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Updated: Unidentified Gunmen Opened Fire On Washington Capitol (Videos)

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On April 2nd, unidentified gunmen rammed a car at a checkpoint near the Washington Capitol and opened fire. At least two police officers were critically wounded, according to police. Police say one suspect was shot after the incident.

US Capitol was closed due to security threat. A helicopter landed near the Capitol building, probably to evacuate victims.

US Congressional Police confirmed that one of the gunmen and police officer were dead.


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Ricky Miller

Was the armed attacker wearing Satan sneakers? Angry because he/she/they/it has to be on a waiting list for a taxpayer funded gender re-assignment surgery? A small business owner getting ready to have his or her corporate tax rate increased to 28%? Is the attacking person crazy and out on his fifth parole, or perhaps he/she/they/it are a family member of someone killed in America’s non-stop bombing and violence campaigns worldwide? I mean there are so many possibilities here in a broken America. The gun might even be 3D printed, with a full automatic capability and magazine, as webpages with download designs are openly traded on American gun enthusiast websites.

Raptar Driver

America is not broken yet. Our system is. They’re still good hard-working people here who want peace, in fact they’re probably the majority.

Tommy Jensen

If the good people were the majority America wouldnt look like this today. A poll showed 1/3 equal 120 mio Americans without blinking were ready to nuke Japan again.


With $21 trillion “missing” from Pentagon books, by their own account, the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists have more than enough resouces to be endlessly funding this kind of petty false flag terrorism acts. The Zioterrorist fuckers could stage 10.000 more 9/11s with that kind of money.

And so the transfer of wealth and power from tha taxcattle to the top of the Ziocorporate pyramid goes on.

Assad must stay

yea where the hell did that money go?

Raptar Driver

This would seem to be another FBI staged event.


Black Islamist movement…but might be possible still to blame Putin – Lavrov


There is a small African American community in Russia. The refugees fled the lynch mobs of the 1920’s in the US :) Since then new generations are still in Russia.

Perhaps President Putin will cause regime change in the US madhouse that is now in its ‘terminal stupidity’ phase.

An unidentified source has told me, in confidence, that President Putin is about to declare ‘ Jaheen Slaveovich Washington ‘ as the legitimate President of the USA.

Kenny Jones ™

Another false flag, watch, they’re gonna blame domestic terrorists again, which are actually trump supporters, not that I care, but still, dirty games are being played in biden’s america

cechas vodobenikov

the military dictatorship flimsy empire disintegrating

Steve Standley

US leadership attacking itself to justify police-state transformations and the targeting of activists on all sides. Wait. A civil war is coming.

Blas de Lezo

Trump’s deplorables are going berserk, minority rule is upon them and there’s nothing they can do about it.

In Exile

Different races cannot exist in close proximity any fool who has been to prison knows this, couple this with all the degeneracy pushed by Jewish controlled Media and Advertising and we are sitting on a powder keg.

Assad must stay

mostly truth yea


Different races can live together perfectly well. The rest of it is true.


Yes, different races can live together but with some difficulty. Contrary to globohomo plopaganda, ‘diversity’ is not a strength, but a liability which must be managed.

I would assert that the left-liberal western globohomo elites who direct policy know this, but keep this fact to themselves, which is why they seemingly want to wipe out human diversity in the long-term through cross-cultural and racial mixing.


I agree. Mass migration as we see all over the West has never ever ended in harmony. Add to that the toxic mix of religions and there has always been chaos.


Hmm, not sure what motivation they could have for this. I hate to launch into conspiracies right away, but it does seem convenient given how the Washington elite are looking for an excuse to keep the city militarized.


The suspect is identified as Noah Green, black, who charged the officers with a knife, not a gun. Noah is a follower of the nation of Islam

Captain Freedom

I knew it. I phukkin knew it. White QQQ supremacist trumpist domestic terrorism guys. Don’t say I and tommy didn’t WARN you. A laughable amount of 4,300 NG troops is to be considered suicidal for the lawmakers, the heart of democracy is way too vulnerable to those daily ultra violent attacks. Washington DC needs to be hermetically sealed off with a big dome, NO ONE gets in or out. Except of course for the refugees, they should be deported to Wash ASAP in order to raise diversity levels to combat filthy whiteness and vaxeen hesitancy. Mothaphukkin useless NG troops need to be replaced by USMC, delta force, cybertranny commandos, MS13, Azov and HTS. They’ll need at least 12,000 M1A2 tanks, UH60s, 500 F35’s Kamikaze jets and demolish every house in tha city which contains less than 30 masks. Every friggin person that has a “Q” in their name needs to neutralized to finally stop this chaos so we can enter a NEW ORDER. But the biggest obstacle still remains Qanon’s hive mind POOTEEN and his totatutilitarian, execrable, vile, hideous, utterly corrupt, beastly and dreadful dominion over RUSHUH. He and his binary gendered minions must be stopped by ANY. MEANS. NECESSARY.

