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US Ambassador To UN Accuses Russia Of Lies And Coverups Over Syria Chemical Attacks

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US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley accused Russia of lies and coverups over chemical attacks in Syria ahead of a UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting on April 13.

“I will tell you that, first of all, did a chemical weapons attack happen? Yes. The US has analyzed, yes it has happened. The UK has analyzed, yes, it has happened. And France has analyzed, yes, it has happened. Three countries,” Haley told journalsts.

Berofe the meeting:

Later, speaking at the UNSC meeting called by Russia to discuss the prospect of a possible US strike on Syria, Haley said:

“This meeting should not be about so-called ‘unilateral threats,’ it should be about the multiple actions Russia has taken to bring us to this point.”

She also revealed that President Donald Trump “has not yet made a decision about possible action in Syria, but should the United States and our allies decide to act in Syria, it will be in defense of a principle on which we all agree.”

“It will be in defense of a bedrock international norm that benefits all nations,” Haley said.

During the meeting, Russian Ambassador to UN Vassily Nebenzia once again slammed the US attitude towards the situation in Syria.

“The irresponsible behavior of the US, trampling on the international law and on the sovereignty of the other countries is unworthy of their status as a permanent member of the UN Security Council. This status needs the highest degree of responsibility, and not the right to saber rattle, inexistent in the international behavior code,” Nebenzia stated.

“The perpetrators are named before any investigation, and apparently they are to be punished,” he added. “The US has adopted a largely consumerist approach to the UNSC. The Security Council is needed for them simply to cover the Iraqi test tubes or the Libyan no-flight zone. You are showing us the same virtual empty test tube now, too.”

Earlier on April 13, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Moscow had got indisputable data that the April 7 Douma chemical attack in Syria was staged by special services of a foreign country.

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Heby Jazz

Nikki give up. It’s over. The world knows the truth.


She simply does not get it. Out of over 300 million people, the US gets represented by idiots such as Trump, Clinton, Heily … what a misery.
(The same goes for at least UK)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Who the fuck does she think she is with just because we say so attitude and sure the hell not like me my sources people can find ,hers not even if they were in an imaginary book would you be able to find them.

Joao Alfaiate

Nikki: “It will be in defense of a bedrock international norm….” Yes, that the USA is willing to fight yet another war for israel’s benefit on trumped up and bogus WMD allegations.


The World cannot forget US, UK and Israeli covert operation of 1980s in Afghanistan, several Afghani leaders and key politicians had murdered but then Afghani leadership went to Russia and then Russia truly defended them from US and UK. This is called sincerity. Of 1980s war Pakistan military leadership the idiots were allied with US and UK against Afghanistan and Russia while India was allied with Russia. India went to moon and Mars while Pakistan due to 70 years corruption still cannot make a rocket to launch its own Satellite.

Then in 2011 US and UK threatened Pakistan that soon we will attack you. Then soon Pakistani leadership like Afghani leaders went to Russia. Putin assured them that don’t worry as long as Russia exists nobody can harm Pakistan.
US, UK and Israel have murdered 300,000 Syrians in covert operation and now Russia defending Syria.


Nikki is epitome of the entire US leadership from gen to top President.
…. kiddy



Tudor Miron

Old Jewish trick.


From Afghani Taliban Washington have lost war in Afghanistan so Washington sent ISIS there. Now Ashraf Ghani is silently observing Washington that why they seaded ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan from Syria and Iraq. ISIS are Israeli terrorists.


Trump says f*ck UN chattered resolution I ask from these bastards (HTS and Jaysh Al Islam terrorists) why they left Eastern Ghouta. They have wasted our billions of US Dollars.

jerry hamilton

Does America even realise, the more they wine, the stupider they look.


BREAKING: Putin – If Russia Disappears, So Will The World!
If Russia attacked then whole world will be disappear.

Now whole Muslim world listen how Putin defends Muslims. First Russia (Soviet Union) defended Afghanistan then Pakistan and now Syria.
The Saudi regime, Washington, UK and France have created for you Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, SDF, PKK etc all terrorists for the massacre and destruction of the Muslim countries.

jerry hamilton

I am at a disadvantage not understanding Russian. I get what is inferred.
It is however a sensible thing to say.
If America starts this war for israel, the BEST outcome they can expect, is to die.
Well said.
Israel have their Samson Option too.


Russia to suspend nuclear, rocket cooperation with America, ban US tobacco & alcohol – draft law

jerry hamilton

Thanks Rob


Yeah, with astray Dawy Crocket nukes, hidden around in various countries cities and capitols. Well maybe not in New York anymore.. I think that one (or two) went off in the fall of 2001.


Without Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, SDF and PKK terrorists bastards this world will be a better place for living. After ISIS and Al-Qaeda pockets the next will be SDF and PKK both in Syria and Iraq.

Tudor Miron

Wait for news from RuMOD. In local news they stated that they found some people that were involved in that staged scene of chemical attack and they are talking.

Rakean Jaya

Are you sure Tudor? It would be the final nail in the coffin of this UK lies fest. I can’t imagine what would be May, Bojo, Macron, Nikki react then, resign en mass hopefully.

Tudor Miron

I just watched it on local news. Two persons (Douma emergency workers) that was seen in that staged WH video are giving testimony (on video) – showing themself in that video and described what actually happened. Also Konashenkov (RuMod speaker) openly states that they have evidence that it was British special services that pushed this particular fake.

