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Wave Of Attacks In Vienna. Casualties Reported (Video 18+)


A series of simultaneous attacks took place in Vienna.

The Austrian newspaper Kurier reported an attack on a restaurant near a synagogue in the center of Vienna, Austria. Numerous gun shots were heard.

According to the primary police reports, one person was shot dead and several were seriously injured. The policeman was also allegedly wounded by a long-barreled weapon. However, the number of victims is likely to grow significantly. Some reports claimed seven casualties and 15 people injured.

At least, one man was shot dead, the moment was captured on camera.

According to the Kronen Zeitung, the attacker blew himself up with an explosive device. The exact number of attackers remain unknown.

Throughout the city center, passers-by are asked to avoid large open territories. There is a high risk of taking hostages.

A large group of law enforcement officers is involved in the area.

One of the leaked photos allegedly shows the dead attacker.

Wave Of Attacks In Vienna. Casualties Reported (Video 18+)

4 more alleged terrorists were allegedly apprehended by security forces.

According to different sources, several simultaneous attacks took place in Vienna in different places, such as Akakiko restaurant, Shopping Street and Hilton hotel.

It is not for the first time that the attack is taking place in Vienna. On October 29, the group of about 50 men of Turkish origin staged a pogrom in the Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua.

A series of attacks on religious sites and priests is taking place in Europe after the French President E. Macron  made a speech on 2 October, vowing to fight “radical Islamism”, eradicate “separatism” and uphold secular values at all costs.




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