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US Allocates $38 billion Military Aid Package To Israel To Boost Its “Security”

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US Allocates $38 billion Military Aid Package To Israel To Boost Its "Security"


A military aid package from the US to Israel went into force according to an announcement by the US State Department on October 2nd.

The deal for the aid was signed in 2016 during the Obama administration and will provide $38 billion in US military financing between 2019 and 2028.

“As we enter the new fiscal year, the 10-year period of the $38 billion Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the United States and Israel in 2016 begins,” State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a written statement.

“Under the terms of the MOU, the United States will set funding for Israel at levels of $3.3 billion in Foreign Military Financing and $500 million for cooperative programs for missile defense over each of the next 10 years.”

The implementation of the MOU reflects “the enduring and unshakable commitment of the President, this Administration, and the American people to Israel’s security,” she said.

She mentioned the escalating regional threats and the “terrorist groups sponsored first and foremost by Iran,” which are seeking to attack not only Israel, but also the interests of the US. Netanyahu and President Donald Trump, unlike the previous Obama administration, have been persistently warning against an allegedly imminent threat from Iran.

RT also reported that Netanyahu said Israel will continue to strike Iranian targets in Syria despite Russia’s S-300 anti-missile systems. Tel Aviv justifies its actions by the need to prevent Tehran from establishing a foothold on its borders and to stop alleged weapons transfers to Lebanese Hezbollah.

“Israel is also threatened by the reckless proliferation of destabilizing weapons systems into the region that increase the possibility of an escalated conflict in an already dangerous and volatile theater.”

“The United States unconditionally affirms Israel’s right to self-defense, and this MOU is a concrete demonstration of our commitment to Israel’s capacity to defend itself with a qualitative military edge over all potential regional adversaries,” she added.

“Israel and the world face complex security challenges, first and foremost the Iranian aggression,” Netanyahu tweeted in Hebrew on the same day. “The unwavering support of the United States for Israel’s right to defend itself is one of the pillars of the strong relationship between the two countries.”

The Palestinian-Israel conflict is also at a standstill, with US President Donald Trump also expressing his support of the two-state solution, however Palestinians have rejected his comments. The US recently shuttered the Palestine Liberation Organization’s office in Washington and expelled the Palestinian diplomats and their families from the country. Palestinians cut diplomatic communication with the US, following Trump’s announcement that he recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the disputed city.

The US also cut funding for the UNRWA, the UN agency that helps Palestinian refugees, in obvious steps to pressure the Palestinians to accept an outcome of the conflict with Israel that is beneficial mostly to Tel Aviv’s side.

US efforts to bring “stability” to the Middle East do not stop with the funding for Israel. US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that the number of US diplomats in Syria has doubled as the defeat of ISIS draws ever so near.

The U.S.-led coalition, along with local partners, has largely cleared the militant group from Iraq and Syria but remains concerned about its resurgence.

“Our diplomats there on the ground have been doubled in number. As we see the military operations becoming less, we will see the diplomatic effort now able to take (root)” Mattis said.

An anonymous US official, cited by Reuters, said that Mattis was speaking about State Department employees, including diplomats and personnel involved in humanitarian assistance and that the increase was recent. The US has no embassy in Syria.

Reuters also reported that Raqqa, which served as the ISIS capital until it was retaken by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the predominantly Kurdish, US-backed militia that operate in the region. On September 30th, the SDF said that an ISIS sleeper cell had been uncovered, which was plotting large attacks across the city.

According to Mattis the fight against ISIS is still not done. “We are still in a tough fight, make no mistake about it,” he said.

The US has also increased efforts to form an “Arab NATO”, as reported by the Jordan Times it has been meticulously working on creating the new security alliance which would include the six Gulf Arab States, in addition to Jordan and Egypt. It is expected to be formally announced during the Gulf Summit in Washington, coming in mid-October. The new alliance will serve as a “bulwark against Iranian aggression, terrorism, extremism and will bring stability to the Middle East”, a spokesperson for the White House’s National Security Council said.

