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Unrest In Raqqa: US-backed Forces Launch Operation Against Own Arab Unit


Unrest In Raqqa: US-backed Forces Launch Operation Against Own Arab Unit

Kurdish fighters raise flag of PKK leader in centre of Raqqa

On June 23, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) imposed a curfew inside the city of Raqqa. The Syrian “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” blog reported that units of the SDF’s security forces (Asayish) had surrounded all the headquarters of the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) group – Thuwar al-Raqqa Brigade – inside the city.

According to local sources, several members of the Thuwar al-Raqqa Brigade and their relatives have been arrested or assaulted by the Asayish, so far.

In an official statement, the Thuwar al-Raqqa Brigade confirmed that Asayish is currently besieging its headquarters in Raqqa and called on the US-led coalition to intervene and put an end to this situation. The FSA group also called on the civilians to protest in the city against the Kurdish-dominated force.

From its side, the SDF claimed in an official statement that its security forces are conducting a security operation against several cells of ISIS, which managed to sneak into Raqqa. These cells conducted a series of operations and killed four fighters of the SDF lately, according to the official statement.

Raqqa will likely witness a dangerous escalation in the upcoming days as many sides are calling on the civilians there to protest against the aggressive polices of the SDF. Such tension was highly expected by local observers who have warned from the beginning that the Kurdish-dominated force will not withdraw from the Arab city after its liberation from ISIS.



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  • leon mc pilibin

    Kurds are idiots through and through. They could have had more by staying loyal to Damascus,but allowed themselves to be used as pawns by the back stabbing Zionists. And for what?A waste land,and ongoing death and destruction, while the Zionists plunder the resources .

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      whores never can help themselves and is what kurds have always have been. Someones bitch.

      • Brother Ma

        Bravo Promitheas. Excellent metaphors!

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          it would have been if I was indeed, was speaking metaphorically, but what I said, it is a matter of fact, for those I commented about.

          • You can call me Al

            I dont think he meant any insult, you wrote in a way, we all understood.

          • Brother Ma


      • Thunder

        how can they be whores slave? when so many countries make them countriless?they need a home i agree and no matter what you naysayers and slaves say these r good fighters who earned some land given to them for spilling their blood and sweat against isis your just a coward behind a computer go join these fighters and speak such disrespect weak ass slave

        • Rafique Rabhi

          They never fought Isis you idiot. They are on the same page. It’s called The Zionist Script and both SDF and ISis are black pawns in this game of chess. ISis just gave up the ground because they where ordered to do so.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          given to them, by whom, you moronic thunderfart?

    • as

      I second you. Idiots through and through. The ‘prodigal son’ don’t want to play nice with the common Syrians because they’re the loved child that’s different than anyone else in the US deep pocket

      • Maxime St-Jacques

        Hello Jihadi it is so nice to know that your Device doesn’t remember its outrages…

        • SG

          I suspect that you may have misunderstood the context of the information that I shared earlier. You should also understand that so-called “fact checkers” to combat so-called “fake news” aren’t free of ulterior motives, they are merely there to reinforce and protect the status quo in order to protect a supranational plutocratic elite from losing their enormous wealth, power and influence in the world; otherwise they’d be imprisoned or killed and their privileges taken away from them as a result of their very long history of criminal activity.

          I am white myself and I shared anti-white lies that are frequently propagated by the mainstream media (news & entertainment), I shared it because I am highly critical of it (the anti-white lies) and those who write/produce and publish it deserve to be either thrown in jail or shot to death for deliberately inciting racial tensions as a result of their attempts to vilify white people in their successful attempts to turn certain racial-ethnic minorities against them.

          And then there are idiots who confuse certain things or statements that aren’t racist as being “racist,” which is often a result of cultural misconceptions and misinformation peddled by the media. Bringing up verifiable facts aren’t racist, but of course there are those fools who refuse to challenge lies they’ve been indoctrinated to believe in. They either refuse to realize it or are unable to through a combination of upbringing, life experiences, their level of knowledge and also their intelligence. Curiousity is after all one of many indicators of intelligence, and of course there are those who will result to ad hominem fallacies when they are unable to win the argument.



        • SG

          Someone here also got confused when I alluded to the “We Wuz Kangz” meme where a number of African Americans mistakenly believe they are the descendants of Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, Moors, Berbers and Phoenicians.

          They even arrive to delusional conclusions about the ethnic-racial identity of William Shakespeare, Ludwig van Beethoven, and others having been black rather than their actual race or ethnic group. They’ve gone as far as believing that everyone was black 3,000 years ago and before then, even to the extent that they founded every civilization on earth and actually believe that Europe in the dark ages was predominately African.

          This is of course absolutely ridiculous, especially considering the overwhelming amount of evidence (historical, archaeological, anthropological, DNA samples) that Sub-Sahharen Africans were never responsible for any of these civilizations, they are merely taking credit for other civilizations due to the low self-esteem they feel over the fact that they never founded any advanced civilization.

    • gustavo

      USA intelligence has the ability to find traitors to his own country in order to use them against that country.

  • Rob

    What is the difference between native Americans and American migrants? Native Americans are victims while the American migrants are child butchers.

    What is the difference between native Palestinians and Israeli migrants? The native Palestinians are victims while Israeli migrants are child butchers.

    • SG

      The oldest human remains ever discovered among both American continents date back to around 9,000 BC, this were discovered occurred in Washington state; prior to that discovery, the earliest known human remains in North America were discovered along the Florida keys and date back to around the period of 5,000 BC when ocean sea levels were shorter worldwide.

      According to the DNA samples were taken from both aforementioned archaeological sites, these ancient homosapien corpses are remarkably identical to the genomes and haplo-groups of modern day Western European ethnic groups.

      The First Americans: http://atlanteangardens.blogspot.com/2018/05/the-first-americans-civilizations-of.html

      Furthermore, the largest abundance of the oldest known art in the world have been discovered from all across Europe, also including European Russia and the Caucasus of Asia (previously known as the Orient).



      • Merijn
        • SG

          The link you sent me: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/north-america-first-humans-colonist-evidence-scientists-alaska-genetics-a8140231.html

          I have noticed that the vast majority Aborigines in North and South America do not resemble their Mongoloid ancient ancestors, whose Mongoloid population crossed the land bridge between Alaska and what is now the Russian far-east (east of Siberia) that was eventually flooded out and became what is now the Bering Strait. Also, there used to be a very thick and expanse connection between Europe and North America linked together by a very large mass of ice back when Arctic covered a much larger area than it does today.

          Native Americans and Northern Europeans more closely related than previously thought: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/11/121130151606.htm

          [Using genetic analyses, scientists have discovered that Northern European populations descend from a mixture of two very different ancestral populations, and one of these populations is related to Native Americans.

          According to Nick Patterson, “There is a genetic link between the paleolithic population of Europe and modern Native Americans. The evidence is that the population that crossed the Bering Strait from Siberia into the Americas more than 15,000 years ago was likely related to the ancient population of Europe.”]

          In other words, Native Americans are most likely the result of large-scale miscegenation (race-mixing) between white Caucasoids (quite likely the original skin tone of all Caucasians) and Mongoloid peoples.

          The picture of the human skull in the link you sent me doesn’t appear to be a homosapien, therefore it is more likely to be a more archaic sub-species of human beings (homosapiens of course being the only human sub-species alive today, except for pygmys which may be closer related to Denisovans):

          Geneticists Decode the European Genome: http://www.renegadetribune.com/geneticists-decode-european-genome/

          [A team of geneticists were recently successful in sequencing a 37,000
          year old European genome in Copenhagen. This permitted them to determine
          the genetic history of Europe’s earliest modern humans.

          Analysis revealed that Scandinavians were most closely related to the prehistoric Cro-Magnon peoples, who are most famous for their ancient cave-wall paintings in southern Lascaux, France. The Cro-Magnon lived in Europe
          from 20,000 – 50,000 B.C, only a fraction of the 400,000 years the
          Neanderthals inhabited Europe, Western Asia and North Africa.]

          (37,000-year-old European genome) Present-day Europeans are identical to the first people in Europe:



          • matt

            THEY WERE BLACK

          • SG

            Cheddar Man Not Black After All, Geneticists Admit:


            It’s a horrible year for Afrocentrics and it’s only March.

