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JUNE 2021

United States of Russia – Trump’s Inauguration Fireworks Show ‘USR’ Letters (Video)

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The fireworks, launched during yesterday’s celebrations to mark Donald Trump’s inauguration showed the letters ‘USR’ instead of the ‘USA’ abbreviation.

United States of Russia – Trump’s Inauguration Fireworks Show ‘USR’ Letters (Video)

Photo: YouTube / RandallLConner

Yesterday’s celebrations to mark the upcoming inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump ended with discomfiture.

The fireworks, launched over the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, were supposed to become an apogee of the evening and represent the letters ‘USA’ in the night sky. Instead of this, the abbreviation ‘USR’ appeared over the Memorial in full view of thousands spectators, who attended the Trump’s ceremony. This incident caused a stormy reaction in social networks.

Some commentators jokingly suspected that now ‘Russian hackers’ hacked the American salute and ‘USR’ means the ‘United States of Russia’.

Somebody even linked the abbreviation with the USSR.

Others suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin bought the fireworks for the Trump’s celebrations.

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US_ R, I wonder what CNN has to say about this blatant hacking attack! Or maybe somebody working for fireworks company still pissed off about election results. :DD

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