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JULY 2020

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale


The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

Written by Brian Kalman exclusively for SouthFront; Brian Kalman is a management professional in the marine transportation industry. He was an officer in the US Navy for eleven years. He currently resides and works in the Caribbean.

Although much is written about the U.S. Special Forces and Navy Seals, these special operations forces are intended to be used mostly for asymmetrical, unconventional operations or to supplement the actions of larger military operations utilizing more conventional forces. The U.S. Marine Corps; however, is a large, independent, combined arms fighting force that can react to almost any military contingency at extremely short notice. Of all the branches of the U.S. military, it is without a doubt the most flexible, adaptable and effective fighting force that the U.S. can call upon in times of crises or all-out war.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

Predating the founding of the nation that it serves, with the Continental Marines being established in 1775, the USMC has a long and storied history of discipline, honor, sacrifice and combat effectiveness. Having fought in every major conflict since the birth of the United States as a sovereign nation, the Marines have forged a reputation and battle prowess that is respected by both allies and adversaries the world over. While every other branch of the U.S. Armed Forces specializes at a specific form of warfare, the USMC excels at all manner of modern warfare. They exist to stand as the sharp end of the spear in any military or humanitarian crisis scenario. The U.S. Marine Corps are a jack of all trades, and a master of all trades as well.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

U.S. Marines are trained to be able to deploy, fight and win in all forms of modern warfare, regardless of the environment.

Powerful, Flexible, Forward Deployed

The Corps numbers approximately 182,000 active duty Marines, with a further 38,500 in reserve status. Unlike other branches of the U.S. armed forces, the USMC is divided into a number of forward deployed units overseas and regionally deployed units within the United States that are meant to be blended together into various warfighting forces based on the task at hand. Tailored for flexibility and overall combat power, there are five main USMC operating forces structures.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

One of eight Wasp Class LHDs in active service with the US Navy, USS Boxer LHD-4, illustrated here with a mixture of CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters on its flight deck. Each LHD usually is accompanied by one Amphibious Transport Dock (LPD) and one Dock Landing Ship (LSD), comprising the amphibious task force of an Amphibious Ready Group (ARG).

The Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF). The Marine Corps usually operates as MAGTFs, which are self-sustained, combined arms forces comprised of air, ground, and logistics units under a single commander. Each MAGTF consists of a command element (CE), a ground combat element (GCE), an aviation combat element (ACE), and a logistics combat element (LCE). A MAGTF is an extremely potent and flexible combat force that is well suited to respond to a host of different contingencies at very short notice.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

A US Navy LCAC approaches the well deck of the Whidbey Island Class LSD USS Ashland LSD-48. AAV7s can be seen parked in the foreground.

The Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF). The MEF is the main Marine Corps fighting organization, and is capable of carrying out amphibious assaults and sustained military operations ashore. It is designed for fighting major theater war. There are three standing MEFs: I MEF based in the southwestern U.S., II MEF based in the southeastern U.S., and III MEF based in Japan and Hawaii. Although each MEF has its own established units, the size and makeup of an MEF can change greatly depending on mission requirements. Units from other MEFs, other military branches and special operations units (most often Navy Seals) may be attached to a deployed MEF. Marine Expeditionary Forces can be rapidly deployed to a target area via land, sea or air. MEFs make use of prepositioned ships from the U.S. Navy or Military Sealift Command to gain added equipment and ordinance for longer sustainability ashore.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

A US Navy Riverine Command Boat (RCB) in the well deck of a US amphibious warfare vessel. These fast vessels are often utilized to insert/extract special operations forces. USMC MEUs are often deployed with Navy Special Warfare Units (SEALS) as required by mission requirements.

Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB). An MEB is a subordinate command of the MEF, and is designed as a quick reaction force for smaller scale contingencies than the MEF. MEBs are the foundation establishments for power projection operations such as amphibious assaults and air assaults. They also link-up with maritime prepositioning vessels in order to gain additional equipment, arms and supplies in order to gain greater sustainability. There are three regionally oriented MEBs: 1st MEB seconded to I MEF which covers U.S. Pacific and Central Commands, 2nd MEB seconded to II MEF which covers U.S. European, Central and Africa Commands, and 3rd MEB seconded to III MEF which also covers U.S. Pacific Command.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

AAV7 amphibious assault vehicles prepare to disembark from the well deck of the San Antonio Class USS New York LPD-21. Each vehicle can carry 25 marines (cramped and uncomfortably) for amphibious assaults.

Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU). MEUs are forward deployed expeditionary units which are maintained in the Mediterranean Sea, western Pacific, Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. Each MEU is a self-contained, self-reliant, combined arms fighting force. Before deployment, every MEU must conduct a 26 week pre-deployment training regime and final certification test, where it must demonstrate the ability to plan and execute a multitude of simultaneously conducted missions within 6 hours of notification. There are seven MEUs. The 11th, 13th and 15th MEUs are subordinated to the I MEF, the 22nd, 24th and 26th MEUs and subordinated to the II MEF, and the 31st MEU is assigned to the III MEF.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

MEU/ARB establishment visualized. A capable mix of air, ground and naval warfare elements creates a very potent and flexible fighting force.

Each MEU consists of a Command Element, and a GCE consisting of a marine infantry battalion reinforced with its own artillery, armor, amphibious assault, engineer and reconnaissance units; however, they can be supplemented with additional Marine and Special Warfare elements as the mission dictates. This reinforced marine infantry battalion is known as a Battalion Landing Team (BLT). Each MEU also has an ACE consisting of one medium tiltrotor squadron (V-22 Osprey),elements from one heavy helicopter squadron (CH-53 Super Stallion), one light helicopter attack squadron (AH-1Z Viper), a  Marine attack squadron (AV-8B Harrier), one UAV squadron, Marine air traffic control detachment, Marine wing support squadron, and one Marine aviation logistics squadron. Also, an LCE consisting of one combat logistics battalion completes each MEU.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

CH-53 Sea Stallion heavy lift helicopters have a maximum takeoff weight of 42,000lbs. (19,100kg.) and can carry between 38 and 50 marines. Range is approximately 550 nautical miles (1,000 km.)

Deployed MEUs often represent the first option available to the U.S. executive branch in responding to a crisis overseas, as they are forward deployed and always immediately ready to respond to almost any contingency. When deployed, MEUs reside on the amphibious warfare ships of an Amphibious Ready Group. These large and flexible vessels, LPDs, LSDs, LHAs and LHDS, carry the Marines of the MEU and all of their heavy equipment, armored vehicles and aircraft into their area of deployment. These vessels are commanded and manned by personnel of the U.S. Navy. Additionally, all combat medics in the USMC are actually enlisted members of the U.S. Navy and are known as “Corpsmen”.

Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force (SPMAGTF). The core establishment of these special units are drawn from the standing MAGTFs, and are supplemented with additional units as dictated by the mission. They are normally considerably smaller than an MEU. These units are established to carry out specific special missions such as training exercises with foreign militaries, and humanitarian response efforts.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

US Marines and Malaysian Marines train in the art of tracking in a dense tropical environment. Multilateral training exercises are often conducted by a SPMAGTAF.

U.S. Marines, regardless of their specialized military occupation, are all trained first and foremost as infantry. For example, a combat pilot or logistics officer will both possess a detailed understanding of infantry small unit tactics and be proficient in their employment. The Corps maintains higher standards of physical fitness and rifle marksmanship than the other U.S. armed services. Historically embracing the idea that all Marines must be well-trained riflemen, the Corps was the last of the military branches to abandon the M16 rifle for the M4 carbine.

U.S. Marines must be ready for deployment and combat in any and all environments, and thus they maintain a strenuous and demanding training regimen that encompasses arctic, jungle, desert and mountainous environments. The U.S. Marine Corps excels at all manner of land warfare, amphibious assault, helicopter and tiltrotor air assault, large scale evacuation of U.S. nationals in times of conflict, and humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR) operations. In addition, all U.S. embassies maintain a small security of detail of U.S. Marines.

Adapt and Overcome

If it is one thing that the Marines are known for it is their ability to adapt to battlefield realities, change tactics rapidly, and overcome any difficulties encountered to win victories. The USMC has embraced this adaptability at all levels, maintaining old customs and weapons systems that have proven effective, while at the same time being willing to adopt very new ideas and weapons that are unconventional and unproven, but which promise advantages that the USMC deem beneficial. While being the most reluctant to approve the liberal policies of successive U.S. administrations, such as the inclusion of women in combat roles, once adopted, the USMC has refused to lower both physical and proficiency standards to the level of other branches of service. As a result, the women serving in the forward deployed units of the USMC are undoubtedly some of the toughest and most well trained female soldiers in the world.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

The M1161/1163 Growler ITV-LSV (Internally Transportable Light Strike Vehicle) was specifically designed for transport in both the AAV7 and the V-22 Osprey. The Growler provides both air assault and amphibious forces with a highly mobile transport and prime mover.

