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40 “Unidentified Persons” Raided Ukrainian Military Airport In Odessa


40 "Unidentified Persons" Raided Ukrainian Military Airport In Odessa

A military airport of the Ukrainian military

On October 29, 40 “unidentified persons” raided a military airport of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city of Odessa. The persons entered the territory of the military unit “A3571” and stole the property stationed there, the press service of the Ukrainian Air Force Command said.

“Today, in Odessa, at about 8:45 am, unidentified persons, about 40 people in balaclavas attempted the raider capture of a part of the territory of the military facility, which belongs to the Defense Ministry of Ukraine. Unknown persons who position themselves as representatives of the Commerce and Entertainment CITI CENTER partially dismantled the fence of the military unit A3571, and took out military equipment in an unknown direction,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile, the local police said that the representatives of the CITI CENTER entered the area thanks to a decision of legal authorities that allegedly allowed the company to build a parking there.

It looks “the most powerful army in Europe” lost a battle for its military airport to the hypermarket.



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  • Tudor Miron

    What a farce this country became… Failed state.

    • Barba_Papa

      I’ve recently read a travel guide of a Western traveler who visited Ukraine in 2012 and according to him it was failed already. He basically described Ukraine as a paint over culture. Buildings that look decrepit and are falling apart? Just apply a fresh coat of paint and everything is okay again.

    • goingbrokes

      Agree, but we have to remember that it was collapsed from the inside by western intelligence agencies. It is sad to see Ukraine fallen on its knees. It should be a warning to all other countries that may face a western inspired regime change operation masquerading as a fight for “freedom and democracy”. This is what happens when you let in the enemy on the back of a lie. A trojan horse.

      • χρηστος

        indeed they allowed themselves to be fooled by cia. They killed each other n the most vicious way. a small scale civil war but with disastrous results. corrupt politicians led the way once again.

  • Zainab Ali

    are the zio moronic lapdogs trying to put the blame on mighty russia?

  • grandel

    This is what happens when you don’t pay people for the work they do?

  • Bob

    How Ukraine operates…corrupt officers and politicians steal their own military equipment to sell on open market, and at times actually resell the stolen material back to their own military…