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United States Threatens Russia But Attacks Europe

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United States Threatens Russia But Attacks Europe

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Written by Piero Messina

Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine. History tells it. But the scoop of the Washington Times – always very well informed when it comes to obtaining top secret documents from US intelligence – supports the hypothesis of an imminent Russian aggression against Ukraine. The US newspaper plays with numbers: it speaks of 175 thousand Russian soldiers ready to attack Kiev, explaining immediately afterwards that it is only a potential deployment. Those actually deployed are just 75 thousand, a figure absolutely not suitable for invading a territory like Ukraine.

Yet US intelligence sources gave this information to the Washington Times: “There is a level of preparedness and equipment that would allow the war to be supported for a week or ten days. And, in the rear, reinforcements are ready for a month of operations “. According to the American daily,” the satellite images show the logistical supply lines for the front already in motion. The Russians are sending fuel, spare parts, food and, above all, country hospitals to the front ”.

It is, in fact, the replay of the alert launched by the Western mainstream media last April. Even then, the mobilization of over 100,000 Russian troops was interpreted as the prelude to a possible invasion of Ukraine. Not everyone in Europe believes the version released by the Washington Times and relaunched by the German Bild. The British BBC, for example, does not believe in the invasion of Ukraine: “There is no sense of an imminent threat or even that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has decided on invasion. The Kremlin spokesman has urged everyone to keep a cool head. But Western intelligence services as well as Ukraine’s think it could happen some time in early 2022 “.

“If someone mistakes our good intentions for weakness, – explained Vladimir Putin in those days – Russia’s response will be asymmetrical, rapid and very hard. We hope no one crosses the red line. We will decide where to trace it in each specific case “.

In fact, a war has already broken out. But it is not a military war, but an economic one. The war does not see Russia and the United States facing each other. Biden threatened Russia but severely attacked Europe. And it hit hard already. Now we will see why.

Geostrategically, there is nothing to discuss. Regarding the Ukraine dossier, NATO is wrong and Russia is right.

First point: NATO has clearly exceeded and disregarded not only the official Pacts but also the tacit ones with respect to enlargement to the East. Just take a look at the charts of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Russia is accused of being aggressive towards its neighbors. But it is a false story, just look at the extension of NATO to the East over the last 30 years. The one implemented by NATO is the classic encirclement strategy. Between Russia and NATO, only Belarus and Ukraine remain to serve as a buffer. Over time, of course, Russia did not stay aside. This was demonstrated by the conflict in South Ossetia in 2008, the re-annexation of Crimea as a reaction to the 2014 coup in Kiev and the military conflict in the Donbass between the pro-Russian militias and Ukrainian forces.

Russian President Putin has set precise conditions. Three specific requests: Kiev should never enter into the Atlantic Alliance; the deployment of weapons systems that could directly affect Moscow should never take place on Ukrainian territory; the re-discussion of the NATO expansion the east is necessary. With a precise footnote: stop the silent destabilization operation in Belarus.

The US administration rejects this view. “NATO member countries decide who is a NATO member and not Russia” – White House spokesman Jen Psaki repeated last Friday.


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L du Plessis

Nato will learn like the US learned in Vietnam, the hard way.

Raptar Driver

We only learned for about 15 years and then we went right back to our imperialism.

Raptar Driver

The west is in a continual search for a threat. But the only threat comes from the governments of western nations. Dangerous Russia is only their cover story.

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