While reluctant to abandon the M16 for the M4, and the last US service to do so (arguably a mistake in this particular case), and maintaining a number of older weapons systems that have proven reliable, such as the AAV7 amphibious assault vehicle and the AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter, the Corps has at the same time thrown their support behind very new and often controversial weapons systems. The USMC was an early proponent of the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft, which it utilizes far more than any other service, and was also the first U.S. military branch to declare the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter operational. While still using the AV-8B Harrier jump jet in frontline ACE units aboard amphibious assault vessels, the USMC realizes that a replacement VSTOL attack aircraft is long overdue. In hindsight, a USMC specific replacement for the Harrier would have probably come out much cheaper and better suited to the combat role envisioned by the Corps than the F-35B, which has so far proven to be a disappointment.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

The USMC still makes use of the UH-1 and AH-1 helicopters first fielded in the 1960s. These helicopters have been greatly improved and modernized over almost 60 years of continued use. Their reliability and combat record is greatly valued by the USMC.

The United States Marine Corps: Power Projection on a Global Scale

USMC F-35B BF-02, the first F-35B to land on a US Navy warship, the USS Wasp LHD-1 on October 3rd, 2011. The USMC has decided to go all-out in making the F-35B the VSTOL replacement for the venerable AV-8B Harrier. It is hoped that the F-35B will provide greater options in employing the attack element of the ACE, where the AV8B was largely seen as a close air support (CAS) only aircraft.

Forward Deployed, Always Ready but No Longer Alone

No other nation in the world has a power projection tool as large, flexible and capable as the U.S. Marine Corps. There are many nations that maintain marine forces modeled off the USMC, and that maintain a close relationship with the Corps through annual training exercises, as well as training programs specifically designed to enhance specific skills. A cursory look at the marines of many nations reveals at least a similarity in the weapons, equipment and methods employed by the USMC.

The Chinese leadership has seen the need to further develop the strength and reach of its own amphibious warfare arm, the Peoples’ Liberation Army Marine Corps, while also expanding the amphibious mechanized infantry divisions (AMIDs) of the Peoples’ Liberation Army. The standing AMIDs have been expanded from two divisions to four in recent years, while the PLAMC is currently being increased from 20,000 men to 100, 000. These amphibious forces are being provided with the new ZBD/LBT05 family of amphibious assault vehicles and light tanks. The ZBD is the fastest amphibious assault vehicle currently in service anywhere in the world with a speed in the water of 45kph (27mph).

Although the force structure of China’s amphibious warfare forces are strengthening and expanding, the need for greater sealift capability is a crucial weakness that must be remedied. China has made major progress in remedying this shortcoming over the past decade, building 6 large Type 071 LPDs, modernizing its large number of Type 072 LSTs, and is currently constructing the first of an unknown number of Type 075 LHDs. It is apparent that the Peoples’ Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) intends to establish Amphibious Ready Groups/ Marine Expeditionary Units (ARB/MEU) on a similar model as the US Navy and USMC. While the USMC maintains a large edge over any rivals, in the case of China, the edge is slowly shrinking.

In light of China’s expanding maritime territory and area of operations, a larger and more capable power projection force is seen as key to securing its national interests. These forces will be vital in securing Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea, considering the contested nature of the region. China possesses a clear advantage over its regional rivals in this regard; however, the United States is reluctant to allow China to exert control over the South China Sea uncontested. The fighting forces of the USMC and the large and capable amphibious warfare vessels of the US Navy will play a key role in any theoretical conflict between the two nations in the South China Sea and in Southeast Asia in general. Hopefully, such a struggle between the world’s largest amphibious warfare forces, a struggle which would be a brutal and costly one for both sides, can be avoided through skilled, pragmatic leadership and a pursuit of common interests.



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  • Jesus

    USMC has not shown its battle efficiency against a peer enemy capable of deploying A2/AD defenses. The question remains, can a MAGTF deploy close to an peer enemy coastline that has strong air defenses along with deadly anti ship Mach 3 cruise missiles?

    • Solomon Krupacek

      the seals eat for breakfast all russian a2/ad batteries. all in the same time :P

      in this field usa: russia = 60:0.5

      • Nigel Maund

        More bravado from the chief US trumpeteer!

        • Solomon Krupacek

          silencio, loco!