            Afrocentrism is a one-dimensional thought protocol and fails to conform
            to any modern logic. It is a distorted ideology supported by adherents
            of racist black supremacists; a faction whose population has been deemed
            harmful to civilization. I will progressively dismantle their
            ‘arguments’, ‘debates’ and deceitful pretexts and extreme bias. I waste
            no time, effort nor enjoyment in shredding their resolve to pieces.]


            The Faulty Science Behind Cheddar Man: https://videopress.com/v/Lf1X7fti


            How Identity Politics is Invading Western Science:

            [Liberal-Marxist political schemes have now disrupted the evolutionary
            rise of Western Science; and the only thing holding us back, is a
            dogmatic set of forms that will equalize, rather than make exceptional
            the European spirit of inquiry that made Western Culture so


          • matt

            you are nuts

          • SG

            You’re simply a brainwashed fool who cannot adequately debunk the evidence I presented, therefore you resort to launching ad hominem attacks on my character, on top of childishly insisting that I’m wrong when I have the facts and you have none.

          • matt

            EVIDENCE????? since when is youtube evidencial??? you are a dumb ass
            If you really read the article in the dailymail, it says that there is a BIG chance he was black, REALLY something else then PROOF he was white!

          • SG

            The cognitive dissonance you’re experiencing is tied to your ego and your confirmation bias. The links I presented contain links and showcasing of reliable source material, whether you ever understand they are correct is a whole other matter. I also encourage you to avoid a logical fallacy termed the ‘appeal to authority’ fallacy: to assume that one is correct because he is an authority figure and/or a mainstream media source.


            [Absent the pressures of the past and a marked decrease in warfare, we would be facing racial stagnation; yet instead, as a result of the implemented Jew Supremacist plan of white genocide via open borders and promotion of
            miscegenation, an intense culling pressure has begun to refine our maternal line, eliminating non-violently from our gene pool the debris of the past.]

            UN Definition of Genocide: http://www.un.org/ar/preventgenocide/adviser/pdf/osapg_analysis_framework.pdf



          • matt

            you are just a pathetic white boy….

          • SG

            Obviously you’ve ran out of arguments, so naturally you result to pathetic comments and racist remarks. Beware pissing them off or one day you’ll be sorry that you blamed all of your problems on an entire race of people. Take your ‘We Wuz Kangz’ bullshit elsewhere.

            Black Panther The Delusion of Wakanda – VertigoPolitix (Mirror): https://pewtube.com/user/LiberumArbitrium/fJC9lGl




          • SG

            ASuperEgyptian: https://www.youtube.com/user/ASuperEgyptian/videos

            7phoenician7: https://www.youtube.com/user/7phoenician7/videos


            racist BLM loser, it is after all a black supremacist hate group
            masquerading as a rights organization. Leftist Jews and even right wing
            Jews easily manipulate the minds and emotions of these people, Jews on
            both the left and on the right are on the same side while pretending to
            be against each other. The same is true for nearly every democratic
            country in the world today.

            According to them, it isn’t okay to
            be white. They seem to view white people as abominations that need to be
            wiped off the face of the earth, while at the same time thinking that
            it’s racist for white people to want to defend their own existence and
            self-determination, and at the same time not racist to scream “I hate
            white people! Let’s go kill them!.”


            It’s Okay to be White:

            [A frank discussion of the “It’s Okay to be White” flyers and how such a
            simple campaign has been so effective in not only reaching out to those
            who are sympathetic to our message, but also in making our opponents
            show their true colours. But this simple campaign has also managed to do
            something much bigger and much more important – it has effectively
            communicated the threat of white genocide to the public.]


          • matt

            what is racist on my remark?
            i think YOU are the racist here, and your links proof that you are in fact a pathetic white boy

          • SG

            Referring to me as a “pathetic white boy” is the racist remark, sharing statistics proven to be valid is not racist. How would you feel if I called you a pathetic black boy or an asphalt ape? There are places in the US, Europe and Africa that whites can’t go to because they could be killed for their racial identity.

            Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, etc are the most violent and the least tolerant people on the planet, conversely Whites and Asians are the most tolerant and the least violent of people. But of course not very many admit to it and resort to endless complaining and psychological project rather than owning up to their own behavior.

            Thug culture inherent to the shoddy rap genre of music has done nothing but harm to black people, not to mention the countless double standards involved. Imagine how blacks would react to whites if we were to talk about black people the way black people talk about white people. African Americans would riot, shop lift, and kill a few people in the process like usual, while the police would be ordered to stand down as they do towards Antifa and BLM.

            If whites rioted, the media would blow it out of proportion ten or one hundred fold. It’s as if they fail to understand that everything they criticize the negative actions of whites throughout history, while completely ignorant (or uncaring) of the fact that blacks, Muslims, Jews and everyone else did the exact same thing and yet the faux liberal media continues to push its anti-white Cultural Marxist narrative down everyone’s throats.



          • Merijn

            I myself am a White Boy…FullBlood Native Dutch for 900 years…them Dutch have been a very Violent couple of Farmers & Pirates through the Ages… We entered & Seized Spanish Armadas… We fought with Spain…England…Germany…France…Romans (we kicked their arses above the Rhine…Vikings and a couple of others here & there… we took over the Trade in Indonesia from the British & them Portugese..indonesian Tribes that did not listen we just burned the Island and shot the inhabitants with the help of some other Indonesian Tribes.. Divide & Conquer surely does the J.O.B….Traded Manhattan for a Bag of Beads and some mirrors…heavily involved in the Slavetrade discovered New Zealand..Tasmania…today our Harbour Imports a lot of Cocaine for Europe & elswhere.. but Sssttt don’t tell anyone…this is Holland… Homeland of’m Peacelovin’ White Hippy Boys…

          • matt

            again, you proof yourself to be a pathetic white boy. How come you think i am black?
            I am white as well :))))))
            The reason why i call you pathetic white boy is that you ARE one
            White people have been the most violent people in human history, you are delusional and an idiot

          • matt

            Have you EVER been in Africa??? I did! Have you been in South America? I did!
            In my point of view, black people are the least violent and hispanic people are very gentle

          • matt

            WHITE TRASH!!!!

          • SG


            [Europe: Completely destroyed by 2 world wars where tens of millions died. Recovered and is now full of prosperous economies.

            Africa: Colonised for a bit. The poorest region on Earth.

            There seems to be a missing factor here.]


            [Our technology may be getting smarter, but a provocative new study
            suggests human intelligence is on the decline. In fact, it indicates
            that Westerners have lost 14 I.Q. points on average since the Victorian Era.]

            Take note of changes to Germany’s national rating of average IQ per capita:

            Before 2015: http://prntscr.com/jysq47

            2015 and After: http://prntscr.com/jysqfv

            The most up to date international average IQ scale per country: https://iq-research.info/en/average-iq-by-country

          • Maxime St-Jacques

            such a discrimination… it raises hate and nurtur peovocative failure over the time lost to take care about they are being treated as anyone on our country. The hufftingtonpost is a ShIT

          • Maxime St-Jacques

            He deserves death for the toll we wrote for. Explains : ok : La chose : the thing : est un fluide psychique magnétique dépersonnalisé
            selon moi. Is, according to me a depolarising psycho-energetic magnetic
            fluide and may come from the abyss. Il faut protéger le champ
            magnétique qui soutient l’axe de rotation terrestre en conduction de
            l’énergie libre. http://genesedelaprovidence.e-monsite.com/ End.

          • Maxime St-Jacques

            There is a poisonous mosquito isn’t ?

          • SG

            And I’ve already shown information proving that the Cheddar man was misreported to be black, as well as the fact that the oldest human remains ever discovered took place last year in 2017 and were found in Europe rather than Africa. Only an idiot would baselessly accuse me of racism for disagreeing with their deeply entrenched misconceptions.

            Science is not religion, it can change when new evidence is changes the understanding of something. Apparently you have also never heard of human anthropology, which is not racist as Judeo-Cultural Marxists and their Communist predecessors would like to have you believe. As a dear friend of mine once said, “never discuss ideas with idiots.” Evidently I made that mistake today in this articles comments section.

          • SG

            Your mind is too rigid to comprehend you black supremacist, get it in your head that I am not someone you want to trifle with. You also completely misunderstood everything I typed in this comments section, I’ve watched you time and time again as you were scolded by many people on this site for your trolling activity and your overall foolish and provocative remarks.

