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Unverified Video Shows Turkish Troops Torturing Syrian Captives In Greater Idlib


On February 29, Syrian activists shared a horrifying video allegedly showing Turkish service members torturing, beating and humiliating Syrian soldiers that had been captured by Turkish-backed militants in Greater Idlib.

Several armed men who are supposedly service members of the Turkish military can be seen in the video taking turns beating up three captives, allegedly Syrian Arab Army (SAA) personnel.

The brutal beating made some Syrian militants intervene to stop the Turkish service members. Nevertheless, they were pushed back. Towards the end of the video, the loud screams of the captives can be clearly heard.

A day earlier, opposition sources reported the capture of several SAA soldiers in the southern Idlib countryside. These reports may have been referring to the captives seen in the torture video.

Earlier this week, southern Idlib witnessed a series of Syrian airstrikes which killed 36 Turkish service members and injured dozens other.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has not commented on the unverified footage, thus far. The NATO is also yet to comment on the matter.

As usual, the incident was ignored by the main stream media. Violations against Syrian troops and government supporters are always underreported in the West, likely because they don’t fit the mainstream agenda.

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