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Unidentified Drones Attacked US-Occupied Al-Omar Oil Fields In Northeastern Syria

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Unidentified Drones Attacked US-Occupied Al-Omar Oil Fields In Northeastern Syria

Illustrative image.

On July 7, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that it had thwarted an “attack with drones” on the al-Omar oil fields in southeastern Deir Ezzor in cooperation with the US-led coalition.

Farhad Shami, head of the SDF’s Office of Media and Information, claimed that the drone attack did not result in any losses.

“Initial reports confirm that the attack was thwarted and no damage was recorded,” Shami said on Twitter. “Further detailed information will be published once it’s received.”

Local sources in southeastern Deir Ezzor said that at least one anti-aircraft missile was launched from the al-Omar oil fields, where US forces maintain several positions. AN/TWQ-1 Avenger shot-range air-defense systems are reportedly deployed there.

This was not the first attack on the al-Omar oil fields. On June 28, a barrage of 32 rockets hit the US main base in the oil fields inflicting heavy damage. On July 4, explosions were again reported at the fields. The SDF said a base near the CONICO gas plant was targeted with rockets, before denying any attack along with the US-led coalition.

Pro-Iranian Iraqi and Syrian fighters, who are positioned across the Euphrates River in areas held by the Damascus government, were allegedly behind the recent attacks on the al-Omar oil fields.

More attacks will likely target US forces in northeastern Syria in the near future. This may force Washington to reconsider its open-ended intervention in the war-torn country.


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Its time the Iranians hit that place like they did in Iraq with sixteen ballistic missiles.


It is flying, can t be russian made hahaha


‘US F-35’ – hahaha – far funnier joke, even though it’s now over two decades old!

Last edited 19 days ago by TheDeuces

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Christian J. Chuba

The oil fields themselves are going to be well fortified but it will be much harder to protect the trucks shipping the oil out of Syria. Target the trucks at random locations along the routes. Killing and injuring truck drivers will deter others. The U.S. is forcing the issue. Syria has a right to protect its own resources.


Could even play US at their own dirty tricks game: target oil smuggling trucks on road as cross through Kurdish SDF occupied Syrian territory – or through Kurdish Iraqi autonomous Kurdistan territory – and where possible use ‘acquired’ NATO ordnance and then promptly blame the Turks!

Last edited 19 days ago by GoldStandard
Americunt losers

Wonder where these drones are coming from lol

Arch Bungle

Anyone get a shot of plates on that thing?


american imbeciles only understand body bags returning to where they came from.

Marcelo Rodriguez

Esta serie de ataques a los campos petroleros y de gas controlados por los EE.UU y las SDF por loa combatientes iraquies, sirios, Iraníes deben hacerce diariamente, utilizando misiles, drones así como también colocando explosivos(IED) en la carretera para golpear los convoyes de suministros de los Americanos y sus aliados, el ataque a plantas de suministro de energía y plantas potabilizadoras de agua, harían que los ocupantes vivan todo el tiempo con temor, además de provocar la ira de los lugareños contra estás tropas ocupantes del territorio Sirio

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