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United States, Russia Start Talks on Militants Withdrawal from Aleppo

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United States, Russia Start Talks on Militants Withdrawal from Aleppo

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (L) and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (R) attend a bilateral meeting in Rome, Italy December 2, 2016. © Gregorio Borgia / Reuters

US Secretary of State John Kerry has made a proposal of prodcedure of withdrawal of “rebel forces” from Aleppo city, RT reported on December 5, citing Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

“Moscow is ready to immediately send our military experts and diplomats to Geneva to work out joint actions with our US colleagues in line with the [new] American proposals, which would ensure the withdrawal of all militants without exception from eastern Aleppo, and would provide unimpeded humanitarian supplies to the city’s residents and ensure the establishment of normal life in eastern Aleppo,” RT quoted Lavrov as saying.

According to the report, Msocow is ready to send military officials and diplomats to Geneva to work out a joint plan of action for Aleppo, immediately.

Lavrov noted that until Friday, the United States had trying to “push provisions that would take the heat off Al-Nusra, which directs the militants in the unliberated parts of eastern Aleppo.”

“However, yesterday at our meeting in Rome, John Kerry passed on to us proposals from Washington that are in line with the suggestions from Russia’s experts,” the Russian diplomat added.

Earlier today, Lavrov slammed a draft of the United Nations Security Council resolution on Aleppo as a provocation to undermmine the Russian-US talks on the issue.

The draf resolution included a proposal of 10-days ceasefire in the city.

“Considering the way previous pauses passed, we have no doubts the 10-day pause for militants will be used by the extremists to regroup and recover strength and will therefore impede the liberation of Eastern Aleppo,” Sputniknews quoted Lavrov.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that the ceasefire regime in Aleppo will be possible after the routes and dates of militants’ withdrawal from the Syrian city are agreed.

The armed groups that refuse to leave eastern Aleppo will be equated to terrorists. They will continue the armed struggle by not wanting to leave eastern Aleppo. We shall treat them as such, as terrorists, extremists. We shall continue to support the operation of the Syrian army against such gangs,” he told reporters.

Earlier, the mainstream media dissiminated the info that “rebels” denied any options to withdraw from the city under any US-Russia agreement.

Reuters, Decemer 4:

Rebel groups in Aleppo have told the United States they will not leave their shrinking enclave, a senior rebel official told Reuters, after Russia call for talks with Washington over a full withdrawal of opposition fighters.

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Lol, the US trying to get a ceasefire the terrorists don’t even want. Normally you wouldn’t want fighters to walk away when you have them cornered. But these guys will fight everything and anyone so sending them to their ‘brothers’ will probably result in the death of at least a few of those ‘brothers’.


Good, let the americans waste their breath. Aleppo is a done deal, it will be cleared soon.


..and at the same time rebels dont want to give-up and launch counter attacks. So many people seem to represent them(Syrian opposition sitting in Turkey, US/UK, Turkey, UN and fellow Arab countries) and then they sabotage any others’ efforts to help. May be they only listen to Jihadi John….


and now the US bastard secretary defends openly and brazenly to the al-qaeda terrorists…what a shame!!


Okay, there is something very wierd here. From what I see, it is over but for the fat lady to enter stage right in Aleppo. The jihadists/gangsters in there are finished. So, what the heck is SoS Kerry doing? Here are a few possibilities:

1) The US and crew cannot afford to outright lose. This will blow their game right out of the water worldwide.

2) Promises were made, with skins on the line.

3) Somebody or something(s) are in there, that they absolutely cannot afford to surface. Being they are cut out of the part of the map now, they need a brief moment of access before it is all blown to hell.

Just a couple of ideas. Something is up gang.

Hanna Reitsch

3) Us special forces fighting side by side with al-qaeda.


Hey Hanna. Yes, catching those gentlemen red handed would be a problem.

John Whitehot

on this subject, you should actually look at countries located at the southern border of Syria – excluding Lebanon.

