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US Actions East Of Euphrates Are Aimed At Splitting Syria

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US Actions East Of Euphrates Are Aimed At Splitting Syria

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The creation of quasi-state local bodies on the eastern bank of the Euphrates by the US can be an attempt to split the country and is in contrary to decisions of the UN Security Council, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters at a news conference on August 30 following meeting with his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem.

“While being strongly opposed to the global community’s involvement in efforts to create conditions for refugees’ return to Syria’s territory controlled by the government, our American counterparts, at the same time, are actively restoring infrastructure on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river and even create quasi-state local government bodies there,” Lavrov said, according to the news agency TASS. “This gives rise to concern, this is fraught with attempts to split Syria, which is totally unacceptable and is a blatant violation of Security Council decisions, which has repeatedly demanded respect for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Lavrov also pointed out that the US has kept its military presence in southeastern Syria establishing a military base near the inhabited community of al-Tanf.

Earlier, the Russian side repeatedly raised questions about what was happening at this military base pointing to the movement of terrorists, including ISIS members, through that region.

On August 30, Syrian Interior Ministry Hasan Maruf revealed that the Damascus government is preparing a first organized transition of refugees from the Rukban refugee camp, near the al-Tanf base, to their places of previous residence.

“An important issue for us is the presence of Syrian citizens at the Rukban camp. Currently, we are planning the first organized transition of our citizens to the places of pre-war residence,” Maruf said.

He also adressed rumors spread among the refugees that the Syrian government would persecute these people.

“The rumors are baseless. They are a sign of prevocational activities of those opposing this peaceful initiative on returning the citizens to Syria,” he said.

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then check the new news there, about nasrallah and assad saying any attack on our troops this time will get a response……all hell would break loose…just as planned by them satanic jews


U.S.A…. Your Game is Over…Stop Snorting Cocaine you Retards…this whole Episode is starting to look like a movie…


We all know how that story ended…

Dušan Mirić

Cocaine is not enough. They set up European distributing center for Afghan H on Kosovo & Metohija


Yeah Kosovo & Albania..Criminal-NATO-Freehavens…The American Population is addicted to Afghan Opioids…Europe will follow…if they are not careful…

Icarus Tanović

That’s why those junks love Colombia and their pies!
CIA set up Pablo Escobar to destroy the healthy contry with megatons of cocaine, but it is spilling over to US.


They First Created Black Ghettos with the Drugs…. now they also need White Ghettos to keep the people in check in the States…

Icarus Tanović

That shit is gonna destroy states.


I thought it very amusing how when the US said it would take refugees from Cuba, Castro opened the prisons, and sent them to America.

Icarus Tanović

Hahahaha, good one!
And bay of pigs shit!

Gregory Casey

What has happened to the Syrian People throughout the past 7 – 8 years resulting from the truly shocking arming, training and financing of what we are commonly told are the enemies of America, UK, France, Israel Turkey & Jordan (but not of Wahhabi Saudi Arabia who have ever made clear their support for the Wahhabi State through the arming & financing of al-Qaeda / al-Nusra / ISIS), should stand as a salutary lesson for all in “the West”. That the Secular State of Syria and all of its People are rescued from their plight through the intervention of Russia, Hezbollah and Iran and the indomitable will of Syrians will forever stain the conscience of all thinking people.

Shame on Hillary Clinton; shame on Barack Obama; shame on David Cameron & Teresa May; shame on Donald Trump; Shame on Emmanuel Macron & predecessors; Shame on France; Shame on United Kingdom; Shame on America & shame on Israel & Benjamin Netanyahu PM of the newly minted ethno-fascist State of Israel.

As for the Saudis, they did no more and no less that I expect from them. Saudi Arabia is a Terrorist State and the centre of a vast web of Wahhabi-Islamic-Jihad Criminality. Jordan was probably bullied into hosting the joint Western/Israeli/Saudi Command but that does not forgive them. Qatar supplied money because they wanted their pipeline but they will forever be branded as having hosted the Jihadi.

No ……. no forgiveness for any of them.

