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JULY 2022

Unidentified Drone Targeted Iranian-Backed Forces On Syrian-Iraqi Border: Monitoring Group

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Unidentified Drone Targeted Iranian-Backed Forces On Syrian-Iraqi Border: Monitoring Group

Photo: U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson.

Late on October 8, an unidentified combat drone targeted several positions of Iranian-backed forces in the eastern Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

The London-based monitoring group said that the targeted positions are located around Aisha hospital in the town of al-Bukamal right along the border with Iraq. The drone strikes caused several fires. However, no casualties were reported.

Iranian-backed forces targeted the hostile combat drone with several heavy machine guns. Nevertheless, the drone was not hit.

A large Iranian weapons shipment arrived in Deir Ezzor through an unofficial crossing with Iraq just two days earlier. The shipment included short-range rockets.

On September 30, a drone strike targeted a position of Iranian-backed forces in al-Kutf area in the outskirts of the town of al-Bukamal, according to the SOHR. The strike was not reported by any pro-government source.

The US and Israel targeted Iranian-backed forces deployed on the border line between Syria and Iraq in the past. Yet, the SOHR’s recent reports may be nothing more than propaganda. The monitoring group made similar false claims before.


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Jonathan Gillispie

US or Israel? Tossup.

L du Plessis

Just rocket the US bases more!!


More Shia terroristic bastards have been sent to hell, no one does it better than us. When it comes to Sunni terrorists, they also get a slap from us whenever they cross the line. Israel – the best jihadists killer since 1948.

When Iran’s nuclear reactor go into flames, the mullhas will know it was a grave mistake to threaten us with destruction. If they choose to retaliate with their ballisitc missiles, we can give them a good taste with our Jerichos straight to Tehran.

We’re getting there step by step.


Shias have been your biggest problem since the revolution. You guys have never beat Shias in a war, remember 2000&2006? Don’t act like you guys aren’t funding those Sunnis, you guy helped create them. Your Jericho is no threat to Iran, if that were true, you guys would’ve sent them long time ago, but keep dreaming


inbred_diaperhead, the laughing stock of SF. Take a few days off? Hilarious clown.


Unidentified of course . Invisible Israeli drone bombing stupid Iranian Mullah . They can do jackshit that’s why they say unidentified.more to come


Atilla, that was not my writing that. Some mother F is pretending to be me, translate that sentence from Hebrew so you know it’s me.

אני אוהב את טורקיה, ביחד ננצח את אירן.

Take care bro.

Peter Jennings

I think that every man and his dog could safely say that the SOHR is nothing more than a propaganda channel. The NWO couldn’t keep Iraq quiet whilst they dismantled Syria. The whole business took too long. The Iraqi people now know the real reason behind the invasion of their country under false pretenses. Something the UN signed off on. So much for world peace.

The Iraqi people have woken and are no longer prepared to watch Syria suffer the same fate as themselves. It’s been approx 35 years since the UN did the job of Pontius Pilate and sacrificed the country for the good of western business and the NWO

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