Hanna Reitsch

You are right! (((The self choosen people))) Lets see if they find a smoking gun.

Joseph Scott

Probably not official US troops. Most likely contractors. Many are ex-SF, and they are a lot more deniable than regular soldiers. Still not something they wanted wasted or caught. Besides, those who have not already been enticed out of the SOF community and into contract work are often more difficult than the CIA likes. It is by no means unheard of for SOF teams on the deck of a carrier somewhere to tell a flag officer “Hell no. Go ahead and throw us in the brig and YOU do the op, sir!” because they didn’t like the mission parameters. Contractors are by nature a little more malleable about questionable assignments. Their smaller numbers will then be filled out with larger numbers of cannon-fodder recruited form poorer countries. See Academi’s ops in Eritrea/Yemen for example.

Hanna Reitsch

Sorry what is is SOF and what is Academi?

Joseph Scott

SOF = Special Operations Forces. Because the US Army has units that are specifically called Special Forces, the SOF variant is used to speak collectively of any and all of such units across all US military services, in contrast to the particular Army units.

Academi is the current name of the military contractor group popularly known as Blackwater. They’ve change their name several times to avoid association with past scandals, and actually are now formally (and only formally) divided into a whole host of separately named sub-contractors to further confuse observers (Greystone, Aviation Worldwide Services, etc.), but Academi is the name used by the underlying headquarters company that runs all the training facilities and actually does all the hiring.


Or maybe, just maybe, they do want to end this battle in Aleppo, that that battle is lost and they realize that since they can’t get the Russians and SAA to stop they might as well get the Jihadis to leave the city. And in doing so save some face and score some international humanitarian brown nosing points. After all, Obama en Kerry are on the way out. Old news. Generally at this point leaving behind a good looking legacy becomes more important then pushing through an agenda which will most likely be reversed by Trump anyway.

As for there still being some Western SF inside East Aleppo, methinks those got out when the Jihadists last managed to break the siege in the summer. Considering the tiny corridor that had been created and the impetus for further gains lost only the heir to the throne of the kingdom of idiots would not have pulled its forces out at this last possible chance. After all, they could always be sent back in in case the Jihadists managed to hold and expand the breach.

Any accord would be for naught though, as the remaining Jihadists seem to have gone into full ‘Hitler raving in his underground Berlin bunker’ mode and are spoiling for a Götterdammerung last stand ending.


Hello Papa. An interseting point about SF. I does make sense. As to the madness the final contestants in Aleppo, I agree. They have gone nuts. Did they not just today Twitt about launching a counter attack inside of Aleppo, before they actually did? I read it on Almasdar less than an hour ago. They are plain loco.

Gary Sellars

“the remaining Jihadists seem to have gone into full ‘Hitler raving in his underground Berlin bunker’ mode and are spoiling for a Götterdammerung last stand ending.”

No problem. The SAA and its Allies are only too pleased to oblige them :-)

Douglas Houck

I agree John, something is weird.

My best guess is the US is trying to stay relevant and is looking for a way to have a say in how all this ends.

Obviously, east Aleppo is going to be retaken by the Syrian government. For the last several years, everyone has said there needs to be a political solution, and that there could not be a military one. The US (and it’s allies) has always assumed it would have a major role/say in how it all ends. That no longer appears true.

The Syrians are weeks away from a military/political (reconciliation) solution to ending the fight in west Syria with the Al-Qaeda groups. That reality is causing everyone to rethink their positions. The Qatarians are saying they will continue sending arms, etc. to the terrorists. Denmark is done with being a member of the coalition which is bogged down in Mosul, Turkey no longer seems to be supporting the terrorists (other than their own FSA group), etc.

The west is saying, that without a political solution the war will turn into a low level guerrilla event with no end. I believe this is mostly wishful thinking on the west’s part and a last ditch effort from the west to say to the Syrians and Russians that they should have a place at the negotiating table. I’m not sure the west should even be invited. This is supported by the recent talks in Turkey between Russia and the Al-Qaeda terrorists where the US was not invited.

