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United Nation Forces Redeployed At Contact Line Between Israeli-occupied Golans And Syria’s Al-Quneitra (Photos)

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On August 2, a unit of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) was redeployed in the al-Quneitra crossing between southern Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

Local sources said that the Russian Millitary Police escorted the UNDOF during the redeployment process. The sources added that the Damascus governorate and the U.N will work together to rehabilitate the crossing in order to reopen it as soon as possible.

Al-Quneitra crossing is the only gate between Syria territory and the Golan Heights. Prior to the war, thousands of Golan Heights residents entered Syria to study or work through the crossing every year.

On August 27 of 2014, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front [now known as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham] captured the crossing after a rapid attack against the SAA and the UNDOF.

The redeployment of the UNDOF in the al-Quneitra crossing is a part of the 1974 ceasefire agreement between Israel and Syria. In the recent months, several senior Israeli officials called for the reimplementation of the agreement, which collapsed as a result of the Syrian conflict.

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Gregory Casey

At long last, a semblance of normality can return to life on the Golan Heights. It is now up to the Israelis to ensure they comply with the 1974 Agreement rather than follow-on with their despicable actions throughout the past 7 years where they have supported and helped Jihadist Terrorists in every way they could.


Let the UNDOF Patrol the Syrian-IsHelli Borders….and Give Back the Golan Heights! Syria can do the Patrolling on the Golan Heights Themselves….IsraHell Keeps Sending These Talmudic Wahhabi Headchopping Terrorists!!! Better put an End to that UNDOF!comment image

Pave Way IV

“…Syria can do the Patrolling on the Golan Heights Themselves….”

To be perfectly honest Merjin, Syria can’t – at least just yet. The reason they lost the Golan is because they were not prepared militarily for Israel’s counter-attack. The ONLY reason they’re ever going to get the Golan back is because – at some point – they’ll be able to take and hold it with military force. However morally or legally justified they are, Syria is never going to get it back until then with useless whining and declarations at the UN.

As much as I think Israel should leave the Golan, the reality is that they are never going to voluntarily do so. They always dangle the possibility when they want something else in return, but they’re even less trustworthy than the U.S. at keeping their word. So while I would love to see the Tigers roll south today and forcefully retake the Golan, I know their destruction would soon follow at the hands of ZATO. Syria (and Hez) can’t even defend their own skies today from Israeli and U.S. aggression (and this isn’t Russia’s fight). They need some time to rebuild the country and military, and they need far better equipment to be able to take and hold the Golan. They don’t need and can’t afford that kind of fight today.


There is also the possibility IsraHell will collapse by itself… The Longer this Illegal Occupation Called IsraHell exists the more Semitic Palestinians will Die… The Media is silent about these Deaths… but they will Backfire on the West sooner or later… and the Longer it will take, the stronger this Backfiring will be….time is on our side for that matter…

Brother Ma

I agree and Israel will especially not leavevnow rhat petrochemicals havevbeen found in the Golan area. Too many powerful peiple own share in the miners who own rights to the hydrocarbons.


To take back their land of Jawlan Heights from pro Trump militants ‘Israel’ the Syrian government needs to call a meeting of Syrian, Iranians, Turkish and Pakistani intelligence.


Oh no need in the 1970s do you know how the intelligence directorate was called in Israel ISIS
Israeli Security Intelligence Service – ISIS so no need of to re brand it. It was never changed.

Getinet Kifle

They say the “Occupied Golen Heights”, this seemed to me Psyop, for the Syrian people to think it is returnable while Israhell wouldn’t return it like never,

Again, they say “Occupied Gaza”

If its nonreturnable/looted asset, why say OCCUPIED? See where the devil is

The filthy terrorist state won’t return anything except bulldozing Palestinians home and expanding their land grab and bloodshed every day


IsraHell ain’t going very good at the Moment… I have respect for the Palestinians fighting for what is rightfully theirs… The Western Media are Hiding all the News… but they can’t hold it up forever…Every day more People know what is going on…
comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image


leon mc pilibin

Syrian Golan Heights are occupied territory, so its only natural for it to be taken or given back to its rightful owners.The Syrian people need to be freed from Zionist, racist occupation, ASAP.

