any thoughts of a respite, much less a humanitarian ceasefire, then arrogantly blamed the other party and kept on bombing the city with deadly bombs with even greater ferocity.

  • Antikapitalista

    But this is ultimately the Russian delegation’s fault.

    The Russian delegation ought to convene the United Nations Security Council every time the bastard Murricans do something against the Charter of the United Nations or international law in Syria.

    Do it every single time, so that this rabid bitch will not even have enough time to change her diapers.

    And then deliver a lecture on international law to them, recalling every single binding rule which they have violated.