So, do the Russians want to keep the US involved in how all this ends because they need to interact with the US in other parts of the world (think Ukraine, etc.), or are they simply stringing them along? Whatever is going on geopolitically, the fat lady is warming up.


Hello Douglas. Very nice, thank you. :)

Gary Sellars

“The west is saying, that without a political solution the war will turn into a low level guerrilla event with no end. ”

Bring it on. It will only give the Syrian government and the SAA and allies all the justification it needs to completely purge Syrian society of the nut-bag jihadist Wahabbi influences. Syria will know peace once the Wahabbis and their supporters are either dead, imprisoned or sitting in the EU collecting unemployment benefits and agitating for state-funds to build new mosques.


Who will they use to terrorize the EU if Russia/Syria blows up ALL of their terrorists?



Stolen/missing nukes hidden, planned for surprise use on Russia from Syria.


One more time the traitor Lavrov tries to save the trapped terrorists in Aleppo .I hope this time Assad will not listen Lavrov and terminate until the last the terro-rats .


The green busses strategy is just brilliant the don’t shave there beards and hide between de people too shoot you in the back with hidden weapon/bombs. Lavrov is right to do this, cluster al the terrorist in Ilib and when the battle for Ilib begins the terrorist and there families got 2 options. 1 die 2 flee to turkey

both is win win for Syria

Random guy

And to think few years ago it all started with Kerry saying Assad should leave.


Lavrov is time to goes to the pension.As his stays in Russian affairs, he will destroy everything than Russians and allies gained in the battlefield.

Gary Sellars

You CLEARLY have zero appreciation of Lavrov’s strategy in dealing with the feckless Uh’Murikkkanz….


Loser and miserable Lavrov ,what are you talking with OUTGOING American foreign minister?He has no power anymore.

John Whitehot

lololol, you folks are really stupid as fuck.


With the remaining pocket of insurgents evacuated, aleppo will finally be free. Any estimates on the remaining number Kerry wants to save? 10,000? 20,000? They’ll want to take their family so this evacuation could be as large 50,000 people. CIA will need time to pack up their command center equipment.

Brad Isherwood


America lost the war in Vietnam….with this photo as marker. What Image best represents the failed geostrategic of the US in the Mid East? US troops guarding poppy fields : )…well that’s Afghanistan. …not the Mid East.

Ole Johansen

Many are making good point here. Entrapped in the little area left are now those in command etc and they can not get out. I think its important to just keep on pushing as at one point they will dig up something that will be a game changer like suggested, maybe some US, Israeli or whatever official that is trying to escape this situation.

The only option if the progress goes on is that, if there, blows them self’s up in nano fragments. But that is not western style.

They will come out with their hands over their head or try to dress up like woman’s or so.

I hope the meeting with terrorist kingpin Kerry of Rothchildistan, is a matter of gaining some time and that the rest of Aleppo is taken before the meeting is sort of over…

What is the time span of the little that is left anyway?

Gary Sellars

Pfftt… the Yankistanis can expend as much hot-air as they wish, but they have no real control over the jihadi terrorists they support via their Saudi clients. The foat-guckers have shown no inclination to pack up and leave, so the SAA and friends need to concentrate on helping the Jihadist opponents to make good on their dearest heart-felt wishes – to meet Allah up close and personal and receive their 40 virgin goats.

Marek Pejović

maybe they simply need their specialist headchoppers alive in Latakia. this could indicate that Nusra is weaker than expected and that they simply cant loose those people in Aleppo. personally, i’d preffer them all killed in Aleppo. might cost extra soldier lives, BUT it’s gonna bring closure. this is the most important thing for Syria, closure. winner is winner, looser is looser. like WW2.


The SAA is going to decide the talks soon. They should push on all E Aleppo fronts before Al Nusra has a chance to negotiate a way out. No let-up on SAA offensive until jihadist are digging thier way back to Idleb and retreat in disgrace or perish.



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