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Unidentified Aircraft Devastated Militants’ Oil Tankers, Facilities In Northern Aleppo (Videos)

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Last night, “unidentified aircraft” destroyed a batch of oil tankers and facilities belonging to Turkish-backed militant groups in northern Aleppo. The airstrikes were reported in a lot of areas nort and northeast of Al-Bab, as well as near Jarabulus. All these targets were located in the area occupied by Turkey.


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Black Waters

It seems that someone is testing new toys…

Jan Lavicka

uSSSSS attacking Turkey? :)


The US wants the cash for their stolen Syrian oil, so its doubtful to be the Yanks.


Oil tankers and primitive refineries were destroyed.
There is no oil in Turkish controlled part of Syria. So where the crude oil comes from ?
Some people in YPG are selling oil both to Assad and Turkish occupied parts, and US is telling everyone that they will not allow this. Coalition also bombed oil tankers last week transporting oil to Assad from YPG area.

You can call me Al

The bombing of oil to Assad was in barges down the river. But something’s going on !!.


Then it could be the revenge?

Lazy Gamer

Pressure on the S400

AM Hants

Have no idea who is good and bad, over in Syria, apart from Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbullah. Those tankers would not be benefitting the people of Syria, so guess I am not that interested who loses what, when it comes to the pillagers.


Has anybody been following the triology of articles from David Stockman?

Here is a taster and funny how those that feature in this segment also fund the White Helmets, over in Syria. Not forgetting their links into the trouble in Ukraine.


‘…In fact, so-called think tanks like the Atlantic Council are thinly disguised lobbying arms for both the Empire’s foreign supplicants as well as the U.S. agencies which feed them. Thus, in the racketeering wards of the Imperial City weapons contractors and foreign purchasers make common cause. So do the dispensers and recipients of foreign aid, security assistance and the multitude of Washington propaganda programs run through the State Department, Endowment for Democracy, Board for International Broadcasting and countless more.

In fact, the network of one hand washing the other is so pervasive and massive that it is not surprising that foreign policy and national security have become one giant racket enveloped in a bipartisan consensus in favor in intervention and meddling in the fairest parts of the planet.

The entire Ukraine intervention project, for instance, has been heavily choreographed by the Atlantic Council, which in turn derives its ample funding from virtually all parties – domestic and foreign – to the Empires far flung rackets.

Thus, US government contributors include the Pentagon, the U. S. State Department, the US Air Force, the US Navy, the Air Force Academy, the US Army War College, National Endowment for Democracy and even NATO itself.

Then there is an endless litany of foreign governments and quasi-official institutions including the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and embassies, foundations and sovereign funds representing Denmark, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Romania, Netherlands, Hong Kong and countless more.

Not surprisingly, the roster of military/industrial/intelligence contractors and international energy and financial institutions runs on for pages. It includes Chevron, HSBC Holdings, BP America Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation, Raytheon, United Technologies, Boeing, ExxonMobil, Textron, Statoil, Bank of America, ConocoPhillips, JPMorgan and dozens more…’


David Stockman Exposes The Ukrainian Influence – Peddling Rings Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



Hope for Turkey that they don´t try to bring down the IAF F16. These planes are more powerful as the Turkish F16. So it could be possible, that the S400 will be destroyed, if they fired against an IAF F16

Friend of Russia

Isisraeli AF would never attack assets belonging to jihadists

Icarus Tanović

That’s right, never Wahhabis, never ever.

Wayne Nicholson

Russia didn’t have to fire a shot …. all they did was sell Turkey some missiles and now they have NATO and the western allies at each others throats.




probably the russians that wants to stop the looting and that includes about everyone including the ever evil unhinged states of A who will have a hard time getting the stolen oil out. the kurds are, as usual, pawn in the game with nothing much of clout. hehehe

Rosario Sanchez

:D áááááá:D hahaa

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