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Unknown Aircraft Bombed US-backed Forces Near Tabqah And Raqqah Cities? – Unconfirmed

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Unknown Aircraft Bombed US-backed Forces Near Tabqah And Raqqah Cities? - Unconfirmed


Unknown aircraft bombed positions of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) at the Abu Asi area west of Tabqah and in the Harqalah area west of Raqqah, according to unconfirmed reports circulating online.

The reports appeared late on Wednesday following the Tuesday US-led coalition airstrike on Syrian government forces near the At Tanf area at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

A pro-SDF/US map maker was the source of the initial reports on the issue:

It’s important to note that neither the SDF nor the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (a core of the SDF) have commented on the issue.

Furthermore, no videos or photos confirming airstrikes in the aforementioned areas have been provided by pro-SDF sources dissiminating report about the “unknown aircraft” so far.

  • If these reports appear to be unconfirmed, this will be a nice example of propaganda aimed at creating an public image of the SDF as the only force fighting ISIS despite antagonizm of other sides involved in the conflict;
  • If reports are confirmed, the airstrikes by “unknown aircraft” may slow down the SDF advance in Raqqah and create additional tensions in the war-torn country.

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Colin Oskapy

The US air force protecting its ISIS friends.

Jens Holm



false flag or bs ?



Red Tick Alert

You should not laugh, but you just have to I agree – whahahahahaha


Why should I not laugh?

Red Tick Alert

I have added a semi-colon, see if that makes more sense.

PS – it is also a British common joke.


Ah sorry! :)))

Red Tick Alert

No worries, take care and make Syria great again.

PS WATER, WATER, WATER, the pipeline is a diversion.


What if this is the work of the Russian / Syrian airforce?! Its makes sense since ISIS is all but finish, and the potential for the SAA and SDF to clash is high. This is maybe a way of slowing the SDF advance and to show that a ‘al-Tanf’ incident can happen to a western backed force too?!

Free man

It can be SAA. The Russians will not take the risk of harming American soldiers.
If this is the Syrians, the risk is great.


More likely it was the Americans or someone in their coalition – to drive a wedge between the Syrians and the Kurds. I mean – seriously – in this day an age, the Americans can’t tell whose or which planes did the bombing – Yah sure.

Red Tick Alert

Hey, I just remembered the painted US planes – http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/720033/US-paints-American-fighter-jets-frame-Russia-false-flag-attack-Syria-conflict

Just a thought and my view only.

Jens Holm

Kurds did it themselves, so Turks can come and rescue them.


BORKcomment image


Cute. Would make a nice avatar too.

Free man

It seems that the war between SAA and SDF began.
Too bad for both sides. The only beneficiaries of this conflict will be ISIS.

Jens Holm


Free man

I very much hope not. But there are reports that SAA shelled the Kurds in the area.

Roman Baghdadi

Iran! FTW!!!


The USa, they want a confrontation between SDF and SAA so ISIS can stay in power!

Jens Holm


Leonardo Facchin

Al-Masdar is reporting that it was a Syrian Air Force operation, maybe as retaliation for the US attack on Syrian troops near al-Tanf.

I don’t know… it sounds like a pretty dumb kind of retaliation to me.


As risky and dumb as it sounds both the Abu Asi and Al-Tanf incidents had an element of big risks for everyone. The question is who stoops to gain more when the gloves come off?! My bet is that both sides will do as much cloak and dagger operations without having to conduct an overt war.

Leonardo Facchin

I understand that. I’m just not sure the risk of antogonizing the SDF is such a good idea. But I understand that the SAA might have wanted to send a message to the US, showing that if things turn for the worse everybody has a lot to lose and little to gain.

chris chuba

If it was a token gesture designed to deter further attacks in southern Syria then think of it as a shot off the bow. I have mixed feelings about it but I can understand it. The U.S. blocking the road in southern Syria seriously harms the anti-ISIS effort around Deir Ezzor.


Agree, bombing US terror bases in Jordan would make more sense.

chris chuba

That’s much riskier and would result in Syrian aircraft being shot down.

