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United Nations Says It Can’t Confirm Death Of Al-Baghdadi

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On October 28th, the UN couldn’t verify whether ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was dead and expected confirmation from authorities on the ground, Deputy Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General Farhan Haq said.

“We have taken note of the announcement by the president of the United States on the death of Abu Bark al-Baghdadi, the leader of the UN-designated terrorist group Daesh,” he stated, adding that the United Nations “cannot personally verify” this information.

“We trust the reliability of various sources of information that are speaking up but obviously any sort of information would need to be verified by the various authorities on the ground,” he stressed.

“Daesh has committed heinous crimes and brought tragedies and deaths to thousands of men, women and children. And we should take this moment to remember the victims and families of victims of terrorism everywhere in the world,” he added.

US President Donald Trump on October 27th confirmed al-Baghdadi’s death, saying that it happened in a US forces raid in Syria’s Idlib and that many of the ISIS leader’s allies had also been killed.

He thanked Russia, Iraq, Syria and Turkey for the assistance in dispatching al-Baghdadi.

Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed on the same day that it had no reliable proof that al-Baghdadi was dead and it denied opening airspace over Syria for US forces.

On the next day, Trump said that one of the main “operatives” that took part in the operation to neutralize al-Baghdadi was a Belgian Malinois, a dog, and it was injured in the operation, not severely and it would recover.

The “beautiful, talented good boy” had chased down al-Baghdadi moments before he ran down the tunnel and detonated his explosive vest.

Only the image of the dog had been declassified, without its name. But Newsweek cited several unnamed sources that the dog was named “Conan” and was female.

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, told reporters: “We’re not releasing the name of the dog right now … the dog is still in theatre.”

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, said the dog “performed a tremendous service, as they all do”.

Finally, anonymous officials told Reuters that al-Baghdadi had been given a burial at sea and given all relevant religious rites.

General Mark Milley said that the U.S. military disposed of Baghdadi’s remains “appropriately, in accordance with our (standard operating procedures) and in accordance with the law of armed conflict.”

Baghdadi’s remains were transported to a secure facility to confirm his identity with forensic DNA testing, Milley said.

According to the unnamed US officials, Baghdadi’s remains were delivered to an undisclosed location at sea by an aircraft.

Back in 2011, Osama bin Laden received a similar burial, he was covered in a white sheet, and religious remarks translated into Arabic were read over his corpse.


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With all of this carry on,Trump is quite possibly attempting to achieve two things. First, attempting to counter the US based Neo-Con’s relentless pressure to stay in Syria, by having the ‘leader of ISIS’ announced dead, and ergo, the (Obama-legacy) publicly supplied rationale for US military to be in Syria is completed. Second, this is de-facto public announcement that Idlib is an Islamist terror haven, as it was announced as the last refuge of ‘al-Baghdadi’, and ergo, Trump may be seeking a public release valve from from providing Obama legacy political and military cover for the Idlib based militants. Moving aside to allow the SAA and RuAF to act in Idlib and bring an end to the militant’s enclave and the frozen major conflict. Will have to wait and see outcomes, but any Trump 2020 campaign is going to need a score on the board, over ‘getting out of endless foreign wars’, to maintain his 2016 electoral base.


Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizarre but not Unprecedented

Ceasar Polar

Truly tired of this ZioNazi BS. Al baghdadi is israeli, and is a cia/mossad/mi6 spy, working under the guise of jihadist/islamists. He is already back to Tel-aviv or dead under the Russian fire in 2017.
Certainly not under the US-zionazi-fire.


Declassified a photo of a dog lol


The US dog that must not be named as she is ‘still in theatre’. Gen. Mark Milley :)

The US top brass really are complete morons.

Karen Bartlett

Good liars, though.


I am not so sure about the ‘good ‘part.
‘Liars. certainly :)

Karen Bartlett

Yeah, you’re right.


Will the classified dog be invited to the White House for a luncheon.
And maybe some chocolate cake?


