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US about to display warships in South China Sea


Alleging “freedom of navigation” precepts, US Navy is preparing an operation that might take place within days.

US about to display warships in South China Sea

Facilities built by the Chinese in Nansha Islands

Nansha Islands, also known as Spratly islands are now in the center of the international controversy because of China’s efforts to claim the totality of the archipelago as Chinese territory and also due to the construction of artificial islands and facilities in the mentioned location, seen by the US like a global threat and a clear determination of China to do whatever they want regarding to the South China Sea borders issue.

For that reason, the US Navy has already displayed an operation that might take place in the coming days involving warships sent within 12 nautical miles of the mentioned islands. According to them, this is just an application of “freedom of navigation”, when it’s more than obvious that the main goal behind this strategy is creating a destabilization atmosphere among the south pacific nations disputing the ownership of the territory previously stated.

Nevertheless, there are clear benefits on Chinese occupation of the islands like in the navigation safety subject or in the safeguard of fishing industry in the region as well.

Chinese authorities said that they won´t tolerate any American or foreign intromission or even worse provocation of any kind regarding their efforts to preserve their national sovereignty and safety as well.


Written by Lisbeth Mechter



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