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Unusual Saudi Silence After Houthi Drone Targeted King Khalid Air Base

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Unusual Saudi Silence After Houthi Drone Targeted King Khalid Air Base

Illustrative image, a Qasef-2K being intercepted by a Saudi fighter jet.

On April 17, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) announced that they had carried out another attack on a military base in Saudi Arabia.

In a statement, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Yemeni group, said that a “sensitive military target” in King Khalid Air Base in the southern province of ‘Asir was struck with a Qasef-2K suicide drone.

The Qasef-2K drone is a copy of the Iranian Ababil-2. The drone has a range of up to 150 km and is armed with a high-explosive fragmentation warhead equipped with a proximity fuze. After reaching its destination, the drone blew up 20 meters over the target.

“This attack comes in response to the escalation of the aggression [Saudi-led coalition] and the ongoing siege on our country,” Brig. Gen. Sari said.

The Saudi-led coalition has not commented on the Houthi announcement, so far. Usually, this means that the attack was a complete success.

The Houthis have stepped up their drone and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia in the last few weeks. On April 11, the Yemeni group carried out a large attack with four drones and seven missiles on a number of targets in the Kingdom’s southern province of Jizan.

The Saudi-led coalition foiled some of the Houthi recent attacks. However, many others were successful and resulted in some serious material damage.


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johnny rotten

Then? The British and Americans are not of any help to the pedocracy Wahabi? Shame, with all the money the prince clown pours him every month. Go Houthi Go, Go, Go, Go,.

catalin zt


Just Me

The limey gits and Ameriswine cowards are not going to die for the Saudis. They just came to rip off the dumb Wahhabi oil. Most of the westerners working in the Persian Gulf pimpdoms and Saudi are unemployable bottom feeders anyway.

Gregory Casey

Well done & congratulations to Ansurala!

Jihadi Colin

The only good Barbarian is a dead Barbarian.

Icarus Tanović

Soo very right.

catalin zt

The only good anglo-saxon and jew is an killed an MUTILATED one! REMEMBER,this 2 SCUM races have no children only future CRIMINALS,WAR MONGERS, PAEDOPHILES AND FASCIST CAPITALISTS!


A few of us Anglo Saxons would agree with you.
Spare a thought for us :)


ras tanura, yanbu and or rabigh refinery are good targets for the houthis- clown prince is skint and shortfall in the oil revenue causes further hardship among the royals and the clown prince’s cousins most likely sharpening the knives, unless of course the clown prince is begging prime slime jared kushner to fix him a nuke from the jews in palestine – naziyahu is particularly in favourable to the prime slime.

Blas de Lezo

If a bunch of barefoot Houthis can do this imagine if Iran were to be attacked.

Just Me

Iran can finish off the Saudi scum in less than a day. The Saudi mercenaries are too scared to fly over Yemen, let alone face the world’s most effective and dense air defence systems over Iran, which the Ameriswine cowards and Zionist barking dogs can’t even go near.


Have the officers recently executed been replaced by inept yes-men who are sure not to disturb the Crown Prince with bad news?

Just Me

Most of the al Saud pimps have fled to Europe and US. Even the clown prince has not been seen in days after the Ansarallah drones came in waves over Riyadh.

Icarus Tanović

Anglozionazi wahhabis will cry and rage. Yemen is winning I’m not sure can even msm hide this fact.
Victory to Yemenis against domeatic traitors and Wahhabi monstrosities, together with their western NATO patrons.

catalin zt

God to hear you brother! Amen!

Just Me

Seriously, what can the cowardly Saudi scum say? Their army of morons has lost 70% of its armorial, its airports are being hit daily, the Sudanese mercenaries are running faster than Husain Bolt, its airforce mercenaries can’t fly due to the fear of being shot down. The Saudi idiots spent over $1.7 trillion on useless western junk weapons and now even the illiterate Wahhabi Bedouin are asking what is this losing war, started by the dumb headchopper MBS clown prince all about.


To put it Frankly, what else can the stupid Saudis say after the world watches their a$$ being kicked by the Houthis every day on live TV. Not a very awe inspiring look for the headchopper criminal MBS.

Icarus Tanović

Just keep it coming up. Set Aramco in flames that will rage for months to the heavens and skies above. Let black incandescent tar and ash rain down on them for months and years.
Allahu Akbar!
Free Yemen!
Death to Wahhabi Nato Zionists!
Enough of your psychopathological ages old maltreatment, crimes, murders, genocides of the peoples around the world.

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