Monte George

When the “New Order” which you champion arrives, you will be one of the first to be culled. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Captain Freedom

Freedom is slavery. Looks like you didn’t pay enough attention last hate week. Your chocolate ration shall be reduced…

Captain Freedom

Only after you learn how to read between the lines and see the obvious in my super duper smart comments.

Captain Freedom

same happens in Europe, the peoples of countries like germany, holland, belgium, sweden will be largely extinct. They hate children and love LGBTQKEK. More conservative ones like italy and spain may remain, but they are flooded with refugees as well. Liberalism is self destructive, but they will try their best to take us with them.

Captain Freedom

Theres so much disaster potential in the US, anything is possible with billy gaids being the largest land owner and the dwindling power of the US and the petro$ on the world stage. Life will be hard for anyone refusing to be part of this madness, people will have to protect themselves and their kids from injections, trans surgeries, police state… The not-so-great Reset will not work smooth if at all, it might get ugly, because the elitists are getting more desperate by the day.

The good news is that the US has a large conservative (aka normal) population that makes many babies, posesses lots of guns and likes being self-sufficient so they can put up a fight. They are like most americans kind of politcally illiterate though, so they could be misled and their power wasted, like Qanon or antagonizing chinsese for instance. While the libs won’t outbreed them, the blacks and latins certainly will. The newly arrived migrants will probably act as the footsoldiers of the coming civil war, together with antifa & BLM.

So the answer is regress will be in epic proportions but at least many will fight for themselves, unlike central Europe.

Captain Freedom

Mostly agricultural industry – what else do we need? I’m concerned about cars, EVs are not meant to replace ICE cars, the infrastructure for them will never be in place in a wide enough scale, so it can’t sustain as much people owning cars as right now. This is meant to limit freedom of movement. They will also be able to remote control your EV or just turn it off. Would be best to just restore old cars and motorbikes like the cubans do it, they were build to last and are not dependent on electronics so they might even survive an EMP.

It’s no secret some ISIS collaboraters got into Europe, they don’t even check whos coming inside so theres no way to be sure. But its naive to think its not a bunch of terrorists. Most likely they already have established sleeper cells everywhere, while its also pretty easy to smuggle weapons inside the EU. Many idiots here still believe they are all poor war refugees, but most of them are in fact young, healthy males at draft age. Their 12 year old are like our 20 year olds, they already harrass women. And they ALWAYS roam the streets in groups. You will never see them in bad clothes or haircuts as well, and don’t get me started on all the benefits they get from .gov.

The liberals must see there dreams and illusions crushed in order to wake up, it seems they are still the majority in certain countries. Now that Trump is gone the conservatives at least won’t “trust the plan” and sit on their arses. They already invite Russia… but they’re busy themselves for now. What I always say is that with every day that passes during this scamdemic, more people wake up. In contrary there are no people who


Why is everything to do with the US a false flag with you people? This is just another pissed of radical, nothing else. What I find funny is all these National guard troops around and ends up in a fire fight with a police officer 😅.

Fog of War

” National guard troop ”

They have no ammo. Its all for show.

Steve Standley

so your argument is that because people here often suggest that the US is false flagging the world and its own people, it’s more likely that this is a pissed off radical? Let me guess: you weren’t the captain of your high school debate team.


Yes you hit the nail on the head. Not everything you believe has to be conspiracy. Use the brain God gave you. Southfront has some good sources and good info but you have to take into account it’s mostly pro Russian and anti USA.

Fog of War

Psyops, nothing more.

Tommy Jensen

First time in my life I hear a thing like this. This has never happened before. This is a turning point in US history folks. Two ordinary citizens going berserk in Washington capitol.



Potato Man

RT: “Media identify Capitol ramming suspect as black male, follower of radical Nation of Islam as his FB page promptly gets wiped”

MAR. 7, 2018, Jackson State University in Jackson.

Two weeks ago, during a Saviours’ Day event to commemorate the life of Nation of Islam founder Master Fard Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan had some things to say about Jews. The “powerful Jews,” he told the audience inside Wintrust Arena in Chicago, “are my enemy.” The Jews are also “responsible for all of this filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out turning men into women and women into men” — that is, for the existence of transgender people, which Farrakhan apparently views as a pressing moral concern. He issued a warning to a subset of the Jewish community — “Farrakhan has pulled the cover off the eyes of the Satanic Jew and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through. You good Jews better separate because the satanic ones will take you to hell with them because that’s where they are headed.”


Too fuking good isn’t….it’s just play right in their hands right – he is black and some-how “Islamic” because people are stupid, he is “follower of radical Nation of Islam” and…

Tommy Jensen

I thought the same thing when I read that sentence, but you confirmed it :-D.

Jaime Galarza

Surely Putin was one of the attackers.

El Mashi

US: we believe that we must promote American values of democracy. World: No thanks clean up your mess at home.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

So having 30, 000 National Guards deployed didn’t deter this high-profile political incident then?


It was coffee break time.

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