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US Air Defense Shield Not Defense, But Nuclear Potential in Europe – Putin

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US Air Defense Shield Not Defense, But Nuclear Potential in Europe - Putin

© Sputnik/ Michael Klimentyev

Originally appeared at RT

Russia is being forced to look for ways to neutralize threats to its national security due to deployment of the NATO anti-missile shield in Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said after the alliance launched a missile defense site in Romania.

The US missile shield in Europe is a clear violation of Russian-American arms treaties, Putin said at a meeting with Russian military officials, adding that the anti-missile facilities can be easily repurposed for firing short and midrange missiles.

The US anti-missile shield in Europe is yet another step in increasing international tensions and launching a new arms race, he stressed.

However, Putin assured that Moscow has no intension of being dragged into an arms race. The country will be working “carefully” in accordance with existing plans, he added.

“Recent developments indicate that the situation isn’t getting better. Unfortunately, it’s deteriorating. I’m talking about the launch of the radar station in Romania as one of the elements of the up-and-coming US anti-missile defense program,” Putin said.

Russia is making every effort to maintain the strategic balance of power, in order to avoid the outbreak of large-scale conflicts, the president said.

NATO formally declared its missile defense base in Deveselu, Romania, operational on Thursday, bringing to fruition a plan to construct a shield in Eastern Europe first announced by George W. Bush in 2007.

Earlier, Moscow said that not only was the US missile defense aimed at neutralizing Russia’s offensive capability – an accusation the Pentagon has repeatedly rejected – but that the Deveselu’s MK 41 launching systems it uses could be re-equipped with offensive cruise missiles.

Russia also stated that US actions are a violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF), and warned that it may pull out from the deal if Washington continues with its anti-missile plans.

The missile shield uses a network of radars that track potential threats in the atmosphere, before launching an interceptor missile from a stationary base, or a fleet.

Simultaneously with Romania coming online, NATO is beginning construction on another base in Poland, which will complete the Eastern European segment of the shield in 2018.

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The dimwits in washington are going to blunder into a conflict and then watch civilization get obliterated.

Kire Stojanovski

It should be destroyed immediately!


Yeah…just try it :) . I am from Romania, this missile defence shield is ment to protect us (people) and NATO countries from Russia aggressions. Romania is an independent country and this means that we do what we want in our country. Isn’t Russia an aggressive country ? …see what happend with Crimeea. Ukraine national territory was splited by Russia. Romania will take any measure necessary to protect itself, no matter what. Remember 1940 Basarabia ( Moldova today ) ultimatum when Romania’s territory was splited by Russia. If you want to know more about Romania….check it’s history and you will see that Romania is a defensive country from it’s beginnings. Thank you.

Eugen Barticel

daca romania este independenta de ce are nevoie de nato? hahaha ce fel de independenta cind ai armata straina pe teritoriu? Nu stiu daca ai invatat la istorie, dar aceeasi tactica o aveau si otomanii( adica luau copii romani si ii cresteau ca pe otomani ii inrolau in armata turca si veneau si ne atacau, exact cum fac acum. Citi soldati sint in armatele straine(americana, engleza, germana, etc) care sint de origine romana, pe care parintii iau dus acolo pentru o viata mai buna, dar care am impresia ca nu este asa buna, deoarece au fost nevoiti sa ia arma si sa-si fortezele rudele ramase in tara sa faca cum zic ei? Cine nu invata din greselile istorice este menit sa le repete Nici pe un prieten cel mai bun nu il lasi sa stea si sa faca ce vrea in casa ta, nu-i asa?Nu uita ca noi am plecat cu nazistii (care sint nato de astazi – armata nazista a avut soldatii din toate tarile europene, inclusiv romani)sa-i distrugem pe sovietici…si ce sa intimplat? Ce crezi ca se va intimpla acum? Asta nu este un joc pe calculator


Da, ai dreptate intr-o oarecare masura, dar din pacate nu stii cum functioneaza aliantele si pe ce sunt ele bazate si mai ales de ce se creeaza. O tara oricat de puternica este, are nevoie de aliati. Nimeni nu poate face fata singura intr-un razboi. Nicidecum USA sau Rusia. Chestia cu soldatii care au fost copii pe vreamea cand parintii lor plecau din romania si au revenit sa dea ordine la noi in tara e o prostie foarte mare. O alta chestie este ca nazistii nu mai exista prietene, dar comunistii da, care evident sunt acei oameni care nu accepta SUA sub nici o forma, totodata sunt acei oameni care nu vor ca Moldova sa se uneasca cu Romania….dar lucrurile astea se vor intampla indiferent de ce vor unii comunisti sau altii rusi. Iar faptul ca “am fost cu nazistii” la un moment dat, stii bine ca am fost fiind fortati de situatia data, la fel cum am fost cu Rusii cand acestia au inceput sa castige teritoriu…tot fortati de situatie. Asa ca hai sa nu vorbim prostii…

888mladen .

Didn’t you kill your president on US orders because he managed to make Romania debt free? Didn’t your country allow NATO to use its air space to bomb Serbia in 1999 without mandate from UN Security Council? How many KWh of electricity your government has stolen from hydro power station Djerdap from Yugoslavia and so on and on? Isn’t your country main hub of US intelligence network in the East Europe?


the gipsy land was always THE Agressor. stolen land is your.