“The Trump administration has been quite forceful in expressing its commitment to Middle East security, and so may be close to considering a formal US defense alliance with Arab states,” said Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg, the Assistant Secretary General for Negotiations & Strategic Dialogue in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The US claims to aim for stability in the Middle East, but it is one of the reasons of the instability. The recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, as well as expressing their support for the Saudi-led coalition’s intervention in Yemen, which has presumably left their civilian targeting behind, show that the US is not at all impartial.

US President Donald Trump initially claimed that US forces are withdrawing from Syria after the defeat of ISIS. However, recently it was announced that US forces would remain until Iran completely withdraws from Syria, despite Syria having signed a military cooperation with the Islamic Republic. The situation will most likely remain at a standstill and US forces will not withdraw, similarly to what has been going on for 17 years in Afghanistan, similarly to the remaining small contingent of US forces in Iraq, despite ISIS defeat in the country.

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The S-300 is a game changer for Russia and Syria. Soon entire Syria will become no fly zone for enemies planes. No more lose of Russians, Syrians and of their allies.


Benjanyahu dreams that chaos in the world keep going on so nobody will think about the alien state of Israel in Palestine.

Ivan Freely

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that the number of US diplomats in Syria has doubled as the defeat of ISIS draws ever so near. … An anonymous US official, cited by Reuters, said that Mattis was speaking about State Department employees, including diplomats and personnel involved in humanitarian assistance and that the increase was recent. The US has no embassy in Syria. ———————————–

“Diplomats” and “humanitarian assistance”. Yeah, sure. Syria should make an official statement (if they didn’t have already done so) that US citizens is barred from entering the country. Of course the reality is the opposite, but at least it’s official.


I think Mattis means the same “diplomats” who payed osama bin laden a visit in Pakistan in 2011.


Diplomat in America speak, equals CIA in English.

Daniel Martin

The American taxpayers are getting rear-ended big time by the Israeli agents with dual citizenship in the U.S congress/government. 38 billion of U.S taxpayers money for Israeli foreign policies in the Middle East while 43+ million Americans go on food stamps!


Just before WWII Hitler sent a ship load of Jews to the US, the US refused them entry, so they went back to Germany and were killed. Jewish revenge is very harsh, and they plan to totally destroy America for its actions.

Jens Holm

Several countries did that even we knew killing was a possibility. Shame on us as well as that part of the germans.

A lot was tryed to avoid emmigrants those days – It also was not about jews. Several countries tryed to make areas where jews could get own autonomies.

Some many here might forget, that the Britts in Palestine made quotations for integrating making it sensible according to calm and their wishes.


Why should Jews get autonomous regions, why can’t they integrate into the broader community?

Jens Holm

You should read another history book. The Emmigration to Palestine by the Brittish was meant, so the area should be integrated to the rest of the world, not the opposite way.

After WW2 so many refugees came, and it got out of hands.

Blame nazis, russians, poles and lituanians of that time and maybee britts.


I know the British intended a mixed race/religion based system in Palestine. But the Jews started committing terror attacks against the British and Arabs. In Russia, Jews have an autonomous zone, in New York they have their own Jewish police force, the religion won’t allow integration. Here in Australia we once had the most integrated Jewish population in the world. Zion central in London sent out people to stop it, and now Australian Jews live in an enclave

Jens Holm

I know fanatics made too much influence in Palestine. They should have been kept down by the other jews.

I do remember some Mufti of Jerusalem being a dear friend to nazis as well.

When I read about jewish poilice in New York, I dont see that. I read it as local well functioning trusted homeguards.


I see local muslims here trying to do that too. They are kind of worse and against a lot of danish vital things such as dresscode, women alone and tell parents what their daugters do in almost jihadisme versions.

I hope jews in New Yoék and London is not like that.


I don’t know about New York, but in Israel women have to ride in the back of the bus, and risk getting stoned if they dress inappropriately.

