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US Air Force Withdrew 10 F-35 Fighter Jets Due To Defect

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The US Air Force has withdrawn ten units of the F-35 fighter jets, a month after it was announced about its readiness. The decision was made due to a defect, detected in fuel tanks of the aircraft.

US Air Force Withdrew 10 F-35 Fighter Jets Due To Defect

Photo: US Marine Corps / Reuters

The US Air Force has decided to withdraw ten F-35 fighter jets after it was discovered that “insulation of the tanks was fractured and began to crumble,” the CNN TV-channel reported, citing a statement of the US Air Force.

This defect affected a total of 57 fighter jets, 15 of which have already been delivered to the US Air Force. A little more than a month ago, it was announced about combat readiness of ten F-35, another four are used for flight training and one – for testing. Others have not yet left a conveyor, and these problems will be eliminated in a manufacturing process.

The Lockheed Martin manufacturer of the fighter jets has already delivered 108 F-35As warplanes to the US Air Force. The US Air Force plans to buy a total of 1,763 aircraft.

According to CNN, the F-35 is the most expensive military aircraft in history. The cost of one aircraft is $135 million, while the cost of the entire batch is estimated at $400 billion.

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JSF = Just Sucking Funds. Only the loons will convince themselves that this thing will be effective.

Jens Holm

Very old news. Kind of agree with nexusfast123.

making that airplane has been and still are filled up with too many mistakes. In most part of the world it would be better to replace F16 & F18 with new ones and many of the.

F35 now is an old one too. You have the old Eurofighter as well. very cheep but well againt most other stuff.

An important thing is too, that some other kinds of warfare seemes to take over – especially the dorne sector. Why have F35 JSF for billions, when You can have svarms of drones doing a lot of things better and then replace the missing corners, which those slow ones have, by missils or something else instead.


The other thing is that this thing has no been fully tested against cyber attack/jamming. The attached is interesting. Amongst the many gems is that it can now fly in an electrical storm but can’t taxi and take-off during said storm. It is a never ending money pit.


Jens Holm

tnks for the link.

Tom Johnson

Do not thank him. His source, pogo, has a history of being incorrect. They are leftwing hacks and probably Russian funded. They have been wrong on most every report since their founding in 1981.


The more you post here the bigger fool you appear. US Defense acquisition has some serious issues. Bringing Google in to ‘innovate’ is laughable.

Jens Holm

Well, Im not a right/wrong in a lot of matters and add all matters around it.

Tom Johnson

Lockhead Martin Minion

Carol Davidek-Waller


Joseph Scott

Still having fuel tank problems? I guess it’s a mild improvement that they caught it before the aircraft burst into flames, like in 2013, but still.

Tom Johnson

Leftwing BS from pogo-GTFO and fact check this historic validity of your source.


The primary source is actually a DOD report dimwit. These issues have known a long time and can be cross checked against other DOD sources.

When America was homogeneous society, it built quality products. Now that we got diversified, we cannot built anything that works, and need China (which is a homogeneous society) to build stuff for us. -I’m beginning to think America got cucked by the Jews into their weapon of mass destruction, allowing them to lead invasions into our Nations.


The U.S. spends more on armaments than most of the rest of the world combined. But most of that money goes into the pockets of the ultra rich 1% and so most of the U.S. military’s equipment is sub-standard! The U.S. military just isn’t as good as it used to be or as good as they want everyone to believe.

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