          • SG
          • Maxime St-Jacques

            If you believe in all this shit you post on my behalf, do you believe when I am getting out of your way, it will pay back ? So what will be new for you ? The people will consider that all the psychopaths belonging into the whole North America will not remember ? You try to get me under your lackness of brain, or lackness of I.Q. do you wonder ?

          • SG

            This is backed up by scientific evidence, not an unscientific book called the bible you radical Christian evangelist, or are you are a Morman or Jehovah’s witness?

          • Merijn
          • matt

            the “caucasian” features some of them have might very well come from the european settlers. These pictures where made about 350-400 years after the first whites landed on the shores of the america’s
            and for sure both sides raped each others wifes !!

          • Merijn

            And intermarriage… which was pretty common for Trappers & Traders… there were only indigenous women around…

          • matt

            you’re right
            but sometimes some native americans kidnapped white women from the settlements and i think in many cases white people chose to live with the natives. In fact, life in the settlements wasn’t free at all, strict religious and social rules and taxes for the ongoing wars had to be paid…

          • Merijn

            Many Settlements were made on Treaty-Land (Land that belonged to the Natives)… Illegal Settlements just like happened to the Palestinians and many Others (the Kurds are trying it too by the way sorry)…So Wars were the result… stay away from OUR Huntinggrounds was the deal they made with the U.S….the U.S. used them Treaties as Toiletpaper…they always Say This & Do That…forked tongue… speakin’ both ways is lying right? Know Your History… it Always repeats itself….strange isn’t it..? It almost looks like a plan…without any creativity…

          • SG

            Here they use the exact same arguments that leftists make, but instead they use them to take over the new world (just as you said, we’re all the same…):


            The origins of the Ainu are discussed:



          • SG

            You speak as if no one was like the US and the Roman empire, your far-left “liberal social studies” classes are based on what is called Cultural Marxism which originated from the Frankfurt school in Weimar Germany and afterwards at Columbia university in New York.






          • Merijn

            I Speak as Someone who’s Brothers & Sisters were and still are being Slaughtered by the United States of America…and I’m getting Pretty Fed Up with these Massmurderining Psychopaths… The U.S. Government are a Bunch of Warcriminals and 90% of the Americans let them continue…So They are Accomplishes

          • SG

            So am I and it is pretty awful that the US is doing it. However they are not alone, NATO/EU countries, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other countries are also involved. However anglo-saxons aren’t the ones who are the dominant class in the United States, Jewish supremacists run the show on both the liberal and conservative sides of politics, as well as the media.

            Jews have historically worked in white collar jobs and have a long
            history whose behavior is often to the detriment of the people in the
            lands they lived in. Although late capitalism also helped a lot in
            uplifting the masses, I am against the idea of politicians sidelining
            their own country’s national interests in favor of predatory plutocratic

            The false notion of white male privilege helps to divide society and misdirect public attention away from more important problems that exist in reality. Wherever anyone goes, the majority racial-ethnic demographic that has lasted for many centuries and in other cases for thousands of years want to remain the majority and want their homelands kept intact. White people deserve this right just like everyone else, even though everyone has a common ancestor; all races and ethnicities deserve protection and should be preserved.

            These are my opinions anyway, I am also sorry for what I sent to you and others on here. I would like to thank you for understanding, I also appreciate your patience despite the fact that I got all riled up regarding these sorts of topics.

          • Merijn

            I’m a White Man…With White Man’s Priviliges…. I never get Checked by them Coppers.. “Colored” Friends of Me are Regularly checked here in Holland

          • SG

            As you probably know, the vast majority of people in the US and around the world highly disapprove of their government’s war crimes and cannot do very much about it, unless Americans violently overthrow their own government which is viable as long as registered gun owners hold onto their guns, that is why they have them after all and most of those school shootings and gun massacres that are sensationalized by the media are engineered psyops rather than actual mass shootings.

          • Merijn

            Keep Your Guns is My Advise… Your Government wants them so that eventual Resistance in the Future can be easily Resolved and the “Rebels” can be put on Transport to a Fema-Camp…

          • SG

            Although in Canada, we have stricter gun laws of course.

          • Merijn

            Canada is Big Enough… Wilderness Everywhere… Bushcraft & Hidin’ Easy…Good Country when the Shit Hits the Fan… Being Obsessed with Whites gettin’ screwed is crazy shit though…

          • SG

            There are also many places to hide in the US, also whites have been as aggressive as anyone else. In fact, we’ve been more aggressive towards ourselves over the past century. However the world should unite against the greatest threat to all of humanity, that threat is world Jewry.

            White people in the present are not responsible for what our ancestors did; we don’t deserve to collectively die as a race, we deserve to continue living and remaining the majority in our homelands just like everyone else regardless of their race or ethnicity.

            Jews are pushing for white genocide because they be the only race of people on earth, they want everyone to lose their identity and become an become complete and utter slaves to their Jewish masters; at the same time Jews want to remain Jewish and stir racial-ethnic and ideological conflict as a means of divide & conquer.





          • Merijn

            However the world should unite against the greatest threat to all of humanity, that threat is world Jewry….

            I totally agree that the World should Unite… but how do you think to accomplish that… by dividing the World constantly in Races & Ethnic Groups? Humanity is Humanity… that is ONE group with cultural differences… which is Good… different believes & habits… there is this EVIL around…. and it is not bound to one specific Group… it is All around… it has WON on Earth at the Moment… This Evil has to be Exterminated at its Roots….whoever might be an Instigator, Perpetrator, Participant, Accomplish or Henchman… Judge’ & Hang’m

          • SG

            There is plenty of wilderness to hide in the US as well. There is nothing crazy about “being obsessed with whites gettin’ screwed” and it isn’t “crazy shit” to spread awareness about it. Whites have been the aggressor? Everyone’s been the aggressor at different points throughout history and none of that justifies genocide, regardless of whether it is a violent genocide or a so-called “soft” one via excessively dishonest propaganda, miscegenation and mass immigration.

            All white people deserve to remain the majority in their respective countries of origin that their ancestors built and managed. The same applies to all other racial and ethnic identities, regardless of what their ancestors did. White people have also been the victims of genocide, invasions and slavery, etc; even by those who aren’t white.

            For instance, the Persians, Turks, Mongols and Arabs used to be existential threats to Europe and the white race; and due to the current “refugee” crisis in Europe, Muslims and Jews once again pose a significant threat to the annihilation of an entire race of people. We are not all the same and the diversity of differences between all peoples should be respected and upheld, regardless of the past.


          • Merijn

            If someone comes as a Friend, I’ll shake his Hand… Come as My Enemy and I will Fight you Hard & Brutal… For me it doesn’t matter whether they are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Atheist, Jew, Buddhist or whatever… I can learn from each individual…There are Good Folks & there are Bad Folks…

          • SG

            “Miss! Never trust a Jew!” – Nikola Tesla to his secretary. His words are an eternal truth.

            Truth Hertz: Akhenaten the Kosher King (3-22-18):


            [Charlie starts by relaying some interesting things about our “founding fathers” and then continues with the topic of ancient Egypt and how Akhenaten was used to bring back the dominance of the Hyksos heebs with a new monotheistic religion.]

          • Merijn

            Trust is a Big Word these days… Goes for All People…

          • SG

            I’m not sure about George Washington having been a Jew, however the founding fathers were definitely freemasons who are in fact Jewish puppets.

            Jewish Talmudic Quotes: http://www.rense.com/general86/talmd.htm


            300th Masonic anniversary mentioned in the link above:




          • SG
          • SG

            You can easily maintain peace and freedom with ethno-nationalism, no
            racism, and without forcing any race or ethnic group to go extinct, the
            only exception to this are Jews.




          • Maxime St-Jacques

            That guy is insane. Unfortunately, it is the way they can copy over our mind when we are far away. He will learn as a hybrid personnage. We have to know that these guys are not being flawless at all into this fight, because, when we consider the impact of such lies they can commit, do they omit some critical facts in describing the horror they commited under the lack of one’s gentle words and dispositions they misleadingly borrow without sending back to the interrested troll ? We must know that when they drink your soul, they are being undoubtful for a while.

          • SG

            It’s as if you have no understanding of the fact that white people were not the only people to invade, colonize, conquer, enslave and steal; or you mistakenly believe that white people were by far the most evil race to walk the face of the earth having out done everyone else in those categories.