Kire Stojanovski

So securing your own borders is aggression, while placing US rockets near the Russian borders is a defensive move, yes? If Russia place its rockets on Cuba, tell me honestly, how would you describe that? Like a defensive move or like an offensive one?
So what happened with Crimea? You are the one who should see that, I already know it, here is what happened: It’s people went out on an referendum massively and the absolute majority voted and plead for joining with the Russian Federation, and Putin just fulfilled their plea. So tell me, didn’t they have the right on self-determination?
Ukraine wasn’t splited by Russia, Ukraine was deprived from it’s sovereignty from the USA by trowing out its regularly elected president, and placing a puppet on it’s place, neglecting the will of the nation, and even more, lunching a politic of genocide on the Ukranian people. Those same people, which will was neglected, and which were exposed on genocide, decided to take their own will in their hands and also firstly expressed their will on a referendum for not accepting the rule of the US puppets in Kiev and declaration of independence.
And about Romania, you are protecting from the wrong direction! Protecting from Russia is so senseless! It would never attack you, as it has never attacked no other country! It will not even interfere in your politics! The one from whom you should protect yourself is USA – the source of the evil in the whole world, the mother of the terrorism, all the wars and riots around the world are made and funded by them! Every time when some strong leader appears, anywhere in the world, some who doesn’t want to implement their will, they are immediately trying to take him down! They want to be the only strong country in the world, and all the rest of the world to be, at least, miserable (on an stone monument they have expressed will even to destroy the rest of the world, and I suppose they’ll do it if it wasn’t Russiacomment image) You don’t need some far examples (although there are hundreds of examples round the world), take your ex prime minister Victor Ponta! He was the best prime minister your country ever had (although I’m not an expert of your history I’m sure that many will agree with me about this statement, I have read that in his time salaries were being risen up and all the national debts of your country were paid) and what did happened with him? He was taken down with the very same method, now the USA is trying to implement in my country, Macedonia, to take down our prime minister, Nikola Gruevski, for whom we have voted on regular elections! (The method is so the same, even your special prosecutor Laura Codruța Kövesi had come to our special prosecutor Katica Janeva to teach her how to be successful in taking down “regimes”, accusing them of crimes done like child of stealing cherries.) And who stands behind that? Of course – USA, through their embassies and Soros foundations! They aren’t even trying to act something and hide their intentions!
On the contrary, like I have said, Russia had never even put pressure on any politician from other country, not to talk about starting a war against someone who disagrees with its views. If it was making pressure on foreign politicians, how first, it would have never allowed to happen the anti-russian politics and propaganda in Ukraine (Its bigest and most important partners, brothers), which actually was happening from the breakup of the USSR until now!
So who is the aggressor now? Russia’s military doctrine is most defensive one in the world, while USA is the world terrorist number one!
But, despite that fact, that Russia’s military doctrine is defensive, I think that it wouldn’t be smart just to watch how NATO is coming closer and closer to it’s borders, surrounding it step by step, and not to do anything about that. It has to answer and make moves symmetrically, because if it’s not, NATO will surround it from each side, and when they succeed in that, they will attack it and try to destroy it, it is their final intention, and they are even speaking loud about that. I believe that God is keeping Russia and He won’t let that happen, but better it is surrounded harder it will be for Russia to defend itself. That’s why I think it shouldn’t wait with arms crossed to be totally surrounded and should react on time, and destroy that air defense shield in Romania before another one appears in Poland, when they are going to be two, it will be a more difficult task to do!

Kire Stojanovski

This picture I didn’t want to be so exposed, but it came like that, I can’t remove it, it is from the link I’ve put somewhere in the middle of my comment. :-)


Wow….you wrote a lot, but you got some points of view and i would like to clarify some of them. So…regardind to Ukraine, i didn’t sent unmarked soldiers in Ukrain, Putin did, i didn’t sent unmarked soldiers in Crimeea, Putin did. Don’t give me b***s**t that he wanted to protect his people…they were safe before that. Let’s take our ex prime minister Victor Ponta’s case…he hasn’t been taken down by USA, he resigned beeing forced by it’s people who went to streets for that. He is a corrupted man and he is under invastigations right now. Codruța Kövesi is one of most trusted women in this country since he brings to justice important or non important people. In my country we are almost free since 1989 my friend and this country is faceing a high level of corruption inherited from comunism. Since Ponta left we have the most high GDP growth in EU. It is important for you to know that our justice will fight corruption with all it’s weapons…that’s why we get this GDP growth, we become trustworthy year by year. “If Russia place its rockets on Cuba” – Russia did it in ’50’s in first place, oh…come on…. ps: Macedonia is more corrupted than Romania, but still Romania has a big problem with corruption. I am glad i had good conversation with you guys, i respect all of you and your points of view as well…but we need to understand that corruption leads to overthrown governments, poverty and territorial division. I am not blind, i see that USA is trying to protect itself in first place using us, i hope this will never happen….but if a conflinct will emerge we need to have military technique, trained troups, no corruption and a strong economy. All these came from USA and EU so far…since 1945 until recently…nothing good came from Russia, we were poor, i don’t have to explin you the rule on Nicolae Ceausescu. If Russia wants influence…restore that economy so you can give something to choose from. Until then…let us choose what is better for us.


