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Unusual Shelling Kills, Injures Several Civilians West Of Syria’s Damascus (Photos)


Two civilians were killed and three others were injured when a shell hit their car west of the Syrian capital, Damascus, in the morning on July 21.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said that the civilians were traveling on a road near the town of Sasa when a shell landed next to their vehicle, blowing it up.

Unusual Shelling Kills, Injures Several Civilians West Of Syria’s Damascus (Photos)

Click to see original-size image.

Unusual Shelling Kills, Injures Several Civilians West Of Syria’s Damascus (Photos)

Click to see original-size image.

Local sources identified one of the victims as 3-year old Qamar Liwa al-Abd. The girl’s mother, Mariam Nasir al-Masri, was among the civilians injured in the shelling.

The source of the shelling has not been identified, so far. Sasa and the areas surrounding it are under the complete control of government forces.

Damascus has witnessed several small terrorist attacks, since the beginning of this year. On June 27, Talib Ibrahim, a Syrian political analyst who is known for his pro-government views, survived an assassination attempt, which injured his wife and son.

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  • Rob

    Look like ATGM has been used on this car. God punish these criminals and forgive sins of all these martyrs, lead their souls to heaven and give comfort to their loved ones. Ameen.

    Due to US and UK intervention in Middle East millions of innocent totally innocent civilians have been butchered.

    • David Parker


  • BlueInGreen

    Has anyone else been getting their Disqus posts marked as “spam” for no good reason or is it just me?

    • 1691

      Yes, you must have hit a nerve so the trolls have marked it as spam. You can do it by pressing the down arrow on the right of your name.

    • Lena Jones

      It’s happened to me a couple of times, actually.

  • klove and light

    i´ve written it for months/year and 2 ..and ill write it again…………the Agenda is what Counts….syria is on route for destruction/ for 1 Purpose only ..persia

    a one world Government with Jerusalem as ist capital under satanic jewish Leadership
    all nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic Entity named Israel are part of the Agenda…this includes Russia,usa,uk,eu,china etc….

    united nations security council

    all pricks..France,uk,usa,russia and China voted FOR an arms Embargo against the houthis while at the same time they ALL are selling most Advance weapons to the inavding Forces of Saudi Arabia and UAE

    all pricks France,uk,usa,russia and China voted FOR a no flight Zone over Libya, hence paving the way for destruction and jihadi paradise

    during the iraq and Iran war… all pricks sold ALL weapons to Saddam and ZERO to Iran as mentioned by ZAIF 2 days ago.

    ps. never ever ever would bashars Father ever ever give away his chemical weapons..never..

    well it was RUSSIA/Putin that made bashar do so…

    Putin u fucking zionisttreacherous pig
    wake the fuck up
    there is no good Russia or bad Russia or good USA or bad USA etc…
    just the Agenda!!!

  • Free man

    It looked like an assassination attempt that went wrong. someone targeting the wrong taxi with an ATGM.

  • David Parker

    How is the SAA ever going to root out all the terrorists from these formerly Daesch occupied cities and villages? Fighting such terrorists was one of the things that got Assad a bad name – heavy handed police and military interrogators. But how do you sort out such things? The CIA is a poison that does not go away overnight. The funding never ends either until the “war on drugs” is finally ended. The CIA becomes stronger with every drug sale and every drug bust jacks up the street price, win-win funding for the CIA that controls the drug market.

  • Bill Wilson

    Hell, that’s an old photograph. A near miss by an artillery shell wouldn’t of caused that much damage.