            The Russians did the same when they colonized Siberia, Central Asia and the far-east. Everyone has, yet you prefer to keep your head buried in the sand and hide under the rock you’ve lived under your entire life. If you can’t understand any of the common nuances I’ve used, then god help you.

            You are unfortunately too brainwashed and uneducated to understand anything beyond your own indoctrinated perspective.

          • Jens Holm

            You might forget, that You still raise, buy and sell Your women as cars and some women could prefare men, which they know trey them nice and among them widows is dead, if they have no family support for good or bad reasons.

          • Merijn

            Can you Translate that for me because I do not Understand…

          • SG

            You’re a bloody troll, whites are Caucasians and they didn’t have sex with every single aborigine in the new world. You condemn European civilization as if it’s the plague of the earth, pretending that no one else carried out atrocities that in fact out due the sins of our white ancestors who have brought more advancements and prosperity to the world than any other race of people.

            This is no delusion of grandeur, it’s a bloody verifiable fact. People like you greatly contribute to the growing likelihood that the Western world will eventually shift over to far-right politics, which are more accurately described as the third political position. So stop doing that and look in the fucking mirror rather!

            P.S. I dId not change or avoid the content of the links I sent, as for the editing of my comments to add in content that I intended to send anyway, I also corrected the placement of the letters because the comment box is narrower than the final result. When reading your conversations with several others on this website, they usually dispute your adherence to the Western MSM media bias, and the propagation of misinformation and outright lies.

            Proud to be black said the black man, proud to be Asian said the Asian, proud to be white said the racist. Cultural Marxism is a virus that’s eating away at the west and other countries around the globe to the advantage of the Jew. This piece of filth condemns anyone of white Caucasian descent who dares to openly speak of his or hers pride in their heritage and their very identity.





            The Kalergi Plan designed to wipe out the white race:


            Contains footage from the “Other Israel” by Ted Pike and “An Empire of Their Own, How the Jews Invented Hollywood”:

          • matt

            You are fucking pathetic! There are no races within homo sapiens you stupid fuck!

          • Maxime St-Jacques

            He pours the hate of white peoples that is all. Very annoying down here in Quebec. They (who I pretend he is among others) eat deads.

          • SG

            So you think that all white people are racist and to criticize anti-white racism is somehow “racist” in of itself? Also stop believing the Cultural Marxist crap you’re fed on a daily basis, while at the same time ignoring the rabid racial towards white people emanating from certain racial minorities that constantly project all of their problems onto white people.

          • SG

            The problem with the Western world is not only economic, it’s cultural.The 90s-2000s generation Y and Z have been brought up on such a massive amount of brainwashing through the schools and the media, more so than in the 1980s.

            They have no idea who they are or where they come from and most don’t care.

          • SG

            There actually are and to suggest otherwise is not racist in the slightest, please stop coming onto this site because no one needs mentally challenged morons on here anyway.

          • SG


            Perfectly fine because any self-respecting white person who doesn’t loathe their own hIstory and identity is a “Nazi” aren’t they?


            It totally isn’t racist for whites to be barred from going somewhere because of their race (sarcasm), move along sheepie…


          • matt

            racial identity is where you became a FUCKING RACIST!!!
            you are blocked, FUCK OFF

          • SG

            No it isn’t retard!

          • SG

            So to not want your own race to die off is somehow “racist”? Are you fucking kidding me? White people are taught to hate themselves exactly because they are white, and that isn’t racist? I am complaining about racism you fucking troll, not advocating it!

          • Maxime St-Jacques

            I have not been taught being hateful to anyone. You are misleadingly wrong and it pukes. Take a breath and click off the commentaries you write actually because it becomes annoying ans harasses violently to a point… because trolls are considered as ought to be slayered here.

          • SG

            Are you matt? I am not being misleading, you’re only too stupid to understand the truth after watching the mainstream media and all the bullshit that flies out of their mouths.

          • Maxime St-Jacques

            You need more I.Q. to understand what you are doing. You are reasonning falsly. That is all when you wrote this flawful argument : The desire of living is equal to lrring the death of all races. Do you think that You will judge over their Nations, over their cultures, over their professions while not acquaintaining to their own insecurity ? You rely over the world when you comment your thoughts. It is your own thoughts ! You wrote this :

            So to not want your own race to die off is somehow “racist”? Are you fucking
            kidding me? White people are taught to hate themselves exactly because
            they are white, and that isn’t racist? I am complaining about racism you
            fucking troll, not advocating it!

          • SG

            Apparently your autism prevents you from realizing that I am sarcastically asking rhetorical questions to make a point. I have an above average IQ, all you do is attack my character and childishly insist I am wrong when you lack evidence and any meaningful argument.

          • SG

            I didn’t display any racism, you merely fail to comprehend what l am saying. There are inconvenient facts that are true and verifiable, and to disagree with the faux liberal narrative or any other form of unorthdoxy tends to “trigger” the defensive instincts of people who are ignorant about things they have never been exposed to and know nothing but other than what is misrepresented to them by shoddy government school systems and the mainstream media.

          • SG

            So according to you, to state the fact that there is a systematic advocation for racism against white people is racist? Of course the faux Liberal crowd incorrectly labels this “white supremacist propaganda,” despite the abundance of evidence to prove that there is a state-sponsored campaign of racism due to the hundreds of billions of dollars of campaign contributions that are lobbied out to politicians who end up embezzling most of it.

            You also fail to understand that the average birth rate among white people ranges between 1.4-1.6 children per family, on the other hand the average birth rate of Muslims and Sub-Sahharen Africans is between 3-5 kids per couple. And that doesn’t even take into account the large-scale inbreeding they engage in, on top of the fact that Muslim men can have as many wives as they want as long as they can financially support them. Therefore most Western countries hand out billions in free welfare payments to 3rd world immigrants (both legal and illegal) so that Muslim men can afford to have multiple wives and 3-5 kids per wife on average.

            So after bringing in tens of millions of 3rd world immigrants, as well as immigrants from India (a 2nd world country that tetters on the edge of being a 3rd world country, not to mention the problem of widespread public defecation); and with plans to bring in endless more, white people cannot avoid becoming the minority in their own countries in a decades, unless our governments halt their suicidal immigration policies and deport a bunch more in addition to handing out welfare incentives and tax reductions to white mothers that give birth to white babies.

          • SG

            is not a matter of racist discrimination towards people who aren’t
            white, this is about survival and respecting the birth right of people
            to their own respective nations. This is why ethno-states are the only
            reliable way to secure the sovereignty of any nation, however this
            doesn’t mean that outsiders of any kind are restricted from receiving
            citizenship, it means that genocide can be prevented to guarantee one’s
            own national sovereignty.

            They leave out the fact that Jews
            (pedophilia is endorsed by the Babylonian Talmud and sometimes combined
            with occult ritual, the Talmud is the highest regarded book among the
            Jewish people) and Muslim migrants (usually radicalized by Wahhabism and
            Salafism) are the main parties involved in this sort of criminal

            This is only the tip of the iceberg:

            Rotherham sex abuse: Shock report reveals 1400 children were sexually exploited over 16-year period:



          • SG

            Reminds me of a British man who was a member of antifa (thuggish far-left vandals) who intended to prank his girl friend by filming a video of himself teaching his girl friend’s dog to extend its right paw/arm outwards, leading to his dog somewhat performing a Roman salute (later adopted by Italian Fascists and German National Socialists) while he affectionately addressed his dog as Hitler. He was then charged for committing a so-called “hate crime” and was sentenced earlier this year to one year in prison.

            [This podcast explains how the police investigate so-called ‘hate crimes’ and how these investigations are totally subjective and based on feelings, not facts. But worse still, the British police are now building a database of people who have been accused of ‘hate incidents’ –non-criminal incidents where individuals are accused of being motivated by hate and the accused is considered guilty without their accuser having to present any-evidence what-so-ever! Please share this podcast and help draw attention to this insane legislation.

            The British College of Policing’s Hate Crime Operational Guidance:



          • SG

            Apparently the English language is not your forte.

          • SG

            How about you go fuck yourself you inhumane troll who doesn’t give too shits about all the nasty shit that’s being forced upon my own people! White people are just Nazis right? They all deserve to be killed don’t they? Fuck you and take a hike! The world is ruled by psychopathic criminal freaks who steal, rape and kill with impunity! They are untouchable and it’s fucking sick!

