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US accomplice with ruling Wahhabism

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“Saudi Arabia is part of the American-led axis that is the dominant coalition in the international ruling class”, according to the American political commentator Keith Preston.

US accomplice with ruling Wahhabism

Barack Obama, President of the US and Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud during G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey (AFP)

The United States of America has long led the international coalition willing to rule the world alongside with countries like Saudi Arabia where Wahhabism is the nation’s official religion.

It must be said that some radical Islam extremist groups originated from Wahhabism. In Preston’s own words, ISIL militants “are adherents of Wahhabism; as is Al-Qaeda, as is the Al-Nusra Front.”

Preston made those statements when asked about the recent legislation passed by the US House of Representatives to put a new visa restriction on Iranians which establishes that visitors from the 38 countries whose citizens are allowed to enter the US without a visa to obtain one if they have been in Syria, Iraq, Iran or Sudan in the past five years.

The measure came in response to the latest terrorist attacks of Paris and the shooting in San Bernardino, California whose responsibility was claimed by Daesh in the first case and by two radicalized and Wahhabism adherents in the second one and supporters of IS as well.

The nations affected by this legislation concerning the visa program are nations that in some way refused to be compliant states for Washington.

“Now what is interesting is that excluded from this legislation are nations like Saudi Arabia which is where these individual terrorists that carried out this incident in San Bernardino actually originated from,” according to declarations of the American political commentator.

Saudi Arabia is one of US’ two primary allies in the Middle East, along with Israel.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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