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JUNE 2021

‘Unidentified Helicopters’ Deploying Large Numbers Of ISIS Terrorists To Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border

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'Unidentified Helicopters' Deploying Large Numbers Of ISIS Terrorists To Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border


Unidentified helicopters are redeploying large numbers of ISIS members from Pakistan to Afghanistan’s border with Tajikistan, close to Russia’s southern border, Russian Interior Minister Igor Zubov stated on January 28.

Zubov added that it’s highly likely that large-scale provocations are being prepared in the area in order to trigger a humantiarian crisis and destabilize the situation near the Russian southern border.

In 2018, there were multiple reports about ‘unidentified helicopters’ evacuating ISIS members in Syria and assisting ISIS members in Afghanistan. Now, it seems that this tendency has increased.

At the same time, FSB Head Alexander Bortnikov announced that in 2018 security forces cracked down on 37 terrorist cells in Russia.


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They just move them around like pieces on a chess board in a grand game of geopolitical strategy.

Syria insider

yewerel moves


I would suggest its a US Snakes and Ladders Board and the US snake keeps growing new heads :)

Chess is far to scholarly for the US military :)


I wish there was some “un-identified” MANPADS who brought down those un-identified helicopters in flames…

What? Apparently nobody owns them, who wants to complain!?


ISIS moves south to the border of Russia in Tajikistan will trigger SCO members to liquidate these pathetic US proxies.


I wish it is so simple.
SCO “intervention” depend directly on blessing of local dictator.

Those are traditionalist Islamic societies with strong dictatorial regimes and not such bright economic stability.
Except for Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan thanks to thier oil & gas.


The local dictators are dependent on China and to a lesser degree Russia, China does not want an Islamic hotbed on its eastern border.
China has common border with Tajikistan and can influence events easily.


Yes you might be right from logical point of view
But from perspective of dictator that looks different.
They are not over enthusiastic to have too many foreign troops
in their country.
Tajikistan (dictator) is not is such great relations with Russia
Uzbekistan similar.
Turkmenistan even much less.
They all prefer much more modern weapons (free or as cheaper as possible) and all kinds of military aid in general then foreign troops

Tudor Miron

China’s military capability is untested to say the list. There is Russian base in Tajikistan (201st motor rifle division) aimed for exactly this reason – protecting from possible insurgency from Afgan border. I hope that is reinforced right now according to above mentioned developments.


There are also U.S. military bases in the region (and they don’t like Americans there either) They do it for money.
“Reinforcement” of the Russian military bases depends on military agreements and , or additional accords of the government of the concerned country…
They usually ask favors or bribe in exchange for acceptance.
US has (even when symbolic) presence in all those countries including big Russian allay Kazakhstan.
Many Russians have emigrated back to Russia because of general worsening of the conditions for Christian Russian minorities
( Kazakhstan also)
So I don’t think anything is so simple or straight forward.
True Chinese doesn’t have Russian military know how (specially in real combat) but they have lots of money and their INVESTMENTS in those countries

Tudor Miron

I agree that it is not that cut and dry. All I’m saying that people should not hope for China defending Tajikistan. If sh$t hits the fan than Russians and people of ex CCCP will defend those lands.


It is wise to recognize a moment and situation in life
True many of those parts were integral part not only of USSR but Russia as well.
And it is more than normal to react the way you do yet the moment has come when it would be wiser to seek not only common interest but also common Euro Asian destiny as future epicenter of world development.
That destiny will not be possible without closer cooperation of countries like Russia and China.
And hopefully others later on like Iran, India and Pakistan.

Tudor Miron

I think that you misunderstood my point – yes, it will be very good if we could join forces with China but I think that in reality that is unlikely to happen at list I don’t expect China to send forces to help Russians defend Tajikistan in case of ISIS (irregular armed forces of US/UK) attack.


Shanghai Cooperation Organisation-SCO
has explicit agreement on anti-terrorist cooperation.
That is only official written document that is ever signed between Russia and China. That gives obligation to those countries armies to directly cooperate in the domain of anti-terrorism.
So it is not any longer question of preferences or anything similar.
That is written agreement that needs to be fulfilled when such situation arises.
All concerned countries including Tajikistan are members of SCO and have signed that agreement.
(but not Turkmenistan & Azerbaijan )
So if the situation imposes all those countries have obligation to cooperate and even send their anti-terrorist forces in critical region to help the country in crisis.
Also concerning the fact that Uighur region is directly linked with that central Asian region any sign of growing Jihad in that region would be alarming for not only Russia but China even more.
Specially because situation in Afghanistan already has very bad impact on situation with the Uighur’s in China.

Tudor Miron

You have a point there. Lets see how it unfolds.

Xoli Xoli

Chinese dont fight wars just wait to invest and give loans just to get tenders in return.


The military capabilities to fight Isis take a history lesson from Syria, you do not let them establish themselves, and without US help they will not be meaningless as US is planning on decreasing its foot print in Afghanistan.
Between the Taliban, the Russian 201 rifle division and other SCO coalition troops the ISIS will be crushed. This is the American way of meaninglessly stirring the pot when their access to Eurasian heartland is denied.

John Brown

Then have some unidentified jets or manpads shoot them down and see who complains.

Promitheas Apollonious

so the americans play their last cards all over the globe now to take down russia and china and by extension SCO.


U.S. “ZIONIST Head Choppers Airvays” charter flights
That is Daesh & Al Qaeda air-force there.
Since U.S. couldn’t have them stop bickering whose (ISIS or Al Qaeda flag) will be presented on those U.S. choppers they decided not to put anything…

Maybe TOYOTA sign would do?

Carne João Pasta

Could be a new marketing opportunity for Toyota. Enlist ISIS goons to make a commercial to boost sales. (considering how successful they were in the beginning in Syria and Iraq)


How about to mimic Rols Royce Symbol -Logo Brand and put some sculpted chopped head on the top of any pick -up Toyota as their recognizable Jihad brand on their range of pick-up trucks and their LOGO for every US charter choppers they fly them away from trap so often when ISIS are totally surrounded?
I think ISIS have all the merits for such symbol?
Maybe they should even send some chopped heads for Toyota care sales presentations on international exhibitions to spice up things.
Or send few chopped heads to Trump for their Christmas decoration in the White House ?

Carne João Pasta

Love it! Haha “hey, it works!” where’s Bill Hicks or George Carlin when we need them ?


Indeed !
Maybe its better this way ….because they would end up killed very quickly.


Well, it looks like that Israel-USA-NATO have started tehir operations against Iran-Russia. We will see much more terrorists activities in Afganistan very soon.

You can call me Al

It is now Iran-Russia-China.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Wagner air-mobile cavalry could be the solution…
In and out like a flash bang,


better to move them now before the destitute states of america signs the confirmed surrender to the talibans, which will happen shortly and the destitute states abandons the sitting government in kabul that the talibans refuse to have anything to do with. another shameful loss for the americans to chalk on the wall while trying to tell the american people that it really is a win, like in vietnam, like in syria und zu weiter

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Why didn’t they do anything about it!?


Because the air space is controlled by America.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Should not be anymore


Air America, serving terrorists for 60 years.

Xoli Xoli

Putin and Lovrovs western partners always do good to once who buy face with them by backstabbing.

Xoli Xoli

I hope western partners create de-escalation zones with reconciliation centre and fully implement the agreement.


Has Zubov been drinking? ISIS doesn’t have helicopters.


Of course the CIA has helicopters.


Let me guess….so with the destabilization this will lead to the intervention of US/NATO troops and a US base on the border with Russia?

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