            Then these Jewish supremacists race bait in Western counries and bring in violent migrants from the 3rd world and strongly propagate miscegenation and demographic displacement of whites in their own fucking countries. Apparently you think that’s totally okay because whites deserve to die and become minorities in their own homelands don’t they all because of the past? But of course they say we have no homelands and we’re just a bunch of mutants that deserve to die a slow, humiliating death.




            “This post brought out the trolls, so I’ll be taking it down.” says the Horowitz the kike. Why do I use that slur? Because they continually push white guilt propaganda and push the lie that white people are inherently racist. They are in fact the predominant pushers of anti-white hatred among ethnic and racial minorities in the Western world, while also pushing their anti-white racist bullshit in other countries as well around the world.


            Israel promotes the migration of 3rd world migrants to Western countries and the West alone, but doesn’t want any “refugees” themselves and is one a very small number of ethno-states left in the world today.



          • SG

            I’m 10 times more pissed off than you are, plus you are ignorant of what I’m even talking about thanks to everyone being brought up on lies.

            What you think I posted and what I actually posted are two separate things, fact being you are too narrow-minded to comprehend it, so crawl back under the bridge that sheltered you over the course of your entire life because you have never been properly informed about these matters.

            Life in a nutshell:

            Fall out of line and you become the black sheep, keep your mouth shut and copy others and you won’t be shunned or persecuted.

          • SG

            I am not being hateful, I am pointing out the hate of others. But of course anyone who disagree or otherwise speaks out against from the Cultural Marxist faux Liberal status quo is inaccurately deemed “hateful” and “offensive” for not being “politically correct” (censorship and thought/speech control pretending to be nice).

          • SG

            And you FUCK OFF you intellectually dishonest, obtuse shithead! Get off your drugs too because something’s wrong with your fucking head and I don’t know what it is. You’re either a social agitator or a brainwashed imbecile. All of you cultural marxist so-called “liberals” (which you are exact opposite of) are all the same obtuse, obnoxious and narcissistic fuckers out there! Seriously, you all come across as mentally disabled or mentally ill.

          • SG
          • SG

            Do you understand that when a white person has sex with someone who isn’t white, their offspring is never white unless it’s an albino? The DNA results don’t lie, try reading through and watching what I sent.

          • Merijn

            Yeah but that is why the whole world will be mocca soon….humans derive from one Origin… divided, evolved and now the genepool is mixed again…. happens for thousands of years already… even the Neanderthal is to be found back…no worries about the Extinction of the White Man… should worry more about the Extinction of Humanity… Because we fucked up the Earth pretty bad….

          • SG

            Humans are not a hive mind collective, we’re individuals; the vast majority of people by themselves have little power over society. I am not supportive of any form of genocide, even if it’s genocide through the forced displacement of others through mass immigration, birth control and miscegenation, all of which falls under the UN definition of genocide.

            From the comments section: https://southfront.org/bizarre-confrontation-israel-calls-george-soros-threat-democratic-governments/


            On the Genealogy of Feminism: https://www.bitchute.com/video/KASqrYJRIsWa/

            Feminism—The Civilizational Shit Test: https://videopress.com/v/axOxsIK4

            Who’s behind the race mixing agenda in advertising?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/bN6utGHU2NDi/

            Interracial Agenda in Advertising/Hollywood:https://www.bitchute.com/video/MBkOpEdaYxTA/

            White Men Are Stupid In Commercials: https://twitter.com/StupidWhiteAds

            Negro Detergent: Chinese Commercial Rejects Race-Mixing:


            [Published: May 27, 2016

            In 2007 a French laundry detergent company decided to market their
            product through an advertisement that makes White men look disgusting
            and weak, while portraying Black men as the epitome of sexuality. The
            woman in the commercial puts the White man (who looks jewish to me) into
            the washing machine and he comes out as a muscle-clad black man. This was hailed as “progressive” by Liberal media.

            No one but “committed White supremacists” even batted an eyelash since
            this type of race-mixing propaganda is commonplace these days. Also,
            remember when France’s Sarkozy said that the state would have to step in
            and use coercive measures if people did not willingly go along with the
            goal of racial interbreeding?

            Just recently a Chinese detergent company decided to make a commercial
            based off of the French original, but instead they turned the black man
            into a Chinese man. The Chinese woman and man end up together as the
            happy ending. No mulatto babies for these two!

            Of course this has sparked massive cries of “RACISM!”

            Apparently it is evil for the Chinese to want to remain Chinese, just as
            it is evil for Whites to want to remain White. The advertisers want us
            all to “mix it up” together.

            “We have laws against race-mixing in Israel…but you Goyim are racist if you don’t race-mix!”]




          • SG

            The differences between all groups of people should be preserved and advance at their own pace, along with their right to self-determination. I strongly
            recommend not buying into the dishonest, anti-life nihilism that is
            inherent to all Marxist ideologies, including modern liberalism
            (Cultural Marxism).

            The effects of global warming and environmental
            destruction by man are largely exaggerated with scientific objectivity
            sidelined in return for monetary and political gain. However after WW2, the deep state began developing technological methods to influence weather patterns, from HAARP to chemtrails.

            The main
            purpose of these Marxist ideologies is for Jews to obtain full control
            over society, confiscate the peoples wealth, and to carry out a “soft”
            genocide against the target population. All people are being subjected
            to this, starting with white people, then to the Japanese, South Koreans
            and so on, so forth ranging from the most advanced civilizations down
            to the least advanced societies.






            Praktischer Idealismus was published in 1925, not 1924.






          • Merijn

            I am me… I have no problems with myself… I raised up with all Nations of the World…they respected me & I respected them… Whenever I had to defend my Rights or Myself I always did that Fierce… no Running away, no Backing Down… when I go to Africa..I am welcome there… when I go to China…I am Welcome there… When I go to Norway..I am Welcome there… When I go to Russia I am welcome there… Do you know Why?
            Because I RESPECT THEM….

          • SG

            World problems have nothing to do with racism and humans will not be gone in a century, stop buying into all of that MAD crap (mutually assured destruction). And the fact that you don’t care if white people or any other race dies out, or do you just say this to conceal a hatred towards white people?

          • Merijn

            HaHaHa I am White… and Grew up among Every Nation… there are Good & Bad Folks… I don’t look at Colours or Race…I’m not into Supremacist-Stuff

          • You can call me Al

            All of them.

          • PZIVJ

            Are we to be graded on this quiz? :)

          • You can call me Al

            I dont know, but he did say I got a 3 …. just for responding.

            Pretty good for me, so I am chuffed.

            PS Anyway, he is a good lad, so allow him to get bladderd every now and again, dancing around a bonfire and praying for his ancestor + hoping for the scheduled alcohol airdrop.

            OH…. that is me.

          • Merijn

            They all are Europeans

          • Maxime St-Jacques

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/229bbc2152f6f364517c19e0526ba6c4fd2977ccc46694a5c976d9fd523b1730.jpg This is the Arch of the Alliance to return into the Temple of Chruch I am quering to find back before the Day. For family ties… –f (an arrow) I mean this Arch is into the D-S hand. I saw, he doomed in and out while on the silver top.

          • SG

            We had previously reached a misunderstanding regarding information you’re unfamiliar with.

            TV show in Israel mocking Jesus and Mary:




            The third video above contains footage from the following:

            – The Other Israel by Ted Pike

            – Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi detailing in English how non-Jews are “inferior” to the Jews

            – An Empire of Their Own, How the Jews Created Hollywood







            [They are not bobbing their heads, they are dry humping their Shekinah goddess.]

            The Jews consider the Shekinah to be the feminine half of god, both the
            male and female half of the Jewish gnostic interpretation of god is
            symbolized in the Babylonian hermaphodite deity named Baphomet:




          • Jens Holm

            You only can see it in DNA, so its a who and who and a when and when.

            So when You see the spreading and immigration, You have seveal groups during time as well as parallel ones.

            A very new version could be how USA become a state. You have europeans there but from west. Then You get slaves from Africa and then Italians, greeks.

            You should add japanse as well as chinese and the socalled maxicans, where those actually are big indian tribes. I do not know many but Mayas and Atzecs are some of them. So after 10.000 years they are maxted too.