Luluța’s NAD (DNA) is one of the most corrupt, and incompetent
organisations in Rumania, her only mission, together with the securitate
successor led by Coldea, is to detain, and prosecute any potential
danger to jewmerican interests. The NAD’s dismal legal record is
appalling – most acquittals of all prosecuting offices. As Macovei said,
NAD was build up, and financed by the yanks, so they have the telling.
Speaking of Ceaușescu, he was more patriotic than the whole bunch of traitorous politicians currently in the parliament. Under him Rumania got one of the most prosperous nations behind the iron curtain, an industrial powerhouse, until he started to pay back the banksters money. His main failure was that he did it by unacceptably lowering the population’s life standards, so Rumania can export everything to pay back the loans as fast as possible. Suddenly he wasn’t the west’s darling dictator anymore. The securitate has sold out Rumania, including the Ceaușescu clan, for greenbacks in ’89, so that it’s inheritor, the RIS (SRI), can pull the cords after the “revolution”. What followed was a rapid destruction of the country, all industry being scrapped, so that the west can get a new colony, a vast market for crappy products, and cheap slave labor. The ’90ies were a slow motion of what is currently happening in Ukraine, minus the civilian war.


Don’t count too much on the shield or nato for the defence of romania, when times will become dire, nato has a habit of finding excuses to desert its allies, (south-vietnam, panama, sadam, marcos to name a few) and the shield will be saturated, medium range missiles and cruise missiles nowadays travel at supersonic speed. The shield is offering Europe the kind of protection pimps offer to their prostitutes.:-) Pure and simple blackmail.

World leaders know too wel that a nuclear exchange of the superpowers have far more reaching consequences than some 100 million people getting evaporated and radiation cancer from the initial strike. The real killers will be the biological weapons and the temperature dropping some 20C, there will be no harvest, most of mankind will die within a year from disease, lack of medicine and hunger.

Be sure that russian subs with enough fire power to destroy civilisation as we know it today, patrol cuban waters.

Missiles on cuba were traded off for american missiles stationed in Turkey.

Kire Stojanovski

I’m not that confident that Ponta’s resignation influenced the GDP growth, how can you be so sure in that, maybe with him it would have been even better? But it is a fact that in his time all the national debts of your country were paid. (Maybe that is the cause for the highest GDP growth this year.) And you’re labeling him as corrupted for what? For stealing cherries as a child? :) I’m telling this like a joke maybe but the real accusation for what he is under investigation now isn’t less comic than that: tax evasion of 1000 euros from 15 years ago! Isn’t it funny??
And here in Macedonia you say it is much more corrupted, maybe you’re right, it is not proven, but I won’t comment on that, but let’s see the facts: we have stable growth of the economy, of GDP. And the people (the majority) like Nikola Gruevski, they have given him their confidence on many elections consequently, and all the polls which are made show that people still like him. And know the USA ambassador is openly standing on the side of the opposition and is hard working on taking Gruevski down, against the peoples will. And in addition of that, Soros is founding the opposition in organizing riots and in spreading lies trough media. “Accidentally” this process started when Gruevski rejected to put sanctions against Russia and singed the construction of the South Stream.
I’m not much informed about how did the process of taking Ponta down was going, but watching what is happening here, it’s hard to believe for me that your USA ambassador and Soros foundations didn’t had any influence in the process and were just standing by side! And the similarities in the scenarios are indicating that those process are led by the same filmmakers too.
Wasn’t Russia that placed rockets on Cuba, it was USSR, but anyway, my question was is that an defensive move or an offensive one?
And you say Russia did the same thing in Donbas as in Crimea – but from the results it is more than obvious that it didn’t. Crimea was annexed without a single fired bullet (I repeat, after the plea of the Crimean people), while Donbas is flooded with blood! How can you imagine this two completely contrary situations to be result of the same action? And if Russia has really sent military in Donbas do you really believe that the war would have taken so long? Мore likely Kiev would have capitulated after a month (or a weak). And how safe were (and still are) people in Ukraine we can assure us from the happenings on the 2.5.2014 in Odessa, and numerous similar massacres across Ukraine!


22nd of June 1941, half a million romanians invaded the SSSR, with the aim of annexing Southern Ukraine, after the fall of Sevastopol, cleansing of the population in Odessa and Sevastopol imediately got going, thats the reason Antonescu got executed for war crimes. Do you call this a defensive action?
Further more what’s going on here, has nothing to do with the integrety of Romania, the point is Nato did not fullfill the signed agreement, with Gorgachev, not to expand eastwards to the russian border. Romania in this case is a victim of Nato and more of the EU blackmail. I am not anti-romanian,, but facts are facts.

Пепа Прасе

romanians, you dare to call yourself an ortodox people, you are nothing more than a gypsies, you will suffer for that shield and for your stupid brains.Americans give a fuck for you

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