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URGENT: Scam Attack on SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence


URGENT: Scam Attack on SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence

Dear Friends,

We were informed today that false statements (spam) are allegedly being disseminated in SouthFront’s name, whose text states the recipient owes money to SouthFront and demands payment to our Skrill account. According to available information, the spam messages are in French, mainly in France, Switzerland, and Belgium.

SouthFront is therefore making the following official statement:

  1. We are not distributing these messages, or any other form of email spam.
  2. All contributions which we receive have been made entirely voluntarily.
  3. Therefore nobody can possibly owe money to SouthFront since the project is not involved in any form of commercial activity.

It would appear that once again we together  are the target of a sophisticated trick deliberately perpetrated on SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence in order to discredit it. We are one of the few genuinely independent projects, which disturbs our foes and ill-wishers.

Foes are fidgeting. Thus, our joint actions ignite fear. This means we together are on the right track.

In the event you or any of your friends received such spam or have any information about these messages, please contact us at info@southfront.org

Dear supporters, please refrain donating through our Skrill account for two weeks while we are investigating this matter.

If you will to provide any support, please, use next ways:

URGENT: Scam Attack on SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence

URGENT: Scam Attack on SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence

Bitcoin: southfront90@list.ru Adress for BTC: 1PvKhgVDoXp96Yyp7Pgs5uMPkChSMA2G5n

Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team



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