As for Erdogan and his gang of thieves in Ankara? he and his henchmen were wholly criminal in their theft of the oil and resources of the Syrian People and in permitting vast numbers of Terrorists to freely pass across their Border with Syria to join with those already inserted from the South by joint DefCom in Jordan: for this they should never be forgiven but a certain latitude may be allowed if, and I guardedly say IF the Turks now ensure the clearance of Idlib and West and North Aleppo and the securing of Syria’s borders.

Kurds? 100 years ago, Kurds showed their true colours when they led, partook and ensured the massacre and ethnic cleansing of 1 Million + Armenian Christians, acting in lockstep with their Ottoman Masters. Judging by their actions over recent days in northern Syria, they are disposed to repeat this type of behaviour at will ………. their locking out of Assyrians from their local School and Church and the taking over of these Christian community facilities at the end of the barrel of a gun shows well how little has changed in the minds of the Kurds over the past 100 years. Their appropriation of the Syrian Peoples Oil and Gas Fields and their welcome to US French & British Special Forces who have assisted them in their attempt to sever Syria from the Euphrates and East to the border with Iraq from the more populous central, western, northern & southern zones, thieving and stealing the natural resources of all Syrians in circumstances where Kurds have been treated very fairly by the Syrian State throughout the past 65-70 years shows just how nasty, untrustworthy and traitorous the Kurds can be and have shown themselves to be. Kurds need now to stand up and be counted as Syrians. There is no future for Kurds within Syria if they persist in their attempts to split the Country and thieve the Natural Resources and Material Wealth of the Syrian People. American British French Israeli & Saudi support for this splitting of Syria is there for all to see but it MUST BE STOPPED. Kurds Armed Forces must decide whether they wish to be annihilated by a combined Syrian, Iranian, Hezbollah, Russian Force or whether they wish to live in peace and harmony with their Arab and Assyrian Christian fellow Syrians. The time is now. Idlib will fall and rest assured that whatever else Erdogan and his Turkish Thieves might wish for in Syria they will most certainly join with Syria and its Allies in squashing all thought by Kurds of a Kurdish State forever.

That America would seriously try to sever Syria along the Euphrates and seek to create a Kurdish State that would be in a constant state of War with Turkey to the north, Syria to the west and Iraq and Iran to the east is beyond comprehension to me …….. UNLESS ……. and of course!! a state of permanent War in Kurdistan would ensure that $$$$$$ would be minted at accelerated pace in Washington London & Paris for ever while the great and the good of American society would condemn all except the brave Kurds who 100+ years ago massacred Armenian Christians.

What a Fucxed-up world we live in!!

Dušan Mirić
Tommy Jensen


Icarus Tanović

Well, Jihad as proclaimed by those Wahhabi dogs isn’t really real Jihad the definition of it by Qur’anic and Hadit sources. The real Jihad we only see from Syriaan people struggle in bloody battles against Wahhabi Zionistic rats.
Now, as we all together help and free Syria from those, real struggle and repairs of country, peoples homes, woring places, factories, coal and thermo powerplants reparations.
Those things are Jihad, not those block heads that head chop kids and shout “Allahu Akbar!”
In one word, Wahhbism is black propaganda all over the msm, World in particular Western World of Islam.
Saudis are even that much rotten people that they printed about billion of fake Qur’ans and spread those all over the Wide World for free.
If you tak and compare that one, produced by High Saudi Comitee, and those printed in 17th or 18th century, that are still available and in use, you’ll see massive differences, massive ones.
But many West oriented ulemas are so ignorant, lust for power and Saudi money, that they promote that way of fakery and thinking.
Look at Ullema in Kazakhstan? What they did? They just wrote fatwa that Wahabies AREN’T actually Muslims at all. And that’s it. Problem solved.

Brother Ma

All correct apart from your emphasis only on Armenian Christians. They slaughtered and raped all Christians not associated with America/France and Uk. Strange indeed as those three countries were ALSO their enemies at the time.

Similar to how virulently jihadi headchoppers wont hurt a hair of a Jew but will chop any Christian on sight ,even ones associated with US,UK and France this time around. Hmm. And those three countries do what???…nothing!


Now that is excellent.

The Kurds are resented by local Arab populations in the areas to which they have spread. They have also made a deal with the devil that they will regret when shifting political winds in and financial pressure on the US will leave them exposed as fools, the good will from their troops’ efforts squandered.


