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Unrest In Southern Damascus: Gunmen Attacked Syrian Army Posts In Kanakir

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Unrest In Southern Damascus: Gunmen Attacked Syrian Army Posts In Kanakir

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Late on February 6, local gunmen attacked a number of posts and checkpoints of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the town of Kanakir to the south of the capital, Damascus.

Opposition sources said that the attacks were carried out in response to the killing of Naim Abdul Rahim al-Zamil, a former rebel from Kanakir. According to the sources, al-Zamil was shot and killed by a local pro-government group led by Walid Hafez, who is affiliated with the SAA’s 4th Division.

Al-Zamil was reportedly a fighter in the Free Syrian Army’s al-Furaqn Brigades, which was active in Southern Damascus and al-Quneitra in the early years of the Syrian war.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SAA deployed reinforcements in Kanakir after the attacks, which didn’t result in any losses.

Unrest In Southern Damascus: Gunmen Attacked Syrian Army Posts In Kanakir

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The attacks are a violation of the reconciliation agreement that was reached in October of last year. The agreement spared Kanakir an operation by the SAA, which was planning to hunt down armed radicals in the town.

The situation in Kanakir is reportedly calm now. However, the army will not likely let the recent attacks pass by. A military escalation seems to be likely.


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Lone Ranger

These faglets will be toast in 24hours.
Good riddance.


The Assad Crime Family … nah

They still need to negotiate a place to live …. where could it be now? lol

Lone Ranger

Probably Tel Aviv after Iran wins :)


Your nightmare is approaching …

Lone Ranger

Oy gevalt…

Jens Holm

As we see it right now it seemes Assads are declining more and more.

They not even has militarhy control unless they are there all the time, which they cant.


Its called fighting terrorism clown,the initiative is always with the terrorists.

Jens Holm

This is not of matter of terrorosme at all.

Its a matter why people are so desperate, that they becomes violent the other way around TOO, TOO, TOO.

That should have been prevented clown Yourself. Its named as GOOD GOVERNESS for all in the country.

I get stories here again and again. Fx Kurds kind of invaded Syria. Well Syria as landscape was moved north full of Turkmen, Kurs and Yazedis. I dont think they asked for that and to be with You at all. They never was asked.

Next fx could be they lshould live like arabs in an arabic state with arabic names for themself and their villages and the rest too. 30% was never arabs. GOT IT. Wekk You dont.

And its the axact same shitty thing for Turkey and in % even worse, becaise 25% in east concentrated cant even be recognized as Kurds and even was named as Mountain Turks.

No wonder so many finally shoot back. The terror anytime has begun the other ways around.

You lie about yri as a State too. For hundreds of years, there was no Syrian State. Before the Osmans it was some Christian greeks running the place and efore that Persians as well as Romans and even Mongols for a while.

So the hard job was to unite that strange neocolonialistic konglomarat also looking like som strange quagmire.

Thats total fiasco. Almost one of three is not even in the socalled country and the rest id fighting even with several proxies.

Where is the money fx from oil. Well they certainly is not helping all living in Syria. So where is the money then. Some people do work there even they are low producyives kept in the dark???

Easy: War in 1948. War in 1967. War in 1973 and infections into Lebanon, where I would say, they already had their own problems as well. But OH no Assads should invade Lebanon.

Thats where the money – WAS.

I think You one day should add all the tanks and airplanes lost to Israel and see how many milliuons was used there for minus only.

Now Lebanon is worse then bankrup too. And I hear here several times a week, that people dont understand Jordan wont be like You and they even are supported by USA and UK about it – and You think thats wrong.

I dont see that. Why the FOOOORK should they live like You or prefare the country so many has left. But those of course dont count and all of them are registrated by Assads as supporters.

Well some of them are. But the reason is what You have written Yourself. They are all indoctrinated to their own choise is Assads or Terrorisme and anything from Kurs is bad omen or worse.

Here it of course also is ignored that most parts of the world is different and they are kept away from knowing any choise by propaganda of the worst kind.

I take it again: If things where I live was as descreibed by Assads or for that matter the Ayatollah, we were collased many years ago. So we are not.



The Assad Crime Family can’t even keep the peace in Damascus?

The Future is About to Land …

Jens Holm

Damaskus actually is a very big Oasis area.


I liked the band Oasis … Damascus … not at all

Jens Holm

I had forgotten Oasis. I liked them too. I have Youtube and find them.

I have very old travel descriptions from bustrips from Bagdad to Damaskus. Its about what they can see from the busses whas they were growing and clothe they were wearing in about 1935.

Coffee and tea was first class.

I have never been there but I know it has grown from something beautilfull and into just too much. .


My animus is that they didn’t allow the Jews to leave … I’m from Toronto and it so happens a women FROM Toronto … helped the Syrian Jews to escape Syria … one by one

Jens Holm

That was in 1967.

I looked up too. Other countries has done same thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judy_Feld_Carr#Rescue_of_Syrian_Jewry

WE try the opposite for fx Somalia. They wont take Somalis back unless we pay for it:(

Jens Holm

Haha. The Syrian Jews has Golan:)

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