            If they have had internal wars it could be one of the groups is almost gone.

            The most common brits of today are 3 times emmigration. When the Romans had to withdraw by their nemoire collpased, they had kiled and killed many britts hard.

            So saxens came from northern poarts of germany inland, Nederland and some danes as the norther part of it.
            Next the Vikings came hard for a relative short poeriod from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
            And next they angain was taking over by Normandies.They were french but had some viking genes. But the important additive was their french additives partly made by arabic traditions(the knight were strong relations and thye had to protect the women).

            That why brits today name themselves for Anglo, Saxians. Anglo is from the small danish landscape Angeln, which today is german.

            The Turks of today is made the same way. They came in in large and small groups in a mix of taking by force and marrying the local ones. But they could do it, because their warrier oart was better then the local ones.

            Much later Turkmens as Sultan Murad came. Those were asked for as protectors of the Osmans and was no tribe but a mix up from East of Caucasus. Thats why they took at Turkisk king name to unite them.

          • Merijn

            Mongols Conquered the Whole Middle East one time… The Whole World is a Big Gene Pool and we are All Relatives…we can use our Energy Better than Fighting eachother…the Ones that make us Fight eachother should be Eliminated is my personal opinion…

          • matt

            You completely change the facts from the article here!
            It say that the ancient europeans were related to native americans, so that means that the ancient europeans were NOT white!!! Look at old pictures of sami people, you can see that part of them had black hair and mongoloid features.

            The “caucasians” came later

          • SG

            The first Europeans were white as the latest archaeological discoveries prove through a combination of anthropological evidence and DNA results. Wikipedia and its ultra “politically correct” slant is wrong and has been edited by government paid trolls as revealed by Snowden and Assange. The lie that Europe was originally populated by Africans is being used to justify a soft genocide through mass immigration and miscegenation to make white people a minority in their own countries built by their ancestors.

          • matt

            You are nothing but WHITE TRASH

          • Jens Holm

            I can confirm that. It also were confirmed indians came by Bering stait of today 14.000 years ago instead od “only” 12.000. At that time they could walk along the glaisieres, because the glaisieres had taken very much water from the sea.

            Some Villerslev has made mainparts of those DNA studie making better maps for our spreadings. Villerslev is twin and his brother is Leader of the Danish Nationa museum having nothing to do with DNA.

      • SG

        As it turns out, the Nordic-Germanic concept of the sun wheel
        (something similar found in Vedic Hinduism) is at least 30,000 years old
        and was discovered a short distance east of Moscow. Also, the earliest
        known use of the Swastika was discovered in what is now Ukraine in the
        year of 1908.

        Source: https://twitter.com/serbiaireland/status/1008006744658923520

        The Swastika: Part One – Earliest Evidence: http://www.renegadetribune.com/the-swastika-part-one-earliest-evidences/

        7,000-Year-Old Swastika Pottery Discovered: http://atlanteangardens.blogspot.com/2014/04/7000-year-old-swastika-pottery.html

        [If you want to see just how deeply rooted the
        swastika pattern is in Europe, a good place to start is Kiev where the
        National Museum of the History of Ukraine has a small ivory figurine of a
        female bird. Made from the tusk of a mammoth, it was
        found in 1908 at the Paleolithic settlement of Mezin near the Russian
        border. On the torso of the bird is engraved an intricate pattern of
        joined up swastikas. It’s the oldest identified swastika pattern in the
        world and has been radio carbon-dated to an astonishing 15,000 years

        It is therefore evident that Europe’s use of the Swastika predates the earliest known presence throughout the rest of the world; including Greece, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, the Levant, Persia, and far-east Asia.



        • Merijn

          The Human Species are all related in my personal opinion….All Dogs have one common ancestor…Brother Wolf….

          • Maxime St-Jacques

            I know that friends of facebook are wolf trade of mine. bless

        • Wise Gandalf

          As it turns out, the Nordic-Germanic concept of the sun wheel
          (something similar found in Vedic Hinduism) is at least 30,000 years old


          and was discovered a short distance east of Moscow.


          • Merijn

            All Gandalfs have one common Ancestor: Smaug

          • Sinbad2

            Yes distinctly lacking in imagination, using two characters from the same book.

          • Merijn

            Didn’t Smaug have the Raptor as distant Cousin?

          • You can call me Al
          • Jens Holm

            You cant get many of them. Instead of infantile critisism looking for mistakes, You by seconds can find many more semilar pictures.

            In the old days they had much more contact with each other hen many people in the world might be allowed to see in their history books.

          • You can call me Al

            These symbols are a bastardisation of old pagan symbols – a lot older than 30,000 years.

            As for the SG posted – its an old pretzel….(joke).

          • Wise Gandalf

            Sure 30 000 years :DDDDD

            all languages are much younger.

          • SG

            Fuck you and your sarcasm you narrow-minded fuck.

          • Jens Holm

            You dont know that at all.

            I will not compare with the apes, but I kind of expect, we were better then them even 30.000 years ago.

          • SG

            I am not an ape and I never said that black people are apes, unfortunately the hyper “politically correct” misinformation made up by the leftist inquisition has confused quite a few people in regards to plenty of social issues.

          • SG
          • Jens Holm

            SG is told by his Mummy :))

          • SG

            This here applies to all of you:

            “So little pains do the vulgar take in the investigation of truth, readily accepting the first story that comes to hand.” ~ Thucydides

            “For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearance, as though they were realities and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are.” ― Niccolo Machiavelli

          • SG

            Tip of the iceberg, but no! “Anyone who disagrees with the Holocaust narrative is a Nazi and Holocaust denier!” type of mentality without even bothering to question what you are told, because “Why would my leaders lie to me? What would they have to gain from that? Ha ha! Crazy tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist drinking his coolaide!” and similar infantile remarks.

            Whenever it becomes illegal to question something and you don’t think that it’s suspicious? Then you make assumptions about people who talk about it without asking any questions of of your own, gullibly believing all of the endless movies and constant reminders about the six million number and all of the movies and other entertainment, including documentaries repeating the same old narrative over and over over the past 7-8 decades.

            Anyone who questions it or otherwise deviates from the main narrative is blasted as if they were committing Blasphemy or sacreligious comments in the face of Christians when that faith used to dominate society. In other cases, being physically assaulted, someone setting your house on fire, and in 17 countries (16 in Europe, the other being Israel) being persecuted by the inquisition for daring to voice an unorthodox opinion on the subject.

            Would you not find it strange that in the Kabbalah, it is written that 6 million Jews must die in a Holocaust (Jewish sacrificial offering burnt completely on an alter) before they can return to Israel? How about animosity being directed toward the goyim, even defining them as inferior to the Jews whose Kabbalah states that the Torah and the Jewish people are literally apart of god and are therefore ‘divine’, while gentiles are not?




          • Jens Holm

            They are. I do not know about what found around moscow, but it has had trade contacts to the rest of the world as most other parts.

            In Denmark we have many silver coins from the Khanates around lake Aral and south and east of it as well as many more from Bagdad. Here they as groups often are named as Kufi coins.

      • Merijn

        This is how they try to Sell the Kennewick Man… with a Big Beard… Native Americans didn’t have much Facial Hair Like this Viking….


      • Rob

        Is your home near to US or Israeli migrants? If is it true then soon you will loose your home because these both are thieves.

      • matt


        • SG

          You’re the one full of BS, matt. Remember to take your medication on time.

          Profs: Scientific Objectivity Reinforces ‘Whiteness’:

          [Indeed, new liberal science tell us a skyscraper is no better than a mud
          hut and penicillin is no better than a witch doctor’s voodoo.

          We can just throw out these charts of scientific accomplishment compiled by political scientist Charles Murray for his book Human Accomplishment:

          97% of all scientific accomplishment occurred in Europe and North America.]


        • Sinbad2

          My thoughts exactly, some people would eat a shit sandwich if you told them it was chicken.

          • SG

            You fail to understand that some people on here have almost completely misunderstood what I sent, few have actually looked into it and judged by the titled/cover rather than actually reading and/or watching what I had sent on top of the fact that there have always been people who have difficulty changing their minds, no matter what amount of evidence they are shown.

            When something is found that is at odds with what people previously thought, there have always been people who have had great difficulty in changing their minds and will even result to vulgar statements as a result of the cognitive dissonance they experience when encountering information which strongly contradicts their deeply entrenched beliefs.

