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JULY 2020

Unidentified Assailants Kill Two ‘Policemen’ In Turkish-Occupied Northern Aleppo


Unidentified Assailants Kill Two ‘Policemen’ In Turkish-Occupied Northern Aleppo

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On May 13, the dead bodies of two personnel serving in the ranks of the “Free Syrian Police,” a law enforcement body backed by Turkey, were found near the Turkish-occupied town of al-Rai in northern Aleppo.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the policemen were killed on their way back home from al-Rai’s Police Station.

“The identity of the perpetrators is still unclear,” the London-based monitoring group said in a report.

Local sources identified the slain policemen as Ahmad Shhadah and Mustafa Shhadah. They are both from the town of al-Shuayha, south of al-Rai.

Last week, the dead bodies of two men, who had been tied up and executed, were found in the Turkish-occupied region of Afrin. One of the men was a military commander and a trainer of the Turkish-backed Hamza Division.

Kurdish guerilla groups are known for abducting and executing Turkish-backed militants. Nevertheless, some other group may be behind the recent killings in Turkish-occupied areas.

In the last few months, the so-called Free Syrian Police engaged in several conflicts with Turkish-backed armed groups. The recent killings could be related to these conflicts.




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