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Unidentified Aircraft Crashed In Syria’s Al-Hasakah Province (Photos, Videos)

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An unidentified aircraft crashed in the southern countryside of the province of al-Hasakah in northeastern Syria on July 17, local sources and Syrian media reported.

The incident allegedly took place soouth of the town of al-Shaddadi, in the area close to a frontline between US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS. Al-Shaddadi as well as a major part of the province of al-Hasakah are controlled by the SDF.

Local sources already speculated that the crashed aircraft was belonging to the US-led coalition. However, the situation remains unclear.



Unidentified Aircraft Crashed In Syria's Al-Hasakah Province (Photos, Videos)

Click to see the full-size image

Unidentified Aircraft Crashed In Syria's Al-Hasakah Province (Photos, Videos)

Click to see the full-size image

Unidentified Aircraft Crashed In Syria's Al-Hasakah Province (Photos, Videos)

Click to see the full-size image

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…looks like the head of a rocket or some sort of pod.

Ann Diener

:””I am going to talk to Putin about detaining the people in Russia.” said Bill Gates. He works with the white alien agenda where this craft may have originated from.

Feudalism Victory

Thats a weird statement. Whats a white alien?

Daniel Castro

Better not to ask that question, you will be introduced to a whole new world of schizofrenia…

Feudalism Victory

I love new information.you never can tell when some good info comes from strange sources.

Its the first thing I noticed about southfront with its excellent war reporting stuff I didnt get elsewhere.

So if you got something good let me know. Id actually like to know. But if its batshit crazy ill be able to tell.

Daniel Castro

Well, for some people there are many alien races around, it’s pretty much a religion, but since I don’t believe in such nonsense I never tried to learn more.

It is pretty much like believing Star Trek story is real…


That’s because you refuse to ‘klingon’ to dreams Daniel :)

Kell McBanned



Whole Middle East is bleeding due to US, UK and Israel to steal lands and petrol.

paul ( original )

Is it that they wish to steel, or is it that they just enjoy cruelty?


Both I think Paul.


When US, UK and Israel present in this world then aliens have no job to attack this world.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

There is no such thing as an “unidentified aircraft” — especially one that has crashed. What they are probably (must clumsily) saying is unidentified pilot.


One nose-cone, one clump of wiring. Not much to go on I guess.


maybe it’s a lost Israeli skyhawk from a previous conflict :)


comment image


Just need to look for aircraft flying around missing a nose? :)


I hope this helps PZ1V :)
comment image

Wackokicker sup

is not a plane, probably a drone or a missil dome

Luke Hemmming

It is the outer shell of the incubation module used by the reptilian race when on long extended journeys from one dimension to ours to monitor our pathetic excuse for a ‘supposedly’ intelligent race. Or it’s like a couple of other commenters the cone of a missile or a pod maybe from a jet fighter?

Brother Ma

Now you are funny!

Kell McBanned

She got wet just then.

John Whitehot

the nose cone is most definitely from a F-16. The green paints would denote Israeli air force, all western users have grey liveries. Notice that most of the paint seems to have been scratched away.


I think the one responsible for the video know very well what it really is. By the way the green may also a primer.

John Whitehot

but it’s also light brown.


I see. I have no idea.

John Whitehot

i’m not sure either, but available info heavily points to an american made aircraft painted green and brown. It’s also very unlikely that it’s a missile radome as it has the mount for a pitot tube, which came off when it hit the ground.

comment image

the pic shows the open radome of a US F-15 (couldn’t find a similarly positioned one for F-16). It can be seen that the configuration at the base it’s very similar, with an outer alloy ring and screws in the same position as the object in the video.


Good input sir thanks :). By color itself they’re already a good match.


The inside of the nose cone IS NOT painted brown. That is the raw color of the fiber it’s made from.

John Whitehot

i was talking about the outside.


An Israeli F16 would be the ‘icing on the cake ‘ :)

Graeme Rymill

What does the colour of the nearby grass indicate John? :-)

John Whitehot

idk. perhaps indicates that the wreck is actually located somewhere else, like in the vicinity of Daraa or generally in the Hama province

The vid seems to have been made to prevent geolocating the area, or at least cut for that reason.