      • Jesus

        Keep dreaming, Russians and Chinese have special forces as well, seal infiltration is highly problematic since low flying helicopters will be identified and shot down by fighters with look down capability.

        • Solomon Krupacek


          • Jesus

            Mig 31s would love to shoot down slow moving helicopters from 3-400 kms away. Are you still laughing, or are you laughing in your leftist alternate reality?
            As far as S400, Oniks and Iskander missiles and their support and reloads, they are all mobile and can move 20kms in less than half than hour.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            och jesus, who is so stupid, that shoots on choppers from 400 km? putin???

          • Jesus

            Leftist troll, Mig 31 can shoot AWACS planes from 400 kms away with long range missiles.
            And AWACS move faster than helicopters.
            Stupidity is the byproduct of the result in living in the leftist reality.

          • Solomon Krupacek


            give us video about this, or you ar lying troll :P

          • Jesus

            De ce esti un mitocan?
            Have you heard of K100 missile? Or R37M?

          • Solomon Krupacek

            not heard, video about russian takindown of american awacs.

          • John Whitehot

            Excerpt from Yefim Gordon’s book on the MiG-31:

            “A short while earlier, in April 1994, the Russ-
            ian President Boris N Yeltsin sent a telegram to
            the Mikoyan OKB and other organisations
            involved in the MiG-31 M programme, extend-
            ing his congratulations on a successful test.
            The test in question was really something spe-
            cial, being the world’s first instance when an
            interceptor had destroyed a target flying more
            than 300km (186 miles) away. The aircraft was
            a MiG-31 M and the missile an R-37.”

            Helicopters are kinematically inferior to drones and lack any meaningful defensive EW capability hence the 400 KM range is attainable against them.

            So yes, he is right and you are wrong.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            this is book, not video. about alcoholic yeltsin.

            AGAIN: when did shot down mig31 american plane???

            i have no doubt, you have 1-2 dozens of such missiles. but i thonk, you are not able to shot down awacs from 3-400 km, as you wrote.

          • John Whitehot

            LoL, you can go on how much you like.

            In the end it’s you being ridiculous, not the others or their points.

            Start reading books on weapon systems, possibly not those from the US establishment and you’ll see by yourself.

            Other wise keep listening to Polish or Estonian radios or paying subscriptions to US TV satellite channels if you need lies.

            Shooting down AWACS from 400 KMs is abundantly possible.
            Because they are big RCS targets, they are kinematically retarded,
            and they radiate a lot of energy. A missile like the R-37 is launched at supersonic speed and high altitude. It follows a cruise profile that maximizes range according to the target parameters.

            And it will get the AWACS, or the bomber.

            As a sidenote: Mig-31s did not shoot down US planes, but it has intercepted and forced away SR-71s in several occasions.

            There are recounts of Soviet Foxhound pilots about the intercepts which are awesome. Radars and missiles locked on the fat-ass Blackbirds who couldn’t maneuver without finding themselves locked-on again. Had they flown one kilometer inside the state border they would had burned.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Holly wood hype is all the SEALs are they are a tier 2 unit much like the Marines are, the Russians forces are mostly tier 1 so no real comparison there. Seal team 6 and DevGru or Dellta is Tier 1 , the best ranked Tier 1 are SAS which includes Australia-New Zealand and Canada both are featured in SAS videos on YouTube.The best in the 2016 Counter insurgency games were the Chinese with 2 their leopards and their Tigers top 2 spots followed by CSOR from Canada , no other western Nation in the top 30.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          ussr had no good navy. russsia has much worse. also the baval spacial unis are nothing. not such games you listed are important. the combat abilities in real combat. and here the brits and americans are no 1. the next practical place is no 8-9, south korea and japan. i talk about naval units.

          • John Whitehot

            you know nothing about a good navy.

            the soviet navy was good enough to perform its missions (1- defend the soviet shores from amphibious operations 2- maintain SSBN component of nuclear triad and use it in case it was needed).

            Having being brainwashed by anticommunist, freedom fighting propaganda you’re still under the illusion that a navy must “project power” to be “good” but let me be clear of this:

            western navies are “good” as an instrument of subjugation of other peoples and countries.

            That’s the way they have been designed and employed since colonial times.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            i was officer in warsaw pact. therefor i have a real picture. the ussr navy was nothing. all submirines were noisy. the americans always knew and also today know, where are the submarines. today the russian navy is a joke. old, rosted ships.

            so, whitecock, you are wrong.