Pave Way IV

Useless f’king UNDOF/UNFIL. Wake me up as soon as the UN has an air force, S-400s and an impenetrable EW wall that can enforce a no-fly/no electronic surveillance zone between the warring parties. Until then, UNDOF/UNFIL’s only real purpose here is to keep Syria/Lebanon from retaking their land from Israel, while doing nothing to prevent Israel from their long history of cross-border air/missile attacks at their whim. UN forces are a relic of the past. Fake peace is not peace.

Leif Manson

The peacekeepers in South Ossetia had all that. They were very effective.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes…. but they was russians.

Brother Ma

There you go !

Brother Ma

Well said. I dont believe the article above where it says ISIS captured the area after attacking UNDOF.lies! I would not be surprised if UNDOF did not exchange a shot with ISIS at all . They left because they were told to by the zionatoyankees so that an official body was not there to see the dirty deals done with these ISIS allowed in.

In the end,UN peacekeepers are only sent to places where the Zionatoyankees wish to preserve a staus quo once their favoured side has already achieved its aims. See the useless UN in Cyprus where it did never fired a shot to the invading Turks but was always officious with native Cypriots and Greeks. Deputies for the US sheriff ,everyone of them! Disgusting!


well spoken!


undof fuck off!!

Brother Ma

I have absolutely no respect for U N Peacekeepers . I did when i was younger but too many years of seeing them used as tools of the zionatoyankees has made me change my mind.


Well makes sense. An enemy on your border get the UN to protect you. When ISIS was there, Israel felt safe! No UN necessary. Such blatant, transparent, hypocrisy.

Brother Ma

Jesus called the Jewish elite hypocrites! When will He return to pour hot coals on Nutand yahoos head? I cannot wait.


Golan isn’t the only issue for Syria – many Syrian’s consider Hatay Province in Turkey as lost Syrian territory – and with Arabs and Alevis the majority within this province it’s not hard to see why. If look at map Hatay is really carved out of Syria’s north. The liberation of Idlib may give Syria an interesting and rare opportunity to apply leverage to this issue.

Oscar Silva Martinez

So now that the SAA has cleared the way off terrorists the U.N. is back??? shouldn’t It have been the other way around???.
Another proof that most of the time the U.N. is a useless organization and in many cases in favor of The U.S., England, France and Israel.


The agreement resolution calls for Israeli withdraw, as long as the baby rapers refuse to do that, they’re in violation of it, as they are with many resolutions.


According to the gospel version in the Talmud Jmmanuel by Billy Meier that I was reading on a mountain top in the western US during a recent ET/ED contact op, an ET named Gabriel fathered Jesus Christ with an earth women named Mary. And then a ship shined a light to lead 3 orientals to Bethlehem to meet with him at his birth. If there’s any truth to this, it may help explain the “miracles” during Christ’s ministry, and indicates an ET involvement in our earthly religions.

From my study of the natural and creational laws at the Semjase Silver Star Center in Switzerland, and my 13 years of study of Christianity during school growing up. I see a lot of similarity between Christ’s teachings and what I saw at the star center.


Greek Orthodox Chapel at top of Mt Sinai:
comment image


I took this picture at the star center when I was there. And was told that ETs have also been visiting there. comment image


onu=fsa=hts=daesh=usa=israeli!!! putain je ne suis pas content:( :(



What happened to the original UNDOF team when ISIS moved in?
Were they executed?
Were they escorted out?
Did they help ISIS?

I pick D: All of the above.

R PLobo

The zionists are now back at ground zero. All the money and mercs they poured into Syria has come to nothing. The baby killers are in a far worse position than 2011 because the SAA is now a battle harden force and with Hezbollah and Iran at the gates of Palestine the clock is now ticking.
The UNDOF is symbolic of not only the illegality of the occupation of Syrian territory but also the occupation of Palestine itself by a self described racist entity.
The resistance has now contained the entity and the useless iof will be unable to sustain any kind of infantry operation. 2000 and 2006 ended that option for the zionists

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