            While there are people who are intelligent and educated enough to understand in addition to maintaining an open minded, allowing them to understand and therefore change their minds about the subject. As for those who don’t understand, some will merely react in a rash and persecutory manner rather than trying to understand perspectives other than their own.

            And of course misconceptions that stem from someone’s culture or belief system, as well as media and politics (which are often dishonest anyway) that obviate civil interaction.

          • SG

            Unfortunately you’d rather keep your head buried underneath the sand (an idiom in the English language) than look into anything that is different from what you think. Being Mr. Right won’t earn yourself many friends, so stop being a stiff necked a**hole and learn some manners.

      • as

        A speculative of common DNA found on the fossils dated 7000 years ago don’t and never become a good excuse for the ethnic cleansing and genocide that met the ‘native American’. The same way that some unverifiable old scriptures dont make a good reasons of uprooting the Palestinian from their home to create Israel.

  • Rob

    The group of Trump, Salman and Netanyahu is an Occupationers group. Lol
    Everybody should take care because they can steal your homeland as well.

  • Saaed Wayan

    The Kurds have become to their crimes putting excuses for fighting Isis…
    All scum became. Says Isis.

    • Merijn

      Your Time will come….Tick Tock… the Clock is tickin’…..

      • Saaed Wayan

        I think this is impossible for Isis and extremism as a media outlet. Because it is a source of livelihood for the imperialist and every dictator in the heirs of many crimes against children and peaceful human beings

        • Merijn

          Extremism is Paid for & Supported by The U.S., The UK, IsraHell, France, Italy, NATO (so basically the rest of Europe)…Wahhabistan and their Lapdogs….if they Piss off things can slowly change…

          • Saaed Wayan

            Yes, but I do not exclude any Arab leader.Because we know how money laundering is linked to leaders in those countries.
            Killing about the explosive Reservoirs is lifted.and Talk about crimes no benefit.

          • Merijn

            Most Arab Leaders are Corrupt because of the Intrigues of the West for a couple of Centuries… they made Sure there was No Unity…But Distrust & Envy..and otherwise you can always Eliminate’m

          • Maxime St-Jacques

            The Index 1543 Jacques Cartier 1534 that explain the Intrigues you talk about I precise for the evolution of all the mankind that seek quicker and quicker the truth behind our captivity.

          • matt

            Arab leaders are corrupt, just like most leaders (human A holes)

          • SG

            Islam posed an existential threat to Europe throughout the course of the Middle Ages and the first half of the European Renaissance, particularly when the Iberian Peninsula was invaded by the Umayyad caliphate, leading to nearly 800 years of islamic state entities which is now apart of Britain (Gibraltar), Spain and Portugal. And later the Ottoman Turk invasion and destruction of the Byzantine (E. Roman Empire), Greece, and the Balkans. After four centuries of the Turkish onslaught, they had lost their momentum after they were stopped in their tracks by the Austria Empire under the Habsburg dynasty and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth at the Battle of Vienna in 1683.

            The Persian Empire also attacked and invaded the Ottoman Empire (to acquire Arabistan), as well as Russian Empire in the 1820s in an attempt to takeover Armenia and Azerbaijan. Also think about the millions of Sikhs and Hindus killed throughout the course of 1,200 years of Islamic raids and conquests of the Indian sub-continent between the 7th and 19th centuries.

            Also think about how corrupt North Africa, the Middle East, Persia (Iran), Central Asia, as well as Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam are today. Other than Turkey, the latter three of which are among the freest and most prosperous Muslim majority countries today.

            All Offensive & Defensive Battles fought by Islamic republics, emirates, insurgencies and caliphates between 624-1998 AD:






          • Merijn

            Many Youngsters In Islamic Countries want to be like us…only these Wahhabists are Extremist-Takfiri-Daesh-Wahhabis…. through their financial support in building Mosques & Madrassas (Schools) they could spread their Hate-Filled Ideology….The Effects of this Investment are Felt Worldwide…. Polarisation & Hate towards Eachother the result… they Spit on us, We Spit on them..why is that? Wahhabism should be Forbidden.. it is a Western Tool…Divide & Conquer

  • Merijn

    Kurds… the Show has started…you can’t control this Situation… Surrounded and Attacked from the inside Out… Give up your Fight or lose it all….

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    The Kurd dung-eaters (damn them) are overplaying their hand. I think it won’t be too long before there begins a civil war — low key at first — between Arab and Kurd in Northern and Eastern) Syria.

    • You can call me Al

      Maybe a civil war between the Kurds themselves.

  • jako

    “SDF claimed in an official statement that its security forces are conducting a security operation against several cells of ISIS,”

    Now that is good one ! ISIS is chasing ISIS ! :-))

    While Turds are about to pass two butt cheeks canyon and they may share destiny of all other Turds…

    • Maxime St-Jacques

      ah ! with regards, I am on my own right now, but hate, within the ISIL-ISIS foundation, proceeds into slavery, mutilation, hecatomb and spoilation, I didn’t have at first. Hate is against my ennemies : ISIS members, and the 666 patched H.A. But with respect, I do tax them for their reliability to the spread of terror that underline the scarcity of needs trough the 3 inner scares. But the fact that we cannot love without being exposed. One may say that I am not exposed, nor loving each others or that I do expose to them the justice and the right. But the truth is, the ennemy is no longer in order to control. But if they can to contraint, I reccomand to deliver the Kurds from the Turks first in order to introduce the fate of satisfying basic needs that attempt to our own will, as being no scared from being captured and to fall down in obscurity with sound noise. We can stay standing together if we can control over their (ISIS ans HA) weapons and supplies.

  • potcracker2588

    its the uprising of the people after the forced recruitment of their kids by the kurdish jew slaves bastards.who wouldnt rise uo when they take your kids away at gunpoint with alllt he consequences, torture,shooting and killings.rise up and kill all kurds…they are traittors and jew slave bastards.
    as far as this bs with isis is concearned…pure bs….thats the excuse for the continuos rape,theft and murder by kurdish fucked up jew slaves bastards.hunt those kurdish pricks down and killem all, incl. their women and kids.payback time.

  • TS

    The Turks have got their ‘mandate’, let the blood letting begin.

  • matt

    all you kurd haters are idiots

    • Merijn

      I ain’t no Kurd Hater…. Kurds should go back to where they lived before the War in Syria started…they should not think they can just claim some extra Land… would be nice if Holland just took a Piece of Germany rich in Coal & Gas… and thought they would get away with it… that ain’t the way things work…

      • matt

        I agree they should not claim extra land, but that wasn’t the idea. The idea was to build a true democratic, de-centralized anti capitalist society for ALL citizens

        • Merijn

          Okay I’m going to build me a True Democratic de-Centralized Anti-Capitalist Government in Israel Tomorrow….for Everyone..Satanyahoo Buzz Offf… for Israel is from all the People now…

          • Pave Way IV


          • Merijn

            No I’m creating a piece of land for everyone… Democratic and all that…you can do that these days… isn’t that nice? You can become President if you like… but then you have to stop calling me a Terrorist…just Permit me to issue and control the money of that new nation, and I care not who makes its laws!

          • PZIVJ

            Can Panzer IV be minister of defence.
            I am tired of my current job and am willing to relocate.
            Where do I send my resume, somewhere in Holland?

          • Merijn

            No..keep your Resume… you’re me Brother so You Just got Promoted to be The Secretary of Defense, the leader and chief executive officer of the Department of Defense, the executive department of the Armed Forces of Palestine…formerly known as IsraHell…We will sign the Contract in Jerusalem…Our Capital…hey but we don’t need an Army….these Days it is Allowed to Just Grab a piece of Land you Like….Americans do that… Israelis do that… Wahhabis do that…the United Kingdom does that…. so we can do that too.. you will get your Defense Minister Executive Chief Salary though…

          • matt

            i support you

          • Merijn

            Good… then the Deal is Done…No War nothing… see.. that is how you do things…anyone some more suggestions for lands we can make Truly Democratic…? How about them United States…Matt…wanna be a President?