          • John Whitehot

            You are lying about having been an “officer in warsaw pact”. In fact I doubt you were an officer at all. And unless you are Admiral Sergey Gorshkov in person, which is unlikely if I may, you would not have “the real picture”.

            Besides, you never actually wrote anything more that what you find on American MILINDCOM defence magazines, when you aren’t parroting the sheer idiocy of Hollywood movies like Top Gun.

            That said, I don’t do ad-hominem attacks, so let me review your points.

            “the ussr navy was nothing. all submirines were noisy. the americans always knew and also today know, where are the submarines. today the russian navy is a joke. old, rosted ships”

            Such technical insight. Such a critical, objective analysis.

        • John Whitehot

          since when Russian armed services follow the US (or western) definitions of “tiers” is something I must have missed.

          Besides, when the zionist below is unleashed, the utmost bullshit is commented on sf.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            The rating is more based on level of training and requirements , the higher training and the requirements the more specialized the units.

          • John Whitehot

            yeah, but it’s too simplistic. “Tiers” are an American informal way of categorizing operative readiness of SpecOps units, but aren’t worth any real consideration.

            Even among US only units, you have for example Seal Team, Delta Force and RECONDOs which are “Tier 1” but couldn’t be more different among themselves.

        • And what does Seal team 6 do?

          They take helicopters and how many armed men and great big guns, sneak into a sovereign country to raid an old man’s house ‘n shoot him dead.

          This the Americans tout as heroic, fantastic! Celebrations, cheers and champagne ALL across America! “We killed Bin Laden!!!!”

          An’ me…. I’m kinda wondering what’s heroic about shooting some sick old man who doesn’t even have a gun in the middle of the night? Sheesh – didn’t even see any bodyguards in that vid of it – just women and children and one sick ol’ man.

          But to Americans – this is brave hero stuff.
          Really disgusting.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            you are the shame of the menkind, the biggest liar. :DDDD

          • That is exactly what they did – and proudly too.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            The problem with that it might be hype and fake since the team allegedly was killed in Afghanistan in an old C-47 Chinook Helicopter when it crashed.

          • Hmm..

            I see as the biggest problem, not that it happened, didn’t happen, or didn’t happen exactly as claimed or is all just another convenient lie but that…
            …. an entire country and it’s people see this TYPE of behavior as good, moral, proper, and heroic.

            That speaks to the character of the nation and it’s people, and what it’s says … isn’t good moral proper right or heroic. It’s unbelievably misguided and very bad.

        • Hmm….. GSG9

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Italian police unit used to fight organized crime not really a military unit.

          • German

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            My bad was thinking GIS which is primarily used for Italian Mafia. where the Grenzschutzegruppe 9 , they are border police unit, still not army.

          • Formed after the Munich fiasco, up till 2003 they apparently fired their weapons 5 times on 1500-2000 missions (and twice were against dogs attacking them to defend the target.)

            Don’t know what the record is since, but are said to be v-good and that 5x impresses the shìt outa me – imagine any American police/commando force firing its weapons 5x in what … nearly 30 years?

      • John Whitehot

        oh my rotfl.

    • Red Tick Alert
      • Jesus

        My wife was a marine for 10 years, it was different then, the marines today ( like all US armed forces) are a bedding ground for social experiments involving gender and sexuality

        • Solomon Krupacek

          My wife was a marine for 10 years

          then let hor out from hospital for psychic disorders?

          • Jesus

            My wife quit th service, as far as psychiatric disorders you and all leftists fit the description considering the alternate reality you choose to live in.

          • Gerry Hiles

            Jesus IS an alternate reality, e.g. no one has ever risen from the dead, so you certainly qualify for a psychiatric disorder, along with your wife of uncertain gender. One thing is certain: no matter how ‘butch’ is your wife, or any other female, she was never a Marine per se. Neither her nor you could ever undergo even infantry training. I have, btw.

          • Jesus

            You are speaking from from your limited or nonexistent understanding of who Jesus Christ was and what He accomplished. You can live within that reality as you wish.
            My wife is not a “butch” she is a very attaractive woman, she served in the marines until 1986, she underwent the same rigorous training as the men did, unlike present day standards. The rest of your statements express your utter ignorance regarding who I am and what I stand for.