Not a military guy but my guess is that the Syrians, assuming they did this, can launch an attack in this location and leave before the U.S. can put a jet in the air. At least this is the theory. So I am thinking that they would be sending a message, hit us and we will hit you. The danger, of course is escalation but if this is followed up with discussions of why the road in southern Syria is vital for the SAA to fight ISIS then maybe this madness can be avoided.


I doubt that the “unknown” aircraft were Syrian, if the story isn’t a hoax they will have been US or proxy-US. It might be worth while putting pressure on the Washington barbarians by taking the war to Syria’s neighbours in all sorts of ways, a commando raid on an airfield, oil tanks blown up a politician given a slapping with a shoe in public….


Victory to the Axis of resistance.

John Marks

Maybe Turkish. They’d already said they wanted part of the Raqqa action and are strongly opposed to the Kurds.


In this day an’ age of satellites and radar – how can aircraft be unidentified?


Could be stealthy like this one: :)comment image


That’s a pretty fancy plane for Assad….

Red Tick Alert

Have you seen our (UK) new stealth fighters for our new carriers ? –comment image

EXACTLY, BS because they are only 5 years late.

gfsdyughjgd .

USA a gay men to men marriage iluminati leaders are bombing SAA and SDF.

I am Jaziel

The SyAAF and SAA likely bombed ‘Liwa Thuwar Raqqa’, an Arab contingent of the SDF which fights under the flag of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).


If it turns out that these people were bombed by the Syrian Government or its allies, this is a good sign.

The SAA and allied forces should not be intimidated. Use anti-aircraft missiles and protect the troops as they battle US-backed rebel forces. They don’t have to justify conducting anti-government actions in their own land. Use Iranian planes, drones, and anti-missile guns. Russians cannot stop them. It has nothing to do with Russia. Syria is a sovereign nation. Syrian Government is taking back their nation from foreign invaders. If Russians want to assist, good. If they don’t want to get involved, that’s okay too. The Syrians are determined to get their land back.

The Kurdish are not the legitimate rulers of any part of Syria. They are traitors to their nation.

The SAA has to wipe out any Kurdish forces who work with foreign invaders in their land.

SAA, Iranians and PMU have the equipment. They have the numbers. They are trained in battle tactics. They can defeat the US-backed forces.

The SAA and allied forces (Turkey, Iran, Hezbollah and Iraq) should be able to make short work of the US-backed forces, since there are five armies.

They need to stop the US-backed forces wherever they are. ISIS is for the SAA and allies to take care of, not for the US-backed forces to do anything about.

Anyone who takes up arms without the Syrian Government’s authorization is the enemy of the people, and the Syrian Government should wipe them out. On this basis, the US-backed forces must be given the same status as the ISIS group.

This is what the Syrian Government seems to be at last recognizing.

Since the US-backed forces are more of a difficult problem to deal with, the SAA and allies must deal with them first.

Isolate the ISIS and deal with them later; the US is using the ISIS as an excuse to get their allies armed and attacking the SAA and taking over territory.

The SAA needs to ignore the ISIS provocations, and put them on a lower priority for removal than the US-backed forces.

The US-backed forces are a greater threat, I repeat.

It seems that the Syrian Government is at last taking this approach. They really allowed themselves to fall asleep at the wheel. They saw the Kurds and others being given arms and being trained by the Americans and instead of tackling this situation head on and stopping these US-backed allies from gaining traction, they were busy eliminating ISIS. ISIS are a distraction; misdirection.

The Russians too were fooled.

The danger isn’t from ISIS; they do not have formal state sponsorship. They cannot fly planes or use anti-missiles like S-300s. They have limited ability to defend the territory they have seized. Victory over them will be easy. Their elimination can be effected any time. They are a lower priority than the US-backed rebel forces (Kurds and other groups).

So the SAA made a bad almost fatal mistake of focusing on ISIS as their biggest enemy.

