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Unidentified Man Enters Ukrainian Government Building With Grenade, Threatens To Blow It Up (Videos)

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Unidentified Man Enters Ukrainian Government Building With Grenade, Threatens To Blow It Up (Videos)

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An unidentified man threatens to detonate a grenade in the building of the Ukrainian government, stating that “they will not get out alive.”

A video recording of his statement was distributed by the Ukrainian edition “Strana.ua”.

The man said that he had “seized” the government building. He does not name the reasons for his action. Eyewitnesses are attempting to calm him down.

Sources of “Strana.ua” claim that the man is a veteran of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in Eastern Ukraine.

According to the Telegram channel PavlovskyNEWS, the man with a grenade is a war veteran and is handicapped. This was stated by the deputy of the Irpen council Anton Golovenko, who claims that he knows this person.

Golovenko does not know what prompted the man to take such a radical step. The police have already left for the building of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to the Telegram channel “Kiev Operative”, the man managed to enter the Cabinet of Ministers through a public reception and a pass bureau. Employees of the Cabinet of Ministers do not go through this entrance, and therefore there are no law enforcement officers there, like at the central entrance.

“The man is shell-shocked. Was a sapper in “Aydar”. We have no reason to think that the grenade is not real,” said a source at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Kiev police confirmed to RIA Novosti information about the explosion threat. Special forces are present at the scene.

“Today, at about 10 am, an unknown man entered the CMU building, took an object resembling an explosive device from his pocket and threatened to blow it up. A special police operation has been launched in Kyiv,” police said.

According to law enforcement officers, negotiations are currently underway.

In case of refusal to voluntarily stop the offense, the man will be subject to police measures provided by law, the police said.

A meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers is scheduled for 13:00; it has not yet been postponed. The Ukrainian government refused to comment on the incident and told Interfax that the Ministry of Internal Affairs is dealing with this issue.

In November last year, a former member of the security operation in Eastern Ukraine also threatened to blow up a cafe located in the Pechersky district of Kiev. Then the man was detained, but he was not carrying any explosive devices.


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Ukropia is a failed state!

The Black Terror

Nothing to worry about. This feeble-minded, slow mental development, mentally impaired idiot was just trying to act like an American criminal. Just another publicity whore. He just depleted his government supplied anti-psychotic medications and wanted to be on television.


Did the ukronazis finally figure out their idiotic fool of a zionist “president” was installed by a zionist oligarch, kolomoiskyi?

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