          • Gerry Hiles

            I apologize unreservedly for the “butch” jibe. I got carried away, but not so much with the Jesus angle and you are completely wrong about my understanding, because I was raised by a fundamentalist Christian father, I was an uncritical Christian as a child and had to study the Bible, so that I passed numbers of Scripture exams, before I rejected it all at about the age of 16, but then got “saved” not long after briefly, resumed going to church in my early 20s, but finally quit religion completely by the time I was about 25, since when I have come to appreciate the symbolism and basic insights of many religions, but believe in none. If a Christian lived by the Beatitudes/Sermon on the Mount I would be impressed, but I have never encountered any and, realistically, it is impossible to live up to such high standards. I cannot pretend that I do and I know that I was a hypocrite, in effect, when I was a believer.
            Sorry but it is you who is utterly ignorant about who I am, whereas I have lived through experiences very similar to your own and so I do have a fair idea of who you are and what you stand for. I rejected it in myself, but seldom challenge anyone else, unless someone starts preaching, more or less.
            As regards military training, I was in the armed forces of both Britain and Australia during the 60s and early 70s – before becoming too aware of what I was really involved in. I cannot believe that your wife went through the SAME training as men do, if maybe only the Marines and Special Forces today, I don’t know. But I do know that very few women would have the stamina to endure route marches, unarmed combat with men and the routine verbal abuse by NCOs for instance, e.g. such as, “You horrible little man you. If brains were wool, you would not have enough to knit a pair of socks for a canary.” That is verbatim for one tirade which I found funny at the time, but which caused the target to fall in a heap. Maybe by 1986 things had become a lot less full on in Britain, Australia and the US. It would seem so.

          • Jesus

            My experience is not similar to yours, no one made me study the Bible and no one pushed Jesus on me; my parents were not christians, therefore my affinity to Jesus Christ was personal. I understand your pilgrimage, the crux of the matter in having a relationship with Jesus Christ is control of your life; being able to surrender to Him is more beneficial than scriptures ad infinitum.
            Yes there are christians that live the guidelines of the Beatitudes, some better than others, the bottom line is, they do the best they can with the faith they have. In the reality/kingdom of of Jesus Christ, faith is necessary to have a relationship with Him, those that love Him keep His commandments.
            In the reality of the present day world, where natural senses direct the path of most people, faith is minimized because natural senses demand to be stimulated.

            In keeping the commandments of God one needs a new nature, keeping the commandments of God with the nature you are born with is torturous and unfruitful. One needs to be born again.

            The reality of Jesus’ resurrection and power is clearly seen during the Roman Empire when Christ and Caesars battled for over 200 years, The followers of Jesus Christ without weapons, through love and unflinching devotion defeated Caesar’s attempts to eradicate this religion out of the Empire, eventually accepting it as the religion of the Empire.
            The fact that Jesus Christ won against multiple Caesars is highly indicative that He is alive and controls the destiny of the world.

          • Gerry Hiles

            I have heard it all before, many times. I do not need some object of faith to lead an ethical life.

          • Gerry Hiles

            You have no real idea what a “leftist” is. You, along with most Usans, live in a truly “alternate reality” of US exceptionalism. When I first really encountered Usans – on the internet after 9/11 – I did not find one, even amongst the relatively well informed, who knew that he was living in an empire. The mainland USA comprises land stolen from native Americans and Mexicans, so the mainland US is an empire + about 1,000 military bases globally, but it is only very recently that Usans have become somewhat aware of their real conditions of existence. Very few people in the US have any grounds for accusing others of living in an “alternate reality” – that is a very stupid concept anyway. There is only one reality, but very hard to discover behind MSM BS, for instance. You haven’t made much of a start so far, but RT and other foreign channels will help.

          • Nick

            To be honest to ourselves, everybody in a conflict-zone “gets the disease” has PTSD after that. Some more, others less, BUT ALL aren’t the same like before that fights. It mustn’t be extreme, it’s enough to lose confidence in the Society, become “light-paranoid”, that pushes you in depressions.
            The “intellectuals” don’t like that stamp, they want that THEIR head-fogging is called somehow more.. noble: “burn-out” ;-)

            A fighting-zone is a TRAUMA for every soul that lives and tries to survive there.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            i gave you upvote for your answer, which contains correct information.

            BUT i only joked with him and he understood. :)

        • Red Tick Alert

          I absolutely agree with you.

          My apologies to the wife and good luck if you ever argue with her.