Jens Holm

Jews were not getting an autonomius region at all. They crreated a lot of jobs in the towns of european kind and many many,m many 1000 extra jobs, which had not inisted there at all, if they had not arrived.

Many arabs went to there an got jobs.

The problems came when the Jews noight land outside the towns from the Feudals in fx Syria. Those feaulsals owned it – not the local living there as rental dúring centuries. The Jews needed space for the many incommers from Europe and the arab renters were displaced from where they lived.

That was a very bad move from those jews. Arabs only could go to the towns and rent there. Many did get jobs, but its very different suddenly to live ay first floor for a farmer used to olivetrees and free space.

Thats why the confrontation zone was made or one of several reasons by taekn over land and make modern agriculture and kibburzes for farming. Before that they only grew things in the dry Negev zone not taking rural land.


Because we are Gentiles! Yet without Christian zionists, they’d be royally fucked!!


Jews hate everyone! Thats my take on it! I couldnt enter a gym in melbourne because i wasnt Jewish! A white Aussie being knocked back in Australia! Imagine is i opened a gym in Televiv and said to Jews, “nope, u cant be in here, please leave, youre not a Christian (or non Jew). They’re all scum! ALL!!!!!


you lie


True story mate! City: Melbourne Suburb: Elsternwick Street: Glenhuntley Road year: 1997 (around September / October) Gym: Now its called Zap fitness! Was another name back then! majority of Jewish population for my city!

Wonder how i remember every damn detail? I will never forget this day! EVER!!! Why the fuck do u think ive been on this website since 2015! Truth is always realised when one speaks it!

Extra note: Have u seen those Jews who have 2 kitchens? HAVE YOU?? Do u know WHY they have 2 Kitchens? Answer me that!!!



i am not jew, i do not know how many kitchns hav they and why


putinbeater said :”i am not jew, i do not know how many kitchns hav they and why”

So u admit u dont know anything about Jews? Because u just admitted here that u dont know about their rules of preparing meals or eating meals!

If u are their guest… even if u are a VIP, ur food is cooked in the second kitchen! No jew can have their meal cooked in the same oven or same prepared in the same kitchen as any non-jew! They cannot eat their meal in the same kitchen either!

This is jewish law! LOOK IT UP! So the RICH jews who can afford a house with 2 kitchens do this for gentile guests!

So if they wont share a meal or an oven or a kitchen with a gentile…… does it surprise u that they wont share the sweat of a gentile in a gym?

Before u say “u lie”, it would help if u understood! If u did not know this about Jewish meals, then u are not educated enough to make such accusations!

In other words, u have no idea what u are talking about!


i have also good friends between jews. and i was present, when they prepared food. in one kitchen, the same dishes, and we all ate the same food. i think, you write about orthodox jews.


When Jews can afford 2 kitchens its because they are wealthy jews! U seemed to be friends with poor Jews who dont follow religious traditions.

So understand, these people do own some places and they have rules! This was 1997 and I was not allowed to use their gym because i was not a Jew!

Hell, i remember dating a Jehovah’s witness and her mum called me and threatened me NOT to date her daughter!

If u cant believe this, then u must be a person who hasn’t witnessed much in life! U seem to think Jews are innocent! They are not! Look at what they do to Palestinians! Tell me why would a race of people who went through the Holocaust then go to war with a nation who never did anything to them? Huh? Why would they demand respect for Holocaust survivors and make movies about it to gain sympathy yet just openly bomb Gaza Strip!

U dont seem to know much about the world! U should travel more!


urban legend.


Stupid boy.



i apologize


It takes a man to admit he made a mistake, well done.

Jens Holm

The foot stamp has to do with the system in USA, and has nothing to do with the rest.

Hard Capitalism is like that. The taxpayers pay to by their tax to, whats important. It does not change, whatever You write about that in copy paste.


Actually – the US supports social welfare – only it is effectively exported to Israel. The Israeli lobby secures both vast annual and long term packages of US public monies – this currently finances the Israeli military. Israel has been the largest recipient of US aid since 1945 – yet the current Israeli Gross National Income per capita is $37.27k – this GNI figure reflects the average income of a nation’s citizens. That is a whole lot of US foreign aid for a country with relatively high living standards.


