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JUNE 2023

US, Allies Consider Operation To “Rescue” White Helmets From Syria: Media

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The US and allies are concerned about the rescue of members of the so-called White Helmets after the increasing territories in the southwest and other regions liberated by the Syrian Government.

The fate of close to 1,000 White Helmets members and their families has come under discussion by several countries including the US, Canada, UK and France, as stated by CNN according to a diplomatic source and two administration officials.

The White Helmets, who also name themselves the Syrian Civil Defense (SCD) will be resettled in other countries: some CNN sources claim those would be the UK and Canada, while others claim some will be hosted by Germany.

President Donald Trump allegedly discussed the possibility of a need to rescue the group’s members at the NATO summit on July 11th, according to a CNN source. The US and the UK conversed on several occasions about the issue and Western delegations have convinced the US to assist in lobbying Israel and Jordan in providing escape routes for the volunteers.

Russia has dubbed the White Helmets a terrorist organization, the same has been done by the Syrian Government, so it is unlikely that Russia would partake in any “rescue actions” even if they were to be asked for assistance by the US-led bloc.

The White Helmets is an organization that operates in parts of militant-controlled Syria and Turkey, they were formed in 2014. They have received funding from countries such as the UK, Japan, Canada, Netherlands among others. One of their biggest funders is the US.

The MSM and the US-led bloc describe the White Helments as an impartial humanitarian NGO that focuses on urban search and rescue. Syria and its allies as well as non-mainstream media and analysts point out the organization’s links to terrorist groups and describe it as a propaganda arm used against the Damascus government.

Furthermore, the White Helments are quite controversial, even according to info admitted by the MSM. In June 2017 a member of the White Helmets was indefinitely suspended after it was found out that he assisted armed militants in the burial of corpses of pro-government soldiers as reported by News Week. There was a petition against their 2017 Nobel Peace Prize nomination, as well as change.org petition which calls for the Right Livelihood Foundation to retract their award to the White Helmets. Roger Waters, former Pink Floyd frontman, during his concert on April 13th called them a “fake organization” that provides propaganda for “jihadists and terrorists.” He claimed that listening to “propaganda of the White Helmets and others we would be encouraged to encourage our governments to go and start dropping bombs on people in Syria,” in a video posted on YouTube by a group called Hands off Syria.

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Concrete Mike

Ohhh so they might come to canada eh? Nice pleasr send one or 2 to new brunswick, i got a crusher i want to show them…


please share video of this fun


We will take a few in Ontario too. We need some anchors.


I feel a Hollywood movie ( based on true events!) coming on! Staring George Clooney and Brad Pitt (of course with white helmets).


I bet it’s titled PROPAGANDA


“US, Allies Consider Operation To “Rescue” White Helmets From Syria” Well, then hurry up, the Soccer World Championship is over and the Russian Air-Force is bored in Khmeimim- Syria :)))


They need to pull some CIA agents out

Gary Sellars

… of their under-age prostitutes. Say what you like about Langley but they certainly cater to the recreational tastes of their assets….


“….some CNN sources….”

That says it all right there!


the Syrian Government could just deport them to Saudi Arabia cuz.


Syrian Government could just deport them to hell where they deserve manicure by Beelzebub


No, the planes that are carrying them should be shot down!


But keep their heads, the Saudis would understand that.


(…US, Allies Consider Operation To “Rescue” White Helmets From Syria: Media…)



The Brits left may of their Afghan interpreters to their fate but now want to evacuate their fake civil defence terrorists in Syria who have been complicit in all the UK/US fake chemical attacks.

This is the real reason the UK wants them rescued, Theresa May and the UK Zionist Elite are scared witless that the truth of UK involvement with chemical weapons will be fully exposed to the dumb UK electorate that has believed all her lies.

leon mc pilibin

Watch out for the next Hellywood box office hit.The WHITE HELMUTTS. Maybe Spielberg will direct it ,as he is great at doing Jewish fairytales.


What are the odds that Assad offers them pardon in exchange for exile?


About 6 million to 1.


There’s no need for them president pardon if they’re going exile into one of these terrorist collaborators asylum just as much president Assad have no need to pardon someone that have bright ties to foreign hostile government and which they never have any indication of relinquishing their ties or roles.

Thing is they’ve become liability the moment it failed and the best choice they could’ve done is to silence them forever however this just another evidence that the people oversaw this operations extremely shortsighted and ambitious. Another word for it were ‘Stupid’. So long the ‘Stupidity’ don’t reward the stupid directly the stupid would remains the stupid they are.


What a ridiculous comment – the Syrian state has no need to offer the WH anything. WH are on the losing side, with ever dwindling options, and throughput their entire existence repeatedly aligned and recorded themselves alongside al-Nusra in the field, and on numerous occasions acted as accomplices to the summary executions of captured SAA personal. The more appropriate outcome is state trials for accessory to murder of state representatives. Or do you oppose the rule of law in other countries?

Brother Ma

Send the bastards to Turkey, Saudiland or America. That is if any are left after Russian bombing and flaying by Syrian Patriots!

God Bless Assad’s father for putting all Moslem jihadists to dearh all those years ago.Best thing ever!

Gary Sellars

Any attempted extraction of White Hell-mutt terror gang members must be preempted with a Kalibre cruise missile strike.. or preferably several. It would be preferable to have them delivered safely into the waiting hands of Syrian government military police investigators, but its an imperfect world, and we don’t always get what we want.

Brother Ma

I agree Russians needs to Kalibre these pricks asap. We don’t need selfy-taking ,smirking ,child-headchoppers in our countries! Death,Death,Death! That is what we want for these frauds.


No. Writing the truth only suffices for an audience capable of abstract thought; since their numbers are negligible, at a minimum truth must always be shown. The specific truth of the West’s bestiality in the Syrian war however must be felt. Save me the claims of western ignorance: they know damn well and don’t give a damn, as long as defense and oil stocks stay up. Let these heroes go home, back to NATO territory, and let the chips fall where they may.


FUKUS wants them rescued – the subtext is “rescued or eliminated” – because they don’t want them to sing! It would be fantastic to get some of the SHITE HELL MUTTS captured and publicly interrogated.


Yes these ‘Neutral’ heroes would abandon their beloved motherland because Assad win the war. Syria never matter to these disgusting creatures.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Gee, you think they might be fearing retribution for being the mouthpiece for the western/Saudi head head choppers? Imagine that.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The poor old white helmets have had a really hard time here, the SAA onslaught has been so decisive and so speedy, that they haven’t had enough time to set up any false flag operations. No fake CW attacks, no videos of bombed out hospitals, no organized mass protests by unhappy residents, no nothing, I don’t think they’ve earned their pay here so Trump should just leave them where they are.


The fact that the White Helmets foriegn sponsors are scrabbling to evacuate them indicates two things; firstly, that Syria is clearly winning the war against foreign backed militants and, secondly, that the White Helmets are absolutely foreign assets working in an operation against Syrian national interests.

Promitheas Apollonious

I can solve their problem and also not to worry about where to relocate them. My pig farm will take care of everything.

Concrete Mike

That way more economical tha. Shipping them overseas…i like it


What could be more reprehensible then killing infants so you can use them to star in a propaganda film. That the leadership of the civilized world is going to rescue them is all we need to make an informed decision. They will undoubtedly be given first dibs on any paying jobs that might come available. I can just see them fitting in with our police forces, a marriage made in hell. Of course they would not be quite so quick to kill, as their tradition calls for some gruesome torturing first.

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