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Unidentified Gunmen Raid Sham Legion Headquarters In Idlib, Kill Field Commander

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On June 21, unidentified gunmen raided a headquarters of the Turkish-backed Sham Legion in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The gunmen stormed the headquarters, which is located in the town of Killi near the Bab al-Hawa border crossing, in the early hours of the morning. The Sham Legion’s militants clashed with the gunmen inside the headquarters. As a result, one of the militants was killed.

Opposition activists revealed that the slain militant was a field commander and a so-called “Emir” of the Sham Legion. His name was not revealed.

Unidentified Gunmen Raid Sham Legion Headquarters In Idlib, Kill Field Commander

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In the last two months, several positions and headquarters of the Sham Legion were attacked by unidentified gunmen. In most cases, the attackers stole vehicles, weapons and equipment without killing anyone.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which controls Greater Idlib, is the main suspect in these attacks. HTS is known to be involved in a conflict with the Sham Legion, which has been supporting the Turkish military in its mission to implement the March 5 agreement with Russia.


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“… which has been supporting the Turkish military in its mission to PRETEND to try implementing the March 5 agreement with Russia.” * fixed that for you lol.


So they killed him for just pretending


They’ve been known to kill each other even before the March 5 agreement.


No surprise, they were a ‘sham’ from the start.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Rouse the Believers Operation Room loses again, LOL.
These guys are nothing but whores, they started off anti Muslim Brotherhood with Saudi backing, then switched to the US and got free goodies from them, then they ended up with Erdogan and became pro Muslim brotherhood. But they couldn’t stop fighting with their FSA allies no matter how hard Erdogan tried to stop them, so then they had to form the National Front for Liberation [NFL] with some of their mates. And now they get the best of what Turkey has to offer, the best weapons and equipment, training and supplies, and more importantly they were designated as legitimate opposition forces according to the Astana agreement, NOT AS TERRORISTS, even though we all know they are.
The NFL [Sham legion + buddies] are the only members of the Rouse the Believers Operation Room that aren’t designated as terrorists, all the rest are, so why is a legitimate opposition group allowed to belong to an alliance of designated terrorists, the Russians should be complaining to Erdogan about that but they don’t, and SF should be reporting on the fact too but they don’t either, mmm is someone trying to hide something.
The NFL get all the best weapons from Turkey and then they give their hand me downs to the rest of the poorer Rouse the Believers Operation Room militias, but no ones complaining about it, is that because they’re actually trying to help Turkey reopen the highway, mmm, probably.

Sham legion aren’t the only whores.

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