By misdirecting their focus and misallocating their fighting resources, the Syrian Government put themselves in a bad position.

Russian involvement to help the fight against ISIS also helped perpetuate the mistaken idea that ISIS was the major enemy of the government and a priority for urgent removal.

They should now hit hard against the US-backed forces. The US is providing logistic support and air cover but are not actually fighting on the ground alongside the anti-Assad forces –– at least not in noticeable numbers.

This is a good sign. This means that the US does not want to be seen as openly participating in a war against Assad’s government.

While this is the case, the SAA should hit the anti-Assad forces as hard as it can. This is very important. It won’t be easy regaining the lands once they have been lost to the anti-Assad forces. They do not want a Golan Heights situation to occur in many parts of the country. They must keep this in mind.

They must not lose another inch to the US-backed rebels, and they must work hard at regaining the land they have lost. While they are doing this, they must stop the movements of the US-backed forces. They must stop them trying to use the excuse they are “fighting ISIS”. In order to do this, they should cut off the routes to ISIS-held towns. This will be easy. They can declare these places no-entry or de-escalation zones. If anyone tries to enter or leave, they can bomb them on the roads.

While ISIS are thus isolated and contained in their strongholds, the government forces should then work on attacking the US-backed forces.

Then after they are ALL defeated, the government should work on eliminating ISIS –– this will be relatively easy.

The Russians can help or not. It’s up to them. If they don’t want to get into a war with the Americans, stay out of the kitchen. Just stick to playing “safe” and bombing the ISIS or whatever.

I do not mean to put down Russians, but to be honest, they are not really putting their heart and soul into the operation. If you make a commitment to help another nation, you do that sincerely. You do it like the Iranians, Hezbollah, and PMU do.

Just making statements to the media or UN, and saying you do not approve of the USA’s actions in striking the SAA is not good enough.

Now that the SAA have got the Iranians, Turkish, PMU and Hezbollah on their side –– FOUR groups –– the Syrian Government is acting more boldly and aggressively. They are taking losses but in the end, fewer losses may be incurred overall if they act boldly and end the conflict quickly than acting timidly and allowing the conflict to drag on.

And of course, they must do something to minimize losses. They should use Iranian drones more extensively against the SDF. The SDF don’t have much protection against these small drones. The small size allows them to escape past the surveillance systems and penetrate into the enemy territory. The drones can send information back and they can carry pinpoint attacks on strategic targets.

The Iranians will be able to test the drones in this way and see how they can be used in warfare in the future in defense of their own nation.

I think the Americans cannot do that much to stop the elimination of the SDF. They can bomb the SAA with their planes, but the SAA can employ anti-plane missiles. Russians, Turkish and Iranians can provide air patrols. If the Russians are afraid of starting WW3, okay, keep out. It is understandable. It is recognized that the Russians are not confident about their abilities in facing the US. The SAA and its other allies can provide the planes.

The SDF need to be eliminated until they wave the flag of defeat.

I cannot see any other way for the war to be won than the SAA and allied forces confronting the US head on.

The Syrian Government has to make up its mind. Does it want to fight properly or does it only want to fight timidly?

To fight properly means protecting the troops. If the troops are attacked they must defend against attackers.

If the US doesn’t want to declare war and just wants to use their worn-out excuses they are only helping to fight the terrorists –– fine, no one can make them admit they are there to defeat Assad.

SAA shoots down American war planes and Americans complain, SAA will say they are defending themselves against invaders. American planes hit them first. Americans are behaving like invaders saying they have the right to fire at and bomb the SAA. So obviously the SAA must do something about this situation.

If the SAA do not do this, slowly the Americans will take over Syria bit by bit. It will be like Yugoslavia. The government-owned part will consist of only a small area. The Kurdish part will be huge and the rebel held part will also be considerable.

If that’s what Assad thinks is acceptable, then he should do very little.

If Assad wants to win, he should do everything he can to stop the US-backed forces. He should unleash full war on them.


American false flag attack against kurds to be blamed on Syrian airforce.

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