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Unknown Persons Steal 2 FAMAS Assault Rifles from French Military Servicemen


Two FAMAS assault rifles with ammunition have been stolen from a vehicle of the French Army by two unknown persons.

Unknown Persons Steal 2 FAMAS Assault Rifles from French Military Servicemen

A FAMAS-armed French soldier in Afghanistan (Photo: Wikipedia)

On Thursday, two unknown persons broke a window of a van of the French Army and stole two FAMAS assault rifles with ammunition, the Zone Militaire information website reported. According to the website, the incident occurred during a stop of a column of vehicles of the French Army in a parking lot in La Verpillere, Isere.

According to the Dauphiné Libéré newspaper, it is possible that the criminals followed the van, though there were no “recognition marks” on it.

As soon as it became known about the theft, all units of French gendarmerie in the region were raised for search of the loss and thieves. Reportedly, a helicopter was also involved in the operation.

After the square was cordoned off, gendarmes discovered a car of the criminals on a street of Villefontaine town in the evening of the same day. However, the FAMAS rifles, as well as those, who stole them, were not found, despite the area’s cordoning and car inspection.

The Grenoble’s Investigation Department is currently investigating this crime. At the moment, the basic version is a criminal one, a terrorist variant is not considered.

Last week, unidentified individuals have stolen the Renault Premium truck with a trailer, on which the Terex TL210 bulldozer was placed, from the 25th Sapper Regiment of the French Air Force. Since this time, nobody has seen the truck with the trailer.



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