Only if she agrees not to shit on the carpet :)

Karen Bartlett

This is just so much bullshit, imo. They probably killed an unknown civilian and his three innocent kids and claimed it was Baghdadi. After all, Baghdadi has been killed numerous times already.


Karen, think you might find James Corbett’s latest video on 9/11 interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdGJQgEMnxI

Karen Bartlett

Thanks, Redadmiral. I’ll check it out.


That makes sense.
Who would try to escape down a dead end tunnel ?
Especially when they live on the premises.

Karen Bartlett

Exactly. His actions tell me he was probably not an experienced military guy, leader or not. That’s why I say an “unknown civilian”. Why take three children with him, especially if he was a leading military guy, in which case he would already have had an escape plan? It sounds like the actions of a panicked civilian. The kids might have just followed him. I doubt there was any “suicide vest” either. The children were riddled with bullets, not blown up. Thanks, US “special” forces!!!!!

Tudor Miron

What a farse… Al Baghdadi dead? It’s just that colonel Bronstein was assigned to a new tasks and was removed from the theater.


Bronstein is having a few weeks holiday in a boys home first , Tudor. :)


hardy har har. yep, nobody buys this stinking pile.


Stop these nonsense fake news. Stop USA propaganda. Stop these people of “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.”

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Capturing means detaining/fixate, the dog did not do that.
The dog is credited with the kill, it did not kill anyone, the rat alledgely blew himself up.

“Law of armed conflict”
You mean the US messed up interpretation of killing?

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The service dog should be allowed to father some pups and have a few root beers…

He fully deserves it.


The US military says its a Bitch, but who really knows what gender the Dog ‘identifies’ with :)

Pave Way IV

Stopped reading after “UN says…” – it’s obviously a humor article.

[Just kidding SF – news is news, even from clownworld]


Nice cover for the highly revealing story that US tanks are protecting Syrian oil assets from their rightful owners.

Fairly obvious how efficiently US forces protect innocent children, odd detail to include if false.

My headline would read, Children die as US stages yet another stunt to reelect war criminal. Did they munch popcorn while the kids were killed. Oh I know get used to it war is hell.

What is it with this penchant for glorifying leaders? Without grunts nothing happens! How many debacles would have been avoided if mothers had some say. Especially poor ones!

Derek Johnson

On October 28th, the UN couldn’t verify whether ISIS
leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was dead and expected confirmation from
authorities on the ground,

No such issue when Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed on the orders of the Obama administration and buried at sea with no witnesses, the UN were happy with that.
Even though he died nearly a decade before.

So the Jews love Trump right and that’s why the JMSM has done everything they can to undermine him 24/7 since he won the US election.


ahah the dog the only lost “hero” the usa lol!


I doubt, that US troops eliminated Bagdhadi couple days ago. According to D. Trump speach, Bagdhadi was identified according to DNA samples from his body fragmented by an explosion. US officials claims, the first sample of Bagdadhi DNA was got from “stolen Bagdhadi underwear”… this is an excellent cock-and-bull story. CIA knew a couple years ago, that US troops will eliminate Bagdhadi and they will need the DNA sample for identification. And more, Bagdhadi, leader of ISIL, was eliminated in Idlib, the bastion of moderated anti Assad opposition, that is supported by US and West coalition. Something smell bad here. And evidences are weak too. I suppose, D.Trump needs some score for next impeachment , caused by Trumps influence on US presidental election, or so called Ukrainagate. And, next year will be the US presidental election. This is an origin of Bagdhadi death story…


suppose they flew him out and restarted a shaved life in florida and the blown to pieces party just another casualty of the war the morons of the unhinge states of A started.


Dead don’t tell Tales, that why Saddam Husain was hang, Osama silenced….


« Le Calife », une superproduction de la CIA entre fiction et réalité


par Manlio Dinucci

C’est un produit bien défini. A la fin d’une vaste opération spéciale où l’on a utilisé une arme inavouable, il convient de mettre en scène la mort de celui qui l’incarnait. C’est la meilleure façon d’effacer les traces dans l’opinion publique. Après la mort de Ben Laden, voici celle d’al-Baghdadi




« Ça a été comme regarder un film », a dit le président Trump après avoir assisté à l’élimination d’Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, le Calife, chef de Daesh, transmise dans la Situation Room de la Maison-Blanche. C’est là qu’en 2011 le président Obama assistait à l’élimination de l’ennemi numéro un de l’époque, Oussama Ben Laden, chef d’Al Qaeda.

