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UNSC Adopts Resolution Condemning Escalation In Eastern Ukraine

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UNSC Adopts Resolution Condemning Escalation In Eastern Ukraine

Members of the Ukrainian armed forces ride on armoured personnel carriers near Debaltseve, eastern Ukraine, February 12, 2015. Photo by Gleb Garanich/Reuters

The recent military escalation in eastern Ukraine has drawn attention of the UN Security Council (UNSC).

The UNSC found the situation in the region very tense and adopted a statement on June 6 encouraging all parties in Ukraine to recommit to a 2015 peace agreement. The statement also expressed a “grave concern” at deteriorating situation in the Donbass  region, where the conflict is developing.

All 15 UNSC members including the US and Russia agreed on the statement, which was the first pronouncement by the UNSC on Ukraine since January 2017.

The UNSC condemned “continuous violations of the ceasefire regime, especially the use of heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, responsible for tragic deaths, including among civilians. ”

Last week, UN political chief Rosemary DiCarlo told the UNSC that “the relative calm that held in the early weeks of 2018 was followed in April and May by a sharp increase in the number of victims.”

“The security situation on the ground remains volatile,” DiCarlo said. “The killing, destruction and immense suffering continues” and “eastern Ukraine is facing a serious humanitarian crisis.”

Meanwhile, the military situation in eastern Ukraine remains tense with both sides involved in sporadic clashes.

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The Ukrainian nation is good but their pro US and pro Zionist politicians are puppets of US CIA, NATO and Israeli MOSSAD. They use target killers in Ukraine to eliminate any pro Ukrainian politician. The same US, NATO and Israeli target killers doing in other countries around Russia and China.

Now the question is how to identify and bring to justice all these US CIA, NATO and Israeli target killers that are active in different countries around Russia and China and killing important politicians.

For Russia and China this is so important to send well trained secrete counterterrorism forces in all states around Russia and China to fail all plots of US CIA, NATO and of Israeli MOSSAD of target killing.

Second Russia and China should establish an Asian platform for Asian actors to produce interesting TV video clips of jokes and fun in all Asian languages for awareness to avoid future chaos in Asia. This can bring safety, prosperity and development to the region.


what ukrainian nation dude? lol
learn to read…folks here are so funny…..
ukraine never existed…lol
part of russsia, part of poland, part of habsburg austrian monarchy…part of part of part of part of

1917 , 20th november congress of 900 people created ukraine during the horrors of WW1….with the help of germany
this nation only exists on paper….


Our zionist troll strikes again. Most of that part of Europe ‘never existed’. Where’s Prussia? Do you know the changing borders of Poland and Germany?

What matters is the situation TODAY. Crimea is not part of Ukraine under any calculation. Present Ukraine needs to be split into new nations. The zionist appeaser, Putin, would rather see absolute misery and death continuous for the people of novorussia than force a situation AGAINST the wishes of his jewish masters (and Ukraine is home to all the jew cyber criminal gangs responsible for most of the ransomware).

Today, Putin- in perfect sync with the Deep State of the West, forced the retirement age in Russia up. This despite Russians having a terrible life expectancy against people living in the West. Putin’s crackdown on internet freedom, now this. Man of the people- what a JOKE.

Who here is suprised that the jewish Hitler began his current world tour as the honoured guest of Putin? Putin sits at the same high table as Trump, the jewish Hitler, and the rest of the scum ‘masters’ of Humanity.


I’m sure both sides will insist that the other started it, and honestly believe it to be true. But since the goal here should be to prevent war it doesn’t matter who threw the first punch.


With the commencing of the FIFA World Cup just days away, expect the US/CIA to push their Ukrainian stooges to escalate the conflict.

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