          • Fred Dozer

            How about the US. Montana, Wyoming , and a few other states, only have a handful of people. They allow guns too. We are a very generous country, to billionaires anyway. LOL

          • Merijn

            I went to Montana & Wyoming many times…. Montana has a Great Wilderness…though Bears & Buffalos get shot if they take a step outside a National Park …The People up there were pretty open minded before 2001…after that it Seems the U.S. has been openly Hijacked by the Deep State & Law Enforcement… Spying on their own Citizens…Planes Flying over their Houses sucking up all the information from computers to see if there are any “Terrorists” among them… The U.S. Government is Ruling by Using Fear… it does that for a Long time… it is how they got their Citizens into Wars… I hope One day Americans wake up… but with their Empty Dumbing-Down the Masses-Education Chances are Slim… The Worldwide Forex System is Build to make the Money Flow to the Top… 1% Owns already 50% of the World’s Wealth & Grounds..Continue on this Track Long Enough and they Will Have it ALL….either they start Sharing it or there will come a Time when the People just Grab it Back….for the Cost of some Blood…

        • RichardD

          Most Syrians don’t support that.

          • hamster

            Most Kurds in Syria also don’t support “Secession”.

    • john

      Kurd’s need to kick the US occupation forces out of Syria. It’s hard to feel sorry for anything that happens to them when they are allowing US to attack SAA from Syrian territory. Also when is the SDF going to finish the IS pocket it is protecting in Eastern Syria? Its been a year or so with no significant movement, mean while IS can cross the Eufrates and attack SAA?

    • Sinbad2

      Nobody hates the Kurds, but if you lay down with dogs(USA) you get fleas.
      The Kurdish leadership was bought by the USA, to turn the Kurdish people in to cannon fodder for the USA.
      The Kurds should ignore their leaders, and turn their weapons on their American officers.

      • matt

        nobody hates the kurds???? did you read those comments or not?

        • Sinbad2

          But those hateful opinions would quickly change if they started killing Americans or Israelis.

          • matt

            That would not make much sense, looking from their perspective. How could that help their cause? Kurds don’t need friendly comments from a bunch of frustrated guys online. They want self rule

          • Sinbad2

            Well they did have autonomy within Syria, until they took up arms against Syria.
            The Americans bribed them with promises of wealth and power, they are not the first to fall for American lies.

          • matt

            Well, they didn’t untill they took arms against the kurd opressor assad. And only the americans and some europeans provided them with weapons, offcourse for their own geopolitical agenda, but the kurds didn’t have much choice, surrounded by kurd oppressing regimes.

          • hamster

            I think to refer to Assad as a “kurd oppressor” is a bit of an over-statement. Maybe they deserve slightly more autonomy, but ultimately I don’t think the anymosity between the kurds and the SAA is really as great as some common commentators here like to suggest.

          • Sinbad2

            That’s simply not true, they partial self governance in Kurdish areas before the US started the war.
            The US invasion has set the Kurdish cause back decades.

        • Merijn

          It is more like verbally Kicking the Kurds back to their homeland….Until they get ears to listen it will continue I think…. Kurds Go Back… U.S. will go Back Home too…Middle East for Middle Easterners….

          • matt

            Back to where? They allready lost afrin wich was a majority kurd region. If they don’t get help from outside, they will end up being oppressed again by the turks, the arabs and the persians. Enough is enough!!

          • Merijn

            They asked for it by Chosing for Cooperation with the Americans… No One wants The U.S. & Israel around anymore… they have Made Big & Powerful Enemies through the Years of Creating Wars in the Middle East to Steal Land, Oil & Gold… Killed Millions of People…Read the Articles Below and understand why Kurds are Seen as Traitors…(also by me) If they had Chosen for Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran… they could have gotten Great Deals concerning Autonomy, Lands & Rights & Sharing in Resources… they Chose for Evil in my opinion… and lost many of these chances…if they keep up their treason they’ll lose it all




          • matt

            My opinion is not yours. The choices you mention are NO choices. All 4 regimes have a LONG history of oppression against minorities and political opponents. This is not some MSM propaganda, but the TRUTH!
            I agree that both the US, Israel and Europe thrive on chaos in the ME. This is OBVIOUS. This however doesn’t mean that kurds should choose for the oppressing regimes you mention. You as an outsider makes easy judgements, that is MY opinion

          • matt

            There is nothing new for me in the links, old news for me…..
            The fact remains that choosing for the 4 regimes you mention is NO choice, because all of them have a LONG history of oppressing the kurds!

  • Smaug

    Dear Syrians: This is why you don’t have nice things!

  • World_Eye

    @SF Where is the Houthis Documentary,there is more than 50 days now, when you said it’s been finalized. So when we going to see it. Lack of budget is possible in the next 2 months, a lot of people just go on vacations in this time of the year. Almost July and my city is empty no one here. With the vacations spending is coming and the apstence of the people here is the most, so maybe the budget will come in full from september who knows, I am just guessing.

  • Siegfried

    Mossad-Kurds fight Iraki-Arab troops. Bravo USA, being allied to you means a lot of help :)))

  • Bill Wilson

    So just who was ready to take possession of Raqqa once the SDF had defeated ISIS there? The Turks?

  • Jens Holm

    Hard to see so many think a Raqqa as well as other places should be diveded into enclaves again and fight each other again. You do not know anything but kill-kill-kill.

    You – as usual – blames kurds. Thats the unifying to everything if Israel and USA is not enough.

    But kurds did not start that. ISIS made at least 2 million of the refugees in Turkey because the big but totally incompetent Syrian Military Complex not even were well for defending low priority areas.

    So now You again blame them for nothing even they are with a majority of non kurds and I am sure FSA dont represent many in that area. And FSA looking for support by old ISIS semi-ISIS people.

    Thats what You want – Raqqa Jíhadism.

    I saw other blames of YPG as well. This were the usual ones – Kurds are wrong whatever they do. But what about the rest of You where the uprises began. HARD TO SEE YOU DO ANYTHING WRONG.

    Syrians has to change themselves. Thats denied by You. All solutions are as now Daraa and the terrible bombardments around Idlib as well as You support 150.000 more left Afrin and more or less became refugees too. From Afrin the 120.000 refugees from YOUR territories incl. the ISIS parts is now not home in their ruins but just refugees somewhere else. Orthers are driven to FSA merchendize semi Turks in north as leftovers fro Assad.

    You certainly are nice people. 10 millions and 10 millions is not enogh. And they should not have buildings to live in. Putin celebrate his victory in football with his dopermans to make more ruins i Your country then ever.

    The only normal people are the ones, which dont participate, thats half of Your population.

    Syria seemes only to be normal when all You warmongoils and keyboardwarriers has killed each other making space for the normal people in the world.

    You support FSA should fight fight SDF, and then You support SAA should take over Raqqa from them.

    Kurds and SDF ASK people when things has improved some having space in the ruins byh ELECTIONS.

    You even critiseize their Counsils because You cant see, You make the military part dominate by agressions from Turks as well as tiny Assads.

    Some election will be more democratic then they ever have had by Assad and they ever will get by mild Jihadism making contrast and uprise against them too.

    FSA is nothing there as well as at FXx Manbij or DEZ-ABU KEMAL.

    That make You into nothing as well, You just can trow own made dirt and throw it against any try for some improvements.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The Kurds are in Arab majority homelands and they’re not wanted there at all. In Al Hasakah 70 different Arab tribes united to oppose the Kurds and their US masters, and that’s partly Kurdish homelands, where they do belong, not very popular at home or abroad are they.
    Raqqa could turn into a bloodbath for the SDF and any US troops caught there in any uprising. That’s what they’re trying to do now, nip things in the bud before things escalate, but I think it’s way too late, the snowballs gathering mass. The opposition media’s been worried something’s been brewing there for a while already, now finally it seems so is the SDF.
    They better start negotiating with Assad before it’s too late, when the US pulls out they’ll have the Turks, the Arabs and the SAA pitted against them. Oh I forgot, the French and the brave Italians are there to protect them, they’ll be ok.

  • Julian Clegg

    It is not their “own Arab unit.” The SDF is the SDF and the FSA is the FSA. They are not the same force or even allies. It is a case of the US backing two horses – its doesn’t make them one horse!

  • Thunder

    kurds r not idiots i have been monitoring them for some time even…assisting at times in syria and iraq they r stratigical courageous and good fighters we just need them to pull away from any and all zionist backing and yes to work with assad they would be good continued allies for the good fight i hope and pray you see it would be best top work together out there