          • Gerry Hiles

            Good luck indeed. Informed men have always known that it is useless to argue with a woman. They are always right and, with some exceptions, they will never apologise. In my very broad experience, the females of the species are natural sociopaths and I think I know why, e.g. females are always totally responsible for child birth and rearing (the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world) so when they stuff up (as usual these days) the burden of guilt and blame is too much to bear. This disease is easily transmitted to daughter, but sons are vulnerable in early life, so sociopathy proliferates exactly like it has throughout all civilisations.
            I have a lot more evidence to support my line of reasoning (agreed with by many females I have talked to) but I won’t expand here.

          • Red Tick Alert

            After last night, I could agree with you 100%.

            BUUUT I don’t; lets just say 95%.

        • Nick

          You may let her alone at home, with the children .. and the 2nd Amendment ;-)…

      • Justin Ryan

        This world is turning to shit because of this country (The USA)!

        • Red Tick Alert


    • Nick

      If you don’t shoot o0n them, yes they can..
      Oh sorry that was OBAMA’s slogan…

  • Derapage

    WOW! Marine are invincible Too bad they have never been deployed in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia and… Vietnam! But only to Hollywood :-)

    • XRGRSF

      My goodness, you are a truly special type or ignorant, aren’t you?

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Truth is they are not invincible and they do rely on quite a bit of media hype for recruitment, they have been deployed to those areas and with not much success in them. He is only being sarcastic so don’t be afraid of any criticism or are you some kind of special to think soldiers are invincible.

        • Red Tick Alert

          I must admit, I failed as well to see the sarcasm as well. Damn I hate it when that happens – thanks for the update, before I made a total twat out of myself. Perfect timing by the way.

        • XRGRSF

          Sorry, TCW, but after all of the attacks that we military types have endured it’s sometimes difficult to notice sarcasm when is strikes. Believe me, with over 4 years of trigger time, involving 2 wars, I know I’m not invincible.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Sarcasm is always the hardest to convey on the internet , most people think to passionately and overlook it since it isn’t obvious. I used to type things like Fun fact and Sarcasm alert , now I learned how to identify sarcasm and better explain it myself.

      • XRGRSF meet sarcasm.

        • XRGRSF

          After meeting you I can add “Ridiculous” to my list of acquaintances

          • What? … not sublime?


    US Marines are a superb combat force: Period. I had the honor on several occasions, during the Vietnam conflict, to be involved in combat operations with Marine units. Their battle drill, and personal courage were above reproach. That didn’t keep the NVA from fighting the Marines to a standstill more than a few times. US Marines are not super men, they are not bullet proof, and they can be defeated by a peer enemy.

    Marines are excellent for force projection against third world countries, but those who think that US Marines are invincible should take the time to read up on the Mayaguez Incident. That’s what happens to an invasion force, even US Marines, when operating without overwhelming supporting fires, and faced by a dedicated enemy.

    • No they aren’t.
      Maybe they were – but they aren’t now.

      What do they do now? They make illegal war by invading nations and bombing the civilians. ALWAYS and ONLY very weak nations that can’t hit back. Nations and peoples that can’t defend themselves.

      Absolutely NOTHING honourable there.
      So maybe they were – but not any more. Now they’re just well trained invaders and murderers.
      How does anyone assess their personal honour and bravery – when they only pick on the very weak?

      I didn’t do it to them You didn’t do it – Hell, I’m sure they didn’t do it to themselves, but their country did.
      So yes: “Marines are excellent for force projection against third world countries”
      But ONLY, only the very poor. And honour? … None. Absolutely none.

      • XRGRSF

        Shana, dear, the difference between us is that I’m a retired US Army infantry officer with extensive combat time while you are a liberal agitator who has done nothing more exciting that protest. You don’t have even the most basic concept of honor as it relates Marines, and other military personnel.

        Honor is what holds us together. Honor is what causes us to put our lives at peril to support those we serve with. Honor is what makes us obey our oath of service in the face of mortal danger. It’s been that way with soldiers since biblical times, and it will remain so forever. We don’t start the wars, but honor demands that we fight them.

        Honor: Honey, you don’t have a clue.

        • Correct. I “don’t have a clue.”
          ALL I have is what I see America and her marines DO.
          And I wonder WHEN (not IF but WHEN) your honoured and honourable marines will come to BOMB ME?

          You don’t start the wars?
          Yugoslavia Afghanistan Iraq Libya? They started themselves?
          But something you sure really can’t do – is END them.

          You have no honour any more. You are a person, country, an army completely without honour. You are America.

          Because “honour” is more than a word.

          • XRGRSF

            “Because “honour” is more than a word.”