Weeds do indicate summertime.
This does not look like Khmeimim airbase based on photo taken. :D

John Whitehot

don’t bother.

it’s an obsession that user has developed during a discussion several months ago :D


It’s most definitely NOT a F-16 nose cone. It lacks the AOA air sensors, there’s no pitot tube projecting from the front of the cone, nor the characteristic “zippers” running down the top and sides of the cone. Also, the inside of F-16 nose cones is raw, not painted, and has a pretty big telescoping hinge on one side.

John Whitehot

“It lacks the AOA air sensors”

On the F-16, They aren’t on the cone, but further back between the cone and the cockpit.

“nor the characteristic “zippers”

One of them is clearly visible in the vid, it’s burned and bent but it’s there.

“there’s no pitot tube projecting from the front of the cone”

there is the mounting. The pitot tube came off when it hit the ground.

“the inside of F-16 nose cones is raw, not painted”

depends on who built it and when. There are hundreds of airframes around from more than a dozen of variants.

“has a pretty big telescoping hinge on one side”

It could have came off, or stay hidden in the vid by the cone structure. The vid is clearly made to not show too many details.

“It’s most definitely NOT a F-16 nose cone”

A F-16 nose cone is most definitely the object that ‘s most similar to the one in the vid.

In any case, it is surely an american made nose-cone, see the F-15 radome pic above showing how they are built with an identical method.
In addition, the braided cables are distinctively of US origin


Just so you know, I’ve been a F-16 Crew chief since 1999….

I only have been in on, and around 16s while repairing and dissassembling various blocks since for ever. THAT is not a F-16 nose cone.

John Whitehot

“Just so you know, I’ve been a F-16 Crew chief since 1999”

And i am Lionel Messi lol.

“ALL F-16s have AOA probes on the nose cone”

Insist all you want, actually there is in the vid what appears to be the base of said sensor on a side (green rectangular shape near the base).

“And ALL varients have the “zippers” on the nose cone.”

2nd time. One zipper is clearly visible in the vid, although mangled and bent.

“ALL F-16s have AOA probes on the nose cone and the base of the pitot tube is grey”

For colors, refer to user Graeme Rymill, he probably still gets some internet time in the psychiatric ward he types from.


20 + years of “F16 crew chief” and couldn’t come up with a better pic than those already found on google images.

I’m awaiting you log in with another users name and write something like “I think that decode got it right..”.

F-16s have been manufactured in a series of countries, and colors or a few centimeters difference mean nothing, especially with Israeli made planes, which have always been modified to different standards in respect to western ones.

The F-15 picture above also shows such similarity in the manifacturing process that leaves no doubt to the US provenience of the design.

Richard M

Klingon Class B119 Shuttle Craft. I recognize the disruptor pods!


This may be remnants of a Klingon cloaking pod.
Why nobody has spotted it in 30 years. :)


Anti aircraft missile body. Nothing to see here, move along.


Who says the remains are recent? Frankly the whole thing is too mangled to make much out.

Brother Ma

Much ado about nothing. Shitty wiring and a cone? So what? The shooters know what it is and are keeping quiet to save embarrassment of Zionatoyanquistan .

Carol Davidek-Waller

Israel? They will never admit it. As their frustration mounts, watch for more cruelty toward the people of Gaza.

Brother Thomas

Its shape is eerily similar to a white helmet.

Việt Phạm Thái

F-16 is down


Guaranteed the people who produce those can identify it with one casual glance and even smashed know exactly what it is!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Looks like an S-200 missile cone and wiring to me.
Probably one of the many S-200’s laying across Syria (as evidence of failure) that were fired at F-16’s but never hit anything other then the ground.
People pry just discovered it, pry been laying their since Israels last successful areal invasion of Syria.

John Whitehot

this cone isn’t round, it has a flattened form, proven by the design of the alloy tapering on the base, made in segment to allow a non-circular design (opposed to the above F-15 pic where the alloy ring is a circular piece).

The braided cables are also much newer than S-200s, which is a 60ies design; they appear to be at least from the early 2000s.

“Probably one of the many S-200’s laying across Syria (as evidence of failure) that were fired at F-16’s but never hit anything other then the ground”

I thought I heard a zionist talking. You seem to forget the IAF F-16 shot down by Syrian S-200s some months ago near Lebanese border.

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