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US Air Force Denied to Provide Air Support for Turkish Operations against ISIS in Syria

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US Air Force Denied to Provide Air Support for Turkish Operations against ISIS in Syria

Originally appeared DWN, translated by Karin exclusively for SouthFront

On Tuesday the terrorist militia ISIS has carried out an attack against the Turkish army in Syria. The Turks requested that the US, due to a binding agreement, supply air support against the terrorist militia. But the US Air Force is said to have ignored the request for help.

On Tuesday the terrorist militia ISIS attacked pro-Turkish mercenaries and the Turkish military in the west of Jarabulus. A Turkish tank was hit by a rocket launcher, Reuters reports. Three soldiers were wounded. According to information of the news agency Anadolu, the attack of ISIS took place around 18 o’clock. The Turkish military contacted the US Air Force in Incirlik to request air support against ISIS. But the US-Jets ignored the request of the Turks to help against ISIS, to which Ankara and Washington had previously agreed. The Americans are accused of having hold out on the Turks for an hour. Finally, the Turks decided to use their own jets against ISIS.
US jets however flew three hours later into the combat zone, bombed empty stretches of land and flew back. “The Americans had promised to send US jets in emergency for support. But they did not come. We have a number of casualties. It was part of the plan that Americans provide assistance against ISIS. They should have come to help us. Because of the promise of the Americans, the Turkish Air Force came almost too late and we would have suffered heavy losses, “Al Jazeera quoted a spokesman for the pro-Turkish mercenaries.

The Wall Street Journal reported that government officials from Washington had already informed Turkey on Monday, that they wouldn’t give air support to the Turkish troops in the Syria conflict, if they should continue to march southward. But in the current case, the Turks were attacked in the west of Jarabulus. For this part of northern Syria and against ISIS Americans had assured the Turks of air support.

On Wednesday the Pentagon reported that the US Air Force has killed the leading ISIS commander Abu Mohammed al-Adnani in the province of Aleppo, reports Politico.

But the Russian Defense Ministry rejected this announcement by the Pentagon and reported that the Russian air force killed the top terrorist. “On August 30th, 2016 a Russian Su-34 bomber killed about 40 ISIS fighters in the area of ​​Maarat Umm Hawsh. After several reports that have been verified by various intelligence channels, is the commander Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, known as the ‘official spokesman’ of the international terror group Islamic State, among the liquidated terrorists” Tass quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Currently, mainly the Russian air force carries out air strikes against positions of Islamist mercenaries in Aleppo.

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Hassadnah Abraham

American have no shame at all. Claiming of killing te leader or ISIS…in fact he was punish by death by Russia bomb. In-fact US is..a shameful crook


you wanted to write DENIED in the title and you wrote DEINED….i could not make out any sense


Thank you for the feedback


you are welcome…keep up the good job!!
also you wanted to write AGAINST and you wrote AGANIST :)


It’s also improved. Thank you one more time.


I would suggest “declined” rather than “denied.”

Very interesting and worrisome article. Thanks for the translation and posting.

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