            How would you know ?

          • I (me, my country, my army) don’t invade foreign countries and murder their people for profit.


            Where’s the honour in that? 16 years. Every single day. Still going strong. You think those you murder, oppress and destroy, and those who WATCH your unending murder, oppression and destruction – respect your concept of “honour among thieves?”

            You don’t have honour – you merely have self-delusion.

          • I have this thing called a dictionary.
            Honour isn’t something you declare or just claim.
            It is the measure of how you behave, how you treat others, how others regard you and what you DO.

            People who DO dishonourable things don’t have honour.
            They can CLAIM they do – like they CLAIMED Saddam has WMD – kill a country. But claim has never made fact. And SAY doesn’t make honour.

            To receive the accolade it doesn’t matter how many good things you think you do – only the bad ones matter. One really bad one – all past honour lost. Hundreds of thousands of wrongful death for wrongful cause – notta chance. That’s a … what planet you from.

            And remember, it is YOU claiming honour – not I.

    • Nucu

      very interesting. I did know about this incident. thanks for the info. after reading a little I can say that they actually had some good fire support but still. If someone would ask me if I could take a beach wiht 200 marines, air and naval support vs 200 kmer rouges i would say…hell yeah.

  • the U.S. Special Forces and Navy Seals …. The U.S. Marine Corps
    What does it matter?
    ALL any of them ever do is mass-murder foreigners and go destroy other people’s countries – provided of course, those countries are first weakened enough by their brothers in the CIA + private mercs to ensure they offer no resistance and no retaliation to their own country.

    Kinda …. dirt. Scum. Spit on them.
    Cowards. All of them.

    • XRGRSF

      Shahna, when I was an active (Special Forces, Ranger) people hunter it’s trash like you that made my job very satisfying. It’s a shame that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you in person.

      • Yes…. I’m sure it will make you feel very righteous and BRAVE to gun down another unarmed civilian.

        After all, it’s what you’re best at.
        Killing people and their children who refuse to bow before The Almighty Americunt!

  • RichardD

    “skilled, pragmatic leadership”

    Anyone watching the circus that the lying Jew media and Jew cabal have made of US politics must question if “skilled, pragmatic leadership” is possible with these morons running around unhindered.

  • Bobby Twoshoes

    I thought this is where you come to escape US ideological masturbation and their cult of violence, what’s up South Front?

  • Admiral_Moorer_believed

    I heard about an exercise in Australia recently where the Marines were out doing a Night attack on a hill. . . They were mean to capture the people on it.

    To get to the hill, they had to cross a shallow wadable river.

    They declared that as there had been no risk assessment done they couldn’t cross the river so they just gave up and went home. . . Scared of Crocs. . .

    The second funny part is if they had just Looked at the maps they were given, they would have seen that they could have skirted around the river bend and got to their objective without getting their sensitive little feet wet.

    So my conclusion. The Marines are not only scaredy cats but they are too stupid to read their maps.

    It would be fun to see a US Marine on Russian forces scrap. . .

    Now don’t get me going about what happened when they got close to the objective on the second night/attempt.

    Making so much noise, their targets bunked out. The Marines claimed they had captured the objective until it was pointed out that they were meant to capture the PEOPLE on the hill.

    They saw some light a little bit away so off they went again.

    They sat down for a rest on the way only to find that the people they were meant to capture had crept up on them and the Observer with them declared them all as being Dead. . . Sit down for 4 hours and then skulk off home again. . .

    The US Marine Corps?

    Give me Australia or New Zealand Boy scouts any day.

  • Fraggy_Krueger

    What´s up, Southfront? I´m missing the direct link to enlist for the marines….

  • Peter Fastwolf

    bombing mud huts and shooting camels make you the best fighting machine ever made, southfront loves trump and likes baby killers, and southfront is run by Jew money , from a marine and a father of a marine the government gave his platoon the wrong equipment which got him and two other marines their killed

  • Gerry Hiles

    If the US had won a war – maybe about 50 since WW2 – I would be impressed, but it has not and I am not. Some say that the Afghan War is the longest in US history at 14 years, but it is not. The war against Iraq started in 1991 and is an ongoing defeat after 26 years. During about 240 years of almost continuous war (since 1776) the only successful wars were the ground wars fought against Spain, Mexico and native Americans. I might have missed some exception, but nothing important I am sure. If these less than impressive Marines, etc. ever win against anything other than a weak opposition, I will be impressed.