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United States Says Russia Already Tested Projectile-Firing Satellite Weapons In Orbit

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United States Says Russia Already Tested Projectile-Firing Satellite Weapons In Orbit


Russia has successfully tested projectile-firing satellite weapons in orbit two times, the United States says.

“Now, there is a lot for our teams to discuss on this space dialogue, of course. While our efforts are aimed at finding constructive paths forward for space security, we will certainly emphasize our great concern with ongoing Russian – as well as Chinese – efforts to weaponize the space domain. To be clear, Moscow and Beijing have already turned space into a warfighting domain, as I’m sure you’ve been following, especially in light of the U.S. Space Command’s announcement yesterday about Russia having conducted another on-orbit weapons test on the 15th of July.

So even while both Russia and China engage in diplomatic gamesmanship over what they claim is “space arms control,” in other words, both are fielding new anti-satellite weapons in order to hold U.S. and allied space services at risk. As SPACECOM’s most recent announcement makes doubly clear, Russia, in what I would say is an amazingly hypocritical repudiation of its own diplomacy against the deployment of “weapons in outer space,” Russia has already tested projectile-firing satellite weapons in orbit not just once, but now twice.

The U.S. considers unfettered access to and freedom to operate in space to be a vital interest, and we are committed to defending such space access and deterring any harmful interference with or attacks upon critical components of our space architecture,” Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation Christopher Ford said during the press briefing on July 24.

Since then, the sides have achieved little real progress in the ongoing negotiations on the demilitarization of space. This is mainly due to the different goals of the sides. The United States seeks to limit the development of anti-satellite weapons by China and Russia, but is not going to halt the development and deployment of own military space projects.


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Lone Ranger

Why is the U.S. crying when they already had orbital weapons platforms in space in the 80s.
Kinetic hypersonic rods launched from space made out of tungsten carbide.
Was at least used once in China.
Lasers, particle beam weapons, and nuke pumped one shot X-ray death rays.
Its all semi public.
Edward Teller made some of it puplic before he died.
But if Russia or China dares to test anyhithing…hurr durr…. WWIII…
Crumbling U.S. Empire…


That infrastructure is kept busy creating and steering hurricanes.

Антон С

Space objects with guns (20 or 30 mm) is old stuff. Christopher Ford should know about this and stop lying. Low caliber gun is much less dangerous than X-37B. Hope that A-235 can handle with it.


Lone Ranger

The A-235 can handle anything.

Антон С

Even boiling eggs for a breakfast?)

Lone Ranger

Easily, with some toast.
And an earl grey, no sugar with a drop of lemon in a glass cup ;)


So can the S-400.


Their hypersonic missiles will handle anything we can throw at them until we get ours operational.

Ivan Freely

The United States seeks to limit the development of anti-satellite
weapons by China and Russia, but is not going to halt the development
and deployment of own military space projects

LOL Well, don’t expect any cooperation from both China and Russia.


Anti satellite weapons, including nukes, have been around for a long time.

Lone Ranger

The real reason why Earths ozone layer went down the drain.


Aside from the fact that it was a statistical lie like anthropogenic global warming.

johnny rotten

The reality is that all these accusations are intended to hide from themselves and the rest of the world the serious problems that, like a cancer, are destroying the shining city on the hill, but it is a stupid practice, none of the alleged enemies ever pecks other people’s business and even less in American business, so theirs is pure paranoia, an incurable disease whose symptoms will disturb the whole world for a long time.


The cancer is, and has always been, the scheduling of Christian worship based on the pagan Gregorian calendar.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

If you organise a Space Force, then expect others to have other forces to defeat you.

The Yanks would want to cut out the bitching ffs, they’re acting like the little bully who sees the big boys coming over.

The next time the Space Force go up(lol), bring the Pampers.


In the event of a war, Russia or China would immediately go after US satellites. Keep the enemy blind is crucial for victory. Americans still believe that they are the best even when in war games, they get their butts whipped every time against China and Russia.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Imagine WW3 breaking out, Russia and China start taking out the US satellites, and then the MSM start crying “that’s not fair”, lol.


The MICIMATT does a pretty good job of maintaining American aerospace myopia.


“Space Pampers”

Joakim Normen

Lying, cheating, stealing US terrorist empire being hypocrites as ALWAYS


It is the only thing that the MICIMATT is good at.

cechas vodobenikov

I do not care what lying amerikans say—only what they do

Assad must stay

US shut the fuck up you are working on a “space force” these accusations are pointless


It would have been easier to simply rename NASA.

Assad must stay


Vukan Simic

For americns to call someone ”an amazingly hypocritical” is an ultimate hipocricy!

Porc Halal

there are a few anatolian sheepheads around here that they think a bunch of eunuchs led by a well-known zoophile can oppose an army like Russia’s … ?????

carlo cozzarin

The thief believes that everyone else are of his condition
El ladrón cree que todos son de sus condición
They believe that they can threaten and destroy others from space and that they cannot, they have no right to defend themselves
Stupid hypocrites
Learn to play chess by the best


The best thing that the United States could do in space would be to deorbit all of the old exhausted rocket bodies that they’ve left there since it started the space race.

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