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Student Opened Fire In Russia’s Perm University Campus Killing At Least 8, Injuring Dozens (Videos 18+)

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Student Opened Fire In Russia's Perm University Campus Killing At Least 8, Injuring Dozens (Videos 18+)

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An unidentified man opened fire from an assault rifle on the campus of the Perm State National Research University (PGNIU), after which he continued shooting in the building.

According to Russia’s investigative committee, preliminary data suggests that at least 8 people were killed and about 20 were injured.

A source of state outlet RIA in the emergency services said that 19 people were injured, seven were hospitalized, one is in serious condition, six were moderately injured.

According to the Ministry of Health, 24 patients were provided with medical assistance, 19 of them have gunshot wounds.

An airplane with special equipment and a team of anesthesiologists-resuscitators, surgeons and traumatologists were sent from Moscow to Perm.

The attacker was detained, he was wounded, and was identified a student of the Perm State National Research University.

“The investigation collects characterizing materials about him, establishes all the circumstances of the incident,” said the official representative of the Investigative Committee Svetlana Petrenko.

The attacker was detained by a traffic policeman, who was the first to come on the spot.

“An eyewitness ran into the office, reported that shooting was heard near the university, after which my partner and I rushed to check this information. We saw people running out of the university… Shooting was also heard, ” the police officer said.

At the moment, when he entered the main building, his partner organized the evacuation.

“I ran into the building, I saw an armed young man coming down. I shouted: “Drop it!”, after which he fired at me. After that, I used my firearm. The young man fell, I ran up to him, neutralized him, took his gun, ammunition and knife, then I provide him with medical assistance, ” he said.

The attacker received the weapon in a legal way, a source in the emergency services of the region said.

The VKontakte Russian social media platform deleted the suspect’s morning post and blocked his page.

A criminal case was initiated on the murder of two or more people.

Classes at the university, schools, technical schools and colleges have been canceled. It was decided to maximize “all security measures” in educational institutions.

Taxi drivers began taking students home for free away from the university.

The prosecutor of the Perm Territory Pavel Bukhtoyarov and the governor Dmitry Makhonin arrived at the scene.

Also, on behalf of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the heads of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health Valery Falkov and Mikhail Murashko are flying into the city.

The authorities promised to help the victims and relatives of the victims. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the wounded and the families of the victims.


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So.. nobody was terrorised then?


Soulless people of soulless country.


Да нет, это западные ценности пришли к нам. “душные” люди “душной” страны что сша что мелкобритания, ещё в середине 80х впервые такие вот альтернативно гениальные в школы с папиным кольтом приходили и убивали по 20 человек. Так что твой пердёжь, а это словами не назвать не к месту…


Ignorant comment of an ignorant person. Russia has a beautiful soul.

Catalin Nazdravan

Don’t try to educate an PAEDOPHILE, fascist-capitalist, single neuron anglo saxon DIRT!!! No way the SHIT will ever come to senses….


WTF does that mean? In Russia these incidents are few and far in between as oposed to fukking daily mass shootings in the US no? What does that make the US then? Soulful people of soulful country?…..ya fukkin jihadi, I’d smack your pakistan ass in public.

Chris Gr

Edgar Cayce said that Russia is the hope of the world and that China will convert to Christianity. I hope so.

Catalin Nazdravan

Are u talking about the perverse lands inhabited by fascist-capitalist feudalist paedophilic anglo saxons??? Are u talking about the dirty anglo and khazarians lands full of egoism, egocentrism, selfishness and PAEDOPHILIA where all the white anglo saxons only dream is to enslave the others and live an aristocratic perverse&pervert life on the back of others just because the capitalist fascist regime aloud them to do it???? You are one of this SCUM creatures called the anglo vomit,anglo SHIT ! But I’m telling u piece of anglo s*** u all the anglo jewish SCUM will perish SOON hunted by the World People !!! Amen!


How did he get the weapon in a legal way?

James Charlson

He didn’t. Hunting weapons are legal in Russia and rumors has it he got it legally. Not sure of the rumors but it does sound believable.

Fog of War

Just another ” random ” shooting which just happened to occur during an important Russian election. The Nazi helmet was a nice touch also. Does anyone buy the timing ?

Chess Master

He represents the Ukrainians armed by the West and trying to destabilize Mother Russia.

Russia is a joke

Russian country summed up. Full or crazy people, junkies or alcoholics who only want to kill and destroy. T

Chris Gr

That dude was psychopath. Nothing to do with alcohol.


hey basturd, look at the US no?…..fucking daily mass shootings.


It was a shotgun and not a rifle, I believe

a name

was an m1014

the jimmy legs

RIP fallen victims

US & EU are Zion slaves

Let’s blame it on video games and movies.
Also, “Kazan school shooting” remember that? 11 May 2021, yup.

Icarus Tanović

Yeah, let’s blame it on “video games”. What a joke.

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