Excellent text, Gregory, only a repair: I doubt that all or even the most part of the Syrian Kurds are with YPG and PKK, and these two political entities, or at least a part of them, are who accepted the yankees and their friends. Detail: to me, yankees are the north american imperialists, not the north american people, for more ignorant that it can be.

leon mc pilibin

The Zionist neocons are setting themselves up for a major defeat better to get out now while the going is good,as very soon the SAA and company will be kicking down the doors.


And how much this action of trump and may regimes is condemned is less. Both are dirty tumors on this world. God protect whole world from these both tumors. Ameen.

Tommy Jensen

I already told Lavrov and you guys what US was up to one year ago, but nobody would listen and alternative media remained silent.
If Lavrov cant see when I say it and cant hear what I write, Lavrov must learn it the hard way.


w︀а︀tch m︀y h︀оt n︀еw n d︀i︀r︀t︀y h︀о︀mеvi︀dео w︀i︀t︀h m︀y b︀i︀t︀c︀h︀е︀s, c︀hа︀t m︀е s︀mth h︀е︀r︀е ̩
S︀i︀ng u︀p a︀n︀d a︀dd m︀e: i︀︀al︀m︀a︀︀z︀.︀c︀o︀m︀/︀i︀d︀9︀4︀︀6︀︀1︀︀3︀︀0comment image


︀Y︀ou a︀re s︀o b︀e︀au︀t︀i︀ful︀.︀


A more accurate title to this article would be Israel and the Jews using the US as their rabid parasitical host attack dog are attempting to split Syria as part of the Yinon plan. If Israel and Jews didn’t exist, neither would this and many other wars. Assuming that Idlib, NE Syria and Al Tanf are cleared and Syria less the Golan are unified. The evil Jews still come out way ahead with massive damage done to Syria and non done to Israel that still retains the Golan.

What should be done is to correct the root problem, which is Israel and Jews. By standing up a Palestinian protection force under a UN mandate that is currently being worked on, that the Syrian government coalition can participate in, to not only clear the IDF and Israeli government out of the occupied Palestinian territories, but also Shebaa Farms and the Golan as well. Then the Syrian government coalition and regional governments, which could include Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and others, would have not only won the Syrian war completely, but would go a long way towards preventing further regional wars.

I’m in favor of dejuifying and unifying Palestine, and replacing Israel with Palestine at the UN, by tearing down the Gaza fence and West Bank barrier wall. And allowing Palestinian refugees to return to Palestine to help with the dejudification and unification process. And dejudifying the planet by outlawing Judaism for the evil pedophile mass rape cult that it is, and closing the synagogues and yeshivas so that there are no more Jews and they go extinct.

Properly put together, the Palestinian Protection Force consisting of regional governments that could include Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Russia and others. Would be capable of routing the IDF in clearing operations. If Israel refuses to cooperate and attacks the Palestinian protection force members outside of the occupied territories on their domestic territories, such as Israel does on a regular basis to Syria. Then Israel would be liable to have it’s UN membership suspended or revoked, and to be attacked directly to stop it’s attacks on it’s neighbors. And invaded, disarmed and disbanded on an as needed basis, so that it doesn’t exist anymore. Which would be a good thing.


Turkish Air Force:

comment image


Israel Air Force:

comment image


Turkey Armed Forces

Active Duty 512,000

Reserve 378,000

Egypt Armed Forces

Active Duty 438,500

Reserve 479,000

Iran Armed Forces

Active Duty 523,000

Reserve 350,000

Israel Defense Force

Active Duty 176,000

Reserve 445,000


The only things that pushed back the Egyptian and Syrian armies in 73 was the US air lift, the failure to close Egyptian and Syrian airspace to the IAF and the Israeli nuclear threat.

Syrian airspace is currently closed to IAF operations. The Egyptians have the S-300 and Buk systems, The Iranians have the upgraded S-200 and S-300 systems, and the Turks will soon have the S-400 systems. Between their air forces and air defense systems, the IAF would be considerably restricted in it’s ability to fly freely over potential Palestine Protection Force members. And would lose significant aircraft and personnel if they attempted to.

There are probably already nuclear weapons stationed in Syria, and there’s nothing preventing them from being stationed in Egypt, Turkey and other Palestinian Protection Force members. So that if the Jews resorted to a nuclear first strike, a counter strike ending the Jew threat could be used.