Même mise en scène : les services secrets US avaient depuis longtemps localisé l’ennemi ; celui-ci n’est pas capturé mais éliminé : Ben Laden est tué, al-Baghdadi se suicide ou est « suicidé » ; le corps disparaît : celui de Ben Laden enseveli dans la mer, les restes d’al Baghdadi désintégré par sa ceinture explosive sont eux aussi dispersés en mer.

Même maison productrice du film : la Communauté du Renseignement, formée de 17 organisations fédérales. Outre la CIA (Agence centrale de Renseignement) il y a la DIA (Agence de Renseignement de la Défense), mais chaque secteur des Forces armées, tout comme le Département d’État et celui de la Sécurité de la patrie, dispose de son propre service secret.

Pour les actions militaires, la Communauté du Renseignement utilise le Commandement des forces spéciales, déployées dans au moins 75 pays, dont la mission officielle comprend, outre l’« action directe pour éliminer ou capturer des ennemis », la « guerre non-conventionnelle conduite par des forces extérieures, entraînées et organisées par le Commandement ».

C’est exactement ce qui advient en Syrie en 2011, l’année même où la guerre des USA et de l’Otan démolit la Libye. Le démontrent des preuves documentées, déjà publiées. Par exemple :

– En mars 2013 le New York Times publie une enquête détaillée sur le réseau de la CIA à travers lequel arrivent en Turquie et en Jordanie, avec le financement de l’Arabie Saoudite et d’autres monarchies du Golfe, des fleuves d’armes pour les militants islamistes entraînés par le Commandement des forces spéciales US avant d’être infiltrés en Syrie [1].

– En mai 2013, un mois après avoir fondé Daesh, al-Baghdadi rencontre en Syrie une délégation du Sénat des États-Unis chapeautée par John McCain, comme le révèle une documentation photographique [2].

– En mai 2015, est révélé par Judicial Watch un document du général Michael Flynn, daté du 12 août 2012, dans lequel on affirme qu’existe « la possibilité d’établir une principauté salafiste en Syrie orientale, et [que] ceci est exactement ce que veulent les pays occidentaux, les états du Golfe et la Turquie qui soutiennent l’opposition » [3].

– En juillet 2016 est révélée par Wikileaks un email de 2012 dans lequel la secrétaire d’État Hillary Clinton écrit que, étant donnée la relation Iran-Syrie, « le renversement d’Assad constituerait un immense bénéfice pour Israël, en faisant diminuer sa crainte de perdre le monopole nucléaire » [4].

Ceci explique pourquoi, bien que les USA et leurs alliés lancent en 2014 la campagne militaire contre Daesh, les forces de Daesh peuvent avancer sans être dérangées dans des espaces ouverts avec de longues colonnes de véhicules armés.

L’intervention militaire russe en 2015, en soutien des forces de Damas, renverse le sort du conflit. L’objectif stratégique de Moscou est d’empêcher la démolition de l’État syrien, qui provoquerait un chaos comme en Libye, exploitable par les USA et l’Otan pour attaquer l’Iran et encercler la Russie.

Les États-Unis, court-circuités, continuent à jouer la carte de la fragmentation de la Syrie, en soutenant les indépendantistes kurdes, pour ensuite les abandonner afin de ne pas perdre la Turquie, avant-poste Otan dans la région.

On comprend sur un tel fond pourquoi al-Baghdadi, comme Ben Laden (auparavant allié US contre la Russie dans la guerre afghane, puis en Bosnie-Herzégovine), ne pouvait pas être capturé pour être jugé publiquement, mais devait disparaître physiquement pour faire disparaître les preuves de son réel rôle dans la stratégie US. C’est pour cela que Trump a tant aimé le film qui finit bie

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