Rakean Jaya

Yes thank you, just read that (Gen. Igor Konashenkov) here on SF, as for video testimony, do that Russian local TV has website (with videos)? it would be interesting.

Rakean Jaya

Just got it from RT!


comment image
White Helmets group members are Israel. Israel have deluded the world population by use of electronic and print media a lot. In 2014 Saudi Kingdom and Israeli moron have secretly made the Gaza Palestine war to show the massacre and destruction of Gaza to the world that Assad have done this to their own people in Syria. By this lie Saudi kingdom and Israeli migrants have accelerated the destruction, massacre in whole Syrian nation and totally destabilize the Middle East region.
Without Saudi Kingdom and Israeli migrants this world will be a better place for living.


i wonder what USA will say after OPCW investigation finish and declare that there is no chem.attack in douma.

jerry hamilton

They will never admit that.


“The US has analyzed, yes it has happened.” analyzed what you ugly, evil bitch, -jihadist piss?
Real pee tapes: Nikki does Jaysh al Islam :D

UK, France? They are not countries, they are laughable, pathetic buttlickers and vassals. Their only purpose is to serve and to give some legitimacy to the Evil Empire and its endless wars.

Daniel Martin

To listen to this woman speaking about “lies” and “coverups” is like listening to a whore preaching about moral values.


A fine specimen of MKultra, this zion bi.ch.


Who in their right mind would possibly believe these seriel false flag fabricators?
comment image


War Criminal
comment image

Gregory Gregory

She always sounds like a five year old reading reading for the teacher – ponderous and littered with mispronunciations like “wooton” instead of wouldn’t.

chris chuba

Ah … so now I figured out that Southfront is my porn site. I go here to get the latest misdeeds on every moron in my country and Nikki Haley never disappoints.

There is Nikki Haley evil and then there is Bolton evil. Bolton embraces what he is, Haley doesn’t, she’s just too freakin’ lazy to figure it out, she is led by the Bolton’s of the world. I find her type of evil even more annoying. I can at least respect the honesty of Bolton evil.


I wonder if there can exist video’s of Dirty Nikki in leather, spanking Boltons pink bottom. He definately needs spanking, though. Just a thought?

jerry hamilton

Haley is nothing but a Pam Geller wannabe.

Russie Unie

Nikki is a jewish whore working for Soros and the NWO so of course she will go on lying as long as it is good for IsraHell that wounded more than 160 palestinians and killed another 2 today, without being blamed.


she is indian


It would appear she still hasn’t been grabbed by her pussy by Trump. Still PMSing and making the world suffer as a result of it.


The three parts of the American regime:

Idiot: Based at a Twitter account. It has no clue about anything but what the other two below tell it and has no goal in life.

Neocons: In cabinet positions. These think they are smarter than the idiot and the generals. Their goal in life is to accidentally kill the idiot and the generals by starting a big war.

Generals: The main reason anybody is alive on Earth. They use the idiot as a filter to deliberately misunderstand neocons and not start a big war. Their goal is to not die.


What a freakin’ twit.


“There will be no world if Russia is not part of it”. Now ye fuckin scumbags know the price and I for one would not want to be part of a world ruled by psychopathic monsters?


Yeah, why do we even bother to read anything coming from the Yankikes, various spokes persons drooling something, and as always, never belivie anything, before its been officialy denied, god we are dealing with shit heads, jesus christ thiey are not just lame, lying are we used to so in that sense nothing have changed, but their propaganda, dunka, dunka, is beyond riddicilous, and the Skipals saga, yeah, its hillariously bad scripted and followed thru, tsk, tsk, it confirms the downfal of basics as an partly functional brain cell and like everything else, from WADA to WHO, witch is finaly showing their true faces, again something we have known for years, all this orgs are/is inbedded with the scums of this earth.

There isnt anything new here at all, but, this nonsense have to end one day, then what Brits/France, huh, because they, are showing off because of the Yankikes, without the scums, they would crawl silently back to whatever rock they crawled out from, human sewage rats, the lowest of the scums of this earth, let them yap, nobody cares, everything stands and falls with the Imperial banana republic UssA (union of socialistic scumbags of america), they are just to ignore and they cant do much anyway, could be wiped out completely within some few minutes anyway, and Brits have already sent down the only boat they have that stil can go by its own machine, yeah, god shave the queers.

Keep the focus, and why dont just sink everything they have, be an good sport, give the Cods an new reef and some fresh meat to the crabs, yankikes in an box.
That, is something the obscure Pompoues toilet pump would understand while this creeps is trippin, yeah, and even an mad dog knows the facts, this drooling shit head dont, but as an entire nation, they need to feel it, when they awake to the ugly reality, they will sober up, not an second before.
Everything is an freak show, just to drool for an long anuf time to make the lines ready, and I gues it willl start when the carrirer group enters the med, sea.
Give it an week, if not the Russians sink em first, witch I recomend, wack em all.

So, go golfing or fishing, and enjoy it, it will be the last time, there is no winners in an nuk war, you may survive the intinal blast, even the firestorms, but the entrie region is an dead zone, and will make the survivors envie the dead.
Even I know that I may survive, but thats only for an while, what about our children, the future, yeah, I bet you havent thought about that at all, have you, bonker or not, means in the long run nothing, because the world outside is dead..

wake up


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