“..the US supports social welfare..”

and also extends to banks, weapons industry etc.


That’s why Israel acting so tough with impunity and brag about their military capabilities, if all countries had someone giving them for free so many billions in military aid all the time there would be bragging as well of how strong they are. If i wasn’t for USA boosting constantly Israeli military with either free or with a very large discount advance weapons to them, there would be a different story and you wouldn’t see so much ignorance from the Jews.

Ilya Grushevskiy

“It would be worth while to pay an Arab a million pounds to start a war.” David Ben Gurion’s line can even be improved upon: “it would be worth while to get a ‘non-fellow’ to pay an Arab a million dollars to start a war”!

Lena Jones

Absolutely nothing, not even Jesus himself can save terrorist israel from utter destruction.

Tudor Miron

“unshakable commitment of the American people” – as if American people have a say :) Democracy my a$$.


send some stickers for syrians

Zionism = EVIL

Gives new meaning to Zionist parasites. On a happier note :)

A staggering number of US troops are fat and tired, RAND report says that obesity and laziness are rampant in US military which is far from prepared to fight a new war.


We can blame it solely on the Evangelicals of the USA! These crazies are rich and pump a fortune into Israel and literally decide the Republican candidate for President every time! They cant get their messiah back on earth until Israel is whole again! Every inch! This might include some Arab parts too which we might call “greater Israel”! Christian Zionists! These are most to blame! They control more power and money than any Jew or Zionist could wish for!

Tudor Miron

In reality it’s one and the same – simply an outpost of highest rabbinat with different label. What they feed to sheeple does not matter as long as sheeple obey.


I disagree with u here! Christian Zionsts and the USA are not one in the same! Are Nazi’s and Germans one in the same? Are Soviets and Russians one in the same? Imperialist Japan and Japanese people one in the same? How about Sunni’s and ISIS? Are they one in the same?

Some of these listed above are either religions, ideologies or BOTH! Yet, do we blame the Japanese for their Emporer’s war? Do we blame the German people for Hitler and the Nazi’s? Do we blame the Russian’s for Soviet ideologies and Communism? Do we blame all Sunni Muslims for ISIS?

The USA is VICTIM to US ideologies and beliefs! They allow freedom of Religion yet the Soviet Union and China Bans this! So what is worse? Soviet Ideology or Christian Zionism? They effect both countries yet do not represent that country!

U call them Sheeple but they have guns and can fight back against their own government! Did Russian’s do that? Did they fight back against Soviet dictators?

Did Germans?

Did Japanese?

These nations are not better nor are they equal to the USA!

We cant blame American people for Zionism! Because if we did, then we can blame Russia more for this! There are more Russian Speaking Jews in Israel than American Jews or European Jews! If u live in israel u are a Zionist because to do so means u believe and support the return of Israel to the jewish people!

Do we blame Russia for Zionism when they are the largest ethnicity in Israel? Its the 2nd language behind Hebrew (ahead of English).

Do u understand my point?

Tudor Miron

I think that I didn’t express myself properly (due to poor English) and it leads to misunderstanding of my point. I mean that Evangelicals and Zionists are one and the sames – instruments of the same anti human globalisation scenario.


Yes agree with that! Christian zionist or Jewish Zionist and non-religious Zionists! Basically anyone living in Israel also, because they are fully supporting this terrorist states existence! But Christian Zionists are the largest piece of this pie!

Tudor Miron

Yes, Biblical project is at the core of anti human globalisation process. I said it many times – historically established Christianity has nothing to do with true Christ teachings and is simply an export version (for Goyim use) of Talmudic Judaizm.


fsb troll

Tudor Miron

Get lost shlomo.


you will end wrong btw., putins popularity is falling. sure, this is zionazi terorrist action, not his stupidity :D

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Im disgusted that the US government, correction: make that every government, really believes that the billions and trillions they throw around is theres, its not, its the taxpayers money, taxpayers money should be spent on the taxpayer, let Israel pay for themselfes.