The Jews have no defense against conventional hypersonic missiles that the Palestinian Protection Force would have. That would render their surface military facilities and forces in the occupied territories and Israel defenseless to destruction. without significant collateral damage to non combatants.

Brother Ma

The Jews just bombed Damascus. So much for Syria’s airspace off limits to Israel. I will believe it when i see majority Israeli planes downed.


The reports that I’ve read say that the explosion was caused by an electrical short, not an Israeli attack. After they started getting planes shot down, the IAF has stayed out of Syrian airspace and used stand off weapons fired from outside Syrian airspace. Those planes could be taken down also, but at this time the Syrian military chooses not to for the time being.

Brother Ma

I hope what you say turns out to be true.

Brother Ma

How? UN has no funds ,balls or army of its own.


The UNSG report on a Palestinian protection force has two options, a UN force and a coalition of like minded nations. A UN force would be rejected by Israel, a coalition probably would also. But would be authorized to use military force if necessary. So if they deploy into Palestine and the Jews try to stop them, they’d be unable to. A regional coalition would have superior force and air supremacy. Turkey and Egypt each have as many modern fighter planes as Israel and equal or superior air defense systems. When you add in Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, etc.. The IDF would be seriously outgunned. And with the US, France and the UK staying out of it,like they did in 73, other than US resupply. The IDF would be unable to withstand clearing operations.

Brother Ma

Sounds wonderful but if those countries are willing to fight as a group in a hot war -in such circumstances- why are they not willing to fight israel right NOW as a group for Syria’s sake? Afterall ,if Syria falls it will be hard to physically unite their efforts in future; ie roadway,seaports


They wouldn’t get a UN mandate to fight Israel for Syria’s sake alone. They would for the Palestinians. Which could include the Golan and Shebaa Farms as well. Recovering the Golan would still leave the Jew problem primarily unsolved. Clearing the IDF and Israeli government out of the Palestinian occupied territories puts much stronger enabling capabilities in place to implement all of the UN and other resolutions that the baby rapers are in perpetual violation of. Including the right of return which can change the demographics to bring about the end of Israel and Jews in Palestine.

Brother Ma

Why not shoot all the planes even on israeli side NOW . I can’t see them doing it for the sake of Palestinians when they are not willing to do it for their OWN sakes NOW.


Because they don’t want to escalate the conflict and divert resources currently being used to defeat the regime change attempt and slow down their victory winning the war. When the Israeli attacks are a militarily inconsequential nuisance. The priority is winning the war first and recovering the Golan and dealing with the Jew issue second.


From the UNSG report, Protection of the Palestinian civilian population:

“(d) Physical protection: the United Nations, if mandated to do so, could deploy
armed military or police forces to act as a deterrent and, if necessary, to ensure the
safety of the civilian population. Alternatively, instead of establishing a dedicated
United Nations mission, groups of like-minded Member States operating under a
United Nations mandate could provide physical protection.

4. For each of these options to be viable, the cooperation of the parties, a sustained
cessation of hostilities and additional resources would be necessary. In addition, in
the case of the physical protection option, a United Nations mandate would be
required, as it would be if the civilian observer mission took the form of a United
Nations mission.”

– Tenth emergency special session
Agenda item 5
Illegal Israeli actions in Occupied East Jerusalem
and the rest of the Occupied Palestinian Territory
Protection of the Palestinian civilian population
Report of the Secretary-General –



Dividing countries is a common American tactic. The US divided Korea and Vietnam(The French were being paid by the USA) Even Germany was divided by the US/UK. Oh and lets not forget Yugoslavia.
The Americans always want their cut of the loot, it’s all about money, the USA worships money like it’s God.

Icarus Tanović

Kongo, and assassination of Hammarskjöld. Grenada, Nicaragua, and Chile. And many, many others.


And saintly beings in other countries live spiritual lives free of the need for money?


I hope that the Allies are negotiating with the enemy in Idlib and are trying to split the head-chopper factions, preparatory to allowing the least vile to surrender on terms, to get the tacit support of Sultan Erdogan to the re-establishment of sovereignty along the Syria-Turkey border and to encourage the Kurds to give in gracefully, before the Seppoes betray them.

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