I have never met an American that i would not buy a meal or offer my bed for the night, but your government….

Jens Holm

The taxpayers actually vote about it. You ignore that very well.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

So you saying that there was a vote in the US if they should spend 38 billion USD on Israel? Im not talking about a congressional vote, im talking about a public vote.

Im not talking only about the US government, im talking about every government, and no, no citizen have anything to say, or will ever be heard, how taxpayers money is going to be spend. The politicians just spend them as it was an endless stream, and when they want more, they just take it, anyway they can.


as we a flooded with 10s of millions of invaders…sickening https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/99778d4408bf2280f9190b402b56e8da5be5dc755b60b57c2ee6c7dcb09945ba.jpg ,,,, israeli borders armed-us wide open…


Like in the days of old, where the subjugated nations would come to pay hommage and tribute to the king of kings, the US now pays tribute to its true lord and master. Only they now call it aid and assistance packages.


Last touch for the US is ‘manpower’ aid package for Israel. Wait they’re already recruiting US teenagers to serve as their soldiers…

Naija Lolade

Hahaha $38Bil to try to destroy 49 units of S-300 surface-to-air missile systems just delivered to Syria. That 38Bill will go up in flames within the blinking of an Eye. S-300 plus jammers is game over.

Except if the $38Bil is to buy more arms(With the exception of more potential flying coffins..F-22 and -35) to try to defend isreal. War is coming..


It sounds like a bribe for psycho-Bibi to refrain of using the new F-35 against the new Russian toys. If one F-35 is lost, hundreds of billions of dollars in contracts could be lost as Lockheed’s F-35 has over 1000 orders from foreign countries, that could cancel the contracts…. or any other brave action that could spark WW3.


Could be, or it could be to call off the American(Jewish) press for the upcoming American elections.


Or that

Brother Thomas

Israel’s security is not in advanced weapons systems but in finding a way to peacefully co-exist with its neighbors within internationally recognised legal boundaries, and cease to be an occupying force in Palestine with all its soul-destroying implications.


History shows that Jews cannot peacefully coexist with their neighbours. They have never managed it in their 3000 year history, why would they change now?

Brother Thomas

That’s not really true, Sinbad, when one thinks about it. Jews were historically no more violent than Christians and Muslims, and perhaps less so. Peace needs to be given a chance. Problem is, people seem to get a testosterone high from violence.


I never said Jews were violent, I said they couldn’t live peacefully with their neighbours, there is a difference.

Brother Thomas

“Couldn’t live peacefully with their neighbors” is rather vague. Do you mean they quarrelled with their neighbors or played their msic too loud? Consider before the emigration of Zionist from Europe, people of different religions and ethnicities had been living in relative peace in the secular states in the Middle East.

It is important that we stay objective and fair. Every side in every war ever fought has thought God was on its side.


OK I will rephrase, Jews don’t want to live with other races or religions, they prefer a Jewish only environment. Historically in Palestine Jews Muslims and Christians lived together without problems. When European Jews arrived in Palestine, they used terrorism to scare away the Muslim population. It’s not the people, but the teachings of the religion, and the politics of Zionism. Modern Israel is very similar to apartheid South Africa, non Jews are considered inferior. Immigrants commonly form enclaves in their new country, but the children of those immigrants assimilate into the broader community, Jews don’t assimilate, 10 generations later they are still Jews in a foreign land.

Brother Thomas

Trump said of Saudia Arabia, that it would not last two weeks without US support. The exact same applies to Israel.

Promitheas Apollonious

Nope is one hour for israel to become a black hole, in case of open war between the and what they are after. Think it like this. they have to chose defending military installations or the populated cities of them. Guess what they will try to save and also think thousands of missiles flying with israel`s military installations as target, with Dimona as the main target and more than 100.000 battle hardened army on the ground. They dont stand a chance and before you say it no they can not use nuclear in this case other wise they be nuking israel.

Jens Holm

Thats the agenda of mainly lies again.

Promitheas Apollonious

is it? Prove it to me.

Jens Holm

using Trump as source.

ME is like having a whole in globe as in a football. Thats his knowledge of You and ME.


“Some 80.8 percent of Americans oppose the $38 billion in “aid” that the Jewish lobby-controlled U.S. Government last week pledged to Israel, an IRmep poll fielded by Google Consumer Surveys has found.

At the same time, the Jewish lobby will pour money into campaign funds of politicians who support this “aid” package, while the controlled media will demonize any candidate for office who dares to oppose it.”

– 81% of Americans Oppose “Aid” to Israel –


– overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state –



“the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ordered the United States to halt the unilateral sanctions it recently re-imposed”

– Highest UN court orders US to suspend sanctions –



Yes , of course.. 38 billion $ for Shlomo… While hungry childeren roam the streets of your cities, while their parents are doped up on heroin, everyday more homeless people have to live in their car (if they still have one), drugs and gangs are rampant and the national debt reaches to the moon…

Doom Sternz

A high percentage of US workers are on government assistance, while most people cant afford a $500 emergency, and the average US wage worker pays twice as much for tax than they spend on their family, the defense department increases their budget by over 80 billion. The 38 billion is needed at home.

Wealth distribution is now worse than the gilded age. Russia Russia Russia right? Revolution is coming. Regime change in the West.

Abbas Salim

Now that things are tough in Syria,Israel is quickly shifting attention to a softer target Lebanon. Russia has never being this bold in defying both Israel and usa but both have shown dishonest in their relationship specifically with imposing sanctions on Russia to weaken it economical. And soon Russia will have no choice but to fight with all the arsenal at it’s disposal and armed it’s allies Iran included. I think Israel should be very worried unless it had forseen this will happen after been directly involved in downing of Russian plane and loss of fifteen of it’s service men.


Obviously the welfare of Israelis is more important to the USA than feeding the American people. It’s good that the slaves give willingly to their masters.

Naija Lolade

Another war of words.. This is why I love the Russians. Putin only said, they will make changes and in a few days it was a huge change no one expected. If Putin was bluffing he could have told everyone this but he did not.

So pumpeo and Liberman making noise.. The last time I checked, there is Red zone in area. No go zone in Syrian airspace as we speak. 49 S-300 systems is a game changer..

All lebanon an Israeli Airspace is covered together with Iraq.

John Whitehot

it’s not 49 systems, it’s 49 pieces of equipment overall.

Naija Lolade

Well, that is enough to see everything that goes in and out of Israel, Lebanon and Iraq.. My point really. To join Russian Systems in Syria..

The game is over.

George King

I can think of five very good reasons we call this “the Theater of the Absurd”. “We did not raise armies for glory or for conquest.” — Thomas Jefferson

“It is our true policy to steer clear of entangling alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” — George Washington

“For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate error so long as reason is free to combat it.” — Thomas Jefferson

“If there is one principle more deeply rooted in the mind of every American, it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest.” — Thomas Jefferson

“Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.” — Thomas Jefferson

Willing Conscience (The Truths

110 billion worth of military equipment to the Saudis and 38 billion to the Israelis, that’s 148 billion in less than 12 months from just 2 clients [they’re 2 of the biggest clients]. The Saudis have to pay the money back but I’m sure the Israelis won’t have to, maybe I shouldn’t have added the 38 billion from Israel. …. 500 million a year for the Israeli/US missile defense programs. I’ll bet that figure doubles soon. The Iranians have just demonstrated their Zulfiqar and Qiam SRB missiles actual abilities against Isis in Syria, hitting them just 5km away from SDF and US forces stationed nearby. The Iranians missiles were undetected by US and Israeli radars until it was too late to do anything about them, and for all intense purposes, that means the Iranians could’ve just as easily hit the US if they’d wanted to, and also that the US couldn’t have done anything at all to stop them